23 June 2010

O. M. G.

Um...HOLY CRAP. This was 'leaked' by Jon Voight on Hannity today, so I did a search just for giggles.

Obama admits "I am still a Muslim" to Egyptian Foreign Minister.

Now, this might not be true. Perhaps this meeting never took place. Perhaps the Minister was talking trash to propagandize his people. Since there seems to be no actual record of this meeting, it boils down to he-said-she-said.

But if it is true, then we do, indeed, have a stealth jihadist in the White House. Which means, to say the least, that we are in dire peril.

I thought it was just a Black Helicopter theory. It can't be real...can it?


  1. This would certainly explain why Obama's so bent on taking big, steaming dumps all over Israel. Sigh.

  2. My thoughts as well. When did we start living in a bizarre mixture of Atlas Shrugged, The Manchurian Candidate and a Benny Hill sketch?


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