30 September 2010

Let me be clear:

The Left is NOT indoctrinating or brainwashing your children in any way.  Furthermore, even if they were, they would welcome alternative points of view--even conservative ones--because they're all about the tolerance and diversity and all that.  The Left would never send death threats to anyone simply for writing a coloring book.

And if you dare to claim otherwise, you're nothing but a big stupid-head.  And, like, a racist and stuff.  So there.

29 September 2010

"Natural" is overrated.

Go read LabRat's latest missive, then thank whatever diety you believe in for the benefits of technology and civilization.

Any questions?

The Tea Party is more than just a reaction to our current Marxist regime. It's just as much a refudiation of the DeceptiCon sellout punks in the Republican Party who've collaborated in the attempted destruction of America. Thanks to Kevin at HillBuzz, we call these Quisling scumbags the "Cocktail Party."

(H/T Mizz Jodee via HillBuzz.)

In seven minutes...

...even the dumbest person will have no excuse not to Get It.

H/T HillBuzz

Collectivism in one lesson

The insightful "recovering liberal," Robin of Berkeley, has a new column up at American Thinker.  In part, it discusses why many of the "tolerant, caring" Left behave like such jackholes.

28 September 2010


I want to explain a couple of things about my wife.  Don't worry, this won't be one of those self-indulgent posts.  I'm making a point here, so bear with me.

Mrs. Wraith was a severe arachnophobe, to the point where a Daddy Longlegs would make her jump, and a Wolf Spider would have her hauling out the nuclear arms we keep in a dark corner of our basement.  This was five years ago.

This week, she let a tarantula crawl on her.  Willingly.  She's still stunned at her own progress, but I'm not.  Why?  Simple.

Mrs. Wraith is an American.  We are the people who rise to the challenge, who never listen to those who say, "you won't," who look fear in the eye and spit.  Whether it's conquering an irrational phobia, walking on the surface of the moon, or saving our nation from socialist tyranny...we can do it.  We must.  And we will.

All of you real Americans, both here and abroad, read and comprehend this post...and remember who we are.

25 September 2010

Pointing out the obvious

Back in the long-long-ago, people of my generation watched in amazement as the Evil Empire, the mighty Soviet Union...simply collapsed overnight.  How could such a huge military and ideological machine fall apart so quickly?

I'll explain.  Pay attention, because this applies to our world these days.

His bite is worse than his bark

The LawDog drops some science on a gun-grabber.  Read the whole thing here.

The additional spanking at the end counts as a genuine public service to every American.  And so, our small-town Deputy becomes the second recipient of the W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.

I hear a lot about "compromise" from your camp ... except, it's not compromise.

Let's say I have this cake. It is a very nice cake, with "GUN RIGHTS" written across the top in lovely floral icing. along you come and say, "Give me that cake."

I say, "No, it's my cake."

You say, "Let's compromise. give me half." I respond by asking what I get out of this compromise, and you reply that I get to keep half of my cake.

Okay, we compromise. Let us call this compromise The National Firearms Act of 1934.

There I am with my half of the cake, and you walk back up and say, "Give me that cake."

I say, "No, it's my cake."

You say, "Let's compromise." What do I get out of this compromise? Why, I get to keep half of what's left of the cake I already own.

So, we have your compromise -- let us call this one the Gun Control Act of 1968 -- and I'm left holding what is now just a quarter of my cake.

And I'm sitting in the corner with my quarter piece of cake, and here you come again. You want my cake. Again...

And the Bayou Renaissance Man weighs in as well, with his usual levelheaded and intelligent perspective.

23 September 2010

Breaking News: Life Found On Mars!!

And there's absolutely no doubt it's intelligent life.

Double-Secret Probation!

So, it appears the Republicans have put together a little pledge, detailing all the things they intend to do when we finally flush enough Dems out of DC.  It behooves us to inquire exactly why we should believe them.  They took Congress in 1994 on the Contract With America, and fizzled out into yet another DeceptiCon mess.  In fact, both parties have had a Contract With America since 1787.  It's called the Constitution; maybe you've heard of it.  They've certainly acted like they haven't.

