30 April 2011

One more link...concerning chivalry

A snippet won't do.  Brigid's analysis and commentary must be read from start to finish.

Read it until you comprehend it in full.  Then you'll know who we are, and why we think how we think and do what we do.

Reposted for posterity

OK, I have no idea who "Ornery1" is.  All I know is that s/he has a really cool Ash avatar, and s/he has just beaten up the Left and taken their lunch money in one paragraph.  8 comments down...
Other than accusing conservatives of racism, Nazism, fascism, sexism, extremism, jingoism, ism-ism, wanting to kill the elderly, kill politicians, kill illegal aliens, kill mom and pop stores, kill the poor, kill the children, end women’s health care, cause tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and the expansion of the brown recluse’s range—liberals NEVER use the FEAR CARD.

Update on the B.S. B.C...

See, here's how the Left argues:

The fact is that the sky is blue.

Conservatives point out that the sky is blue.

The Left starts screaming, "Did you hear that?  The Conservatives just said that the sky is purple!!  That's absolutely insane!  It doesn't even make sense!  What a bunch of morons!"

Except that the Conservatives never said that in the first place, but the Left are either too stupid to notice, or are determined to exist in their own little world regardless of what actually took place.  But TickerGuy will keep on explaining it until they get the point or are made to look like the fools they are.

This is what happens when you don't bother actually watching the video I posted, or looking into the provenance of what you're arguing over - you just throw crap at the wall.  Nathan goes on to post a PDF that he scanned which shows his "layers."

Unfortunately, in doing so, he proved that I'm correct.

See, the issue isn't layers.  Yes, the layers are suspicious, but they're not the smoking gun.  The smoking gun is that there are no chromatic artifacts in the Obama document, but the document is allegedly a color scan of an actual piece of paper, and we know it had to be a color scan because the background is allegedly color safety paper.


This debate is not, at this point, about whether Obama was born in the United States.  There are plenty of people who question that, but this case simply isn't about that any more.

This case is about whether a sitting President presented an altered - that is, forged - document to the American public and claimed it was authentic.  You cannot at the same time have Hawaii state that they made two PHOTOCOPIES of an original in a book and then have the White House and AP release "scanned" copies of that document which appear to have been printed on entirely-different paper, never mind that one of them is clearly not a simple scan.

The evidence strongly supports this allegation.  The obvious next question is this: What, Mr. President, are you trying to hide, and we then must turn to whether a sitting President should be permitted to erase the tapes that document his knowledge of a break-in to a hotel....

Keep denying reality, and we'll keep shoving it up your ass.  Let's see who breaks first.

An open letter...

...to the people of Britain and most especially Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

On behalf of the American people, who still have some sort of concept of class, decorum and manners, I tender a sincere and wholehearted apology for the vile and disgraceful remarks perpetrated by a gaggle of vicious, nasty harpies.  I assure you, their views do not represent those of any but a small and despicable minority of our population, who have somehow managed to infest our entertainment/information industry.

I beseech your forgiveness for this unpardonable assault upon the sensibilities of the Queen and the people of the United Kingdom.  The majority of America is embarassed and angered at this disgusting spectacle, and we wish all the best to the young newlyweds, the Royal Family and the people of England.  Once again, I tender our deepest apologies.

Death Star Truthers.

Yep, Death Star truthers.

You know that rumor that Darth Vader is actually Luke Skywalker's father or uncle or something?  It all fits, man!!

29 April 2011

They did it.

Arizona will soon be rockin' the Gadsden Flag license plate.  Are Arizona legislators reading my blog???

The only thing growing bigger than my blogroll...

...is the government.  (What did you think I was going to say?  Get your mind out of the gutter--mine needs to come up for air.)

Anyway, Slogging Toward Liberty is something you should all go read now.

28 April 2011

THIS is how my Lord and Savior rolls.

"All have sinned.  But we are saved through grace by faith."

Jennifer lays down some profound insight.  Post inspired by the Westboro Baptist Jerks...which shows, ironically, why God allows evil to exist.

Because standing against evil brings out the best in His children.

Economists With Attitudes, Part II


Can't add anything more to this...!!

