17 August 2010


Things are about to get very interesting in the Middle East. Iran's nuclear reactor will begin the fueling process on Friday.

Now, before I get called a bunch of names, let's get something straight--even other ME Islamic nations fear a nuclear-capable Iran. This should give us all pause for thought.

Back to the reactor. It shouldn't take much explanation to demonstrate that once the radioactive material is inserted, the risks of an air strike to Iranian--and other nations'--civilian populations increases enormously. If this thing is going to be stopped, the time is NOW. Of course, the Obama regime is doing what it always does when faced with a tough decision--put it off until the last minute and then choose the path that does the most harm to Israel and/or America.

So that leaves things in Israeli hands, and those people aren't known for ignoring direct threats to their country. This week will likely be of great historical significance one way or the other.

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