01 June 2010

Am Yisrael chai!

"Israel lives!"
Yep, I'm a gentile atheist who's got Israel's back. Anyone who has a problem with this can take a long walk on a short dock.

Israel has been our staunchest ally in the Middle East since their inception. They are the last line of defense between liberty and the Islamofascists. They've done nothing but right by us, and we had their back--at least until we elected this bowing, scraping, apologist dhimmi punk to lead our nation.

Let's take a look at the facts:

Gaza, a small chunk of the nation of Israel, was taken over by an Islamic terrorist organization called Hamas in July of 2007.

Among it's stated goals, Hamas includes "the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine, in place of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and the obliteration or nullification of Israel."

Hamas has launched literally thousands of rockets indiscriminately into the state of Israel, leading to 28 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Israel and Egypt, since 2007, have maintained a blockade against Gaza to prevent Hamas from launching more attacks. While weapons of war are prohibited, humanitarian supplies such as food and medicines have always been allowed through.

On monday, a flotilla backed by the so-called 'humanitarian' organization IHH (a front for jihadist terrorist activities) attempted to run the blockade, claiming to be 'peace activists.' They ignored several warnings to turn back.

Israeli commandos, armed with non-lethal weapons excepting their sidearms, boarded the flotilla by rappelling from helicopters.

The 'peace activists' immediately set upon the commandos with clubs, knives, guns, slingshots and other weapons. A melee commenced, and people on both sides were injured and killed.

The UN, an organization of 192 countries that usually has trouble agreeing on the color of the sky, has unanimously...condemned Israel.

Dude...wait, what?

This incident has been all over Sirius 144, and some chucklehead calling in to Sean Hannity's show asked, "What if the tables were turned?" Good question! Let's explore that. Here's a list of the current members of the United Nations.

Now, answer me this: If they were imposing a blockade to protect their nation from continued, indiscriminate attacks, and someone tried to run that blockade...how many of these countries would attempt to board the offending craft at all, let alone carrying less-than-lethal weapons? How many would just call in a gunship or two to blow the potential threat straight to hell, and not give a damn what anyone else thought of it?

And Israel's the bad guy here? Um...yeah. Not so much.

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