Logic, Fact, Truth and the Ability to Discern Them
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - April 28, AD 2011 1:11 PM MST
I must admit, the past 24 hours or so have been particularly dispiriting - and not because of anything the Obama regime has done, but because of the response by the so-called "right", or "conservatives", or "patriots" or whatever you want to label it. I sit astounded at the massive cowardice and moral failure of the right, and I also sit astounded at the seeming total incapacity of most people to think in a logical, reasoned, critical way. I knew that the Marxist infiltration of the education system had actively attacked critical thinking and logic and purged these concepts from school curricula (Logic is a mathematical concept - were you taught logic in high school algebra or calc classes? Nope. They stopped teaching it 30 years ago.), but I still thought that there was a residual remnant left in the populace. If there is, that remnant is miniscule to the point of being quantum.
I have received many emails, some of them nasty, gloating and obscene, about the NRO (National Review Online) piece claiming that the Obama birth certificate "layering" was due to text-reading, or OCR (optical character reading) software associated with some scanners.
Here's where the LOGIC comes in. If you scroll down two posts to Mr. Denninger's YouTube clip*, he OBJECTIVELY PROVES that the Obama BC image is NOT a scan. Scanners CAN NOT generate full-saturation black text as is evident on the Obama file. This is not Mr. Denninger's opinion. This is not Ann Barnhardt's opinion. This is a fact, rooted in physics, namely Newtonian Optics. THEREFORE, any argument put forth by ANY person or group that is built on the premise that the Obama document is a scan, is an argument built upon a FALSE PREMISE, and therefore the logical truth table beneath that argument utterly, totally and completely collapses. Put in its simplest terms:
The Obama BC file is not a scan.
Therefore, scanning software could not have generated the layers.
Shame on NRO for publishing their piece to begin with, and mega-shame on them for not retracting it. Shame on Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Malkin, HotAir, Breitbart and all the rest for not screaming from the rooftops the TRUTH. The truth is that Obama committed a felony by releasing and attempting to pass a forged document yesterday. We don't need to agonize over all of the many, many errors that exist on that forgery. That is missing the forest for the trees - akin to analyzing a hangnail as a potential cause of death on a person that was publically beheaded. OBAMA ATTEMPTED TO PASS A PROVED FORGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE. What the hell else do you need him to do? Do you need him to personally start cutting the hearts out of children and eating them raw on the front portico of the White House? Are you waiting to see him personally push the button to launch nuclear warheads at U.S. cities? Will you believe that he is a traitor then, or will you still make excuses? Are you so afraid of war that you are willing to guarantee a war in order to avoid having to acknowledge that the war is already upon us?
This Obama problem could be ended NOW. The solution has been presented to us on a silver platter with a big, fat red ribbon wrapped around it. The man went on national television and committed a proven felony. Arrest him, his Marxist witch of a fake wife, Jarrett, Biden, Holder and all the rest, try him for treason and dissolve and nullify the Executive Branch and all of its actions since January 20, 2009. Let the Constitutional chain of succession work, swear in Boehner as a placeholder, and make it clear to him that he will NOT be running for re-election, and reset EVERYTHING with the 2012 elections. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY OUT. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION. Anything less than this, and I seriously doubt that this nation will survive to the end of this year, much less to November of 2012. We are teetering on the very brink of total economic collapse right this second as it is. It could blow LITERALLY at any time.
Why can't Limbaugh understand this? Why can't Beck understand this? Or, do they understand this, and are too worried about maintaining their wealth and position to be willing to push their chips all in and stand for the truth?
I guess that is the difference between me and them. I would rather die broke, despised and FREE than live ONE DAY as a cowering slave to Marxist tyranny. And with each passing day, it looks more and more like I will be made to prove that sentiment.

Bold print mine, as is the *.  Easy way or hard way, America.

*  Here's the Denninger video referenced above:

UPDATE:  We have concurrence from another source--a stalwart Police Officer who has "...used Photoshop and Illustrator to prepare court exhibits since Photoshop 3 was released...I have to concur with what this fellow has to say."

I think that B&R is about the most legally verifiable expert source on the matter we're going to find.  Predictably, the LSM--including, I regret to say, Wilkow, Beck, Levin, Hannity and others--will ignore all of this and keep bleating the meme that this is The Real Birth Certificate At Last and if you keep making noise about it, you're a Birther Loony.

Is there anyone outside the WWW that cares about the truth at all any more?

27 April 2011

On QWERTY keyboards

If you're given to thinking about stuff(ie; not a Leftist), you might be wondering about why your computer keyboard is designed the way it is.  After all, the letters most used in the English language bear no relation to where your hands are placed.  It's almost like it was designed to make typing less efficient!

Well, it was.  The most efficient keyboard for typing English is the Dvorak keyboard, but it hasn't really caught on, for reasons of simple inertia.  Everyone learned to type on a QWERTY board, and they're not really interested in relearning an entrenched skill.

Funny...yet disturbingly accurate

(HT Mostly Cajun)


That's it.  Arrest Barack Obama--or whoever the hell he is--for fraud and treason, NOW.

I'm not kidding.  If this doesn't have serious and immediate legal consequences, then the rule of law is absolutely meaningless in America.  We're boned.  Last one out, grab the flag.

In case you're not into reading, here's the video explanation:

You'd think Team Obummer could at least find a crew of competent graphic geeks.  Sheesh.

26 April 2011

In which I'm going to piss off some people I like

Remember that concept I was talking about a few posts back, about how reasonable people can disagree on some things?  Well, I'm fixing to do just that.

(Rant Alert.  NSFW, a bit of profanity below the fold)

Our streets are much safer now.

And I'm certain that if the gentleman in this video had been reciting from the Qur'an, he would have been treated the exact same way.


Yeah.  That's what I thought.

Folks, the vile actions of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Jerks--picketing the funerals of our fallen warriors with repulsive signs and chants--have been found to constitute "free speech" by the US Supreme Court.  (I believe they also constitute "sufficient reason for a beatdown," but whatever.)  If the WBC is legally protected, what makes this department think they aren't going to face one mother of a false arrest lawsuit?

Just one more reason to flee the People's Republic of Kalifornia.  Why should their taxpayers have to pay for the idiotic and illegal actions and policies of their state and local LEO's?  I find it hard to believe that this nonsense would happen in real America.


Why isn't Dr. Sanity on your required reading list?

