30 May 2011

Global Warming is real.

Like REALLY REALLY real.  I'm totally serial. 

And if you want any proof, well, that's just harassment.  So just accept what you're told, or we'll make fun of you and call you a 'denier.'  That'll show you!

The best Memorial Day tribute I could find

Gets the point across, doesn't it?

When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of ‘empire building’ by George Bush.

He answered by saying, “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”
Before you fire up the grill today, take a moment to remember those who made America possible.

26 May 2011


PHX ComiCon is happening this weekend.  Me and the wife are gettin' our geek on.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

The storm is gathering.

Primary season is bearing down on us with a quickness.  Lots of information--some true, some not--will be flying at us from all directions.

With that in mind, please familiarize yourselves with the tactics of the "Concern Troll."  They'll be out in force pretty soon.

More video...

...from BNI.  Hopefully this one will stay up for more than 20 seconds.

I like this Wild Bill guy.

Understanding Jihadism, Part One

Other parts will follow in due time.

In order to understand the near-psychotic rage, contempt for life and suicidal insanity of the Jihadists, it is important to comprehend the culture that brought them forth.

The fact that Taliban militants’ spare time involves sodomizing young boys should by no means be any kind of surprise or eyebrow raiser. That a mass pathology such as this occurs in a culture which demonizes the female and her sexuality -- and puts her out of mind and sight -- is only to be expected. To be sure, it is a simple given that the religious male fanatic who flies into a violent rage even at the thought of an exposed woman’s ankle will also be, in some other dysfunctional and dark secret compartment of his fractured life, the person who leads some poor helpless young boy into his private chambers.


In the dysfunctional and morbid paradigms of this culture, the idea of love is, obviously, completely absent from men's understanding of sexuality. Like the essence of Arab masculinity, it is reduced to a form of prison sex: hurting others with violence. A gigantic rupture inevitably develops between men and women, where no harmony, affection or equality is allowed to exist. [8]


This lust for violence against “the enemy” and the accompanying yearning to die in the process are fuelled by the morbid earthly existence that is engendered by militant Islam. Indeed, there exists very few reasons for males to value their time on earth; their freedom of action and ability to experience joy and pleasure are extremely limited in terms of what is allowed. To be sure, most young men have absolutely no experience in love, sex, affection or friendship with females, and they have no outlet for their libido, which, to further pathologize the mindset, they regard as evil temptation. Killing and dying, therefore, become the only areas where free will can be exercised.

Yeah.  I'd likely want to blow myself up, too.

Do me a favor or two, friends...pray for these ravaged, broken souls.  Ask our Lord to help them heal from the vile torments they've suffered, and turn to His infinite love and forgiveness.  Stand ready to aid those who require it.

But never give one inch of ground to those who continue to subscribe to this evil theocracy, no matter how benign they promise their intentions to be.

Day by day...

...she approaches her destiny.

Chris Muir absolutely rocks.  That is all.

I apologize...

...for referring to the NAACP as the "National African American Communist Party."

What I meant to say was, "National African American Criminal Party."

Be warned.  This story is absolutely horrific.  Possible side effects may include rage-induced blindness, nausea, vomiting, and nightmares.

As devastating as this story is, what the NAACP and Al Sharpton have done about it will simply take your breath away: not only did the NAACP ignore hundreds of requests to assist this woman because it was ‘outside the scope of their mission’, but they joined forces with Al Sharpton, and sent their lawyers to speak out IN SUPPORT OF THE RAPISTS.
You heard me right.
Even though there is conclusive DNA evidence and signed confessions, the NAACP and Al Sharpton are saying that it is ‘unfair’ to not offer bail to these four alleged rapists. They even had a press release about it.

This is what a formerly great organization has sunk to...and they'll have some explaining to do when they stand before their Creator.  Especially you, 'Reverend' Sharpton.

24 May 2011

23 May 2011

Jedidiah speaks...

..and you all need to listen.

When it comes to a 2012 primary season, it is imperative that candidates hold each other accountable for their records, for any disparity between their actions and words, for promises made and not kept, and for any and all inconsistencies. I want grassroots conservative bloggers, columnists, television commentators, and talk radio hosts calling it like they see it, putting those records front and center, and having a zero-tolerance policy for phonies and do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do nonsense. That is the only way to try to ensure that the strongest, most capable, most genuinely conservative candidate rises to the top. I want candidates challenging the heck out of each other. And I want us challenging them, too.

Secondly, I’ve had about enough of folks on the right trying to discourage candidates from running by insisting right off the bat that they could never win. Candidates are labeled unelectable, unpresidential, too polarizing, not polished enough, too unconventional, or some other absurd description. And so I ask — what are you folks so afraid of? Why are you so terrified of Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and others entering the race and showing voters what they’ve got? Whether or not they are able to adeptly articulate their message and/or possess a proven commitment to conservatism will be heard by voters. The American people will make their decision. And I have to question the motives of anyone who wants to silence a candidate before the battle has even begun.

Conservatives, 2012 isn’t a fight we can afford to lose. And it’s not just about defeating Barack Obama. It’s about supporting someone who can be trusted to get this country back on track. You and I both know that plenty of politicians with GOP labels stamped on their foreheads are in no way committed to principled conservatism, and can in no way be counted on to exhibit strong leadership when it comes to fiscal responsibility, entitlement reform, and reawakening the values that built this country. By challenging candidates — and by them challenging each other — American voters will begin to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls.

