02 November 2018

Looks like she struck a nerve.

Short Little Rebel posts a rebuttal to a leftist op-ed.  Within 24 hours, her blog is torpedoed by Wordpress.

Copy, paste and spread this far and wide, if for no other reason than to give the bird to those who would censor us.

I attempted to respond to #MatthewDowd’s op-ed piece in ABC News , online, but for some reason, they kept deleting all my comments.  I have no doubt that this was because I was stating facts that proved his piece ridiculous in every way.  I posted comments complaining about the deletion and they deleted those as well.  Thus, it was clearly not a matter of length or spam or even ‘too many links’, etc.  They simply didn’t like the content.  Thus, I have no recourse but to write my own article and link to theirs.  #MatthewDowd states, in his op-ed,
‘Is he [Trump] responsible for fomenting coarseness, tribalism and hatred in our political discourse that seems to have emboldened the most radical of these white supremacists? Absolutely.”
#MatthewDowd, you base this incredible conclusion on a slippery slope argument, minus any actual ‘facts’ other than what you simply state as true in this ridiculous op ed. You claim that ‘white supremacists’ cheer Trump on with all his policies- proof? Who, when and where? Names and dates? Organizations? Just because individuals go to a Trump rally and also happen to espouse white supremacist values doesn’t mean that Trump created those values in that individual.  They had those values before they came to his rally.  Also, it doesn’t necessarily follow that just because they like Trump, that Trump agrees or is sympathetic toward their ideas.  Nor does it follow that because they like Trump’s ideas that their ideas are aligned in any way.  Their ideas can simply intersect in a small way that is acceptable to the insane person.  By no means does that small intersection then mean that Trump is espousing white supremacist values or supporting white supremacy in any way.  White supremacy is a mental and spiritual illness.  It’s not rational.  But it must find a home in a political platform- just as socialist dictatorship must find a home.  Socialist dictatorships will find their homes in the Liberal Democratic party.  Does that automatically follow that every Democrat with insane Mussolini types in the crowd are now automatically Mussolini?  No.  But you knew that before you wrote this piece.  Or, if you didn’t, then you shouldn’t be writing for ABC.
Furthermore, you state that Trump should apologize.  This implies that Trump is now responsible for the recent spate of shootings- ie, the recent shooting at the Jewish synagogue.   You are a hypocrite, because within this same soppy op ed, you predictably stand up for Islam.  You claim that,
In fact, the greatest number of acts of terror over that time has not been by radical Islam, or immigrants or refugees, or antifa, but by white supremacists.’
There are several things wrong with this remarkable claim but let’s address them one by one.  First, the common liberal notion behind your protection of Islam is that while some ‘fringe elements of peaceful Islam have ‘hijacked’ Islam and thrown acid on women’s faces, cut off women’s private parts, blown up the trade towers, murdered thousands of Americans, shot up gay night clubs, shot up our military bases, shot up their office workers, beheaded people in N.J., and performed honor killings here- all in the name of Allah.. they don’t represent the ‘true religion’ of Islam and thus, you can’t blame Islam, correct? And yet, you turn right around in this lazy, illogical piece and say,
“The best leaders at times like this give people a sense of hope and a vision of the promised land. They are unifying and don’t look for enemies or particular demographic groups to blame. They appeal to inherent values we all feel and want in this world by hopeful language and policy guided by reality and not false promises.”
You dare to tell Trump not to blame the news or Obama or the Democrats or even the individual who shot up the synagogue for the crimes that are committed.  You don’t blame Islam for the individuals who murder in its name.   Yet, YOU blame the entire hate group, white supremacists, for ONE man’s actions.  Even though neither the Aryan nation, nor any other white supremacist group has claimed responsibility for any of the shootings done by any of the killers who killed anyone under Trump’s’ presidency!!!  Even though ISLAM and the religious groups that serve it PROUDLY claim responsibility for ALL the killings done by its followers who scream, ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as they tear our buildings down and shoot up our unarmed soldiers at Ft. Hood.    Islam, which preaches death, destruction, murder, honor killings of women, etc FROM THE PULPIT gets a free pass from you? YOU also personally blame Trump for something that he didn’t do. HE didn’t pull the trigger on that gun or form the KKK, which existed generations before he was ever born.
