07 February 2011

Ouch! LOL

Hey, Mikeb302000...sorry about the bitch-slap there, did that hurt?  It looked really painful when HWAEPR shoved all that logic up your ass.

Finally - A firm diagnosis! I'm mentally ill!
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 7, AD 2011 10:56 AM MST
Although I would appreciate a bit more detail.
The term "mentally ill" covers such a wide swath of possible conditions. Is it a chemical imbalance? An accumulation of plaque in the brain? A series of micro-strokes? I think I'm going to put my money on something to do with too much NutraSweet from diet pop metabolizing into formaldehyde and gumming up the ol' works. And for what it's worth, the Golden Retriever next door has been warning me about NutraSweet for months.
In all seriousness, this is how the Marxist-totalitarian left works. Notice that there is absolutely no rebuttal offered - just the accusation of "mental illness". I would have no problem whatsoever with someone accusing me of mental illness IF they outlined WHY they suspected such. Make your case. You have my words at your disposal - use them against me. Form an argument. Use citations. Make a logical, reasoned progression using objective data and evidence. If I were you, I would probably attack it from the "extreme paranoia" angle.
But that is not what they do. They simply declare a person to be "mentally ill", and thus dangerous and unfit for participation in free society. Mentally ill people should be restrained and "treated" - for their own good and the good of the collective. This obviously will have to be done against the wishes of the "patient" because the patient is mentally unable to recognize their own illness. Marxists have a long, depraved history of using "pseudo-psychiatry" as a means of culling. Like our friend Mike, Marxist pseudo-psychiatric diagnosis is centered around PHILOSOPHICAL criterion, not clinical criterion. In other words, if you don't agree with the philosophy of the diagnoser, you must be, by definition, mentally impaired and thus dangerous.
Mr. Mike, my contact info with detailed driving directions can be found under the "Contact" link on the nav bar to your left. I'm here most of the time. If you are serious and truly think me stricken with a mental impairment that makes me a danger to society, it is your duty to act on that knowledge. There is an excellent FBI office here in Denver ( 303-629-7171 ), and there is also a Deprtment of Homeland Security office, too ( 720-852-6602 ). Do your duty, Mike. Protect society from, and purge society of people who disagree with you.
That's why I love this woman.  She simply crushes all opposition with her enormous brass balls.  (Seriously, they exist.  She accidentally hit me with them once, and I was in a coma for a month.)
See, one of the criteria for being labelled insane is a proveable disconnect from reality.  People who are frightened of inanimate objects are not sane.  People who see no difference between Jihadist culture and American culture are not sane.
So, for the most part, Ann is saner than most people in America today.  As for my own sanity, I traded that for a bottle of single-malt Scotch some time back.  ;)

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