31 January 2011

More on the Middle East

As if the lovely and talented HWAEPR didn't frighten us enough, we now have BRM's take on things.

If the United States, the world's only remaining superpower, is widely regarded as having 'lost it', as no longer having the political will or the nerve to intervene in a crisis to ease tensions and restore order . . . that means the nations involved will act in their own best interests, without any restraint. After all, their security can now only be guaranteed by their own actions, their own strength.

If you were hoping for lollipops and unicorns, you're SOL.

GunGate continues...

...and Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa seems to be on top of it.

Looks like they won't be able to bury this one, folks...at least we can hope and pray that's the case.

In which I feel like Nelson Muntz

You know, Nelson.  The bully from The Simpsons.  When I get commentary like this('Anonymous,' naturally), I'm struck with the urge to fisk it.  But with this difference in intellect, it really is like beating up a 3rd-grader for their milk money.

Oh, well...here we go.  Here's the original comment.

Considering how intolerant conservatism is as an ideology (considering the conservative theocracies of Iran and Saudi Arabia and the conservative Nationalist regimes that started World War II) it is the rest of society that has to worry about you. Considering your amoral opportunistic ca-pittle-ist philosophy I am not surprised you are trying to turn this into a profit like 9/11, religion and everything else you pirates like to trumpet on about about so you can rob people while they are distracted.

Considering how intolerant conservatism is as an ideology

As opposed to the oh-so-tolerant ideology of liberalism, which delights in things like this?  Yep, beating up women and elderly men, calling your opponents names I won't even repeat here, and screaming for the deaths of those you disagree with--that's certainly the way to give us a lesson in tolerance.  Actually, it's more like an intolerance lesson.

(considering the conservative theocracies of Iran and Saudi Arabia

The definition of 'conservative' depends greatly on context, ie; what it is you wish to 'conserve.'  The theocracies you mention want to 'conserve' their own wealth, power, and a backward and barbaric social system disguised as a religion.  American conservatives wish to conserve a society and system of government that has brought innovation, prosperity and unparalleled advancement in human rights not only to America, but a large percentage of the world.  If you can't see the difference there, you really are beyond hope.

and the conservative Nationalist regimes that started World War II)

Actually, those regimes weren't 'conservative' in the slightest, even by the standards of their own history.  You do know that "Nazi" was shorthand for National Socialist German Workers' Party...right?  The only real difference between them and any other leftist group is that they didn't 'think globally' enough.

it is the rest of society that has to worry about you.

That used to be the case, back when I leaned left.  Since I grew up and stopped being all pissed off that life wasn't fair and turned right, I'm not only happier but far less dangerous to innocent bystanders.  You should really take a look at how many of your associates are immature, angry, drama-soaked, possibly insane, broken people.  I find that to be an almost universal state of the left, and I don't think it's a coincidence.

Considering your amoral

Amoral?  My morals are firmly in accordance with the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God."  They are based on solid and proven philosophical principles, and I keep to them.  I do not murder, rape, steal or lie.  I do not intitiate physical force against others.  I do not attempt to force my beliefs upon others, and I defend to the best of my ability those who are being victimized in these manners.  So, what are your morals, O High and Mighty Anonymous Commenter?  Do you have any?  Or does your moral code change at your convenience?

opportunistic ca-pittle-ist philosophy

Is that supposed to be some sort of insult?   WTF does "ca-pittle-ist" even halfway mean?

I am not surprised you are trying to turn this into a profit like 9/11, religion and everything else you pirates like to trumpet on about about so you can rob people while they are distracted.

Aaaaaaannnd...we have now completely departed from any sort of coherent thought.  This seems to be a pattern with folks like this.  They start off on the subject, more or less, and then wander off into some weird-ass delusional rambling that has absolutely nothing to do with my post or the post I linked to.  Where, in either place, is there any mention of turning a profit on anything?  My blog isn't monetized--hell, I don't even have a "Donate" button.  And if you have any evidence whatsoever of my 'robbing' anyone at all, please feel free to notify the authorities straight away.

As I said, it's like beating up a grade-schooler.  But, in the spirit of things...

30 January 2011

Countdown to...?

Hottie With An Evil Pink Rifle analyzes the current wave of Jihadism sweeping the Middle East.  Reprinted in full below...

