06 February 2011

Now, THIS is scary.

I'm sorry...what happened to that whole 'freedom of speech' thing?

We are trying to hold a tea party on April 30th in Tucson. Already the blowback from some in leadership since January 8th has been to try and shut us down. We were having a town hall/forum on mental health on Feb 18th and one by one the County Prosecutor and Sheriff have spoken to our speakers and intimidated them to the point where they will no longer speak.
Emphasis mine.  Here's the article in question which gives the full story.  Is this what America stands for?  Both Sheriff Douchebag and the Pima County Prosecutor need to think through their actions.  Or not...because it'll eventually work out in our favor.

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  1. This can't be tollerated. I passed your link to a blogger friend in Airizona. Good Luck!


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