31 August 2010

Curses, we've been exposed!

A Black man attends the Restore Honor Rally and gives us a no-holds-barred look at the racists and bigots in attendance.

I laughed and said "Ma'am, Al Sharpton is a pretender. He is going to tell you to pretend that the color of your skin matters. He is going to ask you to ignore the now overwhelming proof that 50 years after the Civil Rights movement, blacks are now destroying each other faster than the KKK could have dreamed."

Oh, yeah, that's right...the racists and bigots were actually over at that other rally. Never mind.

The 8/28 Rally

No, I wasn't able to go. But, dammit, I so wish I had been.

Excerpts(full story at the link):

As people streamed in, like ants to a picnic, it was the most orderly, polite, and helpful affair as people took position for the rally the next day. Shouts of "Welcome!" and "Thank you for coming!" rang out from strangers.

So, these people didn’t have any wheelchair-bound friends coming. They didn’t know anyone in wheelchairs, but they were on the lookout for STRANGERS in wheelchairs who MIGHT be coming, and proactively decided they were going to reserve a space for them, on their own, coming to the rally site at midnight the night before to do it.

When K. told them he was the only one of us camping out that night, these same people said, "Well, it’s official, you are a McCallister now. You are now part of the McCallister Family from Willmette, North Carolina for the duration of this rally and beyond if you like". ... When K. tried to curl up on the ground with his backpack for a pillow, the McCallisters said, "Oh, no you don’t buddy. We have all this space right here on the blanket, so you are sleeping there. And here’s a real pillow. Do you want any hot chocolate and s’mores before you go to sleep?" The McCallisters shared everything they brought with K. and adopted him into their group.

It was very rough for some sleeping out on the dirt, grass, rocks, and cement, and we’ve seen people lose their manners and temper at large events like this in Chicago, waiting just an hour or so for some program to start on the lawn in Grant Park. But there were no arguments we could hear…no incidents of people acting out in anger…no fights over territory on that grass.

They only had to say it ONCE, and then the crowd just politely told anyone who would come later, not knowing, that they had been told to move from those paths and that we needed to keep those paths cleared in case of emergencies. No one argued. No one tried to defy the system. No one thought they were entitled to break the rules. They just peacefully complied and policed themselves…and the paths were clear for emergencies all day.

By the time the rally was about to begin, the McCallister family had dispatched itself to find anyone in a wheelchair and bring them close enough to see. They found three men in wheelchairs and one grandma. All four of them became "honorary McCallisters" too, and we all sat together in the space the McCallisters had reserved.

We all saw, at various times, people get up from their places to make coffee or donut runs. When they would get up, they would ask the people immediately around them if they wanted anything too.

As the rally was getting closer to starting, we saw people all throughout the crowd hold up garbage bags and ask if others in the crowd could take some of them and disperse them, so that no trash would be left behind.

Throughout the day, as people would try to make their way through the crowd, returning from coffee runs or bathroom breaks, people were so kind in letting them pass through and get by. "You need to get back to your family? Here, let me help you," they’d say, with thank-yous extended in return.

So everyone in the crowd seemed respectful of one another, and tried to make sure they did nothing to take away from the enjoyment of those around them. So, there was no talking. There was no loud eating. There was no distracting behavior. It was the most respectful any of us have ever seen a large crowd behave.

When Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the rally, and told stories about wounded veterans, the crowd became incredibly emotional and we saw many people crying. STRANGERS gave them comfort, held them, and joined in for a tear or two because the Governor was so moving, and the tales she told so patriotic and full of emotion.

As the sun really started to beat down, and people really started to feel the heat, the Momma Grizzlies made sure everyone around them had water. They had brought more than they needed because they figured strangers would need water too.

K. now has a place to stay if ever he’s in Wilmette, North Carolina. The rest of us now have places to go and visit where people we met at this rally live. And they expect us all to come. These were not just throwaway "let’s do lunch" invitations. It was incredible.