WHO is the hypocrite here? For someone telling the president not to play the blame game, you sure play it expertly.
Let’s now evaluate your so-called ‘facts’ where you state that, he greatest number of acts of terror over that time has not been by radical Islam, or immigrants or refugees, or antifa, but by white supremacists” over the last two years.  I just checked on the number of RACE RIOTS between Jan 1, 2009 to present in the United States and do you know how many occured under Obama in the name of RACE that were instigated by DEMOCRATS? ELEVEN (not counting the predictable MAYDAY riot).   Within these race riots were murders, knifings and beatings, along with property damages amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars- all in the name of political change.  This could easily fit into the definition of ‘terror’.
Know how many race riots have occured under Trump? TWO (not counting the predictable MAYDAY riot).
Know how many race riots there were in the eight years BEFORE Obama? TWO.
Know how many race riots (addressing Black American concerns) there were in the eight years before that? TWO
Conclusion: Obama started the modern rash of Black riots in America.  I lived those years and remember feeling that exact thing- it was under Obama that race relations soured horribly in America- before that, we had peace and tranquility between races- it was HIM and his rhetoric that made things horrible.  And now, Obama and his illegal ‘presidential war chest’ he collected during his second term is funding the media and social media war to continue the race baiting to further deteriorate race relations in this nation.  It’s not Trump who began this problem, the STATS and FACTS demonstrate that it was OBAMA.
Know how many riots were STARTED by liberal democrats IN THE NAME of political change, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to private property, stabbings, shootings, death and injuries from Obama’s inauguration to today? (that meets the definition of terrorism, by the way)? THIRTY.
Know how many were STARTED by ANY conservative group, let alone skinheads or white supremacists? ONE. And that was the 2016 Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which wasn’t actually a riot. No one was killed except one person, shot in the back by federal agents, occupying the refuge. No loss of private or public property was incurred.
Thus, every riot since Obama, except two, from Jan 1, 2009 to today was STARTED by progressive democrat liberals. The only one (not including Malheur) not started explicitly by a liberal organization is the 2010 Springfest riot at James Madison University which was a wild party gone wrong.
In my mind, this includes the 2017 Unite the Right white supremacist rallies that would have gone unnoticed had the progressive liberals not decided to counterprotest OUTSIDE their permit boundaries and into the white supremacist permit boundaries.  As usual, the liberals used pushing, shoving, yelling and violence directly in the physical faces of the rightful permit holders for that area. The predictable result: violence. The permit holders for the allegedly peaceful counterprotest was supposed to be blocks away from the white supremacists. Past and recent experience with white supremacist rallies has proven that they are poorly attended and laughable.  This points to the real reason that liberals decided to rally- at two locations- in 2017- they knew that part of the white supremacist rally would be attended by legitimate protestors who sincerely didn’t want the removal of the Confederate monuments.  They were hoping for chaos and confusion to obfuscate the entire legitimate protest.  They largely succeeded.  They haven’t bothered counter protesting any white supremacist rallies since- just as they didn’t bother counter protesting before 2017.  The recent white supremacist rallies were once again laughably unattended.
Absolutely ZERO riots have been initiated, endorsed or claimed by a single Christian organization.
Don’t believe me for any of these REAL FACTS? Here’s the well known progressive liberal leaning wikipedia link:
#Blacklivesmatter was created in 2013, UNDER OBAMA. This is one the most extreme race baiting organizations in American Relationships. #Blacklivesmatter and the protests under its name have results in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars of damages to private property.  Rallies and riots in its name have resulted in knifings, beatings, and killings.  What would happen if we created a #WhiteLivesMatter group that made racists statements equal to that group? We’d have riots on our streets for sure. And private businesses would pay the same price they paid under Obama’s leadership.
