23 February 2011

My, your herring is a fetching shade of crimson.

OMGOMGOMG!!!  The Obama Regime is out of control!!!


Look, even though I completely oppose the DOMA on Constitutional grounds as well as the principles of liberty, I'm in total agreement that it should be struck down by a Constitutional challenge in the courts, not by an activist President who fancies himself a king.  (Everyone with me so far?  Good.)

But, seriously...telling us that the Barack Obama is politically partisan, dismissive of the Constitution and contemptuous of the rule of law is akin to telling us that fire is hot.  We knew that already.  There are plenty of more serious things the Obama Regime in general is doing that will actually proveably damage this country, and possibly the world.  But they know that all they have to do is gin up the controversy of 'gay marriage,' and the predictable Pavlovian reaction of SoCons will have the Right focusing on nothing else.

Quit obsessing about relationships between consenting adults in a supposedly free country and watch the other hand, SoCons.  I don't know what they're trying to distract us from, but you idiots need to quit falling for the same tactics time and again.  I swear, Charlie Brown will kick that football into high orbit before you fools wise up.

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