09 September 2010

I hope this isn't a sneak attack

I've always been of the opinion that "Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives" should be a shopping list, not a government agency. Anyone who keeps up on such things has noticed this agency getting steadily more heavy-handed and out of control over the years.

But what's this? A bipartisan effort to rein in and streamline the BATFE?? "The description of the bill from the legislative text shows that it mainly focuses on management of federal licenses and does so in a manner that 2nd Amendment activists will support..."

Hmm. Well, it seems legit, but past experience tells me that whenever Da Gubmint starts focusing on guns, it never ends well for the People. Maybe I'm just wary after decades of violations, both blatant and concealed, of our 2nd Amendment rights by pretty much every level and branch of government. Maybe the tide really has turned, once and for all.

Time will tell. I'm keeping an eye on this.

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