People left the area in an orderly fashion, walking out like streams of ants, in single file lines, just as they came in. Elderly people who had trouble walking on the uneven ground got the assistance of everyone around them. Paths were cleared, without anyone having to ask, for those in wheelchairs. As we’ve noted before, but can never emphasize enough, THE LAWNS LOOKED BETTER WHEN THE CROWD LEFT, THAN BEFORE WE CAME.

Over and over, certain people and groups have drilled it into our heads that people like Glenn Beck and Governor Palin are just mercenaries out to serve their own political and financial ambitions. That America is oppressive, America is selfish, America is uncaring. That we are an evil country, responsible for all the woes that have ever befallen the world.

Wrong. This is what the real America's all about. Courteous, respectful, patriotic, self-reliant, decent, kind folks. They come in all colors, all faiths, any category you can think of. And, as the Christians say, "By their fruits shall ye know them."

Read the last paragraph in red, above. I can't find a still photo, but there's plenty of video out there showing the grounds after the rally. Clean as they've ever been.

Now let's take a look at the aftermath of Obama's inauguration, populated overwhelmingly with all those 'caring, progressive' folks who--in a truly stunning episode of irony--claim to care about the environment.

One group is the product of the quintessential American mentality of responsibility and respect. The other has been raised to believe that they don't have to care about the consequences of their actions, that they don't owe respect to anything or anyone, and that it's someone else's job to take care of them.

So, which country do you want to live in?

27 August 2010

A perspective on Leftist 'thought' & Blogroll Update

Dr. Zero's on to something here.

Once you have established the premise that hateful ideas must be dismissed without further thought or discussion, immense power accrues to whoever gets to classify ideas as “hateful.” Hatefulness becomes a virus, spreading rapidly through association with anyone the elite have identified as a carrier. You don’t have to argue with the infected, or consider the merits of their arguments… just avoid all contact with them. Thinking unclean thoughts could cause the contagion to spread.

Emphasis mine. RTWT.

In other news, the LawDog points out a post made of win from the newest addition to my blogroll. Please welcome "In Jennifer's Head."

26 August 2010

AlfonZo Rachel

A man I haven't been able to help but admire since I discovered him on YouTube, and now a contributor to Pajamas Media...The 'Zo puts the illegal invasion into perspective.

(BTW, "Macho Sauce" doesn't mean what I thought it did at first. But you can't fault 'Zo's definition.)

You can just tell...

...the real Christians from the Pharisees.


Breaking News: Fourth Amendment Murdered

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution was brutally gutted by the 9th Circuit Court, who not only confessed to the crime, but did so proudly and openly. No charges will be filed, of course.

In related news, you'll soon be X-Ray-Spec'd wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Hope you look good naked.

I realize this could be seen as very depressing. But look on the bright side: At least we're not allowed to ask people whether they're here legally or not. 'Cause we're racist. Or something.

I swear, America has it's picture on a milk carton.

23 August 2010

A modern-day Aesop's Fable

Read this. Then read it to your children as a bedtime story.

The Story of Jim at Lucy Emerson's place.


Homocon, a convention of GLBTQ(--er, LGBTQ--that is, BQLGT)* conservatives, is making quite a splash lately. Why? Because of headline speaker Ann Coulter, whose subsequent condemnation by WorldNetDaily prompted quite a verbal battle between the two...and by Right Wing News becoming the first sponsor of the event.

Mr. Hawkins is coming under fire in the comments to the post above. Some people simply refuse to mind their own business about the behavior of consenting adults, and that's one of the main problems with this country. As Mr. Hawkins points out:

Moreover, there's a subtle but important distinction here that shouldn't be missed: it's one thing to condemn a person's behavior or his position on an issue, but if you move on from that to condemning him as a human being because of his sexual orientation, you've gone too far.

He gets it, and so do some of his commenters, UFKA_Smithwick in particular. To those who don't, let me explain something to you, in terms so simple you'll have no excuse not to grasp them:

We are engaged in a war. A battle for the very survival of this nation. We need everyone on our side that we can get. Whatever your personal opinion on queer marriage, drug legalization, or a host of social issues may be, it is entirely beside the point. If we don't turn the tide in America now, it's the end of liberty on this planet--possibly forever. And when America's been destroyed, I don't think any of you are really going to give a damn whether Bob and Steve get married, or whether someone worships God or not.