Understanding the Muslim Riots
As with anything that has to do with muslims, the situation is complex and extremely ugly. A week ago today, if you had asked anyone with any knowledge of the muslim world what the two most stable countries were, you would get the same answers across the board: Jordan and Egypt. Today, Egypt has been overthrown and the rioters are massing in Jordan. Simply amazing.  
The Obama regime is going to try to paint the now deposed Hosni Mubarak as the bad guy dictator, and the rioters as freedom-loving students. Mubarak has been a dictator in Egypt, mainly concerned with his own wealth and power. He is NOT a muslim theocrat. He has been relatively pro-western, has maintained stability, has not gone on TV twice per week promising to wipe Israel off the map, and has kept the Suez Canal wide open. When dealing with muslims, there is never a "good choice". There is only a "least bad" choice. Mubarak has been the "least bad" choice for 30 years in Egypt.
The "students" who are rioting are NOT the same as the students who protested in Iran in June of 2009. The young people of Iran are some of the most sophistocated, least islamic, pro-western, forward thinking people in the muslim world. They were genuinely trying to get rid of the insane, pedophile Ayatollahs and their nutcase puppet, I'mADinnerJacket. The young Iranians truly wanted freedom and democracy. And if you recall, Obama said NOT A WORD while they were being slaughtered in the streets. The "students" in Egypt are completely different. They are similar to the "students" in Iran 32 years ago who deposed the Shah (who like Mubarak was the "least bad" choice) and installed the muslim totalitarian Ayatollahs. That's what the "students" in Egypt are trying to do. They are deposing Mubarak and will "vote" into power the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the huge parent organization of Al Qaeda, Hizbullah, Hamas, AQAP and all the rest. And we now find out that the Obama regime has been supporting this behind the scenes. The MB is also VERY active here in North America. CAIR is a front for the MB, as is the Muslim Students Association and the Holy Land Foundation.
The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of allying with Marxist organizations. Read the Wikipedia article on the Muslim Brotherhood, and you will see that they worked VERY closely with Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s and early 40s. I'm telling you, Marxism and islam are cut from the same cloth.
I see this as a possible beginning of a new muslim caliphate. This all has the potential to engulf the entire muslim world and dissolve and coalesce these nations into one entity. This is what muslims and the MB have been preaching all along. Their goal has always been a unified caliphate, marching in unison against Israel, The U.S., and Europe. Their goal is to impose Sharia Law everywhere, and submit the whole world to islamic rule. Well, except for China, of course. Because they know that China would kick their @$$es if they tried it. So . . . China, not so much. But Israel? The Americas? Europe? Oh, yes. We will be easy pickings.
The key area to watch next week will be Jordan. If the Jordanian government falls it will be a HUGE psychological victory for the MB. It will embolden and encourage them to go ahead and make a move on the crown jewel: Saudi Arabia. The MB HATES the Saudi royal family with a fiery passion. They always have. The Saudi royal family are a bunch of inbred hypocrites. While the Saudis impose strict islamic law on the people of Saudi Arabia, they themselves live in nauseating western decadence, totally exempt from any compliance to islamic law. Within the compounds of the Saudi royal family, beautiful women dress in mini-skirted business suits with high heels, exposed hair and full make-up. The men in the Saudi royal family globe trot, living in casinos, strip clubs and gay bars. Just a few months ago a Saudi "prince" killed his male sex slave (who he presented as his valet) in London. This hypocrisy is not lost on the people of the mid-east. The Saudi royals know this, and have managed to stave off overthrow by throwing billions upon billions of dollars at the muslim hard-liners. The Saudi royal family has built most of the super-strict wahabbist schools in the world today, and is also the money behind almost every mosque in Europe and North America. The MB hates them, but so long as the money has kept flowing, they have tolerated them.
What the MB now sees is that the situation will never be more favorable for them to make their move. The U.S. is caught - LITERALLY - without a President. Not only that, but the Marxist usurper Obama is actually SYMPATHETIC to them and will not interfere. The world sees the weakness and paralysis of the Obama regime, and I also suspect sees that they have only a two-year window left to capitalize on the situation. Don't think that these people aren't watching the birth certificate situation too. Don't think that they aren't watching the bills being introduced in the state legislatures of Arizona and Georgia. They know that an Obama re-election can not be assumed. They have to move now.
IF this spreads to Saudi Arabia, the world will change forever. I'm not sure if you remember this from a few months ago, but Obama snuck through a "recess announcement" of the largest arms sale in the history of the world - to Saudi Arabia. He did this right as Congress was leaving to go home for the final month of campaigning before the election so as to bypass congressional oversight and approval of the deal. What he did was essentially set Saudi Arabia up with a fully-functional, state-of-the-art, turn-key Air Force. Fighter jets. Attack helos. Satellite guided missiles. I think the package deal was over $60 billion. If Saudi Arabia falls, that Air Force will fall into the hands of the MB, which is Al Qaeda, which is the new muslim caliphate. They will be fully armed with our own technology.
Israel will not stand a chance. Yes, Israel has nukes, but the muslims have said openly for years that they would be willing to sacrifice tens of millions in order to exterminate the 6 million Jews in Israel. Because they are so heavily outnumbered, and because the muslims have no respect for life and even crave death, any action Israel took with its nuclear arsenal would be - and this is hard to write - merely a symbolic delaying action. And if there is ANYTHING we can be sure of regarding the Obama regime it is that they will never, ever come to the aid of Israel. That is the one thing they have made CRYSTAL clear.
If Israel falls, a fully armed, unified, extremely emboldened muslim army would almost certainly move on Europe, which we all know is completely broke and utterly demoralized and spiritually broken by self-loathing. It wouldn't take much. Those people wouldn't even put up a fight.
I find myself wondering if Obama and Michelle have ambitions for themselves should a new caliphate arise. In all seriousness, I could totally see them installing themselves as figureheads in the mid-east or the Horn of Africa somewhere, with Obama "returning to his muslim heritage", living in the lap of luxury as tin-pot dictators while the people around them starve and die. Oh yeah. I can TOTALLY see that.
In conclusion, I want to put this on record. There is ONE reason why all of this is happening. There is ONE event that has triggered a chain of events that may plunge the entire world into war and destabilization that could go on for years, if not decades, if not centuries. That ONE event is the election of the Marxist-islamist usurper, Barack Barry Soetoro Obama. The election of 2008 will be known and discussed as a seminal event in human history thousands of years from now. Little Barry needed to be the big man. Little Barry needed fame. Well, you got it, you son of a bitch.

Discussion thread at HoneyTrail linked here.  If she's even halfway right in her analysis, we're heading for a whole new dimension of "Interesting Times."

27 January 2011

Breaking News: Glenn Beck admits enforced-Christianity agenda!!

Or not.  Take a listen.

Those of you familiar with Family Guy may remember Brian's girlfriend Jillian.  I've figured out who MacFarlane based her on.

We told you so...

One of the biggest talking points the Left clings to, is how we all bought up a crapload of guns and ammo when Obummer was declared the winner of the '08 elections.  "Look at you paranoid lunatics," they said.  "You were all wound up over absolutely nothing!  The Obama administration hasn't even looked crosswise at your guns in all this time!"

AHEM.  Go ahead and read the link.  It's not some right-wing source, it's your favorite Leftist standby, good old NewsWeak.  Then tell us again how paranoid we are.

Seems like Conservative predictions are spot-on at least 85-90% of the time.  How about the predictions of  Liberal "experts?"

"If we let people carry guns, rivers of blood will run in the streets!!"  FAIL.

"We're entering another ice age warming the planet!!"  DOUBLE FAIL.

"We're overpopulating the Earth!  We're all gonna die!"  FAIL.

"Communism is the future!  The USSR will eventually dominate the Earth!"  FAIL.

"But communism can still work--Cuba will show us the way!"  FAIL.

Seriously, I could do this all day long.  Now, none of us are perfect.  Everyone's bound to be wrong once in a while.  But if you're wrong pretty much all the time, you are not an "expert."  You are what's known as an "idiot."  Perhaps the problem is simply your misunderstanding of the correct terminology.

Isn't it amazing how us dumbass redneck hicks can figure out the logical consequences of current events, and the Ivy-League enlightened intellectual Left falls on its ass whenever it tries to predict anything at all?  It's almost like they aren't nearly as intelligent as they like to think they are.  (headscratch)

"WTF," indeed.

President Obama has told us his plan for the country.  And now, Sarah Palin offers hers.

The difference?  Governor Palin's plan will actually work.

(HT Power and Control)

26 January 2011

Blogroll Update, Part Etc Etc Etc

Via Arctic Patriot, American Mercenary now joins the Vast Right Wing Blogroll Conspiracy.

I've barely scratched the surface, but this is straight-up gold:

Sex is not love, drugs do not expand your consciousness, and having a mind open to all ideas makes it a breeding ground for nonsense.

So thinking about what poisons a soul, I've come up with the following.

It is not violence that corrupts.  It is hate.

It is not righteous anger that corrupts.  It is selfish anger and frustration.

It is not desiring a better job or position that corrupts.  It is refusal to humble yourself to the job you have.

Arrogance corrupts.  Power corrupts. 

Someone who believes that they should be given power over other people has a poisoned soul.  Poisoned with the seductive but fatally flawed belief that one person can make correct decisions for others.  Poisoned with the arrogance to believe that by simple virtue of who they are that they should be obeyed.

Right on!!  I'll be spending a lot of time going through AM's archives, I can tell that right now.  And, due to his being the blog-personification of Occam's Razor, he's now earned the fifth W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.

Why, yes, America DOES rule.

Dr. Sanity reminds us that America is, indeed, exceptional.  Why?

What made America 'exceptional' is the moral and political vision of its Founders, who clearly understood that a country established on the principles of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' was, not only an historical anomaly, but also represented the embodiment of the highest values to which mankind could aspire.

What continues to make America exceptional is the extent to which we still live up to those same values bequeathed to us by a group of exceptional and extraordinary men.

