08 June 2010

Allen West for Veep

It's no secret that I'd like to see Sarah Palin, the Warrior of the Midnight Sun, in the Oval Office come 2013. Well, I'd actually like to see her there yesterday, but there's that pesky 'rule of law' thing we have to deal with.

But if Chris Christie, or Jan Brewer, or Michele Bachmann, or any real, principled conservative gets the nomination, I'm all in for them. Regardless of who wins the White House, I think the obvious choice for Vice President is Lt. Col. Allen West.

Why VP, in particular? Two words: Assassination insurance.

Suppose you were a Leftist. Suppose you were an enemy of America(but I repeat myself). President Palin/ Brewer/ Christie/ Bachmann/ whatever is destroying everything you've been working towards. The Nanny State is being annihilated. Taxes are slashed, spending is brought under control, people are being encouraged to do for themselves. Your plans are being undone by the minute.

You'd be pissed off. Perhaps pissed off enough to engage in murder most foul. And then, you'd think ahead a little. By taking out President P/B/C/etc., you will now have Lt. Col West as leader of the country. This man is a straight-up warrior who takes crap from no one, and has shown he'll do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of America, rules be damned. Whatever the former President might have done that aggrieved you, you know full well that President West will double down on it.

And no foreign threat would dare put themselves on the receiving end of the swift and terrible vengeance that President West would most definitely deliver to those responsible for such an atrocity. For all our enemies' big talk, they'd be scrambling for cover when faced with a real American leading this country. They're cowards, and the possibility of a man like LtC. West coming for them would haunt their worst nightmares.

Just some strategic thoughts.

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