RTWT.  It's never been more critical to make sure we not only beat Obama, but use the right stick to do so.

22 May 2011

OMG! It's AlfonZo Rachel's evil alter-ego...

President ZoBama!!!

Do we need to draw you a picture?

Fine:  We'll just show you several.

In order, these are Sarah Palin, LtC/Rep. Allen West, and the current disgrace to America, Obummer.  Hell, even though I have my issues with Bush, he still looks more badass on a bicycle than Obummer ever could:

A Time For Choosing just made my blogroll for this.  Welcome aboard!

21 May 2011

Decency can--and will--prevail.

So, Jack Stuef has been 'given the opportunity to display his talents elsewhere' If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do.  I do not intend to gloat about this, nor rip on Mr. Stuef any more than I already have.  From the sounds of the linked article, Mr. Stuef does indeed seem to be engaging in some long-overdue introspection.  May God be with him in his efforts, and may he become a better person through learning from his mistakes.

But, my fellow Conservatives...notice this one line from the linked article:

Jack Stuef, the Wonkette writer behind the “Trig is retarded” piece which ended up costing Wonkette the entirety of  its advertisers (Blogads remains because they have to: they co-own the turkey but can only get the Clintonista astroturf ads nowadays) is out.
Emphasis is mine.  The entirety of their advertisers.  Every single company bailed out of Wonkette like the place was on fire.  We didn't even have to organize a boycott.  We didn't have to howl, scream, picket or threaten.  The folks in charge of these companies recognized the difference between right and wrong, and they refused to be associated with wrong.

Despite the propaganda we're fed, the majority of Americans still recognize the standards of civilized human conduct.  The Left is not running the show, no matter how often they try to tell us they are.

Let not your heart be troubled.  We're winning, no matter how loudly and often our opponents claim otherwise.

20 May 2011

And now for something completely different.


MotivationTruth: There's that "P" word again...

Adrienne Ross drops some knowledge on us concerning the recurring description of Governor Palin as...you guessed it...polarizing!!

Anna Good uses the term "polarizing" to describe Governor Palin. I've heard the same adjective used as a beating stick against her too many times to count, so what exactly are people saying? It seems like the 'P' word gets tossed out there when people take umbrage at someone's refusal to sit down, shut up, roll over, or play dead. Women especially who have some fight in them are labeled "polarizing" because, of course, women aren't supposed to be so firm. Nonsense. If I were the Governor, I would wear "polarizing" as a badge of honor.

Look, there's supposed to be a difference between light and darkness, truth and lies, common sense and absurdity. Governor Palin personifies that difference, and some choose to call it polarizing. More power to them. In reality, she would better be termed galvanizing. But they fixate on the polarizing meme to promote the idea that she doesn't have it in her to bring people together, can't work across the aisle, and therefore can't win an election against President Obama. Lies, all of it. Perhaps that argument could be given credence if she didn't have a record we can examine. In Alaska, she was certainly not obsessively partisan. Her record indicates that she functioned with a clear commitment to ethics, transparency in government, and service. It was for this reason she was simultaneously loved by all who respected what was right and despised by those who were corrupt, at best--regardless of Party affiliation. It's that firm, fearless commitment to what's right for our country that America needs--and it's the only thing that will defeat President Obama in 2012.

Anna Good underestimates the multitudes of Americans who stand in Governor Palin's corner. This is clear in her faulty assessment of why she is our choice for President. She reduces our support to a simple infatuation with her "down-home sense" and the fact that she "isn't polished," and she seeks to educate us to the reality that those things won't win elections. As one of those supporters, let me take her to school: although we do find Governor Palin's genuineness and ability to connect with people a breath of fresh air, she certainly is not the candidate of our choice based on those qualities alone.
Just an excerpt.  RTWT--it's long, but worth it.  Well done indeed, Ms. Ross.

19 May 2011

Given current events...

...I decided it was appropriate to give you an encore presentation from the incomparable LtC Allen West.

Learn it.  Know it.  Live it.

Electron seamstress

I trust the new header picture has made my feelings regarding Obummer's latest speech, quite clear.

(WARNING:  Profanity)

Blogger is pissing me off.

I was just going to make a quick adjustment to the last post, and ended up having to re-do the whole thing(hence the funky-looking links).  I don't know why Blogger's text editor insists on scrambling up my posts every so often, but come on.  We've had this technology for quite a while now--let's pull our heads out of our butts and get it working right, mm'kay?

UPDATE:  And now it's F'd up again!!  Anyone know how hard it is to migrate a blog to Wordpress?  Between the recent crash and the editing issues, I'm getting about fed up with this nonsense.

18 May 2011


First, go read this great article by Lloyd Marcus, a sterling Patriot whom I hope someday to meet.

Once again, the liberal media is telling us who is "too Tea Party" to win and why we should pick a moderate to run against Obama in 2012. The title of the liberal media’s sequel is, "Sucker the Conservatives Two: This Time We Really Think You’re Stupid".

Let me tell you what I think about moderates. Even Jesus had a problem with moderates. He said, "You are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth". In other words, for crying out loud, have the backbone, character and conviction to take a stand for something.

