23 June 2010

RIP, Clarence Wolf Guts.


Clarence Wolf Guts was a CodeTalker. Specifically, the last Lakota CodeTalker.

We all know about the Navajo CodeTalkers, who were the most prevalent in WWII, but other tribes lent their skills in that regard, including the Lakota Sioux. I have a special regard for that tribe, since they make up a great part of my wife's ancestry.

Given every outrage that America perpetrated on the Native people, it's absolutely astounding how many of them are patriotic Americans to the core. Attend any pow-wow, and you're guaranteed to see nothing but absolute respect and admiration for veterans in general, and Native veterans in particular. It's an attitude that's been lost on much of our country these days, and something we need to regain.

I salute you, Mr. Wolf Guts. Thank you for all you've done.

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