Read with glee as the good Doctor vivisects Paul Krugman, pseudointellectual extraordinaire...

Krugman and other progressives have it (as usual) ass backwards. The real "doctor/patient relationship" was only healthy and thriving when patients were consumers of health care and were treated as such. They could demand equal stature with their doctors in making decisions; or choose to cede control to a doctor they trusted to act in their best interest. Now, of course, no one necessarily acts in the patient's (or the consumer's) best interest; but it's very telling that every one asserts they are, almost reflexively and defensively.

Just ask the patients who already are in all those lovely plans that ration their care and make decisions for them--especially the sick ones. I think you might discover that they don't feel they are really in the loop at all.

OK, seriously...if this Krugman fool can get a degree in economics, they must be handing them out in Happy Meals.  Hey, MIT--send me a degree like his, and I promise I'll restore your reputation by actually knowing something about the subject at hand.

Sarah Palin: Ten steps ahead of the fools in DC

Datechguy is now blogrolled, for his brass-tacks analysis of Caribou Barbie vs. those educated sophisticates within the Beltway:

Do you remember when Sarah Palin said this about drilling:
For years, states rich with an abundance of oil and natural gas have been begging Washington, DC politicians for the right to develop their own natural resources on federal lands and off shore. Such development would mean good paying jobs here in the United States (with health benefits) and the resulting royalties and taxes would provide money for federal coffers that would potentially off-set the need for higher income taxes, reduce the federal debt and deficits, or even help fund a trillion dollar health care plan if one were so inclined to support such a plan.
So why is it that during these tough times, when we have great needs at home, the Obama White House is prepared to send more than two billion of your hard-earned tax dollars to Brazil so that the nation’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, can drill off shore and create jobs developing its own resources? That’s all Americans want; but such rational energy development has been continually thwarted by rabid environmentalists, faceless bureaucrats and a seemingly endless parade of lawsuits aimed at shutting down new energy projects.
Sounds pretty topical, When did Palin say this? AUGUST OF 2009 when gas was still in the low $2 per gallon. Bloggers covered it. The MSM didn’t. Where would gas prices and the economy be today if the MSM reported this and the president listened to her 2 years ago?
Where, indeed?  This is a micro-snippet, go RTWT.  Since Governor Palin has way too much class to say it herself, allow me to say it on her behalf...


In fact, she told you so back in '08.  Via Conservatives4Palin:

Are you ready to listen yet?

Coffee and...

 A guy goes to the Post Office to apply for a job.

The interviewer asks him, "Are you allergic to anything?"

He replies, "Yes, caffeine. I can't drink coffee."

"Ok, Have you ever been in the military service?"

"Yes," he says, "I was in Iraq for one tour."

The interviewer says, "That will give you 5 extra points toward
employment." Then he asks, "Are you disabled in any way?"

The guy says, "Yes. A bomb exploded near me and I lost both my testicles."

The interviewer grimaces and then says, "Okay. You've got enough points
for me to hire you right now. Our normal hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
You can start tomorrow at 10:00 am, and plan on starting at 10:00 am every day."

The guy is puzzled and asks, "If the work hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm,
why don't you want me here until 10:00 am?"

"This is a government job", the interviewer says. "For the first two hours,
we just stand around drinking coffee and scratching our balls. No point in you
coming in for that."


25 April 2011

In case you didn't catch this earlier...

Angelaisms put up a post some time back that should be branded on the brainpan of every American.

I will not reproduce it here--go forth and follow the link.  It's 10 minutes out of your day, 15 if you read slow.

It explains our current situation in true and chilling terms.  Read it and make it viral.

"Dude, what's with the Ann Barnhardt obsession?"

It's not so much an obsession as a deep love and admiration for a very rare person:  Someone who's NO BULLCRAPAnn speaks the truth as she sees it, no matter the consequences.  This is the same quality I admire and greatly respect in folks like LtC West, Governor Palin and others.  A quality that used to be far more widespread in America, and that needs to make a comeback with a quickness.

Ann and I do not agree on everything.  She's Tridentine Mass Catholic.  I'm a new, nondenominational Christian who believes that maybe it's not so important how you accept Christ and worship God, as long as you do.  She's got an issue or two with homosexuality.  I'm bisexual, and though I could easily hide it, I choose not to.  I am who I am--a sinner just like every person--and the final judgement of how I've lived my life lies with the Lord.

So, we have our differences.  But, unlike our adversaries, we do not have to march in lockstep.  We can agree to disagree on a personal front, yet we remain allies on the important issues.  Kind of like those who found slavery abhorrent, stood alongside slaveholders to fight for our fledgling nation.  (This is another quality America used to enjoy that seems to have fallen out of fashion--IMNSHO, it's time to get all retro.)

Another reason I reproduce a lot of her stuff here is that linkage to individual posts on her site is about impossible.  My posting them here enables easier linkage and referencing, and is my way of giving the bird to the deceitful and increasingly irrelevant LameStream Media.  Speaking of which...

