11 January 2011

From now on...

...the current Sheriff of Pima County will be known as "Sheriff Douchebag."  I apologize to my sensitive readers, but it fits.

Let's read an in-depth analysis by Mr. Rush Limbaugh.  Warning:  it's super-long, but it gets the point across. 

You see, folks, what the sheriff really means but can't say it or won't say it is he doesn't like liberalism being challenged. He doesn't like his point of view being challenged. He doesn't like the Democrats being challenged. He believes free speech, political speech, debate, arguments, elections should be left to him and his fellow liberals. This sheriff is so upset with the election results in November that he is obsessed with that rather than focusing on his very important job. This guy has got election hangover. He cannot get over it. Just as I told you earlier today: They can't shake what happened. This rejection that they faced and got last November was thorough and complete -- and they have not yet found a way to deal with it.

How dare we question the government? How dare we question the sheriff. How dare we citizens insist that our representatives represent us? How dare we insist that they follow the Constitution! In fact, how dare are we to even be engaged, informed, and passionate about this? Don't we know we're just supposed to shut up and let the smart people run this stuff and control it? We want the government to do its job, Sheriff. We want the government to secure the border, for example, which you apparently don't -- and it was you, Sheriff Dupnik, who attacked the Arizona government when it passed a law to do its job. So it was this sheriff who was attacking the government?

How dare we attack government! How dare we be angry at government! But this sheriff can call his own state, the capital, the cesspool of bigotry and racism because of what his government's gonna do. See, it's okay for Sheriff Dupnik, an approved liberal, to criticize the government. But not us. It was the liberals who attacked the Supreme Court when it upheld the Second Amendment in a gun case, when it upheld the First Amendment in the Citizens United case -- including the president at the State of the Union. It's okay for them to attack the government, it's okay for the president to attack the Supreme Court, but we can't. It's okay for the sheriff to attack his own government in Arizona.

But we can't.

Hit the link and RTWT.  When the hell did we even start letting idiots like Sheriff Douchebag into Arizona, let alone electing them to any position above dogcatcher?

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