02 February 2011

"Why do you call her that?"

I've been asked that question regarding Hottie With An Evil Pink Rifle.  Well...it's because she is.

Come on, y'all:  redheads are hot, chicks with guns are way hot, and chicks with brains and balls are really super-spectacular hot.  And her Evil Pink Rifle is totally badass and I want one.

Yes, I'm a dude, and I want a pink and white rifle with hearts on the magazine.  Think of the psyops value of a scruffy, bald, goateed guy carrying the Hello Kitty Edition AR-15.  The enemy will either think I'm that special variety of Rambo/Mad Max/Incredible Hulk insane, or that I'm so confident in my masculinity that they may as well surrender before I beat them into submission with my enormous junk.  In other words, "Man walks down the street with that rifle, people know he's not afraid of anything."

Oh, you wanted to see that rifle?  Here it is.  There's a super-secret special message encoded in the picture, which 'moderate Muslims' won't understand, but which Jihadists will.

BTW, go visit her blog and scroll down to today's post, which will be the usual learning experience.

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