Why the Media won't touch me - and never will
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - April 25, AD 2011 9:46 AM MST

Many people are puzzled as to why my exposure to date has been limited exclusively to blogs and internet radio - no mainstream media whatsoever, while Terry Jones is everywhere. There are two very simple reasons:

1. The mainstream media want to present Jones as the face and voice of the anti-jihad, anti-muslim front. As I said in my YouTube clip, Jones is himself a caricature. He is a Deep South redneck (I do not consider that a pejorative, by the way) complete with a handlebar moustache. Further, he is a preacher with a micro-flock of less than 100, many of whom are his family members. He is neither well-spoken nor well-read, and struggles to articulate his points and defend his position. It is clear from what I have seen of him that he has read neither the Suras nor Hadiths, nor is he fluent in history. Additionally, he waffles constantly and is susceptible to pressure and influence from government bureaucrats. Finally, Jones' website has a very prominently featured "DONATE HERE" button. Of course this is who the media wants. How many people in this country can simply LOOK at Terry Jones and say to themselves, "Yeah, I can relate to that guy. Heck, I can even respect him. Heck, I'd like to have dinner with him." Yeah. Not many. No offense to Terry Jones, but we need to be brutally honest here.

Now compare that to me. I am average and unremarkable in appearance. I appreciate all of the guys out there complimenting my looks, but the fact is that I am very average on the looks meter. The only thing I will say is that I have enough walking-around money to be able to afford decent, well-tailored clothes, good make-up, bi-monthly visits to a tanning salon, and hair coloring and straightening. I also am able to jog and exercise regularly - which is also a function of having money and spare time. People can look at me and relate to me - especially women. How many comments have I seen on various blogs from women saying, "Oh my goodness! I LOVE those pink shoes!" Yeah. I'm media poison. I can talk about 4 1/2" peeptoe pumps AND shred the islamic and Marxist milieus in the same breath.

Next, the mainstream media will never have anything to do with me because they know that to do so would be to take the rhetorical equivalent of a chainsaw sideways up the poop chute. They only want to go up against the weak. Jones is weak. The media whores (on both sides - because all mainstream media players are whores chasing a paycheck at the end of the day) are indeed smarter than Jones. They are NOT smarter than me, and they know this. Not that that is saying much.

Finally, I am not a politician chasing campaign donations nor am I accepting any money at all whatsoever. The media cannot impugn or impeach my motives or credibility. They can easily paint Jones as a carney huckster simply looking to gin up collection plate revenues in his 501(c)3.

2. The second big reason the media won't touch me is this: If they don't report on me or my existence NOW, if and when something happens to me at the hands of muslims, they will have no reason or obligation to report on my untimely demise, specifically at WHOSE HANDS my untimely demise was accomplished. If Jones is harmed or killed by muslims (God forbid), the media will report on it and shake their collective heads as they pound into the heads of their gullible thralls that Jones was a kook who had it coming. They will say, "See? This is what happens to stupid, intolerant bigots who don't behave themselves. If he would have just been "nice", he wouldn't have been harmed." And the thralls, who already view Jones as a mere caricature and not a real human being, will nod in agreement. Now, imagine what would happen if I fell. The men of Western Civilization would be enraged because they look at me and want to protect me (which is completely healthy and appropriate, by the way.) The women would be enraged because they look at me and see themselves. There would be no way that the media could spin my fall in any way that could be of benefit to their pro-muslim, pro-Marxist agenda. And that, I think, is the more dispicable angle in all of this.

But, I'll just keep going, exposing what I can, passing along what information and insights I acquire. The key, though, in all of this is YOU. YOU have to be active in this. YOU have to do something in exactly the same way I did something. YOU have to stop being afraid in exactly the same way I stopped being afraid. YOU have to draw YOUR line in the sand and declare, "THIS FAR AND NO FARTHER." YOU have to come to the realization that the only way to save your country and your civilization is being willing to push your chips ALL IN.
For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for My sake, shall find it." --Matthew 16:25

The LSM has become about as useful as tits on a bull.  They can ignore Ann and Real America all they want, but they're the ones heading to the dustbin of history.  We, the American people, have become the real media through this miracle called the internet.  What they ignore, we explore.  What they conceal, we reveal.

Welcome to the new reality.  And not a moment too soon.

21 April 2011

More LtC West goodness

Allen West and Sarah Palin:  Two people in the political arena who can speak their minds without consulting half a dozen polls.

This is why we'll win.

Do I have readers in Brandon, MS?

Just wondering.  Because it seems like this post has served as some inspiration.

Or maybe a spontaneous outbreak of common sense happened.  Who knows?

A few words for Jack Stuef

Kurt Schlichter at Big Journalism explains the issues in terms even a Leftist can comprehend.  His voice is simply the best of many on the subject.

Mr. Stuef, let me point out that no one but your Leftist buddies are fooled by your half-assed, pathetic excuse for an 'apology.'  You're not sorry for attacking a defenseless, disabled toddler--you're simply sorry you got called out for it by people with class and decency.  Despite the continuing efforts by you and your allies to destroy these concepts, they continue to live on in the hearts and minds of most of America.

I understand how horrible it is to be unpopular, an outcast, a pariah.  It happened to me, and for a lot of years I let that make me bitter and angry, much like yourself.  But you should know that it doesn't have to be this way.  Somewhere inside you is the potential for good.  Let go of your hate.  It's hard, but you can do it...and the rewards are beyond measure.  This is far from the first time you've attacked the families and children of people you politically disagree with.  No matter how many of them you deride, it won't change any of the suffering you went through.  It won't erase the past.  Nothing can.