No, Leftists...Islamic Fundamentalism, Communism, Socialism, Tribalism, Marxism etc. are not 'equal' to our way of life.  In fact, they are demonstrably inferior in every relevant way.

We do not believe in our heart of hearts anymore that we are exceptional; we have even elected a President who does not believe it and tolerate it while he makes sure the rest of the world understands how ordinary we are, even as he placates us here at home with faint praise of our unexceptional exceptionalism.
Well, I still believe it, ma'am.  With all my heart and mind.  And you might be surprised at how many of our countrymen still agree.  This meat-puppet currently occupying the White House is merely an aberration.  Apparently, we neglected to learn from the Carter administration, so we had to beat our head against the wall even harder.

Eventually, we'll figure out that the best part of the lesson is when we stop.

25 January 2011

The New Conservative Battle Plan

LSM vs. America.  It's on.

The Left had been dreaming for more than a year of an opportunity such as Tucson, and it seized it. It couldn’t help itself. Leftism is a savage religion constituted of fear, grievance, rage, moral vanity and social superiority. And it is currently very scared.

Intoxicated with power for the last two years, in a race to “transform” the country before the actual radicalization caught up with the citizens it holds in such contempt, the Left has driven us all to the brink of financial ruin and national demoralization. Routed in the recent midterm elections, and envisioning more grim prospects for the Senate in 2012, it understands its moment of existential peril, chiefly represented by the invincibly joyful warrior Sarah Palin, and the tea party movement – the redoubtable grassroots insurgency that threatens the entire enterprise of Statism.

Bankrupt of new ideas, and incapable of adaptation or compromise, what is left to the Left? There is only scorched earth. Ruin and calumny are its only hopes. Only by razing the foundations of civic life and liberal capitalism in America, and eviscerating its stewards, does the Left stand a chance.

The wilding of lies in the aftermath of Tucson proved it.

The article is long, but well worth reading.  It'll put things into perspective...kinda like a SOTU Address would if we had a real President.

The point. They missed it. AGAIN.

We're in debt up to our eyeballs.  We have states facing bankruptcy.  We have an economy circling the drain.  We're being crushed under unlawful regulations issued by the bureaucracies of a rogue government.  Fortunately, the GOP knows exactly how to set priorities.

House conservatives say they will pursue legislation that would ban gay marriage in the nation’s capital.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC), told The Hill that he will push for a vote on the controversial issue in the 112th Congress. The RSC has 175 members.

I will not cuss...I will keep my temper...I will be calm and serene and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??????  What on God's green Earth is WRONG with you bucketheads???  Of all the planks of the Conservative agenda, THIS is what you think we want done???  THIS is what you want to take time and energy to pursue???

Idiots.  Absolute morons.  You just.  Do.  Not.  Get.  It. 

Some people support gay marriage.  Some people oppose it.  I have always thought that the matter of marriage should be strictly between those involved, their church, and their God(s).  Even as a new Christian, I continue to think so.  No mortal authority is capable of truly knowing the will of the Lord, no matter how qualified they may believe themselves to be.

Tangent over.  Even the vast majority of those Americans who oppose gay marriage, realize that we have far more pressing issues to deal with.  They want a job.  They want a secure border.  They want economic stability.  They want liberty.  Gay marriage doesn't even make the list.

Stop screwing around with meaningless bullcrap and get to work.  Do I have to write it in crayon??

(HT Atomic Nerds)

24 January 2011

Possibly the last word on TJIC

By Stingray @ Atomic Nerds.

So there we are. I am appalled at the horrible infraction of Travis’ rights. I am appalled at the horrible infraction of JayG’s, Weerd’s and every other gun owner in MA’s rights. And if anybody in the Massachusetts law enforcement community feels I should no longer be allowed to own weapons, they can lip-strangle my penis-neck.

I am TJIC.

But if you’re gonna throw rocks at a hornet’s nest, at least have the fucking common sense to wear a long-sleeve shirt.
I agree. 

But I'm still TJIC.

Blast From The Past

Via some guy in North Central Idaho, we get a perspective from way back in the last century.  Some facts are dated, but the message itself is timeless.

Go read now.

Oh, Jim...really?

I've admired Senator DeMint since he took up the reins of true conservatism in the Senate.  But his recent decision to boycott CPAC because GOProud will be attending, shows me he doesn't quite get the point of this 'Conservative' thing yet.

Ronald Reagan put it right out on the table:  “Someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend, not a 20% enemy.”  GOProud holds to Conservative principles right down the line:  Small, Constitutional government; fiscal and personal responsiblity; free markets...what's so 'radical' and 'extreme' about that?

The Oppressives have been able to make such inroads into America in part because they are pragmatic.  If they have to field a candidate who's a radical socialist in every way except that s/he's pro-life...they'll take it.  They can get White misandrist lesbians to march along with Black Power misogynist males, and bicycle-riding vegan hippies to 'stand in solidarity' with pickup-driving carnivore union members, because they're not concerned with ideological purity as much as they are focused on their eventual goal:  tyranny.

We must focus on our eventual goal:  liberty.  And, since part of the whole concept of liberty revolves around leaving people the hell alone and not controlling their lives, why should we shun Queer Conservatives?  Or atheist Conservatives?  We don't have to agree on everything, but when push comes to shove, it comes down to what's others' business and what isn't.  You want to steal my money and give it to the nonproductive?  My business.  What consenting adults you have sex with?  Not my business.  You want to violate my Constitutionally-guaranteed human rights?  My business.  What faith, if any, you observe?  Not my business.

To quote a very wise man, 'We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang seperately.'  Senator DeMint, and the rest, you might want to ask yourself whether it's more important to hate Queers or save the Republic.  In the meantime, read the thoughts of this insightful commenter:

Sounds to me like too many of these organizations are becoming entirely too like their Left-wing opponents in their shrillness and lack of “big-tent” mentality. They are becoming single-issue, no compromise groups and have lost focus on the over-arching conservative values. I agree with the Lyn Nofziger quote, and I think Reagan, supposedly the Patron Saint of modern conservativism, would as well. So why are these groups making such a stupid big deal? By including a group like GOProud, we (conservatives) are putting a huge dent in the supposedly monolithic support for Left-wing Democrats. This is very much a case of “cutting your nose to spite your face.”

(Please excuse any overuse of cliches. Thanks.)
Yep...we're learning all the evil and none of the good from our opponents.  This bodes not well.

One down...

...how many more Libtard propagandists to go...?

(HT Ace of Spades)

22 January 2011

An interview we'd like to see

More on TJIC

Freedom, as I've stated many a time, means freedom for everybody.  Whether you agree with them or not.

On a personal level, I think that what TJIC posted--not to mention his timing--was, to say the least, ill-advised.  But if snarky comments regarding our elected officials are going to be seen as 'threats,' no matter how many leaps of logic are necessary to reach that conclusion, then we are all in deep trouble.  The first and foremost purpose of the First Amendment was to guarantee that we would be able to speak out against our government when we deemed it appropriate.  When the rights of one are curtailed, the rights of all will soon follow.

That's why I stand with TJIC...and so do many others of note.