The 2012 presidential election is going to be all about Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm! Thus, we need a candidate who understands this reality and will boldly go after Obama politically; someone with all American John Wayne true grit committed to tea party principles. So far, our John Wayne is a Momma Grizzly. The liberal media wants to set us up with another moderate linguine to lose AGAIN!
Emphasis is mine. (The actual translation is, "I will vomit thee from my mouth." Little stronger, isn't it?) Hang tight, atheists, I'm getting to a point you may appreciate.

Let's check in with Ayn Rand, founder of Objectivism and hardcore atheist. What did she have to say about moderates?

"There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil."

My emphasis again. Now, when Ayn Rand and Jesus Christ agree on something, you might want to pay attention. The point--for those of you on drugs, mentally challenged or products of the Publik Skools--is this: Pick A Side.

If you choose the side of good--liberty, free will and human dignity--I will stand with you to the end. If you choose the side of evil--tyranny, control and oppression--I will fight you to the end. But if you stand for nothing; if you try to waffle around in the middle, attempting to please everyone and offend no one, neither man nor God has any welcome for you.

One more quote from "Freewill" by Rush:

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
Pick a side. Good, Evil or Wrong. Your call.

Will someone please cut the cheese?

I mean, cut him out of the political sphere.

The right turned on the former speaker. Here is why.

First up, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post: “The irony is great here. The current House leadership, built on a not-Gingrich philosophy (e.g. focused, self-effacing), is telling the former speaker to put a cork in it. Gingrich is approaching the status of former Supreme Court Justice David Souter, the Republican appointee whose only rooting section was on the left. Gingrich likes to posit himself as an anti-establishment figure, but where is the grass-roots support for his attack on the House Medicare reform? There is none.”

The cheese stands alone.
Newt...GO.  THE.  HELL.  AWAY.  You're no Conservative; you're a self-serving Professional Politician, Warmer and serial adulterer with more baggage than a Samsonite factory and a highly undeserved ego.  This country needs you like a burning church needs a gasoline shower.

Please just go build substandard housing with Jimmy Carter or something, willya?  It'll save you from the humiliation of being stomped in the primaries like a Klansman in Compton.

17 May 2011

So I'm NOT the only one who noticed.

Yep, we've become a nation of childrenWWT&W elaborates here:

So all you adult children out there, here are a few things you will resent being told, but it's clear that you just don't "get."


3. "Rich people don't pay enough in taxes" is another childish notion. Adults know that the so called "rich" pay so much more of the total income taxes on a percentage basis than the rest of us do that only a child could buy in to that notion. Many dozens of studies which childish people ignore clearly show that. Closing your eyes and covering your ears won't change that. Neither will watching only certain TV news shows that ignore it.

4. Another childish idea is that people who have succeeded in making lots of money somehow "owe" a debt to people who haven't. (for whatever reason) Or that if taxes are raised on "rich" people, the budget can be balanced without actually cutting what government spends. Simple math shows that even if the government confiscated 100% of the earnings of the millionaires and billionaires the gap cannot be closed. If you don't believe that just watch the video on the sidebar of this blog. (Title:  Dear President Obama, please watch this video) Don't worry, it's presented in a way that even a child can understand it.

5. Only a child would believe that the US Constitution is old and irrelevant. It mattered then and it matters now. It's the rule book for government. You couldn't play any sport without a rule book. What makes you think you could live in a country without one?

If you don't like the rules, there is a way to change them. But it's not by ignoring them or appointing judges to pretend they say what some people want them to say instead of what they were written to mean. And you don't need to be a lawyer to know what that was, only an adult.

Yep...it's exactly like that.  RTWT.

Call me a "birther"...

...or kook, freak, weirdo--I've been called stuff you couldn't even think of.  Go ahead.  Roll your eyes.  Call me names.  It ought to be much more intellectually satisfying to you than...you know...actually thinking.

But, if you're up for the challenge, explain this.

For those of you who might be either slightly brain-damaged or willfully slow, I'm not concerned with where he was born.  Barack Obama has submitted proveably false identification and claimed it as his ownTHIS. IS. A. CRIME.  Why does some 16-year-old trying to buy beer get in more trouble than a grown man attempting to defraud the American people?

But never mind...apparently the rule of law is dead in America.  At least, as regards the Ruling Class.
(HT Ann)

"Do you hear that roar, Mr. President...?

...It is the sound of a Mama Grizzly.  It is the sound of...your defeat."

“Taking back control of the House last year was only the first step,” Palin says in the mailer from SarahPac, sent out nationwide. “Now you and I must fix our eyes on 2012. Our goal is to take back the White House and the Senate.”

Palin headed into 2011 with more than $1.3 million in her political action committee.

Last month, she further sparked White House buzz when she rolled out a new website for her PAC that included significantly more content and features, as well as a method for Palin to gather email addresses and information from her supporters.

Please, God...let this be what I think it is.

16 May 2011

Hey, how's that War On Drugs working out for ya?

Because the USSC apparently thinks it gives the authorities carte blanche to wipe their asses with the 4th Amendment.  Just so you know.

In essence, the Fourth Amendment now has an on/off switch. Police can create their own exigencies. That means that the cops can use the same knock-knock-open-your-door technique that your parents used when you were a kid. Stranger still, the Supreme Court didn't even rule on whether or not Hollis King's rights were violated in the first place when the police broke into his apartment by mistake and caught him smoking marijuana.

What's strange is how none of the opinions save Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the lone dissenter, even acknowledges the potential for abuse.

Ginsburg gets right to the point in her dissent: "The Court today arms the police with a way routinely to dishonor the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement in drug cases."

