08 June 2010

Tinfoil beanie fodder

This is a very interesting video. And I'm certain that it will give rise to the same old rumors that were floating around during the election. You know: "His middle name's Hussein, man! He's a secret Muslim! He's going to give our country over to Islam!"

Yeah, right.

Let's take off our tinfoil and get real, here. If BHO were a stealth jihadist, bent on softening up America for eventual economic, military and/or cultural conquest by Islam...what would he do?

Well, he'd want to make sure our economy were in dire straits. Poor and desperate people are less able to defend themselves, and more willing to grab onto anything that promises to set things right. In particular, he'd want to cripple our energy industry--especially oil--so as to make the USA more dependent on the Muslim Middle East.

Being a Muslim, he'd despise the Jews, and would undermine Israel at every turn. Remember, he wouldn't want to be as obvious as dropping a nuke, but he'd make sure he withheld America's protection any way he could.

Of course, he'd have to make certain that the majority of able-bodied, battle-hardened American soldiers were far away from America itself, so he'd want to continue pouring resources and fighting men into faraway conflicts. He'd cut funding to the military and domestic anti-terrorism efforts as much as he possibly could without raising suspicion.

He'd definitely have to get the spectre of jihadist terrorism as far out of the public conciousness as possible. He wouldn't let anyone in his administration even breathe the words "radical Islam."

Now, since all of these things are totally at odds with the actions and policies of the Obama regime, all you wacko conspiracy nuts can just go back to hiding from the black helicopters, OK?

I swear, some people will believe anything.

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