Please consider these words, if they happen to reach you.  When all is said and done, if you let your past tormentors turn you into a monster, then they win. 

Don't let them.  I'll be praying for you tonight.

20 April 2011

The Left shows their true nature. Yes, again.

A quick rundown of the situation here at Marooned In Marin.  Seems the lovely folks at Wonkette have decided to give young Trig Palin a sweet little birthday present.  Let's just post the first paragraph of their charming little bedtime story:
That strange man yelling unintelligibly at Sarah Palin? He’s merely a lowly shepherd proclaiming the birth of our savior.   Today is the day we come together to celebrate the snowbilly grifter’s magical journey from Texas to Alaska to deliver to the America the great gentleman scholar Trig Palin. Is Palin his true mother?  Or was Bristol? (And why is it that nobody questions who the father is? Because, either way, Todd definitely did it.) It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are privileged to live in a time when we can witness the greatest prop in world political history.
There's more.  Much more.  The article has apparently been stricken, but this is the internet--you can likely find it if you look.  A couple more excerpts are available at the MIM link above.  I quote the immortal words of Joseph Welch:

"Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

Well, no.  They don't.  The Left abandoned the outmoded concepts of decency, honor and class long ago.  And they can't help but show it.  Then they're completely shocked when sane and civilized human beings dare to speak up against the constant flow of acid and bile that pours out of their keyboards straight from their blackened hearts.  Like the exploding-kids commercial, they just can't understand why everyone else didn't get the joke.

Gee, I dunno--maybe because your attempts at 'humor' do nothing but showcase the evil in your souls?  Because your blind hatred and bitterness are glaringly obvious to everyone but you and your fellow useful idiots?  Because it was about as funny as stomping a kitten to death?  Little hint, folks--if no one else is laughing, you might want to examine your own questionable sense of humor.

All you Leftists reading this, please think.  Look at what you're doing.  Look at where your ideology is taking you.  Is this 'compassion?'  Is this 'caring?'  Is this what you support behind your slogans of 'peace' and 'tolerance?'  Your bumper stickers are right:  Hate is NOT a family value.

But it sure as hell appears to be a Liberal one.

(Anyway, Vanguard Financial, Huggies and Papa John's Pizza were the first three advertisers to pull out of Wonkette.  If you've never had Papa John's, please give them a try because they deserve your support and their garlic butter totally rocks.)

And now for something completely different

A little penguin.

This has been your video antidepressant for the day.

19 April 2011

Yippee-ki-yay, blogrollin'

This sitemeter thing is pretty awesome.  It's turned me on to some great stuff that I'd have never found otherwise.

I'm one of those guys who shys away from 'reciprocal blogrolls.'  If I read your stuff and I dig it, I'll add you.  I will likely not tell you so.  I'm not trying to be a dick, I just don't want folks to feel pressured to add me simply because I like their writings.  Add me only if you enjoy what I post.  If you don't, blogroll-ignore me.  I promise not to get all butt-hurt about it.

What Bubba Knows is now required reading for W&PO'ers.  I'm not on their blogroll, but they linked me twice in one post...and I sure do admire their style.  It's kind of a blog-CNN for rednecks, patriots, conservatives and other subversive types.  I'll be keeping a close eye on it, and I hope y'all do as well.

"What are you doing, Jan?"

(OK, picture the title said in a HAL 9000 voice and it'll have more effect.)

I'm stunned, confused and more than a little angry.  Regular readers will recall that I've backed Governor Brewer for quite a while.  Now, I don't know what to think.

She vetoes the Campus Carry bill.  OK, perhaps she has a point about the clarity of the language involved--we all know how Leftist judges love to nitpick any concept of common sense to death.  I'll give her a pass on that.

But then she vetoes the bill requiring that people actually prove themselves to be eligible for the office of POTUS before being placed on the ballot.  While I realize that this whole 'identifying yourself' thing might be viewed as a great inconvenience to those who might not actually be Constitutionally qualified to hold the highest office in the land, I don't see it as unreasonable. 

When I apply for a new job, I must provide a clean drug test, a good physical and even--optionally--a physical fitness test at some companies.  I am required by law to submit 10 years of employment history, and if the job requires a HazMat endorsement, that's an entirely new world of submitting a criminal background check plus giving my fingerprints to Uncle Sam.  (Now that this blog's gained some notoriety, I'm not counting on a renewal.)

And I'm just a truck driver.  One would think that an applicant for the position of "Leader of the Free World" would have standards a little more stringent than those required to employ a dumbass gearjammer like myself.  One would apparently be wrong.  One would think that a conservative firebrand like Governor Brewer would welcome the chance to put the whole issue to rest now and forever.

One would apparently be wrong there, too.  It's a sad day for America and Arizona, in my view.

Who got to you, Jan?  Were you threatened, bought, or a little of both?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Ann Barnhardt hits the big time...

...even Hitler trembles at the sound of her name!!

18 April 2011

In case you haven't seen it yet...

Larry Correia's Tax Day Rant is absolute intellectual gold, and puts our current crisis in terms anyone can understand.  Hell, I even got it.

