16 February 2011

She knows.

He hates us, and he is punishing us.
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 16, AD 2011 3:43 PM MST
I have read with keen interest all of the attempts by various pundits and thinkers to rationalize and discern the motivations of Barack Obama. I have yet to hear anyone properly articulate the motivation behind Obama’s destructive actions. Most reasonable, clear-thinking people now fully understand that this country is being destroyed before our very eyes. The most solid proof of this came earlier this week with the release of the Obama regime’s 2012 budget which, if adopted, would incur $26.3 trillion in new debt over the next decade. There is only one possible way to spin this fact with any degree of positivity: the United States will not incur $26.3 trillion in new debt over the next decade because the economy will collapse, the government will default and the Republic will cease to exist long before we burn through another $26.3 trillion. So, we’ve got that going for us, which is nice - to paraphrase the great Carl Spackler.
Many theories have been put forth regarding Obama’s stunningly destructive policies. Some say that Obama’s actions are due to stupidity and a lack of understanding of basic economics. The more optimistic (and naïve) say that Obama’s intentions are good, and that Obama truly thinks that he is doing all the right things, and Obama honestly believes that if given enough time his policies will indeed bear fruit. Some say that Obama is a true believer in Marxist theory and is motivated by an altruistic desire to empower the poor by confiscating and redistributing the wealth of the middle and upper classes. All of these contentions are incorrect and merely serve to shield us from the terrifying reality. Barack Obama hates the United States of America and its people, and is on a single-minded quest to exact punishment upon us.
One of the most difficult things for a human mind to comprehend is being hated. Hatred is, at its core, the desire that someone or something not exist. Every human soul, even the most damaged and depraved, still revolves around a core that regards its own existence as a positive. Nearly all human actions have a root motivation, misguided though they may be, of either perpetuating or improving the individual’s existence. Thus, even a person who commits suicide does so with the misguided motivation of ending suffering, and thus improving their existence by “making the pain stop”. Because we are created to exist (as redundant as that might sound), we find it almost impossible to comprehend that anyone wishes that we didn’t exist. We find it almost impossible to comprehend that we are truly hated, and will thus jump through psychological hoops with the dexterity of a circus acrobat to deny that reality when we are confronted by it.
Barack Obama has spent his entire life, literally from the day he was born, surrounded by people who actively, viscerally hate the United States of America. The Dunham family were Communists. Lolo Soetoro was a Marxist and a nominal Muslim. Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist. Obama’s professors and social circle at Occidental College were Marxists by Obama’s own tacit admission in Bill Ayers’ book Dreams From My Father. Obama’s Chicago mentor and aforementioned ghostwriter, Bill Ayers, is an avowed Communist. Obama’s so-called “pastor”, Jeremiah Wright, is a Marxist and rabid anti-Semite. Since America is the diametrical opposite of the tyranny of Marxism and the tyranny of islam, hatred of America is the inevitable derivitive of Obama's Marxist-muslim life and upbringing. Naturally, all of these people share the common trait of a visceral, seething, and in the case of Ayers, a demonstrably violent hatred of the United States, her economy, her culture and her people. Obama has been indoctrinated since early childhood to believe that the United States is the enemy, the ultimate criminal enterprise, the source and foundation of every imaginable grievance – and not merely on an aggregate scale, but on a personal level. Barack Obama views the United States of America as his sworn personal enemy, and thus his entire life has had as its focus and goal ascending to positions of power that would allow him to do one thing: mete out punishment. And that is exactly what Obama is doing.
Obama is, in all likelihood, a sociopath. He does not empathize, or even possess the capacity to fake the appearance of empathy toward other human beings. Obama doesn’t care about the poor or the oppressed, and the horrific collateral damage already being caused by ObamaCare is but one example of this cold indifference. These groups are merely pawns that Obama uses to capture and increase his own power, and to falsely justify the punishments that he is meting out upon the entire country. The more power Obama acquires, the more severe the punishment he can inflict upon the country. The more punishment he inflicts, the more power he craves so that he may inflict even greater punishment. The more horrific the punishments become, the more power Obama can amass by offering waivers, exemptions and protection from his punishments in exchange for loyalty. This feedback cycle, if left unchecked will grow exponentially, and as we are now seeing in the Middle East, could grow beyond the United States and eventually encompass the entire world.
Eighty years ago a Marxist and rabidly anti-Semitic madman ascended to power in Europe, motivated by a drive to exact punishment upon Jews and upon his fellow Europeans who drafted and enjoined the Treaty of Versailles. This madman’s hatred and his desire to punish his enemies was intense and personal. He was permitted to amass unspeakable power and inflict some of the worst punishments ever seen in human history. His craving for more power and more punishment was never satisfied. By the time he committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin, he had destroyed his entire country, started a World War that claimed the lives of over 60 million human beings, and nearly exterminated an entire race of people. Unless and until we come to grips with the terrifying reality of Obama’s psychology and motivation, this scenario could unfold again. With a nuclear weaponized Muslim world, the potential death, destruction and dislocation that could result today would be many times larger than what was suffered during the Second World War. Congruently, that same race of people, the Jews, would once again face an attempted genocide. We cannot allow Barack Hussein Obama to continue to punish the United States and the world for crimes against him that were never committed.

Yeah.  It's kindaexactly like that.

Sometimes, reality sucks.  Sometimes, it's scary.  There are things happening in this world so terrible and horrifying that we don't want to think about themBut we must.  Fire is hot, ice is cold and things fall down no matter what you might feel about it.  Ignoring reality will not make it go away. 

I'm familiar with the maxim, "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."  But there's a point where the situation cannot be adequately explained by stupidity.  So, what does that leave?

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