04 February 2011


A comment that says it all(today at 1:44pm by TexMex)...

Allow Palin to compete. We’ll see if we stand or fall with her.

But any funny business on the part of the GOP, and you will lose me forever. Not only that, but I’ll make sure to use my little microphone to do as much damage to you as I can. Because when you stop becoming the party of free enterprise, individual merit and competition, your no, better in fact you’re worse than, our political opponents on the Democrat side. You’re worse because you made yourself out to be one thing and you turned into something else. You turned into liars. And i don’t want to belong to that party.

Sorry for the long rant, but as Ronald Reagan said during his Time for Choosing Speech: “There is a price we will not pay and there is a point at which they will not advance.” We’re going to war. See you on the battlefield, GOP.

RTWT.  The logic is strong with this one.

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