Saying that this is the same old same old, is like saying that gophers digging up your lawn is the same level of disaster as Krakatoa. Over the last couple of years we’ve reached a whole new level of crazy. Our spending has gone insane. We’re spending more money, faster, than all of mankind, throughout all of recorded human history. Economists aren’t sure what’s going to happen, because this has never happened before. Ever. On Earth. We’ve strayed into strange new territory here and there are many possible outcomes if we don’t stray the hell back out. And don’t for a second think that any of those possible outcomes are remotely good. No. They range somewhere between the Great Depression and Mad Max.

No matter how hard you wish, no matter how hard you hope, no matter how much compassion you can fit in your stupid compassionate heart, no matter how much you happen to like some program that helps somebody do something wonderful… math never lies and interest never sleeps. Caring don’t pay the bills.

Government isn’t the solution, it is the problem. McCain sucked. Romney sucks. Anybody who doesn’t grasp the dangers of big government sucks. But that said, if your justification for Obama’s spending lunacy is that the last guy was doing something wrong, you don’t do the same damn thing, only FIVE TIMES bigger and TWICE AS FAST.

These are three little nuggets of Awesome from a whole bucket of Win.  RTWT, then read his response to the responders.

I had 3,000 hits before breakfast yesterday, but then I inevitably started getting linked to liberal blogs and the real fun began.

The interesting thing was that the vast majority of the liberal responses followed the same basic formula, over and over and over again.
  1. Find something to attack about the messenger.
  2. Ignore or cherry pick whatever parts of the argument you feel like. (heck, you don’t need to have read it at all!)
  3. Use step 1 and 2 to prove your intellectual superiority over the messenger.
  4. Dismiss the argument.
  5. Repeat until nobody dares to deviate from the group think.

It was fascinating. Here, on the small scale of just one dude’s minor little blog, was a perfect microcosm of what passes for political discourse in our country. This isn’t just how I’m responded to, this is how anybody who disagrees is responded to. Many of you have probably experienced the same thing.

So I’m going to go through the liberal responses to point out the pattern...
More intellectual whoopass to gladden your heart and put a smile on your face.

God bless Allen West!

We need leaders, not lawyers.  We need warriors, not wimps. 

We need 534 more Allen Wests in Washington.


Gordon Gekko was right!

TL In Exile explains why 'greed is good.' I've been trying to tell people this for years in a slightly less patronizing and involved way than Rand did...and then TL shows me up in one post.

Smartass. ;)

17 April 2011

I got a new doormat.

And some people just don't understand why I'm on so many watch lists...!

16 April 2011

Be still, my heart.

Via C4P, John Nolte at Big Government brings us Sarah Palin's address in Madison, WI:

If Sarah Palin’s not running for president, what a terrible waste that would be of the single best stump speech I’ve heard since, well, Palin’s ’08 convention speech, which just happened to be the single most electrifying political moment of my adult life. A thrill didn’t just run up my leg that night, it ran up everything in me that’s American, and today in Madison, WI, it happened again. Surrounded by an obnoxiously hostile, astro-turfed, pro-union crowd that tried and failed to drown out her message with obnoxiously hostile astro-turfed noise, the former Alaskan Governor took the fight directly to the growing pile of Obama’s failures in the most effective way we’ve heard yet from a potential GOP challenger.

If you want to know why Obama’s Palace Guards in the MSM are determined to destroy this woman and all of popular culture has risen up to help, press PLAY. If you want to know why the GOP Establishment had better start looking over their collective shoulders, press PLAY.
Forget the fools in the LSM who will no doubt give Governor Palin the usual ignore/spin/deride/insult treatment.  Go forth, take sixteen minutes out of your life and give a listen to our next President calling out the simpering statist cowards on both sides of the aisle.  Now, that's my idea of 'bipartisanship!'

15 April 2011

Retaliation? For speaking one's mind? Inconcieveable!!

Looks like complaining about the TSA's totalitarian policies will earn you additional scrutiny.  I am simply shocked and amazed.  Next thing you know, they'll be molesting children or something.

Tell you what, TSA employees--how about you read this and comprehend it if you can.  And while you're at it...bite my crank.

(I made the decision long ago that I would never fly again as long as the TSA existed.  I have now made that a certainty.)


If this story is true, we're looking at a whole new ball game, folks.

... a number of leaders of Islamic organizations (all of whom publicly opposed the King hearings on Muslim radicalization) were about to be indicted on terror finance support charges by the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas, which had been investigating the case for most of the past decade.

But those indictments were scuttled last year at the direction of top-level political appointees within the Department of Justice (DOJ) — and possibly even the White House.

Included in those indictments was at least one of the co-founders of CAIR, based on “Declination of Prosecution of Omar Ahmad,” a March 31 DOJ legal memo from Assistant Attorney General David Kris to Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler. A second DOJ official familiar with the investigation independently confirmed these details. Omar Ahmad is one of CAIR’s co-founders and its chairman emeritus. He was personally named, along with CAIR itself, as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial in 2007 and 2008. During the trial FBI Agent Lara Burns testified that both Omar Ahmad and current CAIR executive director Nihad Awad were caught on FBI wiretaps attending a 1993 meeting of Hamas leaders in Philadelphia.

“By closing down these prosecutions,” the source added, “the evidence we’ve collected over the past decade that implicates most of the major Islamic organizations will never see the light of day.”

