09 February 2011

Much ado about GOProud

Seriously, people--they're gay.  They're conservative.  Get over it already, and stop twisting the very core principles of Conservatism into a pretzel just because you're scared of the Queer Cooties.

Money quote:

Countering the call for exclusion, Larry L. Eastland, a bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an ACU board member, warned in a letter to fellow board members to “not be guilty of ‘casting the first stone’ on others’ sins.”

“Let us not lose sight of our goals by closing the door on individuals who will stand with us on public issues on which we agree, and keep to themselves their differences on issues where it could give ‘aid and comfort’ to our opponents,” he wrote.

He said rather than pre-emptive exclusion, CPAC should wait to see whether groups violate the gathering’s fundamental principles and, if they do, they should not be invited back.
Well said, Bishop Eastland.  Glad to see some common sense on the topic.

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