Or, as another commenter baoxian puts it:

Are we better off with gays in the GOP, or telling them to get lost so they can join the Democrats where they will be radicalized and turned back against us? Do we want gays in churches learning about Jesus and the Bible, or kick them out so the only place they feel comfortable is in clubs and bars? If we want to diminish the gay identity group, the first thing we have to do is stop discriminating against it.

Think about it, and stop hurting the cause of liberty with your hardline attitude, kthx.

* This is why I just write "Queer." No matter what acronym you come up with, someone's going to be offended that they weren't included, or aren't at the head of the line, you name it. Let's just take back the word for all people of non-standard sexuality.

Building bridges?

Let's talk a little bit about the proposed Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. All the cool kids are doing it, and I hate feeling left out.

The whole point of this edifice, so its backers and builders claim, is 'tolerance' and 'outreach' and 'building bridges.' Well, I learned a long time ago that people lie. If you don't want to be jacked at every turn, you need to look at the actions of a person, and give those actions far more of a priority than their words.

Tons of people all over America are standing in unmistakable opposition to the Victory Mosque. Not against mosques in general. Not against mosques in NYC. Against this particular mosque, because of its particular location, namely in one of the buildings damaged by the 9/11 attacks. Most of us are not calling for government intervention. We're saying, "This is hurtful to the citizens of the United States, and in particular, the families of those who lost their lives that day. We consider it a slap in our face. Please don't do this."

Now, remember, Imam Rauf and his cronies are all about the tolerance and understanding, according to them. So, what's their reaction to these protests? Basically, "screw you, we have the right to build it wherever we want."

There's a certain concept that a lot of people don't seem to get nowadays: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. When you pointedly ignore the express wishes of those you claim to be 'reaching out' to, you reveal yourselves not as peacemakers, but as bullies.

Some of you might be on the fence about this. Just remember that actions and attitudes do, indeed, speak louder than words. Are the actions and attitude of the Victory Mosque proponents consistent with their words of tolerance and inclusion? Or do they hint at a more sinister set of motives?

Make up your own mind.

20 August 2010

"Feel free to share"

OK, I will at that. From Sundance Cracker @ HillBuzz:

Listen my children and ye shall hear,
the consequence of irrational fear.

On Two November Twenty Ten
many a patriot listened then,
and rose to state their feeling great
upon our nations looming fate.

For the darkest hour was brought to bear
upon us all with a down nosed stare.
The house we rent with great esteem
afforded to a false prophet and dream.

Many trusted “Hope and Change”
but gained they naught but hoax and chains.
Bestowed upon a victors guise
lay claim – false witness, fears and lies.

Our nations pride was victimized,
media provided the grand disguise.
We lulled to sleep and over looked
the keys beholden to the crook.

The “Hill” it took the treasure swift,
casting our nation fast adrift.
The brave stepped forth to raise the alarm,
'cross every township, village and farm.

“Behold” they shouted brave and true
A call to arms for me and you.
The growing seeds of brave despair,
patriotic voices everwhere.

“To arms”, “to arms”, was soon the call
not with a pistol, but toward the fall.
For November's season was tasked to change,
regain our sense from Hoax and Chains.

Steadfastly we took back the house,
Handcuffed we made the renters louse.
With quick dispatch we pulled the handle
returning sense to our nations mantle.

Never again shall we permit
our national pride to take a hit.
For we have learned a lesson hard,
our treasury is more than a credit card.

The Muse is strong with this one.

19 August 2010

The New American Renaissance Man

Warrior. Scholar. Historian. Statesman. American. Allen West is the antithesis of the unprincipled, honorless lowlives currently running the country.

Take sixteen minutes and feel great about our country again.

I think I'm in love

Pamela Gorman is, unfortunately, not running in my district. But an attitude like this is exactly what the country needs. It's not just the video, it's her USDA Prime Snark response to the predictable screaming and squalling from the Left.

