01 February 2011

Palinista goodness...

...where?  At C4P, of course.

Governor Palin, for her part, has been hung in effigy, had her church firebombed, called the “c” word, had her private emails hacked, and has been told by her so-called betters to “leave the room.”  Not to mention the death threats.

Some will remind us that President Obama broke the color barrier in his successful White House run.

True, but he never had to break the contempt barrier.

He was never treated as inferior. He immediately belonged to the elite club, even if his liberal ideas and paper-thin resume suggested he was in over his head.
(Emphasis mine.  What was that left-wingnut spouting a couple of posts back?  Something about 'intolerance?')

RTWT--lots of interesting stuff there, including things you likely didn't know about the teachings of Christ.

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