We stand for liberty, or we do not. We support all speech as free from government retribution, or we support no freedom of speech. The Second Amendment is under fire in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson - and now, as evidenced by the actions taken against TJIC, so is the First Amendment. We don't have to like what TJIC said - in fact, we can loathe it with every fiber of our being - but we need to recognize that the government punishing a citizen for speaking their mind is dead-set against everything this country stands for. Distasteful does not equal illegal. One does not need to agree with the speech involved to support the freedom of the speaker to say it.
RTWT.  It's called 'principle.'

Uberpost from our favorite LEO

Today, Beat&Release is throwing down with a stereotypical 'I defend the downtrodden against racist pigs like you' Liberal, and kicking his ass quite handily so far.

(Profanity Warning)He had me at his warm-up paragraphs: 

Of Bankruptcy and the States

OK, go grab your morning coffee or evening beer, make yourself comfortable and read this.  All the way through.  I'll wait.

OK.  Deep Breath, this is going to be challenging to connect the dots, the issue is very complex.   Basically what we have in this article is an admission the states will not be able to fulfill their pension liabilities to the public sector employees.  Why?  Well, as NJ Governor Chris Christie can easily explain “the contracts have been, and continue to be, unsustainable”.    The pension and benefits provided to Local, State, and Federal employees are unsustainably generous.  Period.  The contracts over the past several decades have consistently been written with increasing power of Public Sector Unions.  The Unions elect the politicians, the politicians support the contracts, the contracts are supported by the fiscal tax policies of the politicians.     The unions have gained exponential power and promises have been made (within those contracts) that cannot be fulfilled.


What has been thrown out is an idea is for States to be given the right of bankruptcy.  Thereby nullifying the pension contracts, and wiping out the obligation, allowing the state to begin again with more reasonable contract obligations.  More reasonable means much lower.  Obviously all those current, and retired, public sector workers would be subject to serious reductions, or elimination, in retirement pay and benefits.


The unions are not going to let Obama, or his administration allow that to happen.  They own him.  He owes them.   Not just Obama, but, Pelosi, Reid, and virtually every Democrat in office is in debt to the Unions for their election support.  Without union support the vast majority of Democrats would not be in office.   Hence, you see Obama making moves, and drawing up plans, with union bosses.    This move to begin discussion on State’s ability to go bankrupt is Obama getting out ahead of the issue.   Perhaps to even structure, assemble, and organize the process by which unions can be protected against a state’s ability to go insolvent.  Obama will protect the unions by insuring a bankruptcy mechanism will never allow a State to renegotiate, or disolve, its obligation to the union.   In order to insure this protection he will begin by structuring a system to protect the unions interest.  This “system” would inevitably be created to undermine, and nullify, the ability of a state to remove the toxic tenticles of union contractual obligations.  
RTWT.  As many times as you have to for it to sink in.  And keep an eagle eye on this whole process--it stinks on many levels.

20 January 2011


Do these laws apply anywhere in America any more?

Or has mere anarchy been loosed upon the Republic?

Folks...we are ALL TJIC.

19 January 2011

Gungate from the beginning

The entire story laid out in order by David Corea and Mike Vanderboegh is here.  Put your Congresscritters on speed dial, because you'll want to tear them a new one before you're done reading.

A lifetime of therapy in three paragraphs.

I am grateful. I am grateful for reasonably good health without health insurance. I am grateful that I put away enough money to ride this mess out even though I am unemployed. I am grateful that I don't have to go to some job and get brow beaten all day for 12 bucks an hour. I am grateful that my family is making ends meet in much the same way as I am. I am grateful for food and shelter. I am grateful that I live in the United States and not some place where they are killing each other over a bag of rice.

Gratitude is an interesting concept. It is the concept of a man who has no legs and yet finds useful things to do and looks forward to every day. He does not spend his time whining that he can't play golf or that life has treated him unfairly. He is focused on what he can do with his life rather than what he cannot do. This is a difficult concept to grasp when you have spent your life getting everything your heart desires and now suddenly- someone says, "You can't have that anymore."

I guess I'm just a little bit better informed and pragmatic than my moonbat counterparts. I don't claim the intellectual high ground. I simply have grasped some facts that they have yet to grasp. I have plotted a course of gratitude and coping skills which one way or another- they are going to have to find for themselves. Or whine. For everything you know in life, there was a time when you didn't know it.
Yeah...it's kinda like that.  RTWT.


When did NewZeal become an "invite only" blog?

And why?

UPDATE 1-20:  Aaand...back to normal.  Hmm.

18 January 2011

Watergate, Contragate...Gungate?

More news about an apparent effort by the ATF itself to smuggle guns into Mexico, behind the backs of authorities on both sides.

Why isn't this all over the LSM(rhetorical question)?  Where are today's Woodward and Bernstein?  More importantly, who will step up to protect the whistleblowers?

Make this viral, y'all...the more people who hear about this, the better.

Another lie I'm tired of hearing

"I've got nothing against Sarah Palin, but she's too young and doesn't have enough experience."


Elected to Wasilla City Council in 1992, 530-310.  Re-elected in 1995, 413-185.

Elected Mayor of Wasilla in 1996, 651-440.  Re-elected in 1999, 909-292.  Also elected President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors in 1999.

From 2003-2004, chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in addition to holding the title of Ethics Supervisor.  Exposed rampant corruption in AOGCC.

From 2003-mid- 2005, served as one of three directors of "Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.," a group designed to provide political training for Republican women in Alaska.

From 2006-2009, Alaska's youngest and first female Governor.

In 2008, the Republican VP nominee.

Since 2009, Sarah Palin has become an internationally-known political celebrity, television star and news commentator, with most of the country--and a good chunk of the world--hanging on her every word on Twitter, FOX or Facebook.  Her political career is now old enough to vote, itself.

So, what exactly did the current guy do of any importance?  Well, we may never know, since his personal records are apparently under more security than our classified documents.  But I'm certain that whatever it was, it was very impressive.

CSI: Tucson

"...It's not the heat.  It's the stupidity."

IowaHawk does it again.  Beverage alert.

Ah, snow...

This is one reason why I left Minnesota.  Too damn many people just never learn how to cope with snow.  Seems to be a problem in Massachusetts as well.

It's snow. We get it every year. If you can't drive in the snow, stay the hell home - it's just that simple. Don't put everyone else on the road at risk because you either can't - or won't - learn proper winter driving techniques. Smarten up, pay attention, and you'll be fine, Driving like an idiot will eventually catch up to you.
Go read the rest of a great rant.

Double Standards

Found this at Mostly Cajun and just had to pass it on.

It's funny because it's true.

17 January 2011

Rollin, rollin, rollin'...keep that blogroll rollin'...

Kronology earns a seat on my Blogroll Bus with the very first post.

Does anything in terms of type really separate Jared Lee Loughner from Mark David Chapman, killer of John Lennon? Both were approximately the same age when they went off the rails, both had a history of suicidal thoughts, both experimented with drugs, both had trouble holding jobs, both had difficulty with the opposite sex. In a word, the shooters are “misfits”–they can’t connect successfully to society through conventional social norms and like grown children express their frustration with personal failure through a final, violent attempt to make the world take notice of their alienation.

