27 February 2011

Postage Don't.

Posting will be intermittent and even more incoherent than usual for a while.  Because I hurt and moving sucks.  On the plus side, this will be the last time I ever have to move in my life.

Thank God.

24 February 2011

"Give me Sarah Palin any day of the week!"

I'm adding the Mike Gallagher Show to my Talk Radio category.  Because this.  14.5 minutes.  Listen to it all...it's worth it.


More misogyny and homophobia!!

It never ends!! 

Gee, I'm so ashamed of myself for being one of those neanderthal Tea Party Patriots.  We really need to learn some lessons in tolerance and civility from these oppressed and misunderstood union activists.

Does anyone with a functioning brain cell even listen to the LSM any more?

And now for something completely different

I love penguins.  Apparently, this family in Japan does, too!

Hey, sometimes, you just need to throw the world's problems aside and smile.

Stand with our heroes TODAY.

Eventually, the progressives know if they hold out long enough they will win.  It works every time.  The media will focus on the support the progressives have and make it look like they are on the right side of any issue.  Eventually the conservative leader mistakenly falls prey to his/her own concern about perception and immediately the Progressive wins.  That is how they roll.   This is why it is so important to reach out to conservatives and reinforce to them, whoever they are, that we support their stance and position.  If we do not, the creeping worry of perception and subsequent guilt leads to compromises in principled positions.  There are some issues that reach beyond the framework of concession and compromise and strike at the very core of conservative belief.  Those issues must not EVER be allowed to fall prey to public, or media pressures. 

RTWT, and then start showing your support.  Sometimes, a word of encouragement at the right time can change history.

Of hollowpoints and related matters

Usually Brigid enthralls us with her cooking or captures our hearts and souls with writing and photos truly inspired.

Today, she's a cop telling you some things you need to consider when deliberating the use of a firearm for the defense of person or property.

Shooting someone with the intent to only wound, such as shooting someone in the arm is still using lethal force in the eyes of the law, and under which you MUST be in immediate danger of grave bodily injury or death. If you are not, then you are not allowed by the law to shoot them at all.

That's only one paragraph--go RTWT.  Twice.  Then, if you haven't visited her blog before, get your printer ready to spit out a whole mess of phenomenal recipes...!!

23 February 2011

Can you stand a couple more on the topic?

BRM comments on Marko's take on what I just posted a bit ago.

I'll get back with you tomorrow when you've sorted all that out.

Should I laugh or cry?

I first refer you to this post from a while back.  While browsing back through my blog, I noticed that our buddy Mike linked to me and gave me a post of my very own!  (Mask) "Thank you...thank you!  You love me!  You really love me!" (/Mask)

Given the habits of Libs to delete, ignore and alter commentary that hurts their pretty little feelings, I'm going to post everything up here as I find and respond to it.  Let's see what happens...!

Can it be?

Is GunGate actually hitting the LSM???

The Project Gunwalker scandal, which began as a whispered rumor, is now out in front of the whole world to see. Most significantly, the ATF and DOJ hid, refusing to comment, refusing even to send out the weasel-worded non-denial deniers. Guilty. As. Sin.

There is more coming on CBS, I can promise you that. And now the other networks and print "authorized journalists" will have to get off their duffs and start to play catch-up.
Every single American owes a note of thanks to David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh--two brave patriots who grabbed onto this story like pit bulls with lockjaw and wouldn't let go until the job was done.  We need far more like these men.

My, your herring is a fetching shade of crimson.

OMGOMGOMG!!!  The Obama Regime is out of control!!!


Look, even though I completely oppose the DOMA on Constitutional grounds as well as the principles of liberty, I'm in total agreement that it should be struck down by a Constitutional challenge in the courts, not by an activist President who fancies himself a king.  (Everyone with me so far?  Good.)

But, seriously...telling us that the Barack Obama is politically partisan, dismissive of the Constitution and contemptuous of the rule of law is akin to telling us that fire is hot.  We knew that already.  There are plenty of more serious things the Obama Regime in general is doing that will actually proveably damage this country, and possibly the world.  But they know that all they have to do is gin up the controversy of 'gay marriage,' and the predictable Pavlovian reaction of SoCons will have the Right focusing on nothing else.

