16 June 2010

I can't fathom this.

Yes, I know I just linked to this post and others in the previous recommendation of Hecate's Crossroad. But I just cannot wrap my mind around this mentality.

Every form of life ever seen on this planet will defend itself--in some way--if attacked. Any form of life above that of a plant will defend others of its kind. Except for castrated humans. Looks like the UK's defensive procedure is comprised solely of the soiling of their undergarments, followed by immediate retreat.

This is not 'civilized' or 'enlightened.' Failing to stop a homicidal maniac is evil, cowardly and an affront to the human race in particular, not to mention life in general. Please, (formerly)Great Britain, perform a dilligent and thorough search of your souls, find some semblance of a testicle, strap it on and stand up for yourselves. Heaven knows your elected officials aren't going to.

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