If you're in AZ District 3, you're lucky enough to be able to vote for this great American.

Who's "extreme?"

I just had to share this great ad from the NRSC.

Well done.

We have not forgotten.

The uproar over the "Victory Mosque" proposed at Ground Zero, continues to spread. And it's provoking some great writing.

We’re always told to turn the other cheek. Use your last dime to help someone else. Don’t complain, you’re selfish, you bigot, you racist, you retarded self absorbed piece of crap. Write your check. Shut up and give us your sweat while we mock every value that you own. You’re insensitive, culturally ignorant. You don’t appreciate the nuances of the situation.

We are NOT that. We are so much better than that. We were never that.

It’s a cemetary. It’s a mass grave at the scene of a mass murder. It should be treated as such.

As far as I am concerned WE are the victims this time, the injured parties, the people who should be given compassion, understanding, tolerance and kindness. We should be the ones who are on the receiving end, instead of being the ones who give. We should be allowed our time to grieve and not be told how to grieve, how to feel, and be told that somehow we should be over it.

No more. Not this time. I refuse to be put in a box of badness. I refuse to be less than human.

This is why I take the time to scroll down on a lot of websites. Often, some of the comments are better than the original post.

What have they done for you lately?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

18 August 2010

Krista Branch

When this woman puts out a full album, I will buy it. In fact, I'll buy a buttload of copies and pass them around.

She's all that's right about this country. All you patriots, get with the downloading and other types of support.

Out of the mouths of babes

A few years ago, I read a list of ideas from young children about how to reduce vehicular pollution. One of them was: "Put a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe to recycle the stuff that comes out so it can be used again." Quaint, right? You chuckled, right?

Well, actually...kinda yeah.

This is one of the reasons I love reading Bayou Renaissance Man...he introduces us to so many weird and wonderful scientific advances.

More spin than a yo-yo convention

Check out this post at Ace of Spades:

Martha's Vineyard Loves Obummer

Hmm. Let's take this sign in order, shall we?

Passed Health Care Reform over the will of the American people.
Signed Economic Stimulus Bills that did nothing but drive us further into debt.
Recast America's Global Image as a gutless, dhimmi nation sucking up to jihadists.
Commands two war zones in theory. What is he actually doing to contribute to the war effort?
Won the Nobel Peace Prize, as did Yassir Arafat(known terrorist), Al Gore("climate change" snake-oil salesman and suspected sexual predator), Jimmy Carter(for doing...well, what, exactly?), Woodrow Wilson(a racist and anti-American 'progressive')...I'm sorry, what was the point, again?
Nominated 2 Supreme Court Justices. Well, that's what a President is supposed to do. I'd hardly call that an accomplishment. Not to mention, I'd say both of them are far-Left idealogues rather than 'Justices.'
Overhauled financial regulations to the detriment of America and the benefit of his cronies.

Yes, he does deserve a vacation. A permanent one, which will start at noon on 01/20/13.

Why the Queer community breaks Left

Reading through the comments at GayPatriot, North Dallas Thirty put the whole thing in perspective:

A classic pattern emerges.
"You people illusion yourselves to believe you are accepted by the right-wing even thought you oppose SSM, you’re all on crack.
"Because I don’t think its about how much work you have to do, there is no work to be done as they CLEARLY DO NO WANT YOU. Do I need to staple that on your face?"
This is the classic pattern of the abuser — they try to control and manipulate others by telling them how everyone else hates them, how worthless they are, how they have no choice but to do what the abuser tells them, and so forth.
Sick, isn’t it? But it really gives you a window into what the gay left and the Obama Party deem to be acceptable behavior.

He's right. I never thought about it that way, but that's a large part of the reason that Queer folks tend to default to the Left/Dem position. They've been brainwashed to believe that the Right/Rep won't have them. Sickening and scary, for those of us who've studied the dynamics of abusive relationships or experienced them firsthand.

North Dallas Thirty, welcome to my ever-expanding blogroll.