Note that this is part of an ongoing trend of law enforcement inserting itself into everyday Americans' lives. The Patriot Act allows warrantless wiretaps (i.e. snooping on your phone calls), and police are attacking photographers who dare to film them breaking the law. It's worrisome that the courts are considering this the new norm.
HT Blue, whose take can be found here.  I'm beginning to wonder whether even a Palin/West ticket can bring us back from the brink.

Why I vote Republican

Yes, I am a Libertarian, and no, I do not vote third-party. Nor should you, as the Conservative Teacher explains. 

I've also been pounding this point for a while, pointing out where libertarians voting for a 'Libertarian' over a conservative/libertarian Republican has been crucial in helping elect socialists, communists, and fascists.

Here in Michigan, a solid conservative Republican Rocky Raczkowski expressed many ideas and policies that libertarians could get around, but the libertarians still ran two candidates against him, one an official Libertarian and another an independent. Too late they realized the error of their ways, and in the last week of the race both dropped out to endorse Rocky, but many people had already voted absentee or didn't know about them dropping out and endorsing Rocky, and they received enough votes that together they helped Democrat Gary Peters get elected, a man whose policies and views and ideas are considerably opposed to libertarians. See my post Libertarian Candidate Drops out of MI-9th Race and Endorses GOP Candidate Rocky- Dem Congressman Peters Calls All Libertarians 'Fringe'.

Back in 2008, I wrote a post on how Michigan Supreme Court Judge Cliff Taylor, who was a libertarian's dream version of a candidate, lost because he was a Republican and the Libertarians sucked off enough votes that he was defeated by a leftist activist judge who has continually issued decisions that attack human freedom and liberty. Taylor lost 39% to 49% to Dianne Hathaway... but a motivated and organized and active Libertarian base gave 11% to a no-chance-of-winning candidate named Robert Roddis who was not any more demonstratively libertarian that Taylor- if that 11% would have been given to the proper candidate, libertarians would have been much more happy with the result.

I was also, once, a doctrinaire Libertarian.  I figured that I was either voting for someone who was 100% with me, or I wasn't voting at all.  But, like CT, I've since grown up and realized that this all-or-nothing attitude was accomplishing nothing except putting more statists in office.  Enough already!  The Marxists took over the Democrat party by degrees, and our only shot at freedom is to get involved in the GOP primaries and make sure we run someone as close to Libertarian as we can get--which means a true Conservative.

During the Revolutionary War, men who despised slavery stood alongside slaveholders to beat back the British.  They didn't agree on everything, but they didn't have to in view of the big picture.  Maybe you don't agree with a Conservative candidate's views on abortion or drug legalization.  That's OK.  As long as--for the most part--they're all about free men and free markets, then vote for them.  If you're waiting for that one candidate that agrees with you on everything, you'll be waiting a long damn time.

They just don't get it.

Ann Barnhardt was scheduled to speak in Boston today, but it seems no one wants to host the event.  This is Political Correctness, folks--just call someone a 'bigot' or 'hatemonger' and no one will want them speaking in their hall, church or back 40.  You've effectively silenced them...

...or not.  Because this is the Internet Age, y'all.  All you need is a camera and a computer to be heard around the world by any who have ears to hear.

I challenge all of you who think you know what this lady is about.  Take a half-hour and listen to her in her own words.

Who are the 'hatemongers,' really?  I'd say the term applies to those who are so blinded by intolerance that they refuse to listen to anyone they disagree with--and do their level best to make sure no one else will.  Just my opinion.

15 May 2011

A Jan Brewer bitch-slap

Governor Brewer seems to have found herself again.  I have no idea WTF the last few vetoes were about, but she's apparently still on board with protecting our borders.

Yeah, Mr. President...about that whole 'National Sovereignty' thing?  You suck at it.  Just FYI.

(HT PapaTodd)

14 May 2011

Worth a thousand words

(Cartoon HT Mostly Cajun)

I try to operate from a position of honor, fairness and justice.  This is my default setting.  However, one needs to be cognizant of common sense and reality.  If you continue to play by the rules while your opponents are wiping their asses with the rulebook, you're going to get stomped.  Rules only affect civilized people.  The uncivilized are counting on that, to the detriment of the civilized.  I know.

If an opponent wishes to wage war with regard to minimizing civilian casualties, then we would do well to extend the same courtesy.  If that opponent wishes to murder as many civilians as possible, he has given up all right to expect any sort of 'fair play' from anyone.  We had every right in the world to kill the bastard by any means necessary, and my only regret is that we didn't mount his head on a pole at Ground Zero with a pound of bacon stuffed in his mouth.

I'm a very new Christian.  I'm trying extremely hard to love our enemies and pray for their immortal souls...but, God forgive me, I'm not quite there yet.

Welcome to my blogroll...

...I think you're gonna like it...I think you're gonna feel...right at home...

Tam explains Libertarianism for those who just tuned in.

"We" are not a wealthy "society". You and I live in a place that has some rich people and some poor people and some in-between people. "We" don't "just have to" do anything. There may be things you need to do or things I want to do, but we aren't part of some borg-like collective with collective responsibilities, wants and needs.

If you want to be compassionate, go be compassionate. I know that's usually what I do when I'm feeling compassionate, not expect some entity called "the government" to go be compassionate for me. Mailing a check to the government to help the poor because you're feeling compassionate is like handing the local crackhead a twenty to fetch you a pizza because you're feeling hungry.