Quit obsessing about relationships between consenting adults in a supposedly free country and watch the other hand, SoCons.  I don't know what they're trying to distract us from, but you idiots need to quit falling for the same tactics time and again.  I swear, Charlie Brown will kick that football into high orbit before you fools wise up.

I've found our new Secretary of State!!

Future President Palin/West/Cain/etc...you might want to hire Daddy Bear.

The perpetrators should be tried quickly aboard whichever Navy vessel they find themselves on as of today.  If the powers that be feel it is necessary, a military judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney can be dispatched to the fleet and hold a court martial.  Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that the commanding officer of a warship in international waters can convene one with just as much legal weight as if it were held in Hampton Roads.

If found guilty of piracy, which to my understanding means "Was the accused on  the ship without permission of her master and a party to her taking and/or  the killing of her crew?", I suggest that all of the guilty be hung by the neck until dead within sight of their home port, with the event being broadcast live on CNN, Fox, SkyNews, and Al Jazeera.  Any network that refuses to broadcast this warning to barbarians would lose its license to broadcast in the United States.  All of the bottom feeding, cave dwelling, murderous cretins of the world need to know that after we count to 10 more than a few times, bad things happen to bad people.

After that, the president needs to man up and get congressional authorization for a punitive naval expedition against the pirates and their nests.   My idea would be the immediate bombardment, not bombing, of the coastal villages that seem to breed this scum.  A bombing would be too quick.  I think the slow, systematic shelling of every standing structure in the port sends the right message. Nothing shows you care like having a cruiser park outside of RPG range and level the village.

RTWT at the link.  Here's a guy who knows the score.


You’re politically and historically ignorant

Given the signs on display in Madison, I'm thinking that it's impossible to underpay Wisconsin educators.

I like this guy, since he made me laugh my balls off.  Blogrolled.

Ah, sweet civility.

Now, if I had stood up on a podium at a Tea Party and said this, what do you think would be the result?

I would likely be gently removed from the stage and be told to leave and not come back.  I might also be charged with incitement to riot.  My words would be splattered all over every LSM outlet as an example of "the seething cauldron of racially-motivated rage that is the Tea Party Movement" or some crap like that.

I notice that Congressman Capuano isn't volunteering to get out on the front lines himself.  He's not going to risk his hide--just yours.  Another community organizer cowardly, rabble-rousing thug; just what we need in today's political arena.

22 February 2011

Blogrollin' MMXII: Rise of the Palinistas

How could I not include the Barracuda Brigade?  Especially when they feature art like this...

An Allen West Smackdown!!

This video of LTC Allen West taking on the lies of CAIR has been going viral--deservedly so--all day.  I can't stop grinning every time I view it.

Anyway, Nicki at The Liberty Zone gives us some of her usual blunt-force-trauma commentary on the subject, to my even greater delight.  (NSFW--Language)

UPDATE:  HWAEPR/IAmDagny/Ann points out that semantics make a very big difference in this context:

One little learning point from this clip – note that the muslim asks, “Can you show me one verse where it says to attack innocent people?”

In islam, all infidels are, by definition, guilty of apostasy, and thus can not be “innocent”. The only “innocent” people according to islam are muslims living under Sharia. Everyone else is guilty, and thus there is no prohibition against murdering them. The word “innocent” means something completely different to muslims than it does to civilized human beings. Muslims will continually play these games of semantics thinking that we won’t “get it”. Epic fail, CAIR boy.
"You keep using those words...I do not think they mean what you think they mean."

It's on.

I've said it before, and TL In Exile says it now: We are facing an army of thugs and bullies, who have, predictably, been emboldened by generations of appeasement and political correctness.

The unions arifying their membership, consolidating gains and actively directing their efforts against the political winds that have blown against them. This is the battleground on which they have chosen to fight, right here and right now. They have dispatched the purple buses across the nation in an effort to create widespread chaos. They are flexing their muscles and expect the citizenry to cower in fear. Their method is simple: intimidation pure and clear. It is a thug tactic employed by thugs. It is mob rule. We resist it here and now or bow to it and inspire a thousand more events.

