31 May 2012

Another reason I'm writing in Sarah...

Daddy Bear explains what Mittens will have to do to get his vote:

But I’m not being asked to vote against Barack Obama, I’m being asked to vote for Mitt Romney, and he hasn’t earned my vote just because he was able to convince a majority of the registered Republicans who got off their asses and voted in the primaries that he was the least ugly elephant in the pen.

If Mr. Romney wants my vote, he’s going to have to address a lot of the concerns I have, including his stance on 2nd Amendment rights, what he will do to dismantle Obamacare, how he will lessen the intrusion of the government in our everyday lives, and how he will dismantle the overly aggressive security bureaucracy that Presidents Bush and Obama have built over the last decade. I want to see his detailed plan on how and what he is going to cut in order to save money, what he is going to do to encourage business development in this country (The right answer is to cut taxes and get the heck out of the way), and how he is going to reduce American engagement in every nook and cranny of the third world while still defending the country and its interests.

Mitt Romney signed an assault weapons ban and a government health care plan that was the model for Obamacare, and I want to hear how he has changed since then. I want more than sound bites. I want a public and explicit mea culpa, and I want to know how and why he came to see the error in his ways.

RTWT.  Daddy Bear has laid it out in very detailed and explicit terms, and I can agree to a point.  But even if Mittens does everything on DB's list, I'm still not voting for him.  Why?

Because he's a politician.  And, in case you haven't been paying attention for, like, all your freaking life... POLITICIANS LIE.  Romney can tell us all about his 'plans' and explain his 'mistakes' until Gabriel blows his horn--I won't believe a word of it.  This guy can't take a crap without consulting twelve strategists and a hundred exit polls.  His only principle is 'I wanna be President.'  Look at his record and tell me I'm wrong.

That's why I'm still going to #writeinSarah.  No, I don't think she'll win if I do so.  Even if she did, I doubt she could salvage this terminally corrupted system.  But at least I'll be able to say I voted for someone with proven, demonstrable principles.  That may not be what we'll end up with, but it's exactly what we need.

28 May 2012

The Real Cost of Freedom

Wow.  This puts it in perspective, to be sure.

When God breathed the first breath into mankind, he could have chosen to enslave the human race. Being the author of our lives, He could have given us no choice in who we worshipped, who we served or what we thought. He could have created a worshipping throng to proclaim His goodness all their days. Instead, He created a free people. He breathed the breath of life into a people that could choose to love Him - or not. He gave us freedom, from our first breath to our last. God himself is the author of liberty. And our liberty was purchased at a great price. Blood.

When God chose to give his children freedom, He knew we would not choose Him. He knew that we would be tempted by the world. He knew we would choose to gratify ourselves, serve ourselves and love ourselves. He gave us our freedom anyway. And then, he made a way for us to belong to Him in spite of our rebellion - blood. The blood of his son to be precise.

And, so it is. Freedom has always been won with blood. Never, has a single man been freed by the swipe of a pen or the clasp of a hand. Freedom has always been fought for, bled for and died for. From the beginning of time, our freedom has been purchased with blood - the highest of prices.

RTWT, and welcome Paratus Familia to my blogroll.  (HT to that SOB Wirecutter for a great find.)

27 May 2012

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Brigid just posted an excellent, in-depth analysis of that most famous American principle.  Go read now.

As to our neighbors, a right means that our actions should impose no harm or obligation on them, they are our actions for our lives. If your dream is to stay home and watch a brand new TV all day that is fine, but that that doesn't mean that I am obligated to buy it for you.

We have the right to liberty, to freedom. I do not personally believe that means that we are free from helping to reasonably support or maintain that which we use, our roads, our parks, our libraries, our schools. That does not mean we are free to shrug off responsibility for elderly parents or those children we bring into the world. But we have the right to expect that our efforts won't be wasted. We have the right not be forced by threat or law to give up our possessions or income or hand over our Second Amendment rights which protects the safety of that family or personal community we do provide for. We should not be forced to take the food off of our table, there from our own toil, to give to people who do not have the desire to produce, only to consume. Given with no measure of accountability that they will not come back to rob our table again.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Or as John Locke defined it first, the right to property. Not the right to an object, but to the action and reward of producing and earning a product. Our founding fathers did not intend the issue of property to be a guarantee that all will have all they want, but only that if a man will own it if he earns it. It will be his to use, to keep or if he chooses, to give to another to help them in time of need.


