14 February 2011

I sense a great disturbance in the Force...

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1099s, Mandates and Poverty of Spirit
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 12, AD 2011 8:11 PM MST
Congress repealed the requirement in the ObamaCare law that 1099s be issued and filed for every business relationship that exceeded $600 in transactions per year a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have had many people say to me in various ways, “Isn't it a relief to know that we won't have to do the 1099 thing? Thank goodness for that!”
My answer to that is no, it is not a “relief” to me because I had absolutely no intention of complying with that ridiculous, intrusive, expensive and tyrannical law in the first place. And frankly, if you were fretting about it, that implies that you intended to comply, and I find that disgusting. The same goes for the ObamaCare insurance mandate tax. If Judge Vinson's striking down of ObamaCare is not honored or is reversed by SCOTUS and the mandate remains, come April of 2014 when I file my returns and I have an excise tax levied against me because I don't have insurance – and TRUST that I WILL NOT have insurance IF the mandate exists – then the fit is going to hit the shan. I will not, under any circumstance, pay that excise tax. I will do whatever I have to do to make certain that the IRS never, ever gets that money. They're going to have to arrest me and throw me in jail for tax evasion. I believe the literary term for this is “Going Galt”. I will never, ever allow my government to tax me on my existence. You can tax me on my income. You can tax me on my consumption. You can tax me on my property. But you will never, ever tax me on my existence.
As has been discussed on this blog previously, the ONLY power that has the right to tax human persons on their existence is God Almighty – and even He only asks for a 10% VOLUNTARY tithe. For me to comply with a tax on my existence would be a violation of the First Commandment and a denial of my dignity as a sovereign person. I will happily go to prison and remain a free person of integrity in right relationship with God than capitulate to a Marxist tyranny, subordinate God to my government, and allow that same government to strip me of my humanity – just so I can still eat at Sonic whenever I want. What will you do? Will you hold the line or will you fold?
Many people say in response to this, “You don't understand. You're single with no children. I have to pay my taxes. I have to do whatever they say. I can't lose my business. I can't lose my home. I can't lose my property. I have a spouse. I have children. I have responsibilities that you don't have.”
I agree with you. You do have a greater responsibility than I have. Which is all the more reason why you should be willing to stand with me should the time come. I don't have any future generations to worry about. I won't have any personal skin in the game 70 years from now. When I croak, that will be the end of my genetic engagement with this country and this world. I will have left nothing behind. I came. I saw. I conquered. I got low. From a logical perspective, I should be the person arguing that none of this matters and that I should just go along with whatever happens and make it work in the new paradigm because the risk-reward ratio is far higher for me than it is for those of you with children and grandchildren who will have to live under whatever Marxist tyranny we allow to ascend now.
Who do you think our Founding Fathers were? Do you think that they weren't married? Do you think they had no children? Do you think that none of them had any assets or businesses to lose? Newsflash, kids. They ALL had families and almost all were businessmen and landowners. And when they stood up against the Crown, they did it knowing that if they were not completely successful that they would either find themselves at the end of a rope or staring down a firing squad. And that was if they weren't killed in combat regardless of outcome. Confiscation of assets was pretty far down on their list of concerns. Do you think that the only men who have fought in wars throughout human history have been poor, unattached, single men? I'll bet there are some war widows from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the mid-east theaters of the last 20 years who would be happy to explain the realities of war and sacrifice to you. Don't piss all over their husbands' graves in a hamfisted effort to justify your own moral cowardice and slavish devotion to your wealth, assets and personal comfort.
Which brings us to the Beatitudes – specifically the first Beatitude: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
What does that mean? Does it mean that poor people go to heaven? Nope. Does it mean that sad, depressed people go to heaven? Nope. Does it mean that people who are spiritually weak go to heaven? Nope.
It means that people who are willing to push all of their chips in, who are willing to sacrifice everything, who are willing to lose everything, will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to be willing to sacrifice everything you have, you have to have come to the realization that everything you have isn't worth jack in the big picture. And this applies equally to the multi-millionaire and the homeless man on the park bench. What good is your thousands of acres of ground if you value it more than the Truth, who is God? If clinging to your assets causes you to lose your soul, will it have been worth it? Are you going to use your land deed to fan yourself in hell? Why have men been so willing to leave their families and fight in wars throughout history? Because they knew that if they placed a few decades of earthly togetherness with their families above the Truth, which is God, that they might just be forfeiting ETERNITY with their families.
There is no more fearsome force this side of heaven than a man who is poor in spirit – a man who truly understands that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. These are the men who have shaped and moulded history. These are the 300 of Sparta who stared down the Persian Hordes and said, "Molon Labe." These are the men who repelled the muslim invaders at Tours. These are the men who crossed the Delaware. These are the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy. These are the men whom God has used as instruments of His Will. And I've got to tell you, as I look around I don't see anyone willing to push it all in. I watched clips of the speakers at the CPAC convention this weekend and I was not impressed. I heard slogans. I heard vague generalities.
“This is the greatest country in the world.” “We have to rein in our out-of-control government.” “We have to return to our core principles.”
Yeah. No kidding. HOW? Say it. Say HOW. Oh, but no one will. No one will talk about any specifics. No one will say, “Social Security and MediCare must be sunsetted.” Or, “Islam is evil and must be purged from our land.” Or, “The Mexican border must be physically sealed and all U.S. Territory must be retaken and secured by force.” Or, “The Executive branch must be forced into compliance with the Constitution and the Rule of Law by the Legislative and Judiciary branches, backed by the United States Military IF NECESSARY.”
Why is absolutely everyone pussyfooting around anything of any real importance or relevance? Why is sloganeering and the salve of vague platitudes the best we can do? Because this nation and this culture is devoid of the first Beatitude. There is no poverty of spirit. No one is willing to go all-in. No one is willing to risk losing everything in service to the Truth. Politicians worship their poll numbers and their seats of “power”. High-level military and intel guys worship their next promotion and their retirement pension. Civilians worship their assets and their decadent lives of truly ignorant bliss. It's all good as long as the cable is working and Mickey D's is slinging the Big Macs. And when the economy collapses, people will still be placated as long as the government keeps the cable on and keeps some food flowing. And when muslims start carrying out suicide attacks in malls and schools and churches, people will still be placated as long as the cable is working and the food is flowing – and they will just be glad that it wasn't THEIR family that was killed at THEIR mall or THEIR church. Because after all, there's nothing we can do.
“I can't just walk away from my career. I can't get crossways with the IRS. I can't risk losing my assets. And I certainly am not going to risk my life. What good is freedom if I'm dead? What good am I to my wife and kids if I'm not around?”
Good question. Maybe one of these guys knows the answer and can explain it to you. But you will have to fly to Normandy to ask them.

Finally, hear the words of a real-live celebrity:

Rush Limbaugh:  "We go Egypt on Obama."

The time is fast approaching for you to pick a side, and it's coming faster than you ever dreamed possible, folks.  And I'm not talking fries vs. cole slaw...I'm talking freedom vs. evil.

Pick.  A.  Side.  Or, one way or another, it most certainly will be picked for you.


  1. The tax is there to motivate people to buy the low-cost basic insurance. If you choose not to, then make a pledge to suffer the consequences should an emergency arise and you don't have money for the hospital bills. Society shouldn't pay for you if you have the chance to get coverage and you opt out.

  2. 'Society' shouldn't be forced to pay anything for anyone, period...which is exactly what ObummerCare does. Logic fail.


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