I know not what course America as a whole may take...but I stopped cowering from bullies in Junior High, and I'll be damned if I'll start again. You want some? Come and get it.

21 February 2011

Nothing to see here.

Just some old video from years ago.

I don't get it.

How the hell is HWAEPR still single?

Look, I love my wife.  We will literally be together "Til death do us part," and I doubt I'd ever marry again were I to survive her.  She's everything to me, and I thank the Good Lord for blessing me enough that she hasn't come to her senses and left.

But if my wife and I had never met, I'd show up on Ann's doorstep with flowers and candy in a heartbeat...and a 55-gallon drum of Brasso to polish her enormous brass balls:

Even LIBERALS are starting to get it!!

Well, at least one of the smarter ones, anyway.

Liberal Dave, you don't know me from Adam's off ox, but here's to ya, anyway.

19 February 2011

My dream ticket in '12?

Palin/West.  Or West/Palin, whichever.  Why?

God Bless Col. West!

(HT NewZeal)

About that blogroll...

...look, y'all--if you've been just skimming my blogroll, you really need to check out Marooned in Marin this week.  From the Wisconsin protests to a disturbing case of arson in Texas, the man's a news and information machine right now.  Well done!

In other news, my moving efforts got all jacked up this weekend due to that pesky Global Warming, which is dumping rain and snow all over Arizona.  Why did I bother leaving Minnesota, again?

18 February 2011

I hate moving.

Hate hate hate.  Luckily, I'm moving into a house I actually bought, so once this move is done, I'm not moving again until they cart me out in a bag.  This explains why posting is light and random, and why it's lots of "linky-no-thinky."

Once this cluster bungle is over, I'll be back in ass-whooping form.  In the meantime, I'm giving much love to Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and calling the Dems who literally turned tail and fled the state to thwart the will of the people a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards.  And as for the spoiled communist cheeseheads posing as educators--welcome to the real world.  Suck it up and get back to work.

17 February 2011


Stop whatever you're doing.  Get rid of all distractions.  Put aside emotions and kneejerk reactions, as they are the domain of our enemies.

Now read this.  Including the comments.  Especially the comments.

Get it yet?

Conservatives On Fire:  The seventh recipient of W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.

Now, THIS is my idea of 'Hope.'

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) offered the amendment that blocks funding for various policy advisers to combat what he called “a very disturbing proliferation of czars” under Obama.

“These unappointed, unaccountable people who are literally running a shadow government, heading up these little fiefdoms that nobody can really seem to identify where they are or what they’re doing,” Scalise said Thursday. “But we do know that they’re wielding vast amounts of power.”

The jobs on the chopping block: White House-appointed advisers on health care, energy and climate, green jobs, urban affairs, the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, oversight of TARP executive compensation, diversity at the Federal Communications Commission and the auto industry manufacturing policy.

Hellz, yeah!!

How to be a Leftist

You must believe that cold fusion and 200mpg cars exist and are being suppressed by the greedy oil conglomerates...but that any questioning of why President Obama refuses to release his BC is a 'wacko conspiracy theory.'

You must believe that Anthropogenic Global Warming is absolute settled scientific fact...but that there's no proof that spending more money than we make year after year will do our country any damage.

You must believe that misogyny, homophobia and religious intolerance are some of the greatest evils ever to befall mankind.  Unless they're practiced by Muslims.

You must believe that when Republicans demand a course correction on financial matters, they're "threatening to shut down the government," while actually shutting down the government is perfectly acceptable.

More to come...

16 February 2011


G'Day.  We're here in the frehzen wastelands of Kehnada, where you're abeht to see something truly amoizing.  This is a very ee-leusive creetcha that's been thought extinct for millions of years, but we've found one...it's an ectual Moderate Muslim!

“I’d tell them, this is Canada, and in Canada, we teach music and physical education in our schools. If you don’t like it, leave. If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law,” said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary.
'Ow this specimen menaged to survive so long, we've no idea.  But it's comforting to know that they're still around, and perhaps we'll be able to breed enough of them to replenish the population.

She knows.