To my knowledge, no one ever expressed the idea that Chapman was motivated by politics. Or musical criticism, for that matter. Neither did a political motivation ever draw consideration in the cases of Charles Whitman, Seung-Hui Cho, or even John HinckleyJr. With Loughner, however, the press opted to ignore Occam’s razor and assign blame for the Arizona shooting on heated political rhetoric…and Sarah Palin.
Great stuff, and I'm looking forward to more!

Jesus Christ...Economist?

Hottie With An Evil Pink Rifle is back from the Great White North and is giving us a Biblical (and realistic) perspective on wealth redistribution you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

What does He mean? Does He mean, "Bah, forget the poor! Live it up!" Absolutely not. What He is explaining is that in all free societies wealth will always exist within a SPECTRUM. Let's compare a "poor" person in the U.S. to a "poor" person in Bangladesh. A poor person in Bangladesh literally lives in the gutter without so much as a cardboard shelter to sleep under. They are sick from malnutrition and starvation. They probably dress in literal rags, and certainly do not own a pair of shoes. Bathing only occurs when they can immerse themselves in a river, which is opaque with sewage. They own nothing except the rags that they wear. Every day is a struggle to get a bit of clean water and enough food to merely survive. That's a poor person in Bangladesh.
What constitutes a "poor" person in the U.S.? A poor person in the U.S. does not have cable. A poor person in the U.S. does not have broadband internet access, and may not even own a PC. A poor person in the U.S. may have just within the last year or two finally switched from a cathode ray tube television to a flat screen, digital model. A poor person in the U.S. receives food stamps, medicaid and a welfare check. A poor person in the U.S. is probably overweight. A poor person in the U.S. drives a car that is so old that it came with a factory cassette player. A poor person in the U.S. lives either in a trailer or a HUD apartment complex. A poor person in the U.S. probably DOES have a cell phone.
Understand that on a percentage level, these two descriptions are equivalent. A "poor" person in the U.S. has a standard of living that would be considered luxurious in Bangladesh and other impoversished countries. The notions of "wealth" and "poverty", by logical and mathematical definition, exist within a SPECTRUM. And no matter what we do, that spectrum will always, always exist. That is what Jesus is saying. There will always be a top-end, and there will always be a bottom-end. In some nations (like Bangladesh), that spectrum is very broad and reaches very far down into poverty, indeed. There are billionaires in Bangladesh, and there are people starving in the gutters in rags. In the U.S., we certainly have a wealth spectrum, but the low end is much higher and the spectrum is much narrower. We have many billionaires, but our lower-end is nowhere NEAR as low as Bangladesh's.
Someone is always going to have more money and assets than somebody else. It is impossible to have a free society wherein every person has exactly the same level of wealth. Someone has to be the business OWNER, and someone has to be the EMPLOYEE. Someone has to be the wage PAYER and someone has to be the wage EARNER. If everyone in a culture was economically equal at all times, there would be zero employment because no one would work for anyone except themselves. You can't have a company with 10,000 CEOs. Conversely, you can't have a company that is nothing but entry-level laborers. Someone has to be responsible. Someone has to sign the paychecks. Someone has to determine the course of the business. Someone has to risk their assets and wealth to start-up the company in the first place. And, at the other end, someone has to scrub the toilets. The only way to get true, complete equality of wealth would be to kill EVERYBODY.
This is simply a 3-paragraph excerpt.  Go thou forth and RTWT.

16 January 2011

GPal...the saga continues

First, yet another blogroll update.  By way of Where Sometimes Things Go Bang, please welcome ViolentIndifference.

Now read this very disturbing tip...!

Payment Processor Possibly Conducting a Ponzi Scheme

Since January 2010, the IC3 has received hundreds of complaints regarding a website that victims reportedly used to transfer money for the sales of firearms; however, the website has not allowed them to withdraw the funds after their merchandise was sold.

The website claims to be a payment processor to be used as an alternative to other familiar online payment transfer services and was created to allow for the purchase of items that others of its kind do not allow (e.g., firearms). The website encourages consumers to use their services by advertising that they send money to consumers or anyone with an email address, an individual can easily pay for anything using the web, and sign-up is free, quick, and easy.

The website appears to have been set up as a legitimate business but shortly after operations began, customers started experiencing funding delays. Ultimately, customers who received funds only received partial payments, and those payments were delayed by months.

Additional research indicates that the money submitted for transfer may have been fraudulently misappropriated. This scam appears to have become a Ponzi scheme with previous customers being paid by funds from new customers.
No good can come of this.  But I found a cool new blog, at least.

I will not.

I will not be silent.

I will not let your lies stand unchallenged.

I will not let you destroy my country without speaking out.






15 January 2011

Tucson killer's weapon ILLEGALLY OBTAINED.

Story via Papa Todd.  The LSM has been trumpeting all about how Jared Loughner 'legally' bought his handgun.  Actually, not so much.

Sporstman’s Warehouse did exactly what they are supposed to do. Accept the application as sworn statements, and run the background check (NICS) in good faith. They did just that.

Jared Loughner is the criminal, and was the day he bought the gun.

More laws is not the answer. Criminals do not follow the law.
RTWT.  If you hadn't figured it out by now, the LSM is full of it.


14-round, double-magazine, bullpup 12-gauge.

In my opinion, Kel-Tec has created an icon here.

Beat and Release

Beat and Release: Why I love this guy.

I've said it before, I will say it again - if and when the order comes down from on high to disarm, engage, attack and detain the law-abiding citizens of this country, every law enforcement officer and military person of all ranks will have to make a very serious decision. In other words, will they be able to look deep inside themselves and resolve the conflict presented when the orders given conflict with the oath they have taken to support and defend the Constitution of the United States? In light of the past few presidencies, our court system insisting on incorporating foreign legal precedents in their decisions, activist judges and politicians of all parties attempting to limit our "God given and inalienable" rights this scenario becomes more likely with each passing day.
I keep a handy little pocket Constitution and related content in a very conspicuous place on my desk. When I was in patrol it was prominently displayed in my cruiser. I thank the politician who sent the small book out as part of his campaign. Very soon I will need to replace it as it is well read and getting a bit dog-eared. Being quite familiar with the contents of the Constitution and the Amendments I have no problem declaring publicly where my loyalties will lie should it become necessary to rise up and re-install the Republic my ancestors fought to establish.

Fellow officers and those in the military who choose to take the unconstitutional path will be enemies of the States and traitors to the Republic and as such will be considered combatants. I tend to be pragmatic and honest about the whole situation. If I'm having beers over a fire with fellow officers and military neighbors tonight and the subject comes up, I will tell those who claim they would follow unconstitutional orders that as much as I like them I would have to consider them enemy combatants attempting to usurp the powers granted to the people. A military coup will not be well tolerated by a significant portion of the citizenry. I would feel a momentary twinge of regret as I put two in the chest and one in the head of each of them, but it isn't something I would lose any sleep over.
That, my friends, is what a cop an American is supposed to be.

Call to action from Mr. Lloyd Marcus

WtPotUS brings us another Black conservative who's long past fed up with the racism of the Left.