So THAT'S what happened!

I was wondering how America fell apart so completely and so quickly. Now we know.

17 August 2010

A humble apology

The video below has been going viral, and it got me to thinking about my misspent youth.

I never was a true Leftist, but I used to lean that way. Growing up a punk rocker in the Reagan Era, I believed all the lies and propaganda about how horrible he was; how his was an imperialist, greedy, Christofacist regime; how he was going to lead us into nuclear war...in short, the usual Leftist narrative concerning anyone who disputes their evil agenda.

Now that my eyes are open, and I think for myself rather than regurgitating propaganda, I realize exactly how wrong I was for so long. So it is with bended knee and a humbled heart that I tender my utmost apologies to the late President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Mr. President, I am truly sorry for believing the lies of your opponents. I wish that I had understood your love of freedom and America from the beginning. Following your advice and example would have made my own life much better, had I only listened. You are truly one of the greatest Americans in history, and hopefully you can set an example for your countrymen to this day. You definitely have in my case.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Anyway, here's the video. Pass it on.


Things are about to get very interesting in the Middle East. Iran's nuclear reactor will begin the fueling process on Friday.

Now, before I get called a bunch of names, let's get something straight--even other ME Islamic nations fear a nuclear-capable Iran. This should give us all pause for thought.

Back to the reactor. It shouldn't take much explanation to demonstrate that once the radioactive material is inserted, the risks of an air strike to Iranian--and other nations'--civilian populations increases enormously. If this thing is going to be stopped, the time is NOW. Of course, the Obama regime is doing what it always does when faced with a tough decision--put it off until the last minute and then choose the path that does the most harm to Israel and/or America.

So that leaves things in Israeli hands, and those people aren't known for ignoring direct threats to their country. This week will likely be of great historical significance one way or the other.

16 August 2010

A blast from my past

I have long been a fan of the writings of one Mark Driver. He's popped up in various publications for years now, and--if you're adult enough to deal with Harsh Language--it definitely gives you a different perspective on life.

Some of his stuff will make you angry and disgusted. Some will have you chuckling or nodding your head in agreement. And a few posts are the stuff of legend.

Now, another fanboy has resurrected Mr. Driver from the Limbo of Forgotten Electrons, and I'm spreading the word. This is, for all its anarchical cynicism, quality stuff. Banish the kids from the room, crack open some cheap booze, and read.

13 August 2010

Report the truth and get a free pink slip!

Seems like the LeftStream Media just doubled down on their now-pretty-obvious bias, suspending a reporter for alleged "partisan" comments.

Damn those pesky facts! What the hell do they have to do with journalism?

Harsh language ahead

Nothing angry, no ranting...just a happy little ditty in a video tribute to our friends on the other side of the aisle.

No Sheeples Here: F*ck Kool-Aid

Read This NOW.

Financial savant Karl Denninger drops some science on our ass.

The only solution for an addict caught in this spiral is to stop and take the pain of detoxification. The pain is considerable - even excruciating. Indeed, it feels even worse when the drug is stopped than it did in the depths of hell to which addiction had taken the sufferer.

Yet it is the only path out.

Such it is with the economy.

Barack Obama and Congress simply do not get it. They think they, along with The Fed, can "prime the pump" with "stimulus", just as the meth-head thinks he can "stimulate" recovery with "just one more hit."

He's wrong, as is Congress, Barack and The Fed.

The excess capacity in the economy cannot be sustained. It simply doesn't matter whether policymakers like this or not. An economy that can only run at its former rate when mainlining speedballs cannot continue to operate in this fashion without killing the host.
Detoxification and a slowing of the economic metabolism to sustainable levels is the only way you survive.

And, of course, our Lords and Masters will take this to heart and spin a 180 post haste. Just as soon as Nikki Haley arrives on my doorstep pledging her undying love for me. And I win both the Powerball and the MegaMillions. And that Awkward Dinner Jacket guy in Iran gets hit by a meteor. All at once.

We are SO boned right now. I'm not investing in gold--I'm investing in lead. In 9mm, to be specific.