He hates us, and he is punishing us.
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 16, AD 2011 3:43 PM MST
I have read with keen interest all of the attempts by various pundits and thinkers to rationalize and discern the motivations of Barack Obama. I have yet to hear anyone properly articulate the motivation behind Obama’s destructive actions. Most reasonable, clear-thinking people now fully understand that this country is being destroyed before our very eyes. The most solid proof of this came earlier this week with the release of the Obama regime’s 2012 budget which, if adopted, would incur $26.3 trillion in new debt over the next decade. There is only one possible way to spin this fact with any degree of positivity: the United States will not incur $26.3 trillion in new debt over the next decade because the economy will collapse, the government will default and the Republic will cease to exist long before we burn through another $26.3 trillion. So, we’ve got that going for us, which is nice - to paraphrase the great Carl Spackler.
Many theories have been put forth regarding Obama’s stunningly destructive policies. Some say that Obama’s actions are due to stupidity and a lack of understanding of basic economics. The more optimistic (and naïve) say that Obama’s intentions are good, and that Obama truly thinks that he is doing all the right things, and Obama honestly believes that if given enough time his policies will indeed bear fruit. Some say that Obama is a true believer in Marxist theory and is motivated by an altruistic desire to empower the poor by confiscating and redistributing the wealth of the middle and upper classes. All of these contentions are incorrect and merely serve to shield us from the terrifying reality. Barack Obama hates the United States of America and its people, and is on a single-minded quest to exact punishment upon us.
One of the most difficult things for a human mind to comprehend is being hated. Hatred is, at its core, the desire that someone or something not exist. Every human soul, even the most damaged and depraved, still revolves around a core that regards its own existence as a positive. Nearly all human actions have a root motivation, misguided though they may be, of either perpetuating or improving the individual’s existence. Thus, even a person who commits suicide does so with the misguided motivation of ending suffering, and thus improving their existence by “making the pain stop”. Because we are created to exist (as redundant as that might sound), we find it almost impossible to comprehend that anyone wishes that we didn’t exist. We find it almost impossible to comprehend that we are truly hated, and will thus jump through psychological hoops with the dexterity of a circus acrobat to deny that reality when we are confronted by it.
Barack Obama has spent his entire life, literally from the day he was born, surrounded by people who actively, viscerally hate the United States of America. The Dunham family were Communists. Lolo Soetoro was a Marxist and a nominal Muslim. Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist. Obama’s professors and social circle at Occidental College were Marxists by Obama’s own tacit admission in Bill Ayers’ book Dreams From My Father. Obama’s Chicago mentor and aforementioned ghostwriter, Bill Ayers, is an avowed Communist. Obama’s so-called “pastor”, Jeremiah Wright, is a Marxist and rabid anti-Semite. Since America is the diametrical opposite of the tyranny of Marxism and the tyranny of islam, hatred of America is the inevitable derivitive of Obama's Marxist-muslim life and upbringing. Naturally, all of these people share the common trait of a visceral, seething, and in the case of Ayers, a demonstrably violent hatred of the United States, her economy, her culture and her people. Obama has been indoctrinated since early childhood to believe that the United States is the enemy, the ultimate criminal enterprise, the source and foundation of every imaginable grievance – and not merely on an aggregate scale, but on a personal level. Barack Obama views the United States of America as his sworn personal enemy, and thus his entire life has had as its focus and goal ascending to positions of power that would allow him to do one thing: mete out punishment. And that is exactly what Obama is doing.
Obama is, in all likelihood, a sociopath. He does not empathize, or even possess the capacity to fake the appearance of empathy toward other human beings. Obama doesn’t care about the poor or the oppressed, and the horrific collateral damage already being caused by ObamaCare is but one example of this cold indifference. These groups are merely pawns that Obama uses to capture and increase his own power, and to falsely justify the punishments that he is meting out upon the entire country. The more power Obama acquires, the more severe the punishment he can inflict upon the country. The more punishment he inflicts, the more power he craves so that he may inflict even greater punishment. The more horrific the punishments become, the more power Obama can amass by offering waivers, exemptions and protection from his punishments in exchange for loyalty. This feedback cycle, if left unchecked will grow exponentially, and as we are now seeing in the Middle East, could grow beyond the United States and eventually encompass the entire world.
Eighty years ago a Marxist and rabidly anti-Semitic madman ascended to power in Europe, motivated by a drive to exact punishment upon Jews and upon his fellow Europeans who drafted and enjoined the Treaty of Versailles. This madman’s hatred and his desire to punish his enemies was intense and personal. He was permitted to amass unspeakable power and inflict some of the worst punishments ever seen in human history. His craving for more power and more punishment was never satisfied. By the time he committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin, he had destroyed his entire country, started a World War that claimed the lives of over 60 million human beings, and nearly exterminated an entire race of people. Unless and until we come to grips with the terrifying reality of Obama’s psychology and motivation, this scenario could unfold again. With a nuclear weaponized Muslim world, the potential death, destruction and dislocation that could result today would be many times larger than what was suffered during the Second World War. Congruently, that same race of people, the Jews, would once again face an attempted genocide. We cannot allow Barack Hussein Obama to continue to punish the United States and the world for crimes against him that were never committed.

