21 February 2011

I don't get it.

How the hell is HWAEPR still single?

Look, I love my wife.  We will literally be together "Til death do us part," and I doubt I'd ever marry again were I to survive her.  She's everything to me, and I thank the Good Lord for blessing me enough that she hasn't come to her senses and left.

But if my wife and I had never met, I'd show up on Ann's doorstep with flowers and candy in a heartbeat...and a 55-gallon drum of Brasso to polish her enormous brass balls:

Reunited! Brian Jennings Returns!
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 21, AD 2011 3:59 PM MST

Some of you may remember a few months ago (November 6th at 10:21am to be exact) that a person named Brian Jennings who works as a salesman for a group of radio stations in Salina, Kansas called me after becoming enraged by my billboards at Junction City, Kansas (picture below). Brian called to tell me that I am a RAAACIST (despite the fact that Allen West and Herman Cain would be my ideal ticket in 2012) and concluded by screaming - nay, BELLOWING at the top of his lungs, "YOU ARE A CRAZY, STUPID C*NT!!!!

Brian, possibly feeling emboldened by the mob actions of his fellow travelers in Egypt and Wisconsin, called me back just now to check in and renew his sentiments.

I was ready for him.

Brian, let me reiterate here, in writing, what I said to you just now on the phone so there is absolutely no chance of misunderstanding. Many women, particularly single women, would be intimidated by a strange man calling them on their cell phone screaming at them that they are a "crazy, stupid c*nt". Being called what many consider to be the filthiest word in the English language, a pejorative term for the female genatalia, essentially being rhetorically dehumanized and reduced to nothing more than one's sexual orafice, would certainly scare and intimidate most women. And rightfully so. Distilling a person down to their sexual anatomy naturally conjures images and psychological alarms of rape. And Marxists like you have a long, sickening history of raping women as part of their enforcement tactics. It's called 20th Century History. Read it.

But Brian, I'm special. I am completely and totally devoid of fear. I can not be intimidated. At all. In any way. In fact, I invite you come on out here and follow through on your rhetoric. Teach me a lesson. Show the world what happens to uppity, stupid c*nts who don't know how to keep their mouths shut. Like I told you on the phone, if you and a small army of your fellow Marxist travelers were to drive out here to 9175 Kornbrust Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124, and make good on your threats, a lot of people would hear about it. A lot of my fellow f-ing retarded teabaggers would learn that either they sit down and shut up, or they might end up gangbanged (to quote the protester in Wisconsin) with a bullet in their head like Ann. You could steer the course of history, Brian. You could once and for all show us Constitution-loving Jesus freaks who is really in charge in this country. Like I told you, Brian, I'll leave the front door unlocked for you. Anytime, player. ANY. TIME.

One more interesting note. Brian Jennings claims on his MySpace page to be a Catholic who is active in his parish. I reckon that Brian justifies his actions and denies the sinfulness of them by telling himself that it would only be a sin if I were a human being. But I'm not. I'm just a c*nt. It isn't a sin to dehumanize something that was never human to begin with. Do I have that about right, Brian?

Finally, according to his MySpace page, LINK HERE, Brian Jennings is married. Pray for his wife. Seriously. No joke. Pray for any wife who is married to a man who would EVER attempt to intimidate a woman as Brian Jennings has attempted to do with me, and who would EVER call any woman a c*nt under ANY circumstance. I sincerely worry for Mrs. Jennings. I hope that all is well with her.

My two billboards:

Posted for posterity.  Hey, Brian "Ann's Bitch" Jennings...you want some ice for that burn?  ;>


  1. I bet you are happy he was fired at the radio station

  2. Was he? Well, well.

    Actions have consequences, I guess. When you're a tradesperson or minimum-wage type, well...it's still not nice to act that way, but your actions are much less likely to impact your career.

    When you're in the public eye, especially in sales(which requires no small amount of madd PR skillz), you really ought to know better. Apparently, like most liberals, Mr. Jennings decided that the rules of civilized behavior didn't apply to him, and that he was free to act in as horrific and ugly a manner as he chose without fear of reprisal.

    He seems to have found out different.

  3. we just love you.
    I'd like to be there to help, and protect from anyone stupid enough to come near your place.

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