15 February 2011

Profanity Warning.

For the most part, even when I rant, I try to be somewhat clean about it.  I save the really nasty stuff for when it's deserved.

It's deserved.  Click the fold at your own risk.  NSFW etc.

So, all you 'peaceful, tolerant' Leftists spouting this kind of crap?  Fuck you straight to hell.  Every last one of you.

When I rolled with a Leftward lean, it was because I believed in what you claim to support.  I turned Right when I realized that I believe in your 'principles' more than you do.

"There's no excuse for rape!"  Damn right there isn't.  Even when the perpetrators claim it's part of their culture.

"Rape isn't funny!"  Damn right it's not.  Even when you wish it on Conservative women.

Rape is wrong.  Treating people horribly because of their race, gender or preference, is wrong.  I believe these things.  I always have.  I always will, unless I catch whatever mental illness is apparently affecting you.  These beliefs I hold are called 'principles.'  Since none of you seem to know what a 'principle' is(no, it's not that guy who ran your school), prepare to take notes, bitches.

A principle is concrete.  It has no exceptions.  It does not cooperate with it's antithesis.  If the principle says 'killing people for being gay is not right,' then it isn't right.  No matter who the prospective murderer is, no matter what his motivations, it's wrong.  White, Black or Brown; Christian, Muslim or atheist--it's wrong.

This is a huge part of why I abandoned the Left pretty much entirely.  All your smug platitudes about 'tolerance' and 'diversity' and 'human rights' fly right out the window when the shit hits the fan.  When it comes down to what you really believe, your actions make it obvious--you believe in nothing other than the destruction of anything that benefits humanity.  You'd sell your blackened, shrivelled soul to the Devil himself if only he'd get rid of those horrible capitalists that have brought forth more advancement of humanity than anything ever seen on Earth.  You're more than willing to piss all over 'Wymmyn'z Rights" and bend over for the Jihadists, as long as they promise to destroy the very system that makes it possible for you to survive as the stupid, spoiled, ungrateful little hypocrites you are.

Where's your 'respect' for Lara Logan?  Or the Palin women?  Or Ann Coulter?  Whence comes your deafening silence when Jihadists are raping everything in sight that isn't wrapped in 10 layers of Hefty bags?  Where are the screams of outrage on behalf of Anderson Cooper?  What, save empty space, composes the foundation upon which you stand?  Nothing, I maintain, but mindless hate and blind obedience to emotion and instinct.

I came to my senses.  There's still hope for you.  But not if you persist in floating around without a single concrete thing to believe in.  When you have no principles, no definitions, no concept of a stable reality...you literally give up the foundation of thought itself.  And, in so doing, you surrender that which makes you human.

You must know not only where you stand, but why you stand there.  (Hint:  "Because it's cool" is incorrect.)  Or you can continue to flounder about in a swamp of random emotions and idiocy, abandoning the incomparably precious gift of your mind to a miserable existence of screaming, crying and shitting its diaper. 

To borrow a pre-Net meme... "THINK.  It ain't illegal yet!"

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