To say things are different under Obama and Holder would be an understatement. Many of the people I work with at Justice now see CAIR not just as political allies, but ideological allies. They believe they are fighting the same revolution. It’s scary. And Congress and the American people need to know this is going on.
That last quote should be enough to turn your blood to liquid nitrogen.  READ THE WHOLE THING...and pass it on.

14 April 2011


I'm putzing about in my Sitemeter again.  I've noticed quite a few visitors from around the globe--everywhere from Australia to India, from Norway to the Phillippines, from the UK to Brazil.  I even found a visitor or two from Canada, and I thought they didn't have internet up there because it's so cold all the electrons freeze in place.

Anyway--welcome to my little bit of cyberspace.  Thank you for considering my rants and ramblings worthy of your attention, and if anyone from another land is confused about any aspect of this America-centered blog, please don't hesitate to ask questions.  I'll do what I can to hurdle the language barrier and help you understand.

It's simply amazing and humbling to me that my words are being read, technically, worldwide.  Unbelieveable.

What are they fighting for, again?

Oh, yeah...freedom and liberty and all that stuff.  As long as it doesn't piss off our new jihadist masters.

Well, my fellow ahl al-dimmah(أهل الذمة), you'd better learn to bow and scrape, pay your required jizya(جزية) and do it with humility...

"...the Jizyah shall be taken from them with belittlement and humiliation. The dhimmi shall come in person, walking not riding. When he pays, he shall stand, while the tax collector sits. The collector shall seize him by the scruff of the neck, shake him, and say "Pay the Jizyah!" and when he pays it he shall be slapped on the nape of the neck."

...otherwise, the jihadists will throw a big ol' temper tantrum and start cutting off heads and blowing stuff up(which is, of course, in wild opposition to their usual behavior).  Welcome to 1984--or, rather, 632.

(Video HT Ann Barnhardt)

13 April 2011

I went to Harvard!!

Yep, I did.  I also attended Yale, and Columbia, and UCBerkeley, and every college in the world, and I got multiple PhD's from every one of them.  I also designed the Space Shuttle and walked on the moon before Neil Armstrong even got out of diapers. 

What?  Proof?  You don't need proof.  I mean, I'd give you proof, but all the records are sealed.  For, like, reasons of National Security.  I could show you, but then I'd have to kill you.  'Cause I'm like a 1,000th-dan Ultraviolet Belt, an Army SEAL and a Marine Force Ranger.  Just take my word for it.

What?  You still want evidence?  You're a RAAACIST!!  And a big stupid doo-doo head!  MOMMY!

That's the way I see it...

Ann Barnhardt is now an American Thinker contributor.  (They grow up so fast!)  In her first article, she points out how the Islamic propensity toward inbreeding can't be doing their culture or their thought processes much good.  While some folks in the comments take issue with her math(I won't comment, my math skills suck on steroids), one commenter definitely understands what we're facing and how to deal with it:

Posted by: CarolineTheInfidel
Apr 13, 07:30 AM

Islam does not teach the same sort of compassion for the other that virtually every other religion including today's "secular humanism" teaches. Muslims murder and torture each other without compunction and their own ummah, "brotherhood" has no condemnation to offer. That's because they don't value individual human life the way Christian westerners do. It's not a concept in Islam, which means it's not a concept in Muslims "hearts and minds". Their hearts and minds instead understand what Allah teaches them in the Koran, namely, the Collective Will to Power.

When will our leaders understand this? And moreover understand that it is necessary in the end to treat Muslims in the way they themselves understand moral principles? Which ultimately means that they must be beaten back and vanquished and humiliated by a greater strength. That is clearly what they understand. Every move to win their hearts and minds only strengthens them, emboldens them to advance their own peculiar ethics of the world, which couldn't give a damn about "hearts and minds", as we understand the term. They will accept the shehada from anyone they can swindle and connive to recite it while at the same time are willing to kill anyone who leaves Islam. Whatever it takes to build the army of Islamic soldiers is what their ethics is about.

There is no way of avoiding the reality that the adults in this world are going to have to act like adults and step up and slap, and in a big way, Muslims who have made of their own societies the equivalent of "Lord of the Flies" and who now threaten to overrun every more advanced society with their mayhem. We're going to have to come to terms this reality. Either that or it's simply going to be cruel for all of us, with no kindness in sight, and possibly no one left to come and rescue us off an Island from Hell that in our passivity and cowardice we allowed to be taken over by moral pygmies.

Ms. Infidel, I believe you have it surrounded.  Excellent analysis.

12 April 2011

Brain fry

Yes, I'm still alive.  I've just gotten a massive case of Creativity Dysfunction Syndrome, which used to be known as "writers' block."  Seriously, when the concept of Romney throwing his hat into the ring can't even stir me to write, that's pretty bad.

I don't, however, want to post a bunch of crap just to be posting.  That's what annoys me about a lot of blogs and websites, and I don't want to do it here.  I'll endeavor to kickstart my brain ASAP, but posting will be light and random for a bit.

08 April 2011

FaceBook: I does it not.

Neither does Ann.  The "Ann Barnhardt" page on FaceBook is a fraud.  Spread the word.

UPDATE:  Ann explains her non-FB'ing...but all you really need to read is this:

6.5 billion "virtual friends" added together could never, ever equal ONE real, true, present friend. Never forget that.
Yeah.  It's exactly like that.