Truth. Just truth.

Perusing Doctor Zero's comments, I came upon this pinpoint critique of American society. All emphases are mine.

z9z99 says:

There’s a line in Annie Hall in which Alvie Singer admits to a young woman “You’re right. I am a bigot. But for the left.” There you have, in a nutshell, why a significant portion of the American population overlooks failings that honorable people have learned are grave moral shortcomings. Being a bigot, liar, tax-cheat, philanderer, traitor, weasel, reprobate, chauvinist, elitist, hypocrite, exploiter, despoiler, glutton, back-stabber, thief, or sociopath is excusable as long as it is sanctified by the proper politics.
Once again, we see how America is trying to skate by on the cheap and easy, falling for the con that emotional satisfaction is an acceptable substitute for principles.
Our current disarray is not the inescapable result of social complexity, unhealthy concentrations of wealth, or menacing forces lurking in the darkness. Rather, it is the natural and unavoidable price that a society pays when it has allowed itself to be distracted by celebrity, to indulge adolescent fantasies and grudges, and be seduced by the serpentine myth that it is “entitled” to something. Our budget is shaky, our security questionable, and our insitutions tottering, quite simply because we have earned for ourselves the stupidest, shallowest and most incompetent political class in our history. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by mediocrities and scoundrels that appealed almost exclusively to the notion that we should not vote for their opponent.

Negative campaigning and pop-psychological fluff have been the criteria which has given us more morons, jackanapes and grifters in our government than at any other time in our history. Now these same defective overachievers want us to cede more of our liberty to compensate for their lack of brains, character and courage.

We have the dumbest Speaker of the House in history; a shallow, unprepared President; an unprincipled hack as Senate Majority leader; and a passel of political opportunists like Arlen Specter, Ben Nelson, Charlie Crist, and Michael Bloomberg ,whose beliefs are blown about by the slightest breezes of political opportunity.

We have been given the greatest opportunities of liberty, natural resources, economic and technological innovation, and legacy of sacrifice in pursuit of noble ideals and human dignity that the world has ever known. We have chosen to neglect them on grounds that holding and honoring principles is too hard, voting for corrupt, pandering politicians is too easy; and being proud of our accomplishments and decency is too unfashionable. I say, “screw that.”
I’m an American, dammit, and I am not entitled to anything that I don’t earn honorably. The proper response to the great gifts of freedom and comfort that I enjoy is humble gratititude, not peurile indignity and grievance. My happiness, success, honor and those of my family are my responsibilities, not to be relinquished to, but rather protected against, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and the gaggle of fools and miscreants that think they know what is best for me better than I do.
America will turn around and maintain its greatness when we all get serious about electing a government for which principle and character are not optional.

Yeah. It's kinda like that.

12 August 2010

Blogroll Update, Part Whatever

JayG's been on a roll lately, and via his blog 'MArooned,' I've been introduced to the literary and intellectual stylings of The Southeast Texas Pistolero.

And, via HillBuzz, The War Planner.

Go thou forth and check them out.

It's not rocket science

Here we are, over a year and a half into the most arrogant, ideologically blinded, incompetent administration America has seen in living memory. So, how are we doing?

National Debt: $13.3 Trillion and counting. With the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare? $107 Trillion, at least(yipe!).

Unemployment? Still at 9.5%. Counting those who are underemployed or who've simply given up looking(or see no need to look as long as their unemployment benefits continue to be extended ad infinitum)? Ouch.

The economy is crap, the country's broke, and the Obama administration is clueless. They're lashing out at anyone who criticizes them even slightly, including the Leftist media. They're repeatedly pouring gasoline on the inferno that is our economy, and simply can't understand why the fire isn't going out.

We know how to fix this. It's not a big mystery. It's not some esoteric question of the universe, answerable only by some guru sitting on a remote mountaintop somewhere in the Himalayas. It's been done before, within the lifetime of all those involved.

Cut spending. Cut taxes. Cut regulations. When you do this, the economy grows. It's been proven. When you regulate and tax everything and everyone in sight, the economy stagnates. Again, it's been proven.