I love my country and I saw it being taken over by an out-of-control administration. So I wrote the “Tea Party Anthem” about a year ago and it went national. I’m really offended by the Obama administration and the mainstream media, attempting to portray this as a racist movement. It is not. These are good, decent, hardworking Americans who couldn’t give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. There is racism going on in the country. But it’s not from the Tea Party; it’s from the left. They are using racism to try to shut us up.

White patriots, I realize I am asking much of you to stand up to black race exploiters. The liberal media will always side with the black attacker. You risk being humiliated and destroyed in the media.

Folks,  Freedom ain’t free! God designed life so that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Yes, my white brother and sister patriots, you will suffer media hits for standing up for freedom. My fellow black patriots will suffer being called traitors and Uncle Toms. However, America is worth it.

Also, both political parties and the media no longer hold all of the cards. There is a powerful new sheriff in town called the Tea Party Movement who “have the backs” of all who share our values and principles and stand up for truth.  So, you are not alone.

2012 is just around the corner. We have much work to do to Take Back America. Together, we will “git-r-done”.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Lots more at the link.  I grew up in the punk scene of the '80's, and still have a few scars on my knuckles from the teeth of White Power skinheads.  No matter who calls me a racist, it has never been--and never will be--true, so I'm not at all frightened of the accusation.  Nor should anyone else be, unless they are, in fact, racists.

Stop cowering from these tactics.  What does it matter what fools and idealogues call you?  You know who you are and what you stand for...and that, in the end, is all that matters.

The Essence of the Matter...

We only have the rights we are willing to defend.
We only have the rights we are willing to kill and die for.

Government cannot grant rights.
Rights must be secured from tyrants and bought with blood.

Government cannot take away your rights.
You must choose to give them away.

If two men vote a third into slavery, he is justified in resistance.

If a thousand do likewise, the one may still resist.

If two hundred and thirty million voters consign one person to slavery, he is justified in resisting by any means available.

No matter what is legislated, no matter what voters decide, you are free.

Only you, through conscious choice, can change that.

This is my kinda guy, and yours too, I'd wager.  Welcome Arctic Patriot to the Blogroll From Hell.

13 January 2011

We need a new word.

Maybe it exists, and I'm unaware of it.  I'm looking for a single word that defines the most absolutely brutal, factual, in-your-face analysis of a given person and/or situation.  Like the term "down to brass tacks," combined with "owned," and encapsulated in a word or two.


All these vermin are the same, and they're uninteresting and unworthy in the same way. Their "brand differentiation," if you will, is their mystique of being "evil."

I'm saying no. No mystique. You are destructive, stupid, illiterate fat chubby loser. And you acted out like a piece of bad machinery did, with a lot of noise and confusion and some deaths; but we pay you no more mind than that machinery we now bury. You don't change our worldview.

You don't have that power. You're nothing.

Now, there are some killers who I suppose might be interesting in some morbid way but I'm telling the truth when I note this one is decidedly not. He's just a pathetic, angry retarded boy who didn't get the medication he needed.


Loughner set out to teach the world something. All he taught us was what we already knew: subliterate losers get angry at their predicament and we need to crate them off to safe places before they explode like cretin-bombs.
RTWT.*  Can anyone capture the vibe of this epic AoS post in a neat little verbal package?

(WARNING: Ace of Spades, F-bombs galore. Read it anyway.)

The results of a sheltered life

I once knew a girl whose father was very successful.

On her 16th birthday, she was given a classic '69 Camaro SS.  She totaled it.  It was replaced with a brand new Camaro IROC.  Totaled.  Next came a new Mustang 5.0.  She never checked the oil and ended up smoking the engine.  Last I knew, she'd been given a mint '71 Challenger.  I don't want to know how long it took her to destroy it.

It was the same story with anything of value she had.  She never earned a dime, never worked a day in her life.  Whatever she wanted, she just got.  And whatever she got was eventually ruined and replaced.  What did she care?

Welcome to the mentality of far too many government officials.  Not only in DC, but particularly in the states of California, New York and Illinois.  They don't have to curb their spending.  They don't have to manage their budgets.  They don't have to care at all--if they run out of money, they'll just steal more!  Woo hoo!!

They've been conditioned to think this way because they've never had to face the consequences of their actions.  The time has come to stop shetering these spoiled children, and the way to do that is to cut them off.  No bailouts, no aid, no nothing.  They will learn to manage their affairs wisely, or they'll find themselves with a tax base of zero, since anyone capable of producing wealth will flee as they're squeezed closer and closer to the point of death.

Yes, this is harsh.  It is also necessary.  Not only to show the failure of these states' policies once and for all, but to give DC a little reminder:  No one is 'too big to fail.'  Not a person, not a company, not a state...

...and not a country.  This is a lesson in reality that we are running out of time to learn.

12 January 2011

In which I necropost myself

Remember this post from way back in the day?

I now have an even better retort.


Gellar, Rand and Palin

Get ready to clean up the results of this column:  the exploding heads of anti-liberty extremists.

As for Sarah Palin not being electable — by whom? The left? So what? Who cares? They are never going to vote for her anyway (or for any decent, qualified American). We were never getting that vote. We need to communicate to our base, and to people capable of critical thinking. We need to communicate our ideas to each other outside the media and the cable networks. They have failed us, failed America. We need to be proactive, craft our message and get it out there. Responding to defamation is reactive. It eats up our time, energy, resources. Enough. We cannot throw away our best people after they have been gang-raped by our enemies. Would you do that with people you love? Would you abandon a family member who had been attacked by jealous inferiors? Of course not. You would fight back with every breath in your body. That is what is being demanded of you now. Your family is this nation, you must defend it like a …. mama grizzly.

They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die; they desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself . . . . They are the essence of evil, they, those anti-living objects who seek, by devouring the world, to fill the selfless zero of their soul. It is not your wealth that they’re after. Theirs is a conspiracy against the mind, which means: against life and man. (Ayn Rand)

Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it. Withdraw your sanction. Now. The debased and the soulless are not our masters. They do not tell us what to think and who to follow or who we can like or dislike or who we can be friends with.

RTWT and then go get a mop.

11 January 2011

From now on...

...the current Sheriff of Pima County will be known as "Sheriff Douchebag."  I apologize to my sensitive readers, but it fits.

Let's read an in-depth analysis by Mr. Rush Limbaugh.  Warning:  it's super-long, but it gets the point across. 

You see, folks, what the sheriff really means but can't say it or won't say it is he doesn't like liberalism being challenged. He doesn't like his point of view being challenged. He doesn't like the Democrats being challenged. He believes free speech, political speech, debate, arguments, elections should be left to him and his fellow liberals. This sheriff is so upset with the election results in November that he is obsessed with that rather than focusing on his very important job. This guy has got election hangover. He cannot get over it. Just as I told you earlier today: They can't shake what happened. This rejection that they faced and got last November was thorough and complete -- and they have not yet found a way to deal with it.