A nice piece of irony occurs in the foreword.  After a pretty fair analysis of our situation, it states:  "The American people do not accept these counsels of timidity, failure and despair."  Hopefully the Cocktail Party campaign teams will read this, because it hasn't seemed like they got the memo.  After reading through their Pledge, I have to admit that I like what I see.  It doesn't go nearly far enough, but it's a good start.  The question is, will they actually live up to it?  For the sake of argument, let us say that they actually intend to. 

We need more cops like this.

Lots more.

My favorite part of the Constitution is the Bill of Rights, not because it is a list of restrictions upon the government, but because they happen to be a perfect guideline for how a law enforcement officer should perform his duty while retaining the respect of the community in which he works.
RTWT  (H/T Sipsey Street Irregulars)

22 September 2010


On your knees, infidels, and bid a trembling and humble welcome to The Liberty Zone.  Why?  This.

Told ya.

Well, I didn't actually tell you, my three loyal readers, but I threw down in a most spirited manner with a bunch of liberals some months ago.

It was right when the press release was issued claiming that Government Motors had "paid back their bailout loan."  I knew that had to be crap.  Just a month or so previously, they'd posted a $4.something-billion loss.  How could they have repaid that bailout if they were losing money?

I did a bit of research, and discovered that they had, in fact, "paid off" that loan with...another government loan.  Essentially, the Feds dropped money from one hand to the other.  And this was spread far and wide on the Wilkow Majority and other Talk Radio shows.  But, predictably, the Libtard Brigade simply refused to believe it.  "Nuh-uh, Wraith, they paid it back!  They said!"

Current Mood:  Vindicated!

21 September 2010

A new hero

All two of my readers may have noticed that I'm a little plain-spoken.  It's a trait I admire, especially in this age of smoke, mirrors and BS.

Which is why I'm totally man-crushing on the dark horse gubernatorial candidate for New York State, Carl Paladino.  How can you not love a guy who sends letters like this?

The problem with HillBuzz...

...is that these folks write so much insanely great stuff in so little time, it can end up getting buried.

A couple of must-read pieces linked for posterity:

From Hillary to Sarah--an American Journey

Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away

(Titles mine.)

UPDATE:  Dammit, they scooped me again.  I was going to do a write-up on Breitbart opening a case of Industrial Strength Whoop Ass at that astroturf protest, but once again, the Boyz do it better...

Someone Told Me To Hold This Sign.

20 September 2010

Especially for Christine O'Donnell

So now the statists are sure they've got something on her now--big time!  Yep, Bill "Wouldn't Know A Libertarian If One Pissed On Me" Maher has released a clip from the Pleistocene Era (which was the last time he was relevant) showing Ms. O'Donnell admitting that she (at most) "dabbled" in witchcraft in High School.

Wow.  Her and at least half of all young ladies of her generation, I suppose.  But, since both the Leftist Dems and DeceptiCons are "quick to judge, quick to anger...slow to understand,"  I dedicate Rush's "Witch Hunt" to all those currently spitting in the eye of the statist establishment.

Think about it...this used to be an indictment of the Right--now it could be applied far more to today's Left.  And so we spin further into Bizarro World.

And now for something completely different

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street doing the most badass version of "Superstition" I have ever heard.

Rock on!

19 September 2010

And now for something completely different

Hey, we can't talk politics all the time.  Here's a pretty-damn-good steak marinade I just put together:

1 cup roasted red pepper-infused olive oil (You can make this yourself, or, optionally, add one chopped red pepper.)
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons Dijon-style prepared mustard (Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon...?)
1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper (Alternately, substitute "Lavender Pepper," available from terraverdefarms.com. [Terra Verde Farms is NOT compensating me in any way--I just like a lot of their stuff.])
1 medium onion, sliced
3-4 large cloves garlic, minced

Mix.  Marinate meat.  Cook.  Eat.

Legal Insurrection

I just realized that I didn't explain why I linked to his blog...

...it's because of insight like this.