Before we move forward to examine statistics over the next two years concerning ‘terrorist’ attacks in the United States, let us define ‘terrorist attack’:
“Under current United States law, set forth in the USA PATRIOT Act, acts of domestic terrorism are those which: “(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended – (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”[2] [3] [4]
Thus, no mere criminal act of an individual can be considered a ‘terrorist attack’.  There must be a political motivation behind the attack that wishes to coerce our People or nation to DO something as a result of their action.  Let’s be very clear about that.  #MatthewDowd has not been clear about that and that is why his alleged ‘data’ is invalid.  If his alleged ‘data’ is invalid, his argument falls down like a flimsy deck of cards.
Let’s now evaluate the number of Islamic terror attacks versus the number of white supremacist terror attacks over the last two years.  First, you didn’t address the locale of your statements. If the local is the world, then your statement is a pure joke no matter how you cut the cake. The sheer number of people murdered worldwide by Islamic terrorism can be found here:
If you are too frightened to look at this link, suffice it to say that there are almost too many to count.
The number of domestic Right Wing White Supremacist Terror attacks in the last two years under Trump’s administration is ZERO. No white supremacist group has claimed any responsibility for any violent action in the name of advocating for political change in America. No murders of innocent children, women, old people or any other vulnerable population was murdered to achieve a political end.  Here is that link:
Furthermore, how fair is it to say that just because our FBI, police and CIA are doing such an incredible job PREVENTING Islamic terror on our home soil that Islamic terror is less dangerous than white supremacist ‘terror’?    Know how many Islamic terror attacks that the FBI, alone, has prevented over the last two years- that we know about?  EIGHTY!
They can be found at the following FBI locations:
Iraqi Refugee Sentenced for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL
IARA Sentenced for Transferring Nearly $1.4 Million to Iraq in Violation of Sanctions
https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/terrorism/news (36 ISIS arrests for 2018)
https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/terrorism/news (25 ISIS arrests for 2017)
https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/terrorism/news (8 ISIL arrests for 2017)
The following two incidents are the only two examples of ANY white supremacy crime in the last two years in America that I could find on the FBI database.  HOWEVER, neither meets the definition of ‘terrorism’.
The following FOUR incidents, however, DO meet the ‘terror’ definition, but were carried out by LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES in America over the last two years:
Massachusetts Man Arrested for Mailing Threatening Letters Containing Suspicious White Powder to Trump
This doesn’t count any of the Islamic threats prevented by the CIA or any local, state or federal police agencies.
While we’re at it, can we talk about the Domestic and world terrorism caused by liberal, progressive eco-terrorists and animal rights terrorists?  Here’s just a list of American based groups:
Sea Shepherd– responsible for firebombing, ramming and sinking vessels at sea, causing billions in damages, injuries to people and death.
Animal Liberation Front
Earth liberation Front
Green Peace
Earth First
Coalition to Save the Preserves
Hardesty Avengers
Wikipedia states, “In 2008 the Federal Bureau of Investigation said eco-terrorists represented “one of the most serious domestic terrorism threats in the U.S. today” citing the sheer volume of their crimes (over 2,000 since 1979); the huge economic impact (losses of more than US$110 million since 1979); the wide range of victims (from international corporations to lumber companies to animal testing facilities to genetic research firms); and their increasingly violent rhetoric and tactics (one recent communiqué sent to a California product testing company said: “You might be able to protect your buildings, but can you protect the homes of every employee?”)
These LIBERAL DEMOCRAT VOTING ECOTERRORISTS exact more private destruction, loss of life, and mayhem than any skinhead group in America, exponentially.  Individuals who happen to espouse hateful ideologies have committed crimes, on their own, but they represent themselves.  That is not ‘terror’.  These eco-groups are terrorist organizations.  And they are liberals.