Yeah.  It's kindaexactly like that.

Sometimes, reality sucks.  Sometimes, it's scary.  There are things happening in this world so terrible and horrifying that we don't want to think about themBut we must.  Fire is hot, ice is cold and things fall down no matter what you might feel about it.  Ignoring reality will not make it go away. 

I'm familiar with the maxim, "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."  But there's a point where the situation cannot be adequately explained by stupidity.  So, what does that leave?

15 February 2011

Profanity Warning.

For the most part, even when I rant, I try to be somewhat clean about it.  I save the really nasty stuff for when it's deserved.

It's deserved.  Click the fold at your own risk.  NSFW etc.

The Left's racism problem

You darkies better not step off the Leftist plantation, now.  Else Massa gonna call you all kinds of names.

So far, the NAACP has not expressed any dissatisfaction with a prominent African-American–Cain is the former Chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, as well as the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City–being described as a monkey, a minstrel and a “garbage pail kid.”

Honestly, I'm amazed this 'Chauncey DeVega' buckethead didn't throw in an 'Uncle Tom' or 'Oreo cookie' slur just to round things out.  If you Facebook, please take a moment after reading the linked article, follow the electronic bread crumbs within to Mr. Cain's page and give the man some love.  You're free to do so no matter what color you are--he won't care and we don't, either.

I hope Mr. DeVega finds the results of his vile efforts rewarding.  At least he gets to live up in the Big House...!

13 February 2011



When I grow up...

...I'm gonna be President of the United States, and no one's ever gonna be able to tell me what to do!    I'll be able to do whatever I want!  'Cause I'll be the President!

Seriously, what's it going to take to see these people in orange jumpsuits?

12 February 2011

Right-Wing intolerance caught on video!!!

Oh, did I say "Right-Wing?"  Sorry...I meant LEFT-wing intolerance, LEFT-wing.  My bad, but what do you expect from a dumb truck driver?

(HT iOTW.  Sound quality sucks for the first 30 seconds or so.)

11 February 2011


It's a billion degrees, everything that moves is trying to poison you, every plant wants to turn you into a pincushion, there's booze and guns everywhere you look...why on Earth do I live here?

Oh, yeah--because our Governor has a spine of titanium.

Give 'em hell, Jan!!

09 February 2011

The GunGate scandal keeps rolling right along...

...and has engendered some great commentary.  "Defender," in a comment on Sipsey Street, spells out exactly how I've been feeling for over a quarter-century.
I must be a masochist. I keep fighting for the rights of people who have no interest in them.
Too.  Freaking.  True. 

(BTW, I keep trying to open David Codrea's perspective on the situation, referenced here in Mike V's perspective, and my IE goes nuts.  "Cannot open site.  Operation aborted."  I'm sure it's just an innocent glitch.)

Thank heavens we live in America!

You all know that there are many countries in this world where people are not free to speak their mind. Some are extreme enough to murder those who dissent, but even in 'tolerant' non-free nations, speaking out against the government can lead to persecution and harassment.

I'm sure glad we live in a free country. Because that would really suck if it happened here.

