16 June 2010

Productive civil disobedience

My fellow Americans on the Gulf Coast, you need to take a stand and do it now. Governor Jindal has shown the way.

We have been presented with obvious and irrefutable evidence that the Federal Government is absolutely useless at best, and a dangerous obstacle at worst. This is your Gulf, your ocean, your way of life. Have the once-great American people become so used to tyranny that they're paralyzed until a bunch of overeducated clowns give them 'permission' to see to their own survival?

Free people do not need, want or ask permission from any-damn-body. If something needs to be done, they do it without hesitation and without any concern for the cries of ineffectual Monday Morning Quarterbacks. You Gulf Coasters--all of you, private citizens, corporations, farmers, fishermen, hoteliers, restauranteurs, Right or Left--have got to do for yourselves, starting immediately. If you wait for any meaningful action from this regime, you can say a permanent goodbye to one of our country's greatest and most unique cultures. No one in Washington sees this catastrophe as anything other than a political and/or financial opportunity for themselves. They don't give one damn about you, your family, your neighbors, or your way of life.

The Gulf Coast will only be saved by those who love it, not those who see it as a voting bloc. Reach way down inside for that spark of American spirit, and do what you must.

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