How dare we question the government? How dare we question the sheriff. How dare we citizens insist that our representatives represent us? How dare we insist that they follow the Constitution! In fact, how dare are we to even be engaged, informed, and passionate about this? Don't we know we're just supposed to shut up and let the smart people run this stuff and control it? We want the government to do its job, Sheriff. We want the government to secure the border, for example, which you apparently don't -- and it was you, Sheriff Dupnik, who attacked the Arizona government when it passed a law to do its job. So it was this sheriff who was attacking the government?

How dare we attack government! How dare we be angry at government! But this sheriff can call his own state, the capital, the cesspool of bigotry and racism because of what his government's gonna do. See, it's okay for Sheriff Dupnik, an approved liberal, to criticize the government. But not us. It was the liberals who attacked the Supreme Court when it upheld the Second Amendment in a gun case, when it upheld the First Amendment in the Citizens United case -- including the president at the State of the Union. It's okay for them to attack the government, it's okay for the president to attack the Supreme Court, but we can't. It's okay for the sheriff to attack his own government in Arizona.

But we can't.

Hit the link and RTWT.  When the hell did we even start letting idiots like Sheriff Douchebag into Arizona, let alone electing them to any position above dogcatcher?

The Tucson Conspiracy...revealed!!

It's all true!  A dark and evil Right-wing conspiracy forced Jared Loughner to do their unholy bidding!!  Read the full confession of one of the masterminds of this diabolical scheme at Sipsey Street...


Shortest-yet unit of time discovered!

Breaking news from Sharp As A Marble here.

10 January 2011

They see me blogrollin'...they hatin'...

She was gone, now she's here.  Let's all shout and give a cheer....

...for "Dr. Sanity."

I wondered how long the good Doctor would retire from blogging.  Great to see her back!!

Is Freedom. Is Not Safe.

JayG at MArooned gathers up some logic, braids it tightly and puts it upside your head at about Mach 4.

When politicians demand laws that specifically protect them, that's what's called a 'ruling class.' And it's exactly what our Republic was founded to not have.

09 January 2011

Why I avoided faith for so long

Because of people like this.  Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Jerks are at it again, and you're not going to believe their next plan.

Rev. Mr. Phelps, you claim to be a Christian.  Perhaps you missed that whole chunk of the Scriptures about "judge not," and "as you forgive others, so Our Heavenly Father will forgive you."  But, since you're a so-called "Reverend," you must at least have a passing familiarity with this:

15 'But, take heed of the false prophets, who come unto you in sheep's clothing, and inwardly are ravening wolves. 16 From their fruits ye shall know them; do men gather from thorns grapes? or from thistles figs? 17 so every good tree doth yield good fruits, but the bad tree doth yield evil fruits. 18 A good tree is not able to yield evil fruits, nor a bad tree to yield good fruits. 19 Every tree not yielding good fruit is cut down and is cast to fire: 20 therefore from their fruits ye shall know them. 21 'Not every one who is saying to me Lord, lord, shall come into the reign of the heavens; but he who is doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, lord, have we not in thy name prophesied? and in thy name cast out demons? and in thy name done many mighty things? 23 and then I will acknowledge to them, that -- I never knew you, depart from me ye who are working lawlessness.
Your actions cause needless suffering to the innocent, and serve only to turn people away from the Lord our God.  That being the case, who are you really working for?  (Hint:  God doesn't have horns and a pointed stick.  FYI.)

You're getting on in years, Mr. Phelps.  If you don't come to your senses soon, I predict you'll have a lot of explaining to do in the hereafter.


This is the problem for procrastinators like myself...by the time I get around to writing a post on current events, I find someone way more talented has done it better already.  Here's Larry Correia's opening salvo:

It is time to help out my racist/hick/red-state/hate-monger readership again. Some of you have been confused by the media coverage of yesterday’s tragic shooting. As a “wise Latino” who understands the media, let me help you:

A left-wing, Communist Manifesto reading, schizophrenic, nut-bar, dirt bag that posts obviously deranged YouTube videos about mind control, who has no association with the Tea Party, shoots a congresswoman = SARAH PALIN IS EVIL

Yes, that can be confusing. I know. Bear with me. Remember the last time we went over this kind of thing:

A Muslim in the US Army, after preaching Jihad and corresponding with Al Queda in Yemen, goes on a shooting rampage while screaming “Allah Akbar” = NOT TERRORISM


I know you may be thinking that the correct thing to do here is to take the assassin, try him, and execute him accordingly, but that would be incorrect. The proper thing to do is pin the whole thing on the people that the media don’t like first.


Tea Party movement is about how regular Americans are sick of paying too much in taxes and the government is too big and ineffectual = SETTING A DANGEROUS AND VIOLENT TONE

Making a movie about the assassination of George Bush = ART


08 January 2011

Solving the entitlement problem, once and for all!

Bayou Renaissance Man brings us a letter from Texas. You know, that place where folks have some common sense and the like.

Before you write that I've violated someones rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules. Before you say that this would be demeaning and ruin their self esteem consider that it wasn't that long ago that taking someone else's money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other peoples mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

He couldn't agree more with the writer, nor could I. As our parents used to say, "You live on my dime, you live by my rules." A concept long overdue for return.

Regarding the Tucson Tragedy

If you are a believer, please take a moment to pray for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the bystanders injured and killed today by a deeply disturbed and violent individual.

It seems some people simply can't wait to dance in the fountain of blood.  RedState posts a letter from someone who hasn't got the memo that these acts were committed by someone who was about as far away from "Conservative" as you can get.  The ultimate response follows from commenter John Fay.

The unreasonable, violent maniacs are almost exclusively on the LEFT.  Deny it all you want, it won't be any less true.


Four months ago, this thought-provoking missive was posted at The Cliffs of Insanity.

Just yesterday, TL In Exile brought up a related question.

Which prompted a Sipsey Street reader to ask for a repost of this article from last February.

So...whose side are you on?

06 January 2011

Allen West on Israel

It seems I'm on a bit of a kosher kick tonight.  Here's Rep. West making 'Political Correctness' drop and give him 50.

Someday, LtC West's face will be carved on Mount Rushmore.

Putting Stuxnet into perspective

My fellow humans, a great day could be dawning.  We may be bearing witness to the birth of actual artificial intelligence.  Sundance Cracker explains the true awesomeness of the Stuxnet virus, which has crippled Iran's attempt to hold the world at nukepoint develop a clean source of energy for entirely innocent purposes.

Langer argues that no single Western intelligence agency had the skills to pull this off alone. The most likely answer, he says, is that a consortium of intelligence agencies worked together to build the cyber bomb. And he says the most likely confederates are the United States, because it has the technical skills to make the virus, Germany, because reverse-engineering Sieman’s product would have taken years without it, and Russia, because of its familiarity with both the Iranian nuclear plant and Sieman’s systems.

There is one clue that was left in the code that may tell us all we need to know.  Embedded in different section of the code is another common computer language reference, but this one is misspelled. Instead of saying “DEADFOOT,” a term stolen from pilots meaning a failed engine, this one reads “DEADFOO7.”

Yes, OO7 has returned — as a computer worm.

Stuxnet…….. Shaken, not Stirred.

RTWT.  Here's some background music.

Why do I feel LESS secure now?

Goodbye, ICE...hello, HSI.