The left is doing to O'Donnell exactly what they did to Sharron Angle -- swamp her with accusations and nonsense in the days after the primary to keep her from organizing her campaign.  The Nevada primary was months ago, so Angle had a chance to recover.  O'Donnell doesn't have that luxury of time given the late primary.  She needs to integrate millions of dollars in new cash, gear up with staff, and plan her attack. 

With each of your self-righteous columns and snide blog posts, you become part of the problem not part of the solution.

The woman (at the time, a young woman) went on MTV and Maher and who knows where else, and said some things that she would not say now.  For that sin you are ready to toss her overboard so that you can declare yourselves to have been wiser than the unwashed voters who elected her in the primary?

And we call the Democrats elitist snobs?  Stop being so damn selfish.  November is not about who was right or wrong in the primaries.  If Castle had won, O'Donnell supporters would have rallied around him, or at least kept their mouths shut.

Seriously, folks--in this election cycle, the choice is clear.  You either back the Cocktail Party or the People.  The People have spoken, so either get in Ms. O'Donnell's corner or STFU.

UPDATE:  I might just be adding another commentator to my blogroll.  Great take on the Cocktail Party Jihad here.

Enough to make one cry

Some of my younger readers will need a small history lesson, which I shall impart thusly.

Long, long ago, in the dim and distant past, as we were still hopping from one foot to another while the crust of the Earth cooled...there was no internet.  Yes, it's true.

18 September 2010

Blogrollin' again

Not only a blogger, but a new radio hostess--and her first guests on her first radio show are...the BuzzBoyz!  Give it up for The Intolerant Fox!

Tea Party Express victory--Taiwan style!

I am totally getting into these little slices of snark.

(h/t RightNetwork via HillBuzz)


Please welcome...Legal Insurrection.

Rules for Republicans

We've all heard of the Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals.  If you haven't read and understood it, go do so.  You'll have a whole new understanding of Leftist motivations and tactics.

Paul Jacobsen, at the American Thinker, has come up with our answer to Alinsky: 

Rules for Republicans
  • 1. The era of liberalism is over.
    Today there are no liberals in power; there are only radical leftists. They are the enemy, not the opposition. Their ideology is not simply wrong; it is evil.
  • 2. It is impossible to be too cynical about the intentions, motives, and truthfulness of radical leftists.
    They will always exceed our most horrifying expectations.
  • 3. Radical leftists are continually seeking to destroy America's historic foundations, particularly our Constitution.
    Their goal is to rebuild upon the rubble according to their own evil vision and to gratify their insatiable lust for tyrannical power.
  • 4. Radical leftists are continually seeking to infiltrate and undermine American institutions.
    They are especially attracted to institutions where there are unearned wealth, sinecures, and ambiguous standards of accomplishment.
  • 5. Our people must always be seeking to restore America's tested, historic, foundational principles and to guard and protect our Constitution and our cherished institutions.
  • 6. Civility must never trump truthfulness.
    Civility is a highly commendable virtue; truthfulness is vastly more commendable.
  • 7. Ideology must never trump truthfulness.
    We Republicans need to constantly examine our own ideological principles to make sure they are, first and foremost, true. Then we must proclaim them boldly and straightforwardly.
  • 8. Never try to out-compassion a bleeding-heart radical leftist.
    Conservatism is the most compassionate -- and most truthful -- political philosophy there is. Radical leftism, by contrast, is based on false promises intended not to better the lives of anyone, but to recruit gullible, ignorant people as "
    useful idiots."
  • 9. Challenge radical leftists to live up to their own publicly proclaimed ethical principles.
    They never do. They just fake it. (Cf. Alinsky Rule #4: "Make the enemy live up to their [sic] own book of rules.")
  • 10. Refuse to use the favorite language of the radical left.
    Their language is always intended to spread lies and propaganda and to create confusion, fear, and retreat, not to convey truthful information.
  • 11. The language our people use should boldly convey real information accurately, precisely, and above all, truthfully.
  • 12. Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.
    This is Alinsky Rule #5, word for word, but we Republicans have a special advantage in applying it to radical leftists because ridicule or satire, to be really effective, must be rooted in truth. That's why leftist ridicule flops; it's usually based on lies.
  • 13. Attempting to reason with intractable, hardcore radical leftists will always end in futility.
    Such people are incorrigibly anti-rational, so it is impossible to establish an authentic interlocutory interface with them. The only realistic way to engage them is to crush them politically, using any and all truthful and lawful tactics.

