27 November 2020

Dr. Zero Explains It All

From John Hayward's TWTR feed:

Privileged elites always want to assert their status by indulging in pleasures denied to the lower classes. This often leads them into immoral, deranged, and even criminal behavior. They're desperate to flaunt their power by doing what lesser folk are forbidden to do.

This is one of the reasons for the wave of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and pedophilia among the richest and most powerful. They indulge increasingly depraved appetites to savor the sweet, sweet high of doing what ordinary people cannot, feasting on the food of the gods.

It's also one of the reasons high-living elites are drawn to puritanical secular pseudo-religions, like the Church of Global Warming and now the Church of Covid. They have a deep appetite for making aspects of modern life forbidden to the Little People, but not to themselves.

You'll notice that high acolytes of the Church of Global Warming have absolutely no intention of compromising THEIR extravagant lifestyles. They jet set, they have yachts and huge cars, they buy beachfront mansions on property they claim to believe will be underwater soon.

But they have a deep desire to make planes, cars, and accoutrements of the First World lifestyle forbidden to the proletariat. They love how their ideology elevates them into a superior overclass, reaffirming their importance by asserting they "need" or "deserve" so much more.

These elite appetites are useful to the Left because they fold neatly into its endless war against the hated middle class. The perversions of the elite inspire them to attack the morality that would otherwise help lower and middle class people improve their station in life.

Meanwhile, the fanatical puritan and luddite ideologies of the elite inspire them to restrict the resources and technologies that improve middle-class life and help people become more productive, which helps them earn more money and amass more capital.

Thus we have a culture that teaches young people to reject time-tested moral codes that would help them build better lives, instead making clumsy efforts to imitate the debauchery of the elites in ways that lead them to misery and ruin.

And our young people are taught to hate their own ambitions, to hate themselves for desiring lives that have big carbon footprints, to hate and distrust everything that could bring them prosperity and narrow the gap between their lifestyles and those of the elite.

Take a broad look at pop culture, political culture, and increasingly corporate culture as we head into 2021. Almost every bit of it has been crafted to make middle class people abandon their ambitions and program their children to fail... making Mount Olympus ever higher.

And then the political elite will demand even more control over our lives, to "fix" the ever-widening "inequality" gap their own policies and cultural programming made worse!

It's no wonder that some who dwell on the highest slopes of Mount Olympus are tempted to go even further, to indulge in dark appetites that would land lesser men in jail - a temptation that seems especially acute for male members of the extreme upper class.

They reach for the fruit that no other hand could pick, to remind one another that they are gods, even while loudly posturing as champions of socialism, feminism, and the Little Guy. The difference between what they DO and what they SAY is part of the rush.

Yep.  When you come down to it, what really motivates our elites is PRIDE.  The worst sin of all, and the Devil's favorite trap--because it's the one that caught him.

26 November 2020

"The Walls Are Closing In!"

Remember how the Mushroom Media repeated that line constantly regarding President Trump?  Every day, the Big Reveal about Russian Collusion was just about to happen.  How'd that work out for them?

Well, now the walls are, indeed, closing in.  On our enemies.

It's now blindingly obvious why the Trump campaign disassociated from Powell a few days ago: they wanted this lawsuit to be officially unrelated to the campaign and its finances. Trump and his campaign are not parties she's representing here, she's representing electors in GA. Far from throwing her under the bus, they deliberately made her a completely free radical, unencumbered by campaign rules and regulations and Swamp oversight. Like with Roger Stone, she's outside the system. 

This suit is a big reason why General Flynn was pardoned this week. Now, the corrupt Flynn trial judge can't waste time or resources by demanding Powell file extra briefs or come to court and distract her from this. That great Dem delay tactic has been neutralized; Powell is all in on this.

Let the idiot left bluster, lie and continue in their blind arrogance.  They're in for a rude and ugly shock soon enough, courtesy of Sidney Pitbull.*

*No, this is not about her looks, it's about her attitude.  This woman simply does not give up until justice is served!

21 November 2020

14 November 2020

The Plot Thickens...

 Ignore the gaslighting of the Mushroom Media.  Mike Hendrix has juxtaposed two interesting pieces of information, and the implications thereof are worth contemplating. 

My boldface above indicates that, at the very least, Trump is fully cognizant of just who he can and cannot trust, and is making his own moves in accord with that belated awareness. But there’s more yet. Heightening the mystery and anticipation, über-attorney Lin Wood is busting out all grinny and happy about something his own bad self.

Remember the tell I posted about below--when the Left is suddenly concerned with 'unity,' it's only because they're losing--and they know it.

<iframe width="1100" height="619" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Wm58sGEdgAw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

10 November 2020

They're bluffing.

Remember...the left only wants 'cooperation' and 'unity' when they're getting their asses kicked.

I'm happy with this recent turn of events.

Although Biden’s Wilmington speech was predictably semi-coherent, one point came through clearly enough. “Stop treating our opponents as our enemies,” he said. “They’re not our enemies. They’re Americans.”

That was rich, coming from a man who, on the rare occasions when he’d spoken up during the past couple of years, had parroted his party’s line that Trump voters are bigots, morons, and “ugly folks.” A man who’d taken part in the unprecedented, treasonous conspiracy to push the Russian-collusion lie and thereby unseat an elected president.

They're scared shitless. And they should be.

(And if you voted for Egg McMuffin in 2016, I expect your abject apologies forthwith.)

Trump critics such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin have called for making a list of Trump supporters so they may be “Name[d] and shame[d] forever.”

Who is on Team America and who is not, is becoming unmistakably clear.

07 November 2020

Hammer and Scorecard: This Is How the Election Was...

The New and Improved- Frankenstein Government: Hammer and Scorecard: This Is How the Election Was...: Today, I'd like to offer up an explanation for what happened this week and how. I make no apologies for telling it the way that it is. I...

(This, of course, is a wild conspiracy theory.  Biden is totally winning legit.

And Epstein killed himself, I have a pet unicorn, and the Earth is flat.)

The 14th Amendment and You!

Is this the plan?  Please tell me this is the plan.