If you think something needs to be done, you should do it. You should not assume everybody else thinks the same way or that somebody else will take care of it for you. You and I are not sticks in a fasces or cells in a jellyfish; we are individuals with the right to live our own individual lives without someone else telling us what we have to do.
RTWT and welcome View From The Porch to my blogroll.

I don't care who y'are...

...that's funny right there.

Kenobi and a group of his followers were eventually captured while fleeing the system, and taken aboard the Death Star, which was in the midst of surveying the recent environmental disaster on Alderaan. Darth Vader called it a “targeted operation,” although officials said four tie fighters were lost because of "mechanical failures" and had to be destroyed to keep them from falling into hostile hands.

In addition to Kenobi, two men and one wookiee were killed, one believed to be his young apprentice and the other two his couriers, according to an admiral who briefed reporters under Imperial ground rules forbidding further identification. A woman was killed when she was used as a shield by a male combatant, the Admiral said. Two droids were also reported missing.

“No Stormtroopers were seriously harmed,” Lord Vader said. “They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, I defeated my former master and took custody of his body.” Jedi tradition requires burial within 24 hours, but by doing it in deep space, Imperial authorities presumably were trying to avoid creating a shrine for his followers.

10 May 2011

It's funny because it's true. Yes, really.

Does anyone doubt that this would have been the LSM's reaction?
Continuing his crusade against the peaceful religion of Islam, President George W. Bush Sunday ordered a cowardly sneak attack on a Pakistan compound containing al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Consistent with the Bush-Cheney tactic of targeting non-combatants, the raid resulted in the murder of an innocent woman and three men in addition to bin Laden, who understandably had armed himself in an attempt to save his life against overwhelming odds. …

Navy SEALs who burst into the compound opened fire without reading Obama his Miranda rights, a breach typical of Bush’s contempt for the rule of law. In a blunder highlighting the incompetence of the U.S. military, of which Bush is commander-in-chief, a helicopter was destroyed in the raid resulting in a loss of millions of dollars to taxpayers.

RTWT and laugh yourself silly.  BTW, I stubbed my toe today, and it's obviously GWB's fault.

My own personal bitch-slap

Let's review some history.  Here's the start of the squabble:


About a month or so later, when I've ceased giving a damn about this fool and his pathetic attempts at rational thought, he finally responds.  On his own page, natch, with no attempt to let me know it.  Just like last time.

I offer my commentary, and his response, here:

How about you, Wraith, are you in touch with the Lord on these things too? Has the Lord told you it's OK to hate all Muslims? How about blacks and gays and liberals? You hate any of them too?Well, I'm a very recent Christian, having spent the first 41 years of my life as an atheist. So, if I am 'in touch with the Lord,' it's still in the baby-step stage.

As it happens, I don't hate anyone. I do, in fact, denounce any 'culture' that incorporates and encourages gang rape, cutting off the clitori of infant girls, and murdering people for being raped, being gay or daring to question the dominant religious paradigm. The question is, why do so many liberals defend these things?

As for your other snide remarks, I've sucked enough dick to realize that hating gays would mean hating half of my bisexual self. And of course I hate Black folks...that's why two of my three hopes for the Presidency in 2012 are LtC Allen West and Herman Cain.

Next time you want to talk about me, you might want to get my attention so we can have one of those civil discussion type things. As I'm well aware of liberal habits(deleting or altering comments their tiny little minds can't argue with), I'll be posting this unedited on my blog. Just FYI.

Wraith, Sorry it took me so long to get back to this one. I'll check out your blog where I'm sure by now I'll find your apology for having accused me wrongly of altering and deleting comments. This one of yours was posted the day you sent it.
See, folks, here's a fantastic example of Leftist tactics.  (Emphasis in my last paragraph above, added.)

Please read my post and find any example of my accusing MB3K, in particular, of altering and/or deleting comments.  You can't, because there isn't one.  I simply pointed out that it is a common tactic of those in his particular school of "thought."  Yet, he insists that I acused HIM, personally.  Interesting--to a Leftist, it really does seem to be all about them.

Notice that MB3K takes three weeks to respond, doesn't even bother to notify me that he did so(sorry, sweetie--I don't peruse the blogs of my philosophical opponents in an OCD frenzy.  I have a life), and tries to come off like he has some sort of moral high ground.  Bullcrap.  He's hoping I didn't notice this, because he's pissing his panties at the thought of throwing down in a real live debate with an ex-Leftist--someone who knows his tactics, how to counter them, and who is just itching to expose them for the benefit of his opponents.

Furthermore, notice that he doesn't respond to one single counterpoint I raised--he's too busy demanding that I apologize for something I never did in the first place.

I ask you again, Mikey...if you really want some of this, let's get busy.  Leave a comment--for real, this time, and we'll go at it.  You post it on your blog, I'll post it on mine.  That way, neither of us can get away with the alteration or deletion of each others' words. 

Step up or step off, bitch.

Fear vs. Love: Which one rules your world?

Sundance IS my mental sibling.
Which brings me to my ponderings. I think fear is at the core of liberalism, and love/trust is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservatism is about self-empowerment.

This is an important distinction and so I repeat, “fear is at the core of liberalism“.