Go forth and read the whole thing.  It's a very powerful piece, and a great list of tactics we need to put into practice.

Something's not quite right...

...about that new Democrat logo.

It just needs something...

Oh, yeah. Much more appropriate.

And away we go...!!  Parodies are springing up everywhere.  Gotta love it!

(h/t images Ace of Spades)

Classic Ace of Spades

Ace at the infamous Ace of Spades HQ waxes poetic about the Exciting, Hip and Edgy new Democrat Party logo, which is just what they need to turn their looming destruction into a glorious socialist triumph!!

This party has driven the country into the ground so far we need a blow-out preventer to keep from spilling into Hell and they're trotting out a poorly conceived, terribly executed marketing ploy as something that will "excite" the base?

Personally, I'm relieved that they seem to be stuck on stupid.  For a second there, I was worried that they might actually do something intelligent.  Silly me--they've managed to avoid any semblance of brainpower up to now.  All they have to show for months of buildup and expense is...a logo that's being ridiculed to high heaven even in their own comment section.

We're going to own November 2nd.

16 September 2010

I can stop blogging now.

You wish.  But it's going to be about impossible to top Dr. Zero's latest.


This is just becoming weird.  Here's how the Left thinks it can crush Christine O'Donnell.

Seriously?  You're making a big production out of this?

Let's get something straight:  I am no one's idea of a prude.  I was heavily involved in the BDSM community, the Swinger community, the Renaissance Festival community and the Queer community for over a decade.  I was such a slut they wouldn't let me visit the Virgin Islands.  Though I've settled down these days, in a monogamous relationship with the best woman on Earth, I've been around the block.  A lot.

I have always been, and continue to be, a strong proponent of sexual freedom.  And now I have to tell the Left something I've been trying to drill into Right-wing heads for years:  Freedom means freedom for EVERYBODY.

Not just for you, or people like you, or people who share your particular kink, orientation or worldview.  Everybody.  You either support the right of consenting individuals to do as they wish with other consenting individuals, or you don't support freedom at all--you simply want a tyranny that you agree with.

Ms. O'Donnell made a choice to express her sexuality in a manner fully consistent with how she interprets Biblical teachings.  It is a choice many people don't make.  It's a choice that many people don't even understand.  I wouldn't do it.  But if we maintain that what goes on in our bedrooms is no one else's business, then what does--or does not--go on in Ms. O'Donnell's bedroom ain't our business.  She expressed her opinions on the issues of premarital sex and masturbation.  At no time did I hear her call for an anti-masturbation law(how the hell would you enforce it?  Never mind, I don't want to think about the logistics, they frighten me).  And, seeing as how she's the only candidate in this whole affair that actually respects the Constitution, I doubt she'll find the Constitutionally-enumerated authority to pass one.

If this is all you've got, I think she's going to trounce her Marxist opponent.

Facts or GTFO.

One of the main reasons the Left is going to have their collective (so to speak) ass handed to them in less than seven weeks is one of the things that makes them Leftists:  They're simply too stupid to learn anything new.

Look at what they support...Marxism, socialism, collectivism of all sorts.  This is the propaganda that's been drilled into them by the brain-butchers who've infiltrated our halls of academia, and it's what they cling to against all reason.  By all the evidence of history and objective reality, capitalism rules and communism drools.  Individual liberty has, time and again, proven itself the superior concept to the hive.  Yet, the Left persists in their insane quest to collectivize the world, thinking that somehow, this time, it'll work out like they planned.  It never does.

This single-minded idiocy is part and parcel of everything they are, and it's becoming more and more obvious as America awakens.  For years--decades, even--all they've had to do to win the day is go on the attack with smears, distortions and lies.  But a funny thing happened up in Delaware the other day.  "Megatron Mike" Castle ran one of the most brutal personal-attack campaigns ever...and it blew up in his face.  The "unelectable" Christine O'Donnell left her footprint on his ass in a major way.

