23 June 2010

The ongoing economic recovery

Chrissy-the-Hyphenated, a wonderfully talented BuzzGal, submits this video to a candid world.

Let me try to put it into perspective another way: We pick up the Arizona Republic Sunday edition, mainly for the comics and the coupons. Do note that the AR covers the entire 'Valley' area, a metroplex encompassing roughly four million people.

Last week, I pulled out the Employment section. It was one single sheet of newsprint(four pages). Of that sheet, the first page was devoted to articles along the lines of "My boss doesn't like my eyeball piercing and magenta mohawk, can I sue?" and "How do I get a six-figure job with my Ugandan Studies degree?"

The second page was more than halfway taken up with space-filler "advertise with CareerBuilder and get a job in Ugandan Studies" ads.

The third and fourth pages were along the same lines.

So, in the Employment section of the major newspaper of an area containing four million people, you have about 1.5 pages of actual employment offers. When you weed out the obvious "work from home and make ten million dollars a minute" and "be your own boss in your new action-packed career driving the big rigs" ads...it doesn't take an enormous amount of thought to arrive at the conclusion that the touted 'recovery' is about as real as Pamela Anderson's chest.

Sorry, Obamanoids. I may not be 'Haah-vaahd-educated,' but I do know how to read.

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