Those are the REAL FACTS, not some wishy washy fantasy of a liberal op ed writer.
#MatthewDowd attempts to mix mere crime into his alleged stats when he makes his arguments about ‘white supremacy versus Islam, antifa, etc’ types of terror.  However, the moment we begin including CRIME incidents as ‘terror’ incidents, any kind of statistics can be gathered to make bogus comparisons for manipulative op ed pieces like this one. ‘Terror’ has a particular political definition. While reprehensible as a hate group, no white supremacist group has committed an act of terror while Trump has been president. And that, my friends is a fact. There have been many individuals of all sorts that have murdered others in our nation, however. Some have beliefs that align with white supremacy- but then again, there are black Americans who beat up, stab, steal from, and destroy the lives of white people all the time in America merely because they are white. Who remembers the game, ‘Sucker Punch’? How about all the Korean stores that have been attacked by black gang members in California that have been racially motivated? How about race oriented gangs that murder one another- simply because they are hispanic, black, Italian or skinhead? None of these are ‘terror’- but if one wishes to, one could begin manipulating numbers and definitions to suit just about anything they wanted to. ‘Terror’ is political. Honesty is critical if you want to have a real discussion. This op ed is garbage because it is dishonest.
How about Eric Holder’s statement, “Michelle [Obama] always says ‘When they go low, we go high,'” Holder told the crowd. “No. No. When they go low, we kick them.” Holder served closely with Obama during both tenures.
How about Maxine Waters’ call for mob action against Trump supporters, “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up,” Waters told a crowd in California over the weekend. “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” This resulted in the immediate attacks on individuals wearing MAGA hats in restaurants and students in high schools. Obama supports Waters and vice versa.  If a white senator made the same call for mob action, it would have resulted in the entire media equating it to calls for ‘black lynchings’.
How about Obama’s 20 year relationship with “GodDamn America”-Caucasian-hating Reverend Wright, whom Obama credits for most of his current beliefs in his first book, ” of my Father.”  According to Scott Paulson of CBS,
‘He very powerfully wrote that during his first experience as part of a Reverend Wright church service, he wept. A child next to him, he wrote, had handed him a tissue to dry the tears streaming down his cheeks.
Obama did hear Reverend Wright, and he emotionally reacted to him.
More than simply react to Wright’s words, he embraced them. Obama remembered the name of the first sermon he ever heard Reverend Wright preach and even titled a book after the name of that first Wright sermon: The Audacity of Hope.”
This is the same Jeremiah Wright that officiated the Obama’s wedding and all their children’s baptisms. The same Jeremiah Wright whom Obama knew for over 25 years. The same Reverend Wright whose racist, anti-Semitic sermons Obama listened to for over 25 years and whom he appointed in 2007 to his prestigious African American Religious Leadership Committee. The same Jeremiah Wright whom he suddenly denounced, to Wright’s public scorn, when the public was outraged by his bigoted, anti-American views.
No mention of any of THIS in #MatthewDowd’s flimsy Op Ed, right? It’s just all Trump’s fault, right? Trump is responsible for all the bad race relationships in America, right?Memories are very short, but liberal media manipulative rhetoric are long.
Opinion pieces like this are hoping that YOU don’t bother to either recall our nation’s history, our constitution, or bother to any analysis or research into their statements. They also hope they can whip up enough of your emotions while you are tired after a hard day of work, trying to scrape by for your family, after reporting lots of shootings around the nation. They are manipulating you for a REASON. You need to THINK about WHY they want to take away the rights of the most eligible fighting age men and women in our nation’s ability to own firearms. (ie, 18- 21 year olds) You need to THINK about why they want to take away the #1 ability of our People to frighten our government enough from ever thinking about using that incredible military of ours on US. (through raising of militia BEFORE the desperate need arises). You need to think about why they want to take away our best chance at leadership should the People have to rise up against any attempt at some dictator who tries to suspend our constitution and use the military against the People. How can they do that, you ask? Simple- by saying that people with ‘mental illness’ can’t own a firearm. That discounts almost all ex military and police who have ever served in our nation- most of whom have some sort of depression or anxiety. THAT qualifies as ‘mental illness’, which is much too broad of a definition.
Ultimately, you need to know your HISTORY. Our founding fathers’ greatest concern when they gave the People the 2nd Amendment was not to protect their homes- it was to rise up against their government. They had experienced the tyranny of kings using the federal military against the People and using the law to forbid the People to own arms. They knew, first hand, what the result of such tyranny was. If Americans, in their comfort, give up this incredible privilege, they WILL face desperate dictatorship. It isn’t a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. Men haven’t changed. We haven’t evolved. We are the same. The ONLY reason we are free as a People is our Constitution and the laws enshrined therein. The evil men in our nation have been constrained by the limits of it for generations- and it frustrates the hell out of them. That is WHY they have been trying, like hell, to create any environment, any situation, any conspiracy, anything construct possible to CONVINCE the People to simply vote away that noble document. And they have almost succeeded.
People often laugh when I pose the notion that this sudden rash of shootings might not be coincidental on the eve of midterms and the amazing number of states who will be voting on 2nd Amendment issues. High ranking military officers & politicians discuss acceptable death counts and collateral damages in war strategies. For some, it’s as easy as discussing the menu for lunch. These types of men don’t see the people who die. They only see the prize at the end. If hundreds of thousands are ‘acceptable damages’ (think about the decision making for Hiroshima which had a population of 350,000 at the time of the bombing), then why not 10 at that school, 12 at that synagog, 5 at that restaurant and 30 at that bar? This would be absolutely nothing. They would sleep like babies and enjoy their drinks and cigars when the deeds were done.
What would it really take, after all? An institution headed and staffed by evil minded psychologists and psychiatrists with an intent to manipulate and control weak and vulnerable minds. A place that could select individuals who could be threatened or coerced into doing whatever they wanted. A place to ‘treat’ troubled teens. Or a place to organize several locations throughout the nation. How much money would really be needed? And aren’t there enough wealthy people to make this happen? Consider the payoff. When I consider it and the possible pay off for evil minded people, I say, “Why not?” People will do pretty much anything if it is feasible for them to get something in their own lifetime. If they aren’t guided by any sort of fear of God, then this life is all they care about.
There are people who are ideologically opposed to our Constitution and the idea of individual freedoms, Friends. And they live right here in America. This has always been so. If you will read your history, they existed during the founding of our nation. Indeed, some of our founding fathers even opposed it. They came around, but reluctantly. Please don’t be naive. Don’t be a pawn. Don’t think either party are the ‘good guys’. Neither are. The only good guys are The People. THAT is what the Founding Fathers ultimately believed in. That is why the Preamble to the Constitution begins with “We, the People…” It’s Us vs. the Government and always has been. Always vote for Us. Never the Government. The day you learn that is the day you are a true American.

