22 June 2010


Hey, boys and girls--I've been all messed up on cold medicine(for legitimate purposes, I'll have you know!)for the last couple of days, and posting while intoxicated is something that usually comes back to haunt me.

But I still read my favorite sites, and sometimes a poster Just Gets It. Linked here, reposted in entirety here:

“This is something that many of you out there don’t especially want to hear, but we don’t see how it’s possible for Democrats to undo the damage Obama has done to the party, through not only his incompetence as president (which validates all the job-performance concerns Americans have carried about Democrats since Carter) but his abdication of all responsibility to keep the Left in check. He was the radical Left’s candidate, and he’s now their president, and it’s as much a disaster for Democrats as a President Pat Roberts would have been for the Republicans. We keep telling you the Media has no idea what long-term damage the Left has done to the party via the Obama presidency, and it’s because the Media is so in the tank for the Left that it can’t think or report clearly.”

I have to tell you that this is probably the best paragraph in this entire piece. Yes, it’s as bad as if Pat Robertson somehow made it into the Oval Office. Yes, the media is so in the bag for Obama and and the far left, it cannot see the forest for the trees. Yes, the party has been severely damaged.

I’ve always been one to vote for the person, not the party. The person with the best qualifications for the specific job, be it Rep/Dem/Ind, heck I’ve even voted ‘green’.
But I’m telling you, experiencing this presidency and the acts of craziness with this far left Congress, it all has pushed me much farther ‘right’ than I’ve ever been. It’s surprising, even to me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that America as a group and as the majority of individuals, desires BALANCE. A representation of ALL sides, with neither one getting a stranglehold over the other.

Unfortunately with the last election, we were pushed so far to the left that the desired balance is non-existant. We are still internally ‘center-right’, but the reality is that we’re living ‘far left’. The public heard what it wanted to hear while Obama was campaigning, they saw more ‘centrism’ than those of us with clear heads saw, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

One thing that it’s done is to kill a lot of political naivete in many people who’ve been ‘too busy’ to dig deep and care about the specifics. It’s a bomb that has been dropped in the middle of America’s self-absorbed existance.

The resulting pain from this is actually a good thing in that it’s awakened many to the dangers of being complacent and believing in the tooth fairy promises of politicians. It’s made them aware that unless the people take on the serious role of checking their politicians, chaos can result.

A painful lesson, but a necessary one. We needed to get hammered. We needed an anvil of wake the hell up to drop on our heads. We needed to get to the point where things are just so bad that one cannot pretend that it’s okay so we don’t have to participate.

As to Hillary, I agree with Ten that she ‘missed her window’. Yes, the DNC took it away, but she allowed that to happen. She also decided to join the team, instead of being the watchdog from the outside. She’s also participating in perpetuating this agenda on the public.

I’m disappointed in her. But what it tells me is that she’s farther left than I thought. That a Hillary presidency wouldn’t have been ‘eight more years of Bill’ but probably more like “Obama light”.

I’m not interested in the latter, even if her POTUS chances were to be reawakened. Had she been elected and not Obama, I mgiht be viewing that differently. I do know that from jumpstreet, I would have been a lot less worried about what she would do, not as concerned…but I’m wondering now if it would have been that different.

Either way, I’m not voting for Hillary or another Dem in the White House anytime in the near future. I just cannot support continuing the imbalance and potentially more failed utopian policies. I don’t think that we as a nation will be able to survive it without going under. Heck, I don’t know if we’re going to survive this one.

We’re going to have to claw our way back to balance and financial solvency and it’s going to be really ugly before it’s going to get better.

I want the ‘money guy/woman’ as our next President. I want the person who would get into office and be humbled, or literally get a little woozy by the level of responsibility that they have just assumed. I want them to have an internal mechanism that they’ve had their entire lives of respecting the ideas that created this country in the first place.

And they have to understand money. I will vote for a patriotic, financially aware person and I don’t care if they look like a gnome. I don’t care if they’re a good speaker. I don’t care if they have a great family, or if the first lady/man is someone that I like. I don’t care if they’re boring. I don’t care if they wear a pocket protector. I just don’t give a crap about style just SUBSTANCE.

Someone who can DO the job and loves our country. Someone who can represent all of us, not just a small segment of us.
And I will actively work against anyone that doesn’t fit this picture, because it’s my bottomline qualifications for the job.

That's how America rolls. Too bad DC isn't listening.

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