'Yes, we can' have a strong, vibrant economy that advances the human condition, boosts innovation and productivity, and improves the lot of all of humanity in the long run. But the only way to do this is to get government out of the way. When it comes to a nation's economic health, government is not the solution--government is the problem.

Unfortunately, no one in the current regime can, or wants to, see the clear evidence of history. They're absolutely certain that they can control, plan, regulate, tax, borrow and spend us into prosperity. What they fail to realize is that the laws of economics exist, and are just as real as the laws of physics and mathematics. We can ignore them, but we will not be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring them.

We can still turn things around--for now. But the longer we roll down this disastrous hill, the harder the climb back up.

10 August 2010

Who gets my vote for Governor?

Jan Brewer, naturally.

Hey, she's endorsed by Chuck Norris. Really. And I kind of like my head attached to my shoulders and not roundhouse-kicked into a previously undiscovered plane of reality.

Besides, she's the baddest Governor to ever walk the Earth, outside of Sarah Palin. Observe:

Jan Brewer flosses her teeth with barbed wire from the border.
The movie Terminator is, in fact, an autobiographical documentary of Jan Brewer’s life.
Jan Brewer invented every letter of the alphabet, including ?.
Jan Brewer once had an awkward moment. Just to see how it feels.
Jan Brewer is known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into the room.
Janet Napolitano lives vicariously through Jan Brewer.
Jan Brewer climbed Mount Everest in just one day. Twice.
The most interesting man in the world retired when he met Jan Brewer.
You don’t decide whether or not to boycott Arizona. Jan Brewer decides whether or not to let you in.
Jan Brewer can pop a wheelie on a unicycle.
Jan Brewer taught Chuck Norris how to do a roundhouse kick.
Liberal President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself. And Jan Brewer.”
Jan Brewer can squeeze orange juice out of lemons.
Sharks have a week dedicated to Jan Brewer.
When Jan Brewer wants shade, she stares down the sun.
Jan Brewer sealed the border. By herself.

So, my fellow Arizonans, get out the vote for Governor Brewer this November...or you may find out what Chuck Norris' boot leather tastes like! ;)

No commander hath greater love for his men...

...than that he shall put everything on the line for their safety.

LtC Allen West explains his actions in Iraq. Read, watch and know. And if you're in FL District 22, get out the vote for this man.

And if you're more concerned that some insurgent may have wet his pants than the fact that our soldiers were kept safe...well, anything I could say to that wouldn't be printable in a reasonably family-friendly blog.

This chick's got some brass ones!

My blogroll will soon reach the point at which I will have to bend space and time to remain caught up on it.

Nevertheless, this post has inspired the addition of "Uppity Woman" to the list. Insight like this needs to be spread far and wide.

While we're on the subject...

...Trencherbone should meet Pamela Gellar.

Everything you wanted to know about Islam, but were called a racist for asking.

Seriously...like, EVERYTHING. This one post will take a couple of days to read thoroughly, when you visit the links. This is one very busy and detail-oriented guy.

Now linked under "Recommended Reading."

"Tolerance" Jiu-Jitsu

We here at "Weird & Pissed Off" do hereby present Mr. Greg Gutfeld with the first-ever W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.

In a truly inspired application of Alinsky's Fourth Rule, he is forcing the Dhimmi Left to confront their own intolerance...by opening a Muslim-friendly gay bar right next door. And, apparently, he's serious.

Not an idea that would play well with Christians or Jews vis-a-vis property adjacent to a church or temple, but oh well: If we’re going to celebrate tolerance regardless of the sensitivities of the surrounding area, let’s celebrate! And the best part? Because, as we’ve been assured many times, the “Park51″ cultural center will be a model of moderation, gay Muslim men don’t have to worry about being seen entering Gut’s establishment. Flaunt it all you want, fellas; you’re in Moderate Town, U.S.A., on that block. I look forward to the congratulatory Mike Bloomberg press conference.

RTWT @ iOwnTheWorld.