Much ado about GOProud

Seriously, people--they're gay.  They're conservative.  Get over it already, and stop twisting the very core principles of Conservatism into a pretzel just because you're scared of the Queer Cooties.

Money quote:

Countering the call for exclusion, Larry L. Eastland, a bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an ACU board member, warned in a letter to fellow board members to “not be guilty of ‘casting the first stone’ on others’ sins.”

“Let us not lose sight of our goals by closing the door on individuals who will stand with us on public issues on which we agree, and keep to themselves their differences on issues where it could give ‘aid and comfort’ to our opponents,” he wrote.

He said rather than pre-emptive exclusion, CPAC should wait to see whether groups violate the gathering’s fundamental principles and, if they do, they should not be invited back.
Well said, Bishop Eastland.  Glad to see some common sense on the topic.

Scenes from Utopia

Via JayG at MArooned, we find this most interesting article about the great architect Albert Kahn.  The article is educational, but what will chill you to the bone is the photo gallery.  Churches.  Libraries.  Schools.  Mighty edifices of industry.  Even police stations.  All of it simply abandoned and crumbling back to the Earth.

The Oppressives keep telling us that they have all the answers.  They swear that if only us stupid hicks would shut up about all that "liberty" and "Constitution" stuff and get out of the way, that they'd be able to bring about a whole new world of peace, plenty, justice, happiness and sparkly pink unicorns.  Well, Detroit has been under total Oppressive rule for sixty straight years.  They've followed the socialist, big-government playbook to the letter.

One might argue that the intentions of the Oppressives are good.  I would answer that, in the end, intentions don't matter.  Results do.  So, bear witness to the results of Leftist ideology.  See what their insanity has done to a city that was once the envy of the world.

Take a good look.  This will be the entire planet if the Leftists achieve their goals.

08 February 2011

It's funny because it's true...

...and it's heartbreaking because it's true.

If the left understands anything, it is that in order for their ideology and its promised utopia to be born, they must thoroughly destroy America and undermine everything America stands for in the world. Once that has been accomplished, then their way is clear. Of course, they truly believe they will be able to control the Islamist genie they have encouraged, appeased and enabled along the way. That's why they are so nonchalant about terrorism and the threat of Islamic jihad. First, they see themselves on the same side politically; and second, they believe they won't have any trouble stopping the Jihad once they are in power. What's the big deal? They also intend to roll back the rising seas, stop global warming, and heal the planet, after all.

Emphasis mine.  RTWT.

In God We Trust.

In Islam, maybe not so much.  When you're done with that, absorb the wisdom of Cheryl at MTPC.

(HT ConservativesOnFire.)  In other news, welcome Questioning With Boldness to my blogroll as the sixth recipient of the W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.

So this is how liberty dies...

This is the eighth day of the Obama regime pissing all over the rule of law.

Aside from the Great One and a few ragtag bloggers like myself, is anyone saying or doing anything about this?


07 February 2011

Ouch! LOL

Hey, Mikeb302000...sorry about the bitch-slap there, did that hurt?  It looked really painful when HWAEPR shoved all that logic up your ass.

