04 September 2018

"Conspiracy theory?"

So, we've all heard about the latest child-rape scandal in the Catholic Church over there in Pennsylvania.  Seventy years, over 300 priests involved, and more than a thousand known victims so far--guarantee you many MANY more will come forward now that this has hit the headlines.

If you have the stomach to read through the report, you;ll notice that a whole lot of the things these priests were telling these kids, and doing to them, came straight out of the Black Mass.  Seriously.  Which means that many of these men were not only predators, but outright Satanists.  Satanist priests?  Well, yeah.  Satanists' favorite cover is being clergy.  Not only is it one of the ultimate forms of giving the bird to God, but it's so blatantly obvious that no one wants to believe it.

Consider, if you will, America in the 1950's.  Black and white, three-channel television was the Shiny New Thing.  Computers were just beginning to be conceptualized, and the internet wasn't even a gleam in DARPA's eye.  None of the horrors of Catholic Church sexual abuse had entered the public record.  Folks still trusted their secular and spiritual leaders.  Go back to that time, and try telling the parents in these parishes that the local Catholic priests are actually Satanists, and are raping their children.  You know what their reaction would be?

They'd want to have you locked up.  They'd think you were absolutely out of your mind.  They'd never believe it.  And yet, that was exactly the case, and it went on for seven decades. 

Now, tell me again how "crazy" Pizzagate is.

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