 There are many of ways the country could be improved. But it can NOT be improved by changing the principals on which our country was founded. For no matter what bitter forfeit a change in government may bring, the loss of our fundamental rights, affirmed by our Constitution, should not be part of it.

The American Revolution was a revolution of greater note than the battles fought and the words penned. One of the most revolutionary outcomes of the formation of the United States was the subordination of government to moral law, moving away from societies in which the citizens life belonged to those that ruled, and the freedoms he had were only that which the rulers decided by whim he might have that day, or that week. The recognition of man's individual rights by the Constitution limited the force of the power and greed of the states, protecting its citizens from an unwanted collective.

The United States was one of the first moral societies in history, all previous governments viewing their citizens as a sacrificial means to the ends of others, and society as an end to itself. Our founding fathers had taken note. They recognized two threats to a man's possessions, to his rights. One threat is a criminal. The other is a government. The most laudable accomplishment of our government when it was formed was its ability to draw a distinction between those two, thereby not allowing the second to become a sanctioned version of the activities of the first.

Sadly, the people who really need to read this, won't bother.  They're too busy screaming for More Free Stuff.

25 May 2012

Ann Barnhardt--now on Skype!

But STILL not on Facebook.  Here's the latest Warren Pollock interview with her accompanying post.  Emphasis in red is mine.

1. I stumbled on my words a bit and I just wanted to make clear what I was saying at the 1:43 mark. I am NOT being followed nor am I the least bit paranoid that I am being followed. If I am, I would like to apologize to whoever is "following" or "surveilling" me, because, yes, I am the single most BORING person on the face of the earth.

2. Warren hits it out of the park at the end when he drills in on the adolescent narcissism and self-absorption of Facebook. Dude, that's our culture in a nutshell: a society of people stunted into a perpetual adolescence, with its attendant ignorance, sense of entitlement, sense of invincibility and lack of fully-realized masculinity - manifested in cowardice. Facebook is a self-feeding derivative of that childishness.

3. The scripture reference is right in the heart of the Sermon on the Mount.

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.
--Matthew 5:37

Translation: CUT THE CRAP. Isn't this exactly the problem today? No one talks straight. No one lays it out. No one is honest and forthright. It's all just a steady stream of mincing, equivocating, politically correct, lying bullshit. Anything to be "liked", given a "thumbs up" or to generate cash flow. No one's "yes" means "yes", and no one's "no" means "no" anymore. People are pathologically incapable of answering the damn question. People are pathologically incapable of clarity for fear of "giving offense."

Well, except for me. And I guess that is why I have any degree of popularity, and why people find me interesting. People are so unused to seeing someone who is forthright that they are shocked by it. How incredibly sad.

4. People say to me, "But Ann, I only say private stuff on the "private message" side of Facebook, so no one else can see it. I never put anything personal on my wall. So my info is all totally private and secure."

And then Ann does a double face-palm, goes over and sits on the stairs and quietly sobs.
It's been said that "Political Correctness" will be the death of all of us(which is pretty obvious when you note that the first word of the term is 'political').  This is why.  The war of ideas used to be a straight fight.  Now it's guerilla warfare.  It's backstabbing and booby traps.  Everyone's skulking in the metaphorical shadows, scared to death that someone might not approve of their opinions or conclusions. 

This is the way of children

Adults have the responsibility of not only having beliefs and opinons, but knowing why they do, being able to defend them with reason and logic, and standing by them no matter how unpopular they may be.  As I've said before, to refuse to take a stand is a disgusting act of cowardice despised by both God and man.

If you hate me, tell me so.  Right to my face.  I'll respect you for it.  If you can explain why, my respect will increase.  If you can explain why using actual facts and logic?  Hey, I'll buy you a beer and might even rethink my worldview.  If you like me, tell me that, too--I'll cut you a lot of slack on the whole 'defending your opinion' thing.  ;)

Just be straight with me.

And yourself.

And everyone else.


24 May 2012

Sometimes, the conspiracy ain't a theory.

There comes a point where you simply have to yield to truth and logic.

Once I put these facts all together, I went in to my closet and put on my wookie suit. Then I took the red pill, locked and loaded, and dove in to the rabbit hole trying to see how far it goes. On Friday I came screaming out of the other end flying at mach 3, pissed off, pissed on, and with my wookie suit in flames.

The tinfoil hat wearing, “the government is in bed with the gun-haters and using my tax dollars to take away my guns”, conspiracy theorists were right. These gun ban lobbyists are being paid with tax money and are operating in government positions all over the country to do the work of the anti-gun groups.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Brady Campaign’s operatives’ work to further gun control is financed on the public dime.

