01 February 2011

Can you guess who said this?

ATF's leadership could care less about Senator Grassley, Congressional inqueries, the No Fear Act, Victim-Witness laws, truth, honesty, integrity or anything that gets in their way of intimidating their workforce. I appologize for the harshness of my tone but your small exposure to ATF retaliations is a way of life for us.

If you expect ATF to now "find and disclose the truth" based on your censure, it is simply not in the character of the individuals involved, ATF leadership as a whole and most definitely not anything close to a priority for ATF's attorneys. THEY DO NOT CARE!
Another one of those paranoid bitter clingers?  Hardly.  First, read about how Eric Holder once again gives the bird to the rule of law at Sipsey Street.  Then, cruise on over here and get acquainted with the author of the quoted paragraphs...ATF Agent "Jumper."

Can you imagine a corporation or other group of private citizens having this kind of contemptuous attitude?  How well do you think it'd be received by AG Holder?

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