Control is a reaction to fear. I think in terms or politics and society – the fear behind liberalism is the fear that someone might withhold things (opportunities, money, whatever) from me, fear that if you live your life in a way I dislike that it might affect my life, fear that if you get that job, there will be nothing left for me. Fear that if you make tons of money, it’s means there’s less money out there for me. So these people seek control as a means of trying to create guarantees and safeguards against those circumstances they fear. (*Think about re-distributive wealth policies).
Go to The Last Refuge and RTWT.  Over and over.  You may never find a more insightful and truthful analysis of the whole Left/Right schism.  And Sundance's defintion of 'Conservative'

The conservative (and moderate, independent, but for the sake of expediency, the conservative), on the other hand, relies on himself to meet his own needs. And the trade off of being free to live his life as he wishes is also understanding that he has to make peace with how you live yours. By extension, aware that he wants to be able to hold onto this liberty and freedom forever, the conservative votes accordingly, so that everyone can remain free and in charge of his or her own life.

most definitely includes--nay, defines--the Libertarian.  This is what it's all about, y'all.

In their own words

The Scriptures say, "By their fruits ye shall know them."  Or, if you wish it put in secular terms, "Actions speak louder than words."

But words can speak great truth in an indirect way.  Sometimes, if you really want to understand someone's motivations, their thought processes...basically, "where their head is at," it's helpful to listen to what they say.  Not what they say to anyone, but rather, what they say about someone or something.

A different Angle on the "muslim funeral rite"
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 8, AD 2011 10:19 PM MST
I have read all of the well-written essays and articles on the unbelievable capitulation to the muslim political cult with regards to the funeral rite allegedly afforded to Bin Laden's corpse on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson. Yes, the pleas for the fake moon god "allah" to have mercy on Bin Laden's soul and for the same fake moon god's wrath upon the infidels is simply nauseating. It has been said by others, and let me join my voice to theirs.
But there is one passage in the funeral rite that jumped out at me that I have not seen anyone else write about. This particular passage is just another way to show and prove how utterly satanic and evil the islamic cult is, and how diametrically opposed islam is to not only the Judeo-Christian milieu, but also to all human civilization in general. Here is the excerpt, taken from the U.S. Navy's burial ceremony guide:
“O allah, forgive him, have mercy on him, pardon him, grant him security, provide him a nice place and spacious lodgings, wash him (off from his sins) with water, snow and ice, purify him from his sins as a white garment is cleansed from dirt, replace his present abode with a better one, replace his present family with a better one, replace his present partner with a better one, make him enter paradise and save him from the trials of grave [sic] and the punishment of hell.”
I read that and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. And then I remembered that was a muslim prayer, and thus it has satan as its source and nadir. I should, by now, know to EXPECT the most awful, hateful, destructive and rotten fruits from all things muslim, but (thankfully) I'm not completely jaded yet. Did you see the two phrases that stunned me?
"...replace his present family with a better one, replace his present partner with a better one..."
Just sit in stillness with that for a moment. Imagine that your spouse or one of your parents or grandparents has just died. You, your entire family and all of your family friends are at the funeral, and the priest or minister says, "Merciful Lord Jesus, please replace this man's wife with a better wife and replace his family with a better family in heaven."
The spousal relationship and the family bond is the number one image of God in our earthly lives. God is trying to let us have of taste of what He has within Himself through marriage and family. He also repeatedly uses the reality of marriage and fidelity in marriage as an analogue for His love for us. We are in a covenant with God - not a contract. Marriage is the same - a covenant, NOT a mere contract. Read the Song of Songs or the book of Hosea to see marriage as an image, both the honeymoon and the tough part requiring sacrifice and fidelity. Finally, read the Pauline epistles wherein Paul can't hardly get through a chapter without reminding one and all that Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is His Bride. Read about Jesus telling us that through Him we are adopted sons and daughters of God - coheirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember Jesus teaching us by example to call God "Abba", which literally means "Daddy".
Now go back up and read the muslim funerary quote. You find me a muslim man who is in love with his one wife and will tell you that the best part of his day is waking up next to his best friend and I'll show you a muslim apostate.
Islam is evil. There is nothing even remotely good about it. Even the funerals are satanic and designed to destroy human love and break people's hearts. Looking forward to heaven? Don't bother. Your spouse has a new, better spouse to replace your sorry @$$, and your parents have new, better children to replace the walking disappointment that is YOU. No one loves you, you are a disappointment and a mistake, and no one is waiting for you. So sayeth allah the merciful.
Where's my lighter . . . ?

And the truly horrifying thing is, Jihadists really don't have the slightest idea why anyone would find this repulsive.  Still think they're 'just like us?'

09 May 2011

A W&PO Public Safety Tip

The Flat-Earth fools are so obsessed with eliminating carbon dioxide(which is what plants need to make oxygen for our use) that they've ignored its little brother, carbon monoxide.  Since the latter almost killed me today, you might forgive me for thinking their priorities just a bit out of whack.

Carbon monoxide is a principal component of the exhaust from internal combustion engines.  It is odorless and invisible.  And if it's leaking into the cabin of your vehicle, bad things can happen.  I found that out today at work, and it's scary how it can sneak up on you.

I had no idea what was going on.  My extremities were numb, my heart was pounding, I couldn't catch my breath...I honestly thought I was having a heart attack.  I actually called an ambulance, and I'd sooner reattach a ripped-off limb with duct tape than see a doctor.  Once the Fire Department paramedics showed up and put me on an oxy bottle, everything started getting better.  By the time the ambulance got there and put me on a monitor, my heart was back to normal.