There will always be those who continue to ignore anything they can--whatever the logical gymnastics required--dismiss as a 'conspiracy theory.'  Of course, there are no such things as conspiracies...Julius Caesar was simply the victim of a random walk-by knifing.

17 May 2012

Cher gets a spanking

No, this isn't a leaked pervy video.  I really don't want to see or even imagine that chick naked unless she gains at least 50 pounds and finds the 'On' switch for her brain.

This is simply the incomparable AlfonZo Rachel verbally bitch-slapping yet another know-nothing Oppressive elitist.  Sit back and watch the fun! 

(Warning:  Language OK, but concepts discussed may be not-so-family-friendly.  Preview before you decide whether to let the kids watch this one.)


16 May 2012

Nothing new under the moon

Kids, I was Goth when Goth wasn't cool.  I'm amused that all you young whippersnappers buying your angst on Mommy's credit card at Goth In A Box Hot Topic think you've discovered something new and edgy.  Sorry, no you haven't.

Even an old fossil like me, as it turns out, was way behind the curve.

For this line alone...

...Baldilocks has achieved Internet Immortality.

Seen this way, Wickham's premise starts to look like chicken-fried nonsense wrapped in a flaky breaded crust of illogic and glazed with a zesty bullshit marinade.

And the rest of the post totally kicks ass, too.  Well done indeed, ma'am!!

15 May 2012

Hell comes to Arizona

I had a surreal experience riding home tonight...rolling south on the I-17 with the smoke from wildfires filling the sky on both sides.  Yep, it's summer in Arizona and half the state's on fire.  One of them is close enough to be worrisome, so Mrs. Wraith and I are preparing to grab the cats and guns and bug out if we have to.

Prayers would be appreciated--not for us, but for those far braver than we--the firefighters.  These are our protectors, who run toward the danger while the rest of us flee.  These are the people we never think about until everything we have is endangered.  Words are not enough.

God bless them all.

13 May 2012

It's all going according to plan...

...a plan that's been years in the execution.
We have recently seen a greater push toward socialism, though few realize it.

The government is assuming more and more responsibility for and authority over the economy, all under the guise of protecting the people from potentially unscrupulous free marketeers. We are being moved yet another step closer to the dream-society of the Fabians.

Of course, these are simply steps, essential parts to a much broader agenda, one that is authoritarian in nature and execution, even the centrally planned economy is a mere step, not the end product. It is all carefully crafted, manufactured to ensure the most popular support possible for “people-friendly” solutions while instituting a fraudulent system of central control over the unsuspecting public.
Once you read this, you will no longer be able to remain in ignorance.  No more can you say, "I didn't know."  There can no longer be any doubt--they mean to enslave us. 

And, in the minds and souls of many Americans, I fear they've already accomplished their goal.

11 May 2012

Posted without comment...

The vicious circle of regulation.
It’s striking to me that the websites and institutions that complain about government involvement in our lives never mentioned this, at least not so far as I can tell. The only sites that seem to have discussed this are the boating forums and the lawn forums. These are the people who use these cans more than most. The level of anger and vitriol is amazing to read, and every bit of it is justified.

There is no possible rationale for these kinds of regulations. It can’t be about emissions really, since the new cans are more likely to result in spills. It’s as if some bureaucrat were sitting around thinking of ways to make life worse for everyone, and hit upon this new, cockamamie rule.

These days, government is always open to a misery-making suggestion. The notion that public policy would somehow make life better is a relic of days gone by. It’s as if government has decided to specialize in what it is best at and adopt a new principle: “Let’s leave social progress to the private sector; we in the government will concentrate on causing suffering and regress.”

09 May 2012

Another moron heard from...

...and fisked eight ways from Sunday by the inimitable Larry Correia.  The smackdown, friends and neighbors, is EPIC.

Let me get this right… If we forcibly confiscate the assets of the wealthy, and build the statist machine necessary to do it, that all powerful state won’t turn totally evil like all of the other ones before it, and they’ll take those rich guys money to give to a bunch of lazy OWS douchebags to pay off their student loans, so automatically 10 million children in 3rd world hellholes run by statist thugs, who are currently backed by the lefty socialists in the UN, will suddenly be cured by magic unicorns…

Borgie, even if OWS got every single thing on their wish list, and every single rich dude in America got shaken down tomorrow, and the government confiscated all of their assets, and before the economy imploded (because all of our rich guys said why bother?), it still wouldn’t do dick to help dying children in 3rd world hellholes.

