01 February 2011


WTF just happened?


  1. Wraith, you can find us here:


    PatP (also Sundance, Finch, Ad rem, Sharon)

  2. Hello, former Honeytrail person! My name is Mrs. Polly, and I was hostess to a bunch of RefuBees when Kevin Dujan put up his infamous USO post, the one where he bashed a soldier's widow.

    Why am I bothering you? Sorry to do it, but even though we are political opposites, and I never participated in the Honeytrail blog (beyond one comment thanking people), I'm a fairly harmless person, did help Honeytrails to take its first breaths, and now have been blocked from even saying hello at the Conservative Treehouse, or as it says on the front page, the Last Refuge.

    First I tried to post a comment wishing everyone well, which never made it out of moderation, and then was simply blocked from posting another one. I don't want to intrude on all of you fine people's blog, but if you ask anybody, esp. Finch and Ad rem, you'll find out that my silly little blog, Snarkopolitan, could be characterized as the First Refuge.

    Apparently, feelings are still running high, and there's a lot of mistrust, but you'll be able to verify from Finch and Ad rem that I'm a good person. I'd just like to keep in touch with some of the people who went through the bizarreness of Kevin Dujan's nuttiness with me, that's all.

    Perhaps it's just the newness of running the WordPress softwear, but right now I feel a little hurt. And I'm very sorry to dump all of this on you and your blog! I just don't know any other way to send up a flair, so thanks for your patience, and, as I tried to say at the new place, good luck to all of you.

    Best, Mrs. Polly (my email is snarkopolitan@yahoo.com, if anybody has questions)

  3. Ms. Polly...

    Please know it was nothing personal! We remain grateful to you for being that first refuge. Since there were so many references to KD we thought it might be better to just let that sleeping dog lie. (No puns intended...maybe.)

    As for future communications? Just give us a few days to settle in and get reaquainted with one another...we're still living out of our suitcases. You have always been the most polite and cordial of hosts, and for that we remain appreciative.

    Ad rem...

  4. Thanks, Ad rem, I feel much better. And thanks to Weird & Pissed Off, aka Wraith, for playing inadvertent hostess. I know how odd it feels! But as long as you have extra coasters and a supply of popcorn, it usually turns out all right :^}

  5. Mrs. Polly, I assure you that I can be the most gracious of hostesses as long as everyone minds their manners. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you kindly for reminding us all that differences in opinion need not lead to an endless blood feud.

    Maybe we CAN all 'just get along.' ;)


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