Part of Castle's ignominous defeat (which he's still being a big baby over) was most certainly his voting record, which works out just slightly to the left of Vladimir Lenin.  Part of it was the general anti-incumbent mood of our great nation.  But I believe that the majority of it was simply that America is fed up with lies, smears, personal attacks and the rest of the Leftist playbook.  We're awake, aware and engaged, and we want to hear about the issues.  Whatever Ms. O'Donnell's opinions are on sexual activity (post to follow) or whether she's had financial troubles or whether she went to this school or didn't go to that one...all this is just noise.  All we care about these days are what positions a given candidate represents, and whether he or she can be proven, or not, to stand behind them.

Which adds up to serious trouble for the Left, because we don't want any part of their agenda and they know it.  So now, they're desperate and bewildered.  Their standard Alinsky playbook isn't working, and in some cases is even being turned against them.  I predict rising Leftist violence as they lash out like trapped animals. 

That's what they have to do, because they're too stupid to learn anything new.

15 September 2010


Go read this.

An Open Letter to Karl Rove

It took me a little while to put this together.  Mainly because I'm trying to clean up my language, and I wanted to calm down enough that I wouldn't be dropping F-bombs every other word.

Let's get it clear what I'm talking about.  Here is Mr. Rove on Hannity, regarding the recent selection of Christine O'Donnell as the Delaware Republican candidate over "Megatron Mike" Castle:

I am a latecomer to the Republican side of the aisle, and people like this are the reason why.  When the Left wants to demonize Republicans as evil, they'll usually point at Karl Rove...for, apparently, good reason.

Mr. Rove:

You, sir, are a vile, nasty little troll of a man.  You disgrace not only Republicans, but Americans in general and, quite frankly, all of humanity.

I understand that you considered Mike Castle the best choice for the Delaware Republican candidate.  God only knows why, since he's about as Republican as Che Guevera, but that's beside the point.  Mike Castle lost.  The people have spoken, the die has been cast...Christine O'Donnell is, for better or worse, the Republican candidate for Senate in the state of Delaware.

Now, if you gave one thin damn about the future of this country, you'd have gotten behind Ms. O'Donnell.  Even if you had reservations about supporting her, you could have just said her win was 'unexpected' and then shut your pie hole.  That, I could have understood.  But you let your mask slip last night, and revealed yourself as just another Quisling, fake-Republican, Cocktail Party bitch.

What I saw on that Hannity interview was the most obviously nasty, underhanded, passive-aggressive act of sabotage I've encountered in decades.  Your DeceptiCon boyfriend got beat fair and square, and instead of showing some class and party loyalty, you deliberately and transparently dragged Ms. O'Donnell through the mud out of nothing more than pure spite.   This is everything that's wrong with the Cocktail Party.  Power over principle.  Ego over America.  Childish, backhanded attacks from behind the equivalent of Momma's skirts.

You, Mr. Rove, make me ill.  Do us all a favor and get the hell off my side, kthxbi.

With all due respect(ie; none),
--The Wraith

Hey, I managed to keep it PG-rated.  Success!

Do we have your attention NOW?

The recent win by Christine O'Donnell in Delaware marks the eighth Tea Party candidate to trounce the Cocktail Party's DeceptiCon picks.

In Florida, Charlie Crist is still running as an Independent, and Marco Rubio--after winning the Republican primary handily--is stomping both Crist and the Dem challenger in all major polls.  Pennsylvania's Arlen "The Party Left Me" Specter was crushed handily by Pat Toomey.  Kentucky voters rejected Trey Grayson out of hand in favor of Stealth Libertarian Rand Paul. 

In the Utah race, the GOP business-as-usual brigade first stood with Bob Bennett, then that other guy, while Mike Lee won.  In Nevada, Sharron Angle beat out the DeceptiCon Sue Lowden.  The Establishment backed the Murkowski Dynasty, while the Tea Party and Sarah Palin endorsements put Joe Miller over the top.  (Yes, Murkowski's still whining about it.)  GOP?  Jane Norton.  Conservatives?  Ken Buck. 

