09 September 2010

Dispatches from the Jihadist front

Muslim woman calls for Islamic sea change.

Columnist questions whether Islamic reformation is possible.

Imam Rauf says his buddies will kill us all if we don't build the Victory Mosque right where it's planned. But it's all about the peace and love. Really.

Quite a few people are starting to get pretty tired of Islam demanding special treatment.

Of course, non-Jihadists are also fully capable of being dicks. (Personally, I don't care whether or not the Jihadists are offended, since it seems to be their default state anyway. I just have a problem with burning any books at all.) UPDATE: Well, well, isn't this completely and utterly unsurprising.

So that's the scuttlebutt. Further bulletins as events warrant.

UPDATE(Breaking news): Was this whole Qur'an-burning thing a big game of Chicken? If so, looks like the West has won.

UPDATE: Or not. But it appears The Donald may have a few tricks under his hair...

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