09 June 2010

Why I'm voting for J.D. Hayworth

Because he's not John McCain.

I appreciate Senator McCain's sacrifice on behalf of our country, but I'm fed up with people seeing him as some untouchable saint because of it. "That was yesterday. What have you done for us today?"

I've heard rumors that JD might be somewhat of a DeceptiCon. Maybe so, but I simply cannot stomach voting for a known DeceptiCon flip-flopper any more. McCain's recent transformation from "Amnesty now!" to "Finish the damn fence!" has made up my mind.

Governor Brewer was a guest on Hannity today, and Sean commented that McCain was all about 'finishing the fence.' Governor Brewer replied, "Yes, I know." I kid you not, I could actually hear her rolling her eyes over the sat-radio. Senator McCain seems to be oblivious to the fact that we, as a state and a nation, are now paying attention. Politicians can't get away with sudden reversals of position the way they used to--too many of us are watching and taking notes.

Senator, I'm eternally grateful for you putting the Sarahcuda in our national spotlight, but with all due respect, your time is over. Please, just bow out gracefully and retire with a certain amount of dignity.

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