And now, Christine O'Donnell the conservative beats out Mike "Megatron" Castle, who may well be the Ultimate DeceptiCon.  (Seriously, the guy votes like Pelosi has her hand up his ass and is working him like a Muppet.)  Castle has refused to endorse Ms. O'Donnell, which is exactly the sort of childish, poor-loser, no-class behavior I'd expect from a liberal.*

The Quislings in the Cocktail Party are absolutely losing their minds.  What's this?  These candidates aren't the ones we picked!!  This can't be!!  Those unwashed, uneducated commoners are daring to make their own choices!  Who authorized them to do that? 

Silly DeceptiCons!  You should have been reading Weird & Pissed Off.  Way back a few months ago, I warned you this would happen.

Listen up this time, because I hate repeating myself.  You are no longer running the show.  We, the real Americans, are tired of business as usual.  We don't believe your lies any more.  We will no longer be told to 'hold our noses' while you shove RiNO after Repubic after DeceptiCon under them.  We are taking back our country--both from the Leftists currently in power AND their Republican enablers.  And, unlike you, when we say we'll do something...it gets done.

Last chance, suckers.  If you ever had any principles, get back to them with a quickness.  If you don't know what principles are, you'd better learn, and I mean NOW.  You've wrapped yourself in the rhetoric of small government and free markets, and you will now live up to your words...

...or you will be destroyed.  Your call.

(UPDATE:  Now go on over The Cliffs Of Insanity.  On the way down, read this.)

*Think I forgot about Rove?  Oh, no...he merits his very own post.  Wait for it.

14 September 2010


If you haven't guessed by now, I'm one of those halfway-bitter-clingers.  I can take or leave religion, but don't mess with my guns.

Since PayPal decided to pull this crap, 3%'ers, 2-A absolutists and 1 guy in a travel trailer in Arizona have been searching for an alternative means of online money transfer.  Thus was born GPal.  I've even recommended them to people.  Turns out, I might not have wanted to do that. 




This is not looking good for GPal.  Looks like Laurel has her eye on this, so I'll be checking PG&B for updates.  I suggest current and potential GP clients do the same.

Why can't we just have a stable, above-board payment service that just moves money around without bowing to PC bullcrap?

Ass. He kicks it.

Mr. Karl Denninger is in rare form lately...

VA and Prudential conspire to screw veterans, with the blessing of the Obama Regime.

The reality of the War on Drugs.

Recovery?  Not so much.

Seriously, if you read any news at all, make it the Market Ticker.  It's just about all you need to know.

13 September 2010

Racism at Tea Parties...WE HAVE PROOF!

Seems this intrepid reporter has been scouring Tea Parties left and right, trying to find people of color.  His success, sadly, was limited.

(h/t iOwnTheWorld)

10 September 2010

Celebrity blogroll update.

Robin.  Of.  Berkeley.


Another viral video

(h/t Bijou @ HillBuzz)
(Kleenex Warning)

Thank you, veterans.  Please, everyone, pass this on.

America's two-front political war

Why has voter participation been so dismal for so long?  Many theories have been advanced, but as far as I can see, it's because people haven't seen any appreciable difference between the two parties.  A choice between big-government Republicans or even-bigger-government Democrats hardly seems like a choice at all to the majority of the American people, who, for the most part, simply want the government to stick to its Constitutional duties, stop stealing their money and leave them alone.

Unfortunately, until the recent advent of the Tea Party movement, there was no real effort to reduce government.  Oh, sure, the Republicans would talk a good game.  They'd run the campaign circuit calling for personal responsibility, lower taxes, deregulating business and generally presenting themselves as the second coming of Ronald Reagan.  Then, once they found themselves ensconced in their own little D.C. fiefdoms, they would do nothing more than hold us down while the Dems took turns violating our rights and bank accounts. 

But now that the Dems have become truly and openly Marxist, America is waking up and demanding real, honest conservatism.  And this has the entrenched GOP machine, hereby referrred to as the "Cocktail Party," scared to death.  The situation is discussed here by the Great One himself, Mark Levin.

