26 January 2011

Blogroll Update, Part Etc Etc Etc

Via Arctic Patriot, American Mercenary now joins the Vast Right Wing Blogroll Conspiracy.

I've barely scratched the surface, but this is straight-up gold:

Sex is not love, drugs do not expand your consciousness, and having a mind open to all ideas makes it a breeding ground for nonsense.

So thinking about what poisons a soul, I've come up with the following.

It is not violence that corrupts.  It is hate.

It is not righteous anger that corrupts.  It is selfish anger and frustration.

It is not desiring a better job or position that corrupts.  It is refusal to humble yourself to the job you have.

Arrogance corrupts.  Power corrupts. 

Someone who believes that they should be given power over other people has a poisoned soul.  Poisoned with the seductive but fatally flawed belief that one person can make correct decisions for others.  Poisoned with the arrogance to believe that by simple virtue of who they are that they should be obeyed.

Right on!!  I'll be spending a lot of time going through AM's archives, I can tell that right now.  And, due to his being the blog-personification of Occam's Razor, he's now earned the fifth W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.

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