Finally - A firm diagnosis! I'm mentally ill!
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 7, AD 2011 10:56 AM MST
Although I would appreciate a bit more detail.
The term "mentally ill" covers such a wide swath of possible conditions. Is it a chemical imbalance? An accumulation of plaque in the brain? A series of micro-strokes? I think I'm going to put my money on something to do with too much NutraSweet from diet pop metabolizing into formaldehyde and gumming up the ol' works. And for what it's worth, the Golden Retriever next door has been warning me about NutraSweet for months.
In all seriousness, this is how the Marxist-totalitarian left works. Notice that there is absolutely no rebuttal offered - just the accusation of "mental illness". I would have no problem whatsoever with someone accusing me of mental illness IF they outlined WHY they suspected such. Make your case. You have my words at your disposal - use them against me. Form an argument. Use citations. Make a logical, reasoned progression using objective data and evidence. If I were you, I would probably attack it from the "extreme paranoia" angle.
But that is not what they do. They simply declare a person to be "mentally ill", and thus dangerous and unfit for participation in free society. Mentally ill people should be restrained and "treated" - for their own good and the good of the collective. This obviously will have to be done against the wishes of the "patient" because the patient is mentally unable to recognize their own illness. Marxists have a long, depraved history of using "pseudo-psychiatry" as a means of culling. Like our friend Mike, Marxist pseudo-psychiatric diagnosis is centered around PHILOSOPHICAL criterion, not clinical criterion. In other words, if you don't agree with the philosophy of the diagnoser, you must be, by definition, mentally impaired and thus dangerous.
Mr. Mike, my contact info with detailed driving directions can be found under the "Contact" link on the nav bar to your left. I'm here most of the time. If you are serious and truly think me stricken with a mental impairment that makes me a danger to society, it is your duty to act on that knowledge. There is an excellent FBI office here in Denver ( 303-629-7171 ), and there is also a Deprtment of Homeland Security office, too ( 720-852-6602 ). Do your duty, Mike. Protect society from, and purge society of people who disagree with you.
That's why I love this woman.  She simply crushes all opposition with her enormous brass balls.  (Seriously, they exist.  She accidentally hit me with them once, and I was in a coma for a month.)
See, one of the criteria for being labelled insane is a proveable disconnect from reality.  People who are frightened of inanimate objects are not sane.  People who see no difference between Jihadist culture and American culture are not sane.
So, for the most part, Ann is saner than most people in America today.  As for my own sanity, I traded that for a bottle of single-malt Scotch some time back.  ;)

Why the Left lives in fear...

...of the SarahCuda:

(HT Patriot Dreamer @ The Last Refuge)

06 February 2011

Now, THIS is scary.

I'm sorry...what happened to that whole 'freedom of speech' thing?

We are trying to hold a tea party on April 30th in Tucson. Already the blowback from some in leadership since January 8th has been to try and shut us down. We were having a town hall/forum on mental health on Feb 18th and one by one the County Prosecutor and Sheriff have spoken to our speakers and intimidated them to the point where they will no longer speak.
Emphasis mine.  Here's the article in question which gives the full story.  Is this what America stands for?  Both Sheriff Douchebag and the Pima County Prosecutor need to think through their actions.  Or not...because it'll eventually work out in our favor.

05 February 2011

There's "conservative"...and then there's "conservative."

Simon at Power and Control adds his two cents of wisdom to a very intelligent rant.

Why is it that we conservative/libertarians can't seem to draw more young people into our orbit?  Likely due to this:
Perhaps none other than former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee illustrates my point best. When he was governor of Arkansas, he supported increases in the state income tax, sales tax, gas tax, licensing fees and even a nursing bed tax. Yet, why does Huckabee still remain popular in GOP circles? It is thanks to the social "conservative" voting bloc that feels comfortable with Huckabee because he is staunchly pro-life and anti-gay.

The moral liberals will ignore that because that 20 percent is more important than the tax and spending part. There has even been talk of social conservatives leaving the GOP and forming their own party. They will make this move solely because of GOProud, whose inclusion in CPAC is both welcomed and refreshing as it brings young, fresh faces to represent and help grow the movement.
I can respect the beliefs of SoCons.  But I've set aside my disagreements with them to help save our country.  Now, it's time for them to figure out what's more important--having an America where some people might live their lives in a manner they don't approve of...or imposing their personal beliefs on everyone else, at the cost of our Republic.

Your call, SoCons, but be warned...you're not going to win this thing without us libertarian types.  Thinking otherwise is a denial of reality worthy of a Leftist.

Just sayin'.

04 February 2011


A comment that says it all(today at 1:44pm by TexMex)...

Allow Palin to compete. We’ll see if we stand or fall with her.

But any funny business on the part of the GOP, and you will lose me forever. Not only that, but I’ll make sure to use my little microphone to do as much damage to you as I can. Because when you stop becoming the party of free enterprise, individual merit and competition, your no, better in fact you’re worse than, our political opponents on the Democrat side. You’re worse because you made yourself out to be one thing and you turned into something else. You turned into liars. And i don’t want to belong to that party.

Sorry for the long rant, but as Ronald Reagan said during his Time for Choosing Speech: “There is a price we will not pay and