Folks, we know the Jackass is out to destroy America as we know it.  But so is the Elephant, just at a slower pace.  We must ally ourselves with the GOP for the moment, because they're our best alternative.  In so doing, we must pay attention to the primaries, and campaign and vote for real conservatives.  Just because someone has an (R) behind their name means nothing.  What they stand for and how they vote means everything.  If you take nothing else from this post, know this:  "Republican" != "conservative."

Here in Arizona, we wound up with McSame again. (barf)  It is too late for us, but you can learn from our mistake.  Examine your primaries, vote early, vote conservative!

(h/t JRD @ HillBuzz for the vid)

Denninger on Islam

Taking a break from his spot-on analysis of the worldwide financial situation(yipe), Karl Denninger breaks down the difference between Islam and the other major religions.

Christianity and Judaism both can point to passages in The Bible that proscribe certain behavior and call for death by stoning for violations.
But somewhere in the last 2,000 years, both Christianity and Judaism have come to recognize that this sort of barbarism - that is, attacking someone physically simply because they refuse to believe as you do - is indefensible under both the laws of God and Man, and thus have (with the notable exception of a few nuts) cast that position and approach to "enforcement" of "divine command" aside.

If Islam will not do so, then the rest of the world will have to decide whether it truly values religious freedom, and if it does, it will have to unfortunately commit to the eradication of Islam from the face of the earth.
I'm aware that this is an incendiary statement, incidentally.
It is nonetheless true.

RTWT @ The Market Ticker.  And if you have any money left after the latest economic cluster bungle, you might want to keep up on Denninger's market dispatches.  The guy knows his stuff.

09 September 2010

I hope this isn't a sneak attack

I've always been of the opinion that "Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives" should be a shopping list, not a government agency. Anyone who keeps up on such things has noticed this agency getting steadily more heavy-handed and out of control over the years.

But what's this? A bipartisan effort to rein in and streamline the BATFE?? "The description of the bill from the legislative text shows that it mainly focuses on management of federal licenses and does so in a manner that 2nd Amendment activists will support..."

Hmm. Well, it seems legit, but past experience tells me that whenever Da Gubmint starts focusing on guns, it never ends well for the People. Maybe I'm just wary after decades of violations, both blatant and concealed, of our 2nd Amendment rights by pretty much every level and branch of government. Maybe the tide really has turned, once and for all.

Time will tell. I'm keeping an eye on this.

I like this guy.

John Goodman (no, not that one) points out the differences between the engineering and economic approaches to social systems. (The economic approach obviously works, yet our Lords and Masters are trying to use the made-of-fail engineering approach, which is why American society is currently swimming upstream against the suck.)

Both these experiments reveal two important things about pilot programs: (1) it is possible to spend an enormous amount of money to learn something ordinary people with an ounce of common sense (people without PhDs) probably could have told us anyway and (2) no matter what we discover, politicians are likely to do what is politically expedient for them to do in any event.

I love the smell of common sense in the morning!

Dispatches from the Jihadist front

Muslim woman calls for Islamic sea change.

Columnist questions whether Islamic reformation is possible.

Imam Rauf says his buddies will kill us all if we don't build the Victory Mosque right where it's planned. But it's all about the peace and love. Really.

Quite a few people are starting to get pretty tired of Islam demanding special treatment.

Of course, non-Jihadists are also fully capable of being dicks. (Personally, I don't care whether or not the Jihadists are offended, since it seems to be their default state anyway. I just have a problem with burning any books at all.) UPDATE: Well, well, isn't this completely and utterly unsurprising.

So that's the scuttlebutt. Further bulletins as events warrant.

UPDATE(Breaking news): Was this whole Qur'an-burning thing a big game of Chicken? If so, looks like the West has won.

UPDATE: Or not. But it appears The Donald may have a few tricks under his hair...

08 September 2010

Electron seamstress

Just putzing about with the blog template. Now you can see the whole screen on embedded movies, there isn't so much empty space, and links are a bit easier to see.

I'm still not entirely happy with the color scheme, though. Working on it; suggestions welcome.


Few things in life are better than seeing an intelligent and righteously pissed patriot 'crush her enemies, see them driven before her, and hear the lamentations of their editors.'