They figured it was "dehydration and/or anxiety" and gave me the OK.  Dude...wait, what? I've been broke and homeless, lost everything I had over and over again, been through bike crashes, car wrecks, three scorpion stings, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, had my back trailer blown over and been twenty feet from a lightning strike. And now I'm having an 'anxiety attack?' WTF-ever.

I went across the lot to buy a couple of extra bottles of water, and once I got back in the truck, I started feeling weird again.  WTF...oh, I get it!  I got it back to the yard with all the windows down, and I'm still not quite myself.  Hopefully, I'll be back to whatever passes for normal in the morning.

So, how was your day at work?  ;)

UPDATE:  It has been confirmed that the emissions equipment was malfunctioning and pouring pure CO into the cab.  Yes, I almost died from the emissions from the emissions equipment.  I'll take "Irony" for $1M, Alex.

06 May 2011

Liberty, for those of you who didn't get it

See, here's where some of you need to put on your big-girl panties and understand that the laws of a free country are not based solely upon your 'approval.'


Kevin "The Smallest Minority" Baker elaborates further, with a logic bomb that makes statists on either side run crying back to momma...
Prohibition was introduced as a fraud; it has been nursed as a fraud.
It is wrapped in the livery of Heaven, but it comes to serve the devil.
It comes to regulate by law our appetites and our daily lives.
It comes to tear down liberty and build up fanaticism, hypocrisy, and intolerance. It comes to confiscate by legislative decree the property of many of our fellow citizens. It comes to send spies, detectives, and informers into our homes; to have us arrested and carried before courts and condemned to fines and imprisonments. It comes to dissipate the sunlight of happiness, peace, and prosperity in which we are now living and to fill our land with alienations, estrangements, and bitterness.
It comes to bring us evil–only evil–and that continually. Let us rise in our might as one and overwhelm it with such indignation that we shall never hear of it again as long as grass grows and water runs. — Roger Q. Mills, 1887
It is not the business of government to make men virtuous or religious, or to preserve the fool from the consequences of his own folly. Government should be repressive no further than is necessary to secure liberty by protecting the equal rights of each from aggression on the part of others, and the moment governmental prohibitions extend beyond this line they are in danger of defeating the very ends they are intended to serve. – Henry George
It is not the business of government what we put in our bodies.
And give ‘em hell, Tam!
Nuff Said.

05 May 2011

RedState, McDonald's and motorcycles

Moe Lane at RedState observes that prices have risen a wee bit of late:

So, of course, the White House wants to slap on another tax of your gasoline usage - by the mile. And with tracking devices added to your car so they can make sure that you’re paying the tax. Because the urban academic elitist in the Oval Office right now hasn’t pumped his own gas, taken his own kids to the drive-through, or even probably done his own shopping for years now.
Back in the days of old, when I was kicking it with a couple of dudes named Flintstone and Rubble, I was rollin' the Badass Pimp Ride:  a 1976 Ford LTD station wagon.  (Don't laugh--I lost my cherry in that car.)  With a worn-out 400 motor hauling around two tons of rust, smeg and grot, you know my carbon footprint was visible from space.  Back then, I screamed, bitched and cussed because it took TWENTY DOLLARS to fill the tank on that beast.

I filled up my tank today, and it cost over twenty dollars.  I refer to the tank on my motorcycle.  That's right--filling my ZZ-R1200 cost over twenty dollars.  And the station I filled at was fifty cents per gallon cheaper than some I've seen lately.  No lie.

I just Hope I have some Change left after pouring my entire paycheck into my tank.

Thank You, God.

Mrs. Wraith got nailed hard today, in her little Toyota Corolla with only two payments left on it.  It's likely totalled.  So, why the hell would I be thanking God for that?

Aside from a couple of bruises and some whiplash, Mrs. Wraith is unharmed.

The other driver is also unharmed.

No innocent people were hurt in any way.

Mrs. Wraith maintained her insurance with the Rental Coverage, so she can still get to work.

There are tons of people in this world that will never even sit inside a car, let alone own one, let alone be able to afford insurance.  We are truly blessed.

Because we need to see it again.

03 May 2011

But wait, there's STILL more...

It's getting harder and harder for the eyerollers to come off as anything other than willfully ignorant.  Looks like the universe itself is racist, along with all the laws of logic and reason.

Personally, I felt this anomaly was very compelling. I mean, what are the odds that this unique pattern of pixels would be naturally repeated side-by-side in addition to the repeated pixels in the ’1s’ above it?

This had me wondering why a person would have to duplicate a blank ‘check box’  in field #4 if they were producing a fraudulent LFBC for Barrack Obama based on an existing birth certificate?

Most birth certificates would have three blank check boxes in field #4, because field #4 is used to list the birth order of twins and triplets. So, I surmised that if another birth certificate was used as a basis for Obama’s LFBC, it likely belonged to a twin or triplet…perhaps even the Nordyke twins who are widely known to have been born in Kapiolani Hospital the day after Obama.

Gee, who knew the Great Conspiracy Against Our First Black President reached down to the practically-molecular level?  (Pardon me as I perform an eyeroll of my own.)

Look right.

In "Sites of Great Importance," a new site has been added, HT Ann Barnhardt.

Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 3, AD 2011 1:15 PM MST
Here's the deal. There were three or four Facebook fan pages dedicated to "Drafting Allen West for President". Facebook took all of those sites down yesterday. Facebook is an arm of the Obama regime. Facebook is Obama's Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda. Facebook is running interference for Obama. Straight up. Do you understand why I won't have anything to do with that Commie outfit?
Why are they doing this? Because they KNOW that LTC. Rep. West would beat Obama like a rented red-headed mule in a head-to-head.
Conversely, Facebook will fall all over itself to facilitate Romney, Pawlenty or any of the other no-name pathetic RINO unelectables out there. Wise up, people. This is a CLEAR TELL on the part of the Obama regime. They QUAKE and TREMBLE at the thought of a West candidacy.
I recommend that everyone who is interested in the "Draft Allen West" movement go to this site, which was just started up yesterday after Facebook got their Geheime Staatspolizei on:
Palin/West, West/Palin...however they decide to work it.

02 May 2011

The BS BC, continued...

I was composing a smackdown post regarding all those eyerollers who are convinced that Obummer has now produced the Genuine Birth Certificate, and if you don't agree, you're just a Birther Wacko.  You just need to take it for granted, like Mr. Andrew McCarthy does.
Andrew McCarthy is another. In a post on National Review he writes this:

So, assuming as we should the legitimacy of the long-form birth certificate produced yesterday….

Yeah, see that's part of the problem, Andrew. Why should I assume that a document suddenly produced after 3 years of legal wrangling, delay, denial, and millions of dollars of legal defense is the genuine article? Tell me, what has Hussein0 done to merit this grace of the assumption-this "benefit of the doubt"? By that standard, John Kerry would have been President and Dan Rather would still have a job.

Yep, whether it's an obvious fake (and it is) or not, we all need to move on from this 'distraction.'  After all, Conservatives are far too stupid to focus on more than one thing at a time, so if we keep talking about this issue, we'll be totally ignoring all the other illegal and unConstitutional stuff the Obummer Regime is up to.  And plus, the Oppressives might make fun of us and call us names.

So, according to you so-called 'Conservatives' or 'Patriots,' we should now completely ignore the Constitution and the rule of law, simply because it might be unpopular or inconvenient to call for adherence to them?  Or because others have gotten away with similar or distantly-related things before?  Why don't you fools go contribute to Wonkette and leave the serious writing to those of us who understand what a principle is?

Anyway, I was going to roll with this concept in graphic--and no doubt boring--detail, but Alvie one-upped me before I could type the first character.  I gotta learn to think faster.

GunGate: The scandal that ate DC

Well, we can only hope.  In the meantime, let's check in with the great David Codrea as he calls out the President of the NRA.

Your move, Mr. LaPierre.

Lord forgive me...

...but I am laughing my ass off at this.

The '72 Virgins' bit is absolutely priceless. 

But wait, there's more...Hitler gives his commentary as well.

This vid really had some thought put into it...the subtitles match up very well with the dialog and even the body language.  Nice job!


The LSM has hit rock bottom...

...and they're breaking out the jackhammers.

Of course, some personal soap opera-issues spring up from time to time with every candidate through the media, but never anything like what we’re seeing with Palin. We’ve never seen the Left and their media allies weaponize children to delegitimize, defame, and attempt to define a politican before.

And we all know that the bottom line here is that on close examination, everyone’s family has all the trappings of a soap opera and even a opportunistic creep like Levi Johnston willing to peddle dirt.  The choice of whether or not to explode all of this into the media narrative of a political figure’s life is up to the media, and in the case of Sarah Palin the media has chosen to do this.

Moreover, if you listen closely, you’ll hear a dog whistle that says the media campaign to Alinsky a mother with her own children has only just begun.
But there's absolutely no media bias at all in America.  Really.

01 May 2011

We got him.

As we all know, Osama bin Laden is now in the next world.

About time.

May God have mercy on his soul, because very few of us will.

Why, yes, I AM going to post more about the BS BC. Thanks for asking.

Mr. Denninger elaborates even further on the issues at hand regarding Obummer's eligibility for the office.  Leftists, go find a Conservative to read it to you.  (And put on your helmets first, so when your brain explodes, it won't get all over the walls.)

Incidentally, the reason this comes up at all is that there are Supreme Court decisions that appear to state that one must have two citizen parents (at the time of birth) to be considered "natural born."  Left undecided in any sort of fashion that stands on its own is whether someone born here, but to one citizen parent (and the other parent a foreign national) is "natural born."

This should be directed to the US Supreme Court.  There is plenty of doubt over whether a child that is born in the United States to an illegal immigrant is a "natural born" citizen.  Indeed, it's open question whether such a person is even entitled to citizenship at all under the 14th Amendment, although we have permitted this for years.  In addition a child born to one citizen parent and the other a foreign national in the United States is a citizen under existing law, but whether they're "natural born" has never been definitively answered; the rulings on the matter have instead focused on two citizen parents, leading to a reasonable assumption that lacking two citizen parents you are not "natural born." 

This distinction only matters for the President and Vice-President.  And before you say it shouldn't, think carefully.  The President may well have to order troops into a foreign land.  Will he be willing to do so if his father is a citizen of the country he is now called upon to attack?  It is precisely for this reason that the "natural born" clause exists.
Read The Whole Thing.  You can scoff, scream, whine and hurl insults and accusations all you want--but you cannot break the arguments.  Try.