Because you apathetic little parasites would just gobble up the 1 percent’s stuff with your free houses, and your free education, and your free internet access, and your free health care, and your free bullshit… Briefly, but then the money would be gone, and you’d still be an apathetic little parasite. But now since you’ve installed a government amoral and powerful enough to truly not give a shit, this time when you take to the streets they will just kill your ass.

Oh yeah.  The sweet, sweet sound of an Oppressive's one remaining brain cell crying all alone in the night.

06 May 2012

Look at it.

Really look.  Squint and blur your vision...see the hidden picture?

Quite fitting, considering what these people intend for us.

Welcome the good people at Maksim to TIPB.

"But that could never happen here!"

Famous last words.

The mortal sin of presumption is a Roman Catholic doctrine which essentially holds that to arrogantly believe and trust in one’s own merits to the exclusion of any divine intercession can lead to salvation is the road to perdition.

Whether or not Americans accept that religious teaching, vainly presuming the United States will exist indefinitely, that we as a country are immune to forces which can effect our dissolution, that we are impervious to external and internal threats, is not only presumptuous but reflects a dangerous ignorance of the history of all great nations and empires.

Those nations and empires have had an average life-span of two centuries. As of 2012, the U.S.A. will be 223 years old.

Welcome Gene to TIPB.

04 May 2012

She's way beyond correct.

Ann Barnhardt is putting our current situation in terms only an idiot could fail to grasp.  When you're done reading this, I'll translate for you idiots that didn't get it.  (language warning)

02 May 2012

Another American hero

I'd only heard of Ms. Jada Williams in passing, buried among the hundreds of outrageous stories I read on a regular.  Most of you have likely never heard her name.  But this brave, intelligent girl of thirteen definitely merits applause from every corner of America:

In her essay, Ms. Williams drew a parallel between what she saw as a group of self-satisfied "white teachers" overseeing dysfunctional students (characterized by Ms. Williams as "so-called 'unteachable'" students) who were not being properly taught, illiterate and perpetually ignorant. This she considers a form of slavery. 
Suddenly Ms. Williams, a model student prior to the essay, began receiving low grades in her classes. In several meetings, these same teachers refused to show Ms. Williams' parents the papers and tests that garnered lower grades. During at least one such meeting, according to Mrs. Williams, a teacher union representative was present.
Sadly, not enough people know and celebrate her courage and thoughtfulness. No members of Congress, no former governors, and no professional basketball teams have taken the time, nor has the president, to publicly applaud Ms. Williams. Nobody dons a hoodie in support of a young black girl tossed aside like trash for daring to learn, daring to speak up, and being summarily punished for it.

God bless you, young lady.  I have a feeling you're not done shaking things up.  Not by far.

Censorship: The last desperate resort of cowards.

What do you believe?

Why do you believe this?

If you know the answer to these two questions, you should be able to defend your belief system through logical, rational discussion.  Most of those on the Left, however, couldn't answer these questions to save their lives.  They've simply been told what to think.  They're brainwashed and they don't even know it, the poor fools.

(Don't get me wrong--this happens on the Right as well, which leads to book-burnings, the Inquisition and Fred Phelps.  But it's become far more prevalent on the other side.)

So, when you can't defend your position, you attempt to silence your opponents.  Otherwise, you'd have to face the possibility that almost everything you know is wrong, that your entire worldview is based on lies and misinformation.  Far easier to simply make sure that the opposing view simply disappears.

The Treehouse is under attack.

Quick summary…

  • Network connections and files of moderators have been hacked into today, including Twitter accounts, laptops, etc.

  • Sequential virus attacks have hindered communication from moderators to the extent of having problems posting comments and replying to e-mails.

  • The enemy is apparently swarming. We appreciate the affirmation.

You can try to silence us.  It's possible, though doubtful, that you will succeed.  But if you do, know this:  By abandoning reason in favor of blatant censorship, you have proven yourself a coward and a fraud, and shown every rational being that your entire existence is based upon intellectual and moral psychosis. 

And, somewhere in the back of your mind, you know it.

01 May 2012

Think about it.

"Indeed, to demand that the government recognize and operate under these very ideals upon which it is based is considered a threat."

Did you catch that?  Repeat:

"Indeed, to demand that the government recognize and operate under these very ideals upon which it is based is considered a threat."

If you don't grasp what's very, very wrong here, just go back to the latest episode of Jersey Shore.  Your input is half past irrelevant at this point.