10 September 2010

Denninger on Islam

Taking a break from his spot-on analysis of the worldwide financial situation(yipe), Karl Denninger breaks down the difference between Islam and the other major religions.

Christianity and Judaism both can point to passages in The Bible that proscribe certain behavior and call for death by stoning for violations.
But somewhere in the last 2,000 years, both Christianity and Judaism have come to recognize that this sort of barbarism - that is, attacking someone physically simply because they refuse to believe as you do - is indefensible under both the laws of God and Man, and thus have (with the notable exception of a few nuts) cast that position and approach to "enforcement" of "divine command" aside.

If Islam will not do so, then the rest of the world will have to decide whether it truly values religious freedom, and if it does, it will have to unfortunately commit to the eradication of Islam from the face of the earth.
I'm aware that this is an incendiary statement, incidentally.
It is nonetheless true.

RTWT @ The Market Ticker.  And if you have any money left after the latest economic cluster bungle, you might want to keep up on Denninger's market dispatches.  The guy knows his stuff.

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