30 June 2010

The penultimate Second Amendment post

Have snacks, smokes and beverages at hand before you read this. You might want to go to the can as well...this is going to take a while.

The Smallest Minority Second Amendment Uberpost From Hell

I would do just about anything to see Kevin debate Mike Church on this issue. That would be a discussion that would set historical precedent for the next ten millenia.


  1. King Dude, himself. He's a hardcore Constitutionalist and historian who believes that the 2A refers solely to the FedGov, and that the states can pass their own laws regarding a "right."

    My view on the matter is obvious, but Mr. Church has no small amount of brainpower and historical education. The debate between you might likely settle the whole question entirely, unless some smartass invented a time machine and brought a couple of the Founders back just to make life difficult for Constitutionally-obsessed bloggers.

    As an aside, I'm honored beyond belief that you've taken notice of my small collection of electrons. Pardon me while I go all fanboy. :)

  2. Don't hurt yourself "sqee"ing! ;-)


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