22 February 2011

An Allen West Smackdown!!

This video of LTC Allen West taking on the lies of CAIR has been going viral--deservedly so--all day.  I can't stop grinning every time I view it.

Anyway, Nicki at The Liberty Zone gives us some of her usual blunt-force-trauma commentary on the subject, to my even greater delight.  (NSFW--Language)

UPDATE:  HWAEPR/IAmDagny/Ann points out that semantics make a very big difference in this context:

One little learning point from this clip – note that the muslim asks, “Can you show me one verse where it says to attack innocent people?”

In islam, all infidels are, by definition, guilty of apostasy, and thus can not be “innocent”. The only “innocent” people according to islam are muslims living under Sharia. Everyone else is guilty, and thus there is no prohibition against murdering them. The word “innocent” means something completely different to muslims than it does to civilized human beings. Muslims will continually play these games of semantics thinking that we won’t “get it”. Epic fail, CAIR boy.
"You keep using those words...I do not think they mean what you think they mean."

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