24 June 2010

Brilliantly encapsulated!

A commenter on Gay Patriot by the name of American Elephant has put the whole "fascist" concept in plain English. All you Leftists might want to give this a read.

Understanding why so-called “progressives” even use “Fascist” as an epithet to begin with is key to understanding them. The American left ADORED the Fascist and Nazi movements in the beginning, with the New York Times praising them.

There are 4 elements that define Fascism:

1. Dictatorial government
2. Government control of industry
3. Repression of all opposition, and
4. Nationalism (as opposed to Communism which is an international movement)

Replace nationalism with environmentalism, and you have a perfect description of the Obama regime, the Democrat party and the American left as it is today. Regressives not only enthusiastically approve of 1-3, but they and they justify it by wrongly blaming the crimes of Fascism and Naziism on nationalism instead of on the dictatorial mentality that they have a right to control others, a right to seize industry, and a right to oppress people who disagree if they thing they are acting for “the greater good”.

The only thing the Nazis and Mussolini did wrong, they rationalize, was to be too nationalistic. If only they had been more international, or ENVIRONMENTAL, then their dictatorial tendencies would not have led to the slaughter of millions, but instead to daisies, unicorns, and totalitarian heaven on Earth.

In other words, the left thinks it isn’t the desire to control everyone that makes Fascists bad — since they share that desire — but that they loved their country too much.

And so they loathe America, and loathe anyone who thinks America is any better than any other country, and they keep right on trying to control everything everyone else does, says, thinks, etc.

They think conservatives, who want power taken away from government and returned to the individual are the threat even as they seize control over people’s very own health decisions, seize industry after industry, and try to prevent the industries they are seizing from having free speech to fight them — not to mention as Obama and the Democrats are trying to figure out if the so-called “fairness doctrine” or “local control” boards, or “minority ownership” laws are the best way to eliminate conservative speech on radio and cable. As their own dictator violates the Constitution time and time again to seize industry, shakedown industry and demand that industries give up their rights and do things Obama’s way.

Sorry, lefties, you ARE the closest thing America has to Fascism. And in light of the violence and force Obama’s union thugs have already perpetrated — I’d say dangerously close.

All in the name of the environment, instead of in the name of a country.

Exactly. Before you socialists start screaming about 'fascists,' bear in mind that 'Nazi' is shorthand for the National Socialist German Workers' Party. And yes, you have far more in common with them than you think.

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