04 September 2018

"Conspiracy theory?"

So, we've all heard about the latest child-rape scandal in the Catholic Church over there in Pennsylvania.  Seventy years, over 300 priests involved, and more than a thousand known victims so far--guarantee you many MANY more will come forward now that this has hit the headlines.

If you have the stomach to read through the report, you;ll notice that a whole lot of the things these priests were telling these kids, and doing to them, came straight out of the Black Mass.  Seriously.  Which means that many of these men were not only predators, but outright Satanists.  Satanist priests?  Well, yeah.  Satanists' favorite cover is being clergy.  Not only is it one of the ultimate forms of giving the bird to God, but it's so blatantly obvious that no one wants to believe it.

Consider, if you will, America in the 1950's.  Black and white, three-channel television was the Shiny New Thing.  Computers were just beginning to be conceptualized, and the internet wasn't even a gleam in DARPA's eye.  None of the horrors of Catholic Church sexual abuse had entered the public record.  Folks still trusted their secular and spiritual leaders.  Go back to that time, and try telling the parents in these parishes that the local Catholic priests are actually Satanists, and are raping their children.  You know what their reaction would be?

They'd want to have you locked up.  They'd think you were absolutely out of your mind.  They'd never believe it.  And yet, that was exactly the case, and it went on for seven decades. 

Now, tell me again how "crazy" Pizzagate is.

29 June 2018

I don't think I'd be opposed.

"Just try this on for size, His Majesty, Donald of House Trump, the First of his name, builder of walls, defender of borders, expeller of invaders. Has a nice ring to it I think."

From the comments on this post at Vox Popoli, which references this article:

Trump has, from the start of his presidency, surrounded himself by generals and high ranking military personnel.  He has given in to their demands even when in strict opposition to his voter base’s opinion. His spending budget was riddled with Democrat concessions in favor of remarkable military spending. In nearly all of his speeches he’s praised his soldiers and even suggested an American military parade.   This is likely why Q believes Trump is completely untouchable by Mueller’s highly biased quest to ignite a Trump impeachment, as indicated in many of his posts.

It is without question that America’s deep state will go full throttle to attempt to sabotage the Trump presidency before their crimes are unearthed and prosecuted.  We now know that Obama had spies inside Trump’s campaign, had FBI agents offering his colleagues damaging information on Hillary on behalf of Russia, and had baited a “Russian Collusion” setup in the strange event that he would win.  Whether or not Trump actually committed any crimes during his campaign is insignificant: Mueller is going to attempt to set the stage for an impeachment vote, and the media will throw everything they have at the public to get them to consider.  If this fails, they will use all of the media weapons at their disposal to grow a public uprising to try to force Trump out of power while rogue intelligence agents (now removed) will try to sabotage any investigations that may deter this.