06 August 2010

You can't make this stuff up.

In Multnomah County(OR), the Department of Health shuts down a 7-year-old girl's lemonade stand and demands a $120 license fee.

I'm not kidding.

If this doesn't bring home the reason why America is becoming increasingly anti-government, I think you're beyond hope.

The evolution of artificial intelligence

Yes, really.

This shows a lot of promise. Instead of the 'let's try to program an AI,' it's a 'let an AI evolve' method. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense--that's how we homo sapiens acquired our intelligence(now, if we'd only use it occasionally!).

I guarantee the whole concept of this experiment will spark a brand new holy war between Creationists and Evolutionists. Well, debate is a good thing. But if the Avidians start inquiring as to the whereabouts of Sarah Connor, I'm going to demand the plug be pulled post haste.

04 August 2010

Bigots and h8rs, that's us.

Here's part of a report from an openly gay man at the recent Philadelphia Tea Party:

I have never been embraced or appreciated in the gay community for believing in limited government, the Constitution, and personal liberty for all persons.

Why is this important? Well, there are several reasons but the simple fact that it is easier for me to be gay around conservatives, than it is to be conservative around gays, is a very telling dynamic in showing how accepting conservatives are of everybody, regardless of race, sexual orientation, economic status, or political affiliation. Conservatives are independent patriotic individuals.
As long as you agree with the basic platform of constitutional government, individual liberty’s, and a high sense of morality, then they welcome you with open hearts and arms.

(Emphasis mine.) But you'd never know this from the continued lies of the LameStream Media. Go thou forth and read the rest of the post at GayPatriot.

Pose nude for our Lords and Masters...

...whether you like it or not. The Geek With A .45 sounds off on the nature of those new millimeter-wave airport body scanners.

Strip searches are intrusive not because they require the removal of clothing, but because they force the revelation of that which is ordinarily our prerogative to withhold.

Because of this, it is a well settled matter of law that they can only be performed under certain conditions, (on the order of entering prison, for example) and flight boarding is not one of them.

The fact that technologically assisted strip searches can now be done in bulk, without the removal of clothing is entirely immaterial to that point, and the entire matter is a power grab, attempting to create a precedent for mass strip searches of the public.

The whole thing, with picture, HERE.

When I complete my fleet of flying attack cyberpenguins...

...the world will be MINE!! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

Bayou Renaissance Man: Is it swimming, or flying?

03 August 2010

Jim Goad regarding JournoList

For those of you who don't know who Jim Goad is, he's a bit of an underground celebrity. (Translation: 'Political Correctness' is something he heard about once, then wiped his butt with and ignored from that moment on.) His writing is harsh, brutal, vividly descriptive, and leaves no sacred cow undefiled. He offends everyone. As in every single person on Earth and probably still-undiscovered civilizations somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. If he hasn't offended you yet, wait for it.

But writing with a total "I don't give a %&*#" attitude is the best way to get to the heart of the matter. Observe Mr. Goad's analytical stylings here:
I’m aware that one would have to hear voices, wear a tinfoil hat, drink moonshine, live in a trailer, and have been bad-touched by aliens at least once in their life to so much as suggest a leftist bias exists in mainstream American journalism.

Warning: Harsh Language. But well worth the read. Seriously, does this paragraph not get right to the point?

Part of the reason I ceased identifying as a leftist about twenty years ago is because it became impossible to ignore the unapologetically infantile tantrum-throwing and witch-hunting bloodlust that always seemed to lurk beneath leftism’s fake-ass shield of compassionate humanism. That, and the fact that most of its spokespeeps were affluent Caucasians who for some reason fancied themselves as champions of “the people” despite the fact that the middle-class, working-class, and lumpenproletarian whites who actually constitute the statistical bulk of “the people” are the incessant targets of their elitist scorn and derision.

I understand perfectly, Mr. Goad. It just took me a little longer to figure it out.

A toast to Jamal

I've never met the man. But this video tells me all I need to know about him.

Well said, sir. These are the same reasons I turned hard Right.