But beyond that, the video makes clear that Janet Napolitano has created for herself a new national police organization with no clear mission and definitely no clear limits.  Much of what ICE already does–and what this new HSI will focus on–is duplicative of efforts already performed by other law enforcement agencies, including stopping child porn and thuggish gangs.  Unless the gangs have foreign origins, like MS-13, local police can handle it.  But this is the plan:  HSI has no “customs” or “immigration” in the title and it can minimize its efforts in enforcing the laws in those areas and concentrate on other, more “sexy” areas.  Lucky us.  The video makes clear that HSI’s new position is not that there are “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants,” but, rather, the more politically correct “illegal movement of people and goods.”  Huh?

The part where it says, “investigating: worksite immigration violations,” is kind of funny (and sad) when you consider that Janet Napolitano ENDED all worksite raids by ICE agents and started investigating the agents who actually did their job.
Emphasis mine.  I'm not too sure what this new agency mutation is all about, but I'm pretty confident that we should be ordering lube by the truckload.

(HT Sipsey Street)

More on mutiny in Missoula

Power and Control has some great points. 

Alcohol is the biggest drug problem in America. And yet, we are solving that problem, little by little over time without further recourse to prohibitions.
We are spending tens of billions a year in America on what appears to be a minor problem. In fact if we could switch alcohol addicts from alcohol to pot we might have a LOT less trouble with alcohol. In fact just such switching was considered a valid treatment for alcohol addiction before cannabis was prohibited nationally in 1937. So not only is the spending a waste, it may actually be counter productive.

Go read now.

Blogrollin' MCMLXXIV: It Came From The Internet

Please welcome Where Sometimes Things Go Bang.

This may refer to guns or temper, I'm not sure which.  ;)

04 January 2011

Last Stop on the Freedom Train

TL In Exile lays it out for us. The Obamacare repeal effort is about far, far more than just the bill itself...it's about our status as a nation. Are we free men, or are we slaves?
Never before have the people been this motivated to reinforce the Constitution. If Obamacare is allowed to stand, it will signify the worst defeat of the American people. It will take all of the momentum created by the Tea Party and dash it on the rocks of political reality. We need to alter political reality, not abide by it. This is the start of the repeal of every other right-restricting law, or the beginning of the end of liberty.

(Emphasis mine.) RTWT

He's right. Hang on to your asses, folks--it's Patrick Henry time.

03 January 2011

Attention, leftists:

The Sixties are over.  Time to grow up now.
You see, career revolutionaries don't really care about a "cause." They make up "causes." (Witness the Global Warming fraud and environmental disaster predictions attached thereto.) They hate reality. They hate classical knowledge. They really know how to do only one thing and that is: revolt. Against what? Against who? Against the world they live in? Against anything and everything. Think about that for a minute. If all you know how to do is destroy the moral structure of society, then you don't know how to live within that society or contribute to the well-being of that society. You can only prosper if you are tearing something down, not building a life, or a house, or a heating system, or inventing a lightbulb, etc. Your only mission in life is to destroy other people's way of life. And the purpose of this destruction? Just like the spoiled brat who throws temper tantrums to get attention and use his bad behavior to gain power over adults, the baby-boomer revolutionary uses the same tactics.
Yep, Cheryl at My Tea Party Chronicle has it surrounded.  RTWT.

Don't let us down, Darrell.

Well, the rubber is about to meet the road.  Will our new Congress actively investigate and prosecute the cesspool of corruption and thuggery that is the Obama Regime?  Or will it be proven once and for all that the system is broken beyond repair?

I hope the former.  In which case, HoneyTrail's Sundance Cracker suggests a good starting point.  If the latter, we as a nation are in very deep kim chee.

I'm not encouraging or advocating illegal activity here.  I'm merely observing that more and more people in this country are reaching the point where they believe that ballots, letters and protest signs are completely useless.  They believe that America's entire political system is so badly corrupted that armed insurrection of one type or another is the only hope for change.

Please, Rep. Issa, prove them wrong.  Go after these thugs.  Show us that the system still works.  Because if we reach that 'critical mass' of revolutionaries...may God have mercy on us all.

02 January 2011

In which accusations of 'hyperbole' are debunked

Whenever we point out that the Radical Left's 'Green Agenda' is crippling commerce, causing poverty and destroying lives, the Left rolls their eyes and accuses us of distorting and exaggerating the situation.


Fresno is the agricultural capital of America. More food per acre in more variety can be grown in the fertile Central Valley surrounding this community than on any other land in America — perhaps in the world.

Yet far from being a paradise, Fresno is starting to resemble Zimbabwe or 1930s Ukraine, a victim of a famine machine that is entirely man-made, not by red communists this time, but by greens.

State and federal officials, driven by the agenda of environmental extremists, have made it extremely difficult for the valley’s farms, introducing costly environmental regulations and cutting off critical water supplies to save the Delta smelt, a bait fish. It’s all driving the economy to collapse.

Go RTWT.  The Green Agenda is far less likely to 'save the Earth' than it is to kill off the human race, which--whether they'll admit it or not--is the real goal of these miserable, self-hating excuses for homo sapiens.

Ideas needed!!

What questions would YOU like answered about proposed legislation? 

If you are a part of the Tea Party movement, you might sometimes wonder, “What can I do?” Well, you can memorize, or print out and carry in your pocket, these three questions:
1. Which article of the Constitution gives government the authority to do this?
2. How does this help reduce the deficit and balance the budget?
3. Why does this have to be mandatory and not voluntary?

These are three pretty good questions that will force supporters of proposed legislation to defend their position. However, I think there are at least two other questions that should be asked:

4. How dosed this proposal help to create jobs and/or promote economic growth?

5. Why does this need to be done at the federal level and not at the state level?

What other important question would you want to ask?

Go hit CoF and get ideas on what to ask your representatives...or give us some ideas we may have missed!

They may as well have hired Carry Nation

Courtesy of An NC Gun Blog, we find an in-depth analysis of Obummer's new appointment to head the ATF. 

We might actually dissuade some straw purchasers if we put these freelance gun traffickers in an orange jumpsuit for 20 years as an example, but then we’d be treating criminals like criminals, which apparently runs contrary to our current national crime-fighting strategy.
The Snark is strong with this one.  RTWT.

01 January 2011


Well, kids, we're not going to see that many ones until November, when it'll be 11/11/11.  I'm sure there's a binary joke in there somewhere, but I'm not enough of a geek to come up with one.

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's Eve carousing, got home safe, and aren't too hung over this fine morning.  Me, I spent the night quietly at home with Mrs. Wraith, since Arizona's been pummeled with a couple of feet of Global Warming over the past couple of days, making travel a dicey proposition for us mountain folk.

So, for today, just relax, spend time with your loved ones and don't worry too much about anything else.  Rest up.  You're going to need it, because in four days, we're going to have to hold our Representatives' feet to the fire once again.  We need to show them that we are not going away, that we will not tolerate having our will ignored any longer, and that the GOP's Double-Secret Probation isn't anywhere near being over(especially with the disgusting lack of backbone displayed by the DeceptiCons these last months).

This is halftime.  Third quarter begins Wednesday.