Thought Experiment

CoF asks:  What would you change about our Republic if you had another chance to put it back on the liberty track?

Read the comments.  Add your thoughts.  Maybe we'll have the chance to put some of them to the test.

07 April 2011

A little reminder from the Atomic Nerds...

With tax day looming just around the corner, many of the folks with refunds coming are considering buying a gun in the annual loose display of “Hey, Gov’t! Be afraid of us!” that annually causes the government to notice absolutely nothing what so ever known as Buy A Gun Day.

Since it’s been a while since I beat on this drum, it’s time to sound it again, and remind people that under no circumstances should you purchase a gun that has a stock made by H-S Precision.

Emphasis mine.  RTWT here and don't forget to follow the included links.

05 April 2011

Under Chuck Norris' beard...

...there is some thoughtful commentary on Gunwalker.  RTWT.

I'm not a law enforcement officer – I just played one on TV. But you don't have to be Walker, Texas Ranger, to understand that there are very good reasons that law enforcement agents, as a rule, do not allow guns to "walk" into the hands of criminals. And to their credit, numerous rank and file BATF agents understood this truism as well, objecting to the "Fast and Furious" operation from the get-go. Their superiors told them, "You have to break some eggs to make an omelet," and then apparently threatened the agents with career discipline if they continued their objections.


In the meantime, proponents of gun control – including the White House – should focus on bringing U.S. government agencies into compliance with our existing laws before pushing new restrictions on the rest of us.
This literary roundhouse kick brought to you by the good people at Sipsey Street.

لن استسلم

No way, no how.

Ayn Rand vs. Mike Wallace...

...plus other commentary.  I was just going to link the video, but Brian has quite a bit to say here that's worth reading.

In 10 days, the movie, "Atlas Shrugged" will be released. It has had an awful history. A history delayed perhaps in some cosmic coincidence that mandated the arrival of "Atlas Shrugged" to a world filled with dystopians who no longer read and who are barely capable of comprehending the subject matter in the manner in which it will be presented. The dystopians who don't understand this movie- are the ones who have made it possible.

RTWT, and watch the seven-minute clip of Rand giving the young Leftist a verbal spanking.  Worth it.

It's time for Sarah Palin.

Courtesy of MotivationTruth, we find another person hoping to swear in President Palin in 2013.

I am not a political expert. In fact, in the eyes of many of your critics, I am nobody; just a slightly right of center, average American citizen. In other words, Sarah, I am typical of the millions upon millions of citizens of America who believe in you, as you believe in us. You believe we are somebody; that is why I appeal to you.

Liberals, media, and even many Republicans underestimated and misjudged Ronald Reagan. More importantly, they misjudged the American people. They thought a moderate candidate, or even a progressive, would reel us in with more "bread and circuses." They thought that after Carter, we would want change, but not too much. A true conservative, like Reagan, was not to their liking. The people saw it differently.

We loved every word that Ronald Reagan breathed. The "experts" were wrong about him, and about us. He helped us find hope in ourselves and encouraged faith. The change he sought was a return to principles and values that would lift us out of the haze so that we could see the horizon and pilot the ship on a straight and true course.

RTWT.  I'm not a political expert, either.  Just a guy who drives a truck(pretty well), writes a blog(badly), loves America and wants the best for her.  But it seems to me that the 'experts' have had their way pretty much since 1988.

Ask yourself where listening to the 'experts' has gotten us.

04 April 2011

Get busy. Make some noise. Take it to the streets.

Gunwalker continues to gather steam, and now is the time for all patriots to target their Senators and Congressbeings with the tried-and-true IAFYDSKOBTCOOTTTDDNATSYTHU* tactic.

Keep up the pressure.  This MUST NOT go away.

* If At First You Don't Succeed, Keep On Bugging The Crap Out Of Them Till They'll Do Damn Near Anything To Shut You The Hell Up.


Yep...I was down with Ann Barnhardt when being down with Ann wasn't cool.  Seems like our favorite badass is going viral in a major way...deservedly so.

I've never burned a book before.  I was always dead set against the whole concept, and it still kinda makes me queasy.  I understand that you can't really kill an idea, and I accept that other people may wish to burn books or flags as an act of protest, but, personally, I don't know if I could burn any book myself...under current conditions.

But the second they make it illegal in any way to burn a Qur'an, I'll be building one mother of a literary bonfire on the front patio.  When free speech becomes a crime, then I will become an unrepentant outlaw.  The price of liberty includes being offended on occasion, and anyone who cannot cope with that in a non-violent manner needs to grow up and learn to act like a civilized adult.

In other words, put on your big-girl burqas and deal with it.  America will not adopt shari'a, will not submit to Islam(or any religion), and will not cower in fear of the temper tantrums of a bunch of barbarians.  Not as long as I draw breath.

And you can take that to the bank.

UPDATE:  Speaking of laying it out on the table, go check out Mr. Karl Denninger's commentary on the matter.

02 April 2011

The line between good and evil...

...becomes clearer every day.

Regardless of your faith or lack thereof, this is a wonderful example of the 'tolerance,' 'respect' and 'caring' of the Oppressives.

Such a lovely example of modern art at the end of this post, isn't it?