But through this gamble, they have inadvertently cleared the path for Trump to garner the public support he needs to overthrow the constitution and seize full authoritarian control of America.  He has already successfully (and thankfully) dismantled the public’s trust of the mainstream media by proving their complete corruption.  This is step two of overthrowing any democracy, with step one being garnering control of the military (which Trump appears to already have done).  To complete the transition, he needs to either attain control of or dismantle the judicial branch.  With the unprecedented Democrat stonewalling on all of his judicial appointees, the former may not be possible. But with the massive failures of all intelligence agencies and the years of DOJ failures to prosecute criminal swamp creatures, there is a growing consensus that our judicial system is broken beyond repair.  Should evidence arrive that the DOJ was compromised; the stage will be set for Trump to conquer.

Honestly, I do believe that President Trump does intend to return America to its roots:  The Constitution as written, the rule of law restored, the ideals of the Founders made manifest.  But let's say he doesn't.  Let's say that he does intend to install himself as Emperor Trump I.

So what?  Someone was going to step into that spot.  The way things have been going in this country, it was inevitable.

Let's imagine the Emperor's Mansion.  Previous administrations all the way back to Lincoln have been surveying the property, clearing the land and building an access road.  Reagan called a halt to the plan, requiring permits and deeds, but then construction started again.  Bush I laid the foundation.  Clinton ran the plumbing and electrical.  Bush II, after 9/11, put up the framing and trusses.  Under Obama, it was 24/7 overtime.  By the time 2016 came around, the drywall was hung, the flooring was laid, the walls were painted and the place was ready for occupancy.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the realtor's office.  Some real estate baron from New York bought the place right out from under those who thought they had it locked in.

If he chooses to leave it vacant, he'll keep out trespassers and squatters.  If he moves in, I can think of far worse neighbors.   At least we know he'll take care of the property.

If President Trump becomes Emperor Trump I, well, so be it.  If we had stuck to our Founders' principles, enforced the rule of law and followed the Constitution, it never would have come to that point.  But we haven't, which means our Great Experiment will either be saved by one man, or proven to be an abject failure by that same man.  Either way, I'm not really seeing a downside--at least the truth will out and things will be solved once and for all.

14 March 2018

By all means, Mrs. Clinton--please continue!!

First and foremost, I want to make one thing perfectly clear:  If Hillary Clinton ever comes to what remains of her senses, repents of her sins, and accepts Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, I will be the first to rejoice in that.  For the Lord is "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."  (Yes, this includes even the most corrupt and evil among us, for in His sight, we have all greatly offended.  It's simply a matter of degree.)  I do not think that this is likely, but with God, all things are possible.

That would be the best thing that could happen.

The second best thing that could happen, would be for HRC to go right on doing what she's doing.  Keep doubling down, Hillary!  Turn it up to 11!  Have another Chardonnay and let those deplorable redneck scum have it with both barrels every time you open your mouth!

Man, when even hardline Democrats(who have gone beyond blue, through indigo, and are now somewhere in a spectrum of ultrablue which is invisible to anything except possibly mantis shrimp), including your own former campaign manager, wish like hell you'd shut up and go away...you really have to be Amy-Winehouse-Level committed to self-destruction.  As much as I admire singleminded persistence and determination, you might have wanted to pick a better goal.

But if this is the path you wish to take, Ma'am, us "Deplorables" couldn't be more pleased with the results.  Keep right on keepin' on with that.  Expose yourself as the shrill, bitter, angry, drunken, doddering, corrupt mess we always knew you to be, in a way that makes even some Democrats think "Well, I still hate Trump, but it really could have been worse."

And the next time some smug Leftist steps to us with an utterly unwarranted air of intellectual superiority, courtesy of the Dunning-Kruger effect, we'll simply observe that, if they'd gotten their way, you--who have become basically a walking dumpster fire that even the Left is having trouble making excuses for--would have been Leader of the Free World.  Therefore, their judgement is, to say the least, suspect.

Whether you sit down and shut up, or continue on your present course, we win either way.