15 January 2011

Call to action from Mr. Lloyd Marcus

WtPotUS brings us another Black conservative who's long past fed up with the racism of the Left.

I love my country and I saw it being taken over by an out-of-control administration. So I wrote the “Tea Party Anthem” about a year ago and it went national. I’m really offended by the Obama administration and the mainstream media, attempting to portray this as a racist movement. It is not. These are good, decent, hardworking Americans who couldn’t give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. There is racism going on in the country. But it’s not from the Tea Party; it’s from the left. They are using racism to try to shut us up.

White patriots, I realize I am asking much of you to stand up to black race exploiters. The liberal media will always side with the black attacker. You risk being humiliated and destroyed in the media.

Folks,  Freedom ain’t free! God designed life so that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Yes, my white brother and sister patriots, you will suffer media hits for standing up for freedom. My fellow black patriots will suffer being called traitors and Uncle Toms. However, America is worth it.

Also, both political parties and the media no longer hold all of the cards. There is a powerful new sheriff in town called the Tea Party Movement who “have the backs” of all who share our values and principles and stand up for truth.  So, you are not alone.

2012 is just around the corner. We have much work to do to Take Back America. Together, we will “git-r-done”.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Lots more at the link.  I grew up in the punk scene of the '80's, and still have a few scars on my knuckles from the teeth of White Power skinheads.  No matter who calls me a racist, it has never been--and never will be--true, so I'm not at all frightened of the accusation.  Nor should anyone else be, unless they are, in fact, racists.

Stop cowering from these tactics.  What does it matter what fools and idealogues call you?  You know who you are and what you stand for...and that, in the end, is all that matters.

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