In the wake of the now-infamous (not to mention vile, underhanded, cowardly and despicable) Vanity Fair anti-Palin smear piece,* many of my fellow Palinistas have risen to condemn so-called 'journalist' Michael Gross. But none have done a more thorough job of blistering his hide than Dr. Gina Loudon.

Sit back and enjoy a literary ass-kicking of Biblical proportions.

* OK, seriously, when your character assassination is so completely blatant that even folks who normally despise Sarah are all like "dude...wait, what?" --that's a sure sign that a) you suck at commando journalism and b) she's getting to you like no one ever could. Neener neener. :P

Required reading

This is why I generally consider myself a "Goldwater Conservative" if I really need a label.

There is no gay spokesperson for this nefarious gay lobby seeking the destruction of the Republic by making everyone gay or something. We’re very TEA Party in that regard. No leader, no organization. We just sort of go door to door, picking up the sons (mostly) and daughters who you throw out as so much garbage while accusing us of being anti-family.


Apologies from the management

I realize that posting has been light recently, and that most of said posts have been little more than references to Stuff You Should Check Out elsewhere on the intartubez. In my defense, work has been kicking my ass lately. My work weeks for the last month or two have basically had me living on a near-exclusive diet of coffee, Mountain Dew, Talk Radio and speedmetal. This should be resolved soon, either by a change in schedule or my upcoming psychotic breakdown, whichever happens first.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and compose the thoughts I've been having the past couple of days regarding the Left(you're stunned, I'm sure). They might even appear in some sort of coherent order, but I assure you this is most likely due to random chance.

03 September 2010

Common sense

Daddy Bear haz it.

This is actually an older post, brought up by a current post. When sections of America are literally being designated 'no-man's-land' because of the actions of foreign invaders, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to consider ourselves at war.


Almost a lost art in today's world, except for this spectacular take on the RHR at The People's Cube. (Picture-intense; dial-up users click before you leave for work and it should be halfway loaded by Monday evening.)

02 September 2010


I'm not really fond of outsourcing, especially when our country's unemployment rate is at these levels. But whoever's doing these little shorts definitely has their finger on the pulse of America.

Taqiyya--the art of the lie

This is what makes dealing with Islam very problematic for Judeo-Christian cultures. Our respective views regarding truthful speech differ greatly.

The Arabs have a story which exemplifies subtle, semantic dissimulation (taqiyya) perfectly. Legend has it that Mohammed’s nephew, son-in-law and future Caliph, Ali, was sitting on a stool outside his dwelling when one of his allies ran red-faced and gasping into the village and hid in Ali’s home. Perceiving that the man was being pursued, Ali promptly got up and sat on another nearby stool. A few minutes later, a group of angry pursuers ran into the encampment and asked Ali if he had seen the man they were pursuing. Ali responded with the statement “AS LONG AS I HAVE BEEN SITTING ON THIS STOOL I HAVE SEEN NO ONE.”


Blogroll Update, Part Etc

Please welcome an obvious egomaniac to the Blogroll: nooneofanyimport. Great stuff, but absolutely no modesty there at all.


01 September 2010

You go, girl!

I have got to see this movie when it comes out.


We all know the popular conception of the Deep South as a place of inbred, sister-bangin', queer-bashin', ignorant redneck hick hayseed jerkwads.

I have been all over this country, and I've found the Deep South to be a wonderful, hospitable, caring and all-around American place. I try my best to spread the word to everyone I know that the South is not the way it's been portrayed.

Aaaand then...someone has to come along and set the image back about a century. (eyeroll)

Atheists: We don't all march in lockstep

My favorite atheist comedian, Pat Condell, takes other atheists to task for becoming dhimmis in the name of Political Correctness.

Tolerance is one thing. I've learned to not only tolerate but admire many of my fellow Christian and Jewish Americans. But, when tolerance is a one-way street, there arises a significant problem. Tolerating those who won't tolerate you, will ultimately lead to your destruction.

Mr. Condell is an Englishman, and is well aware of the dangers of the Jihadist dominion that is becoming all too prevalent on the eastern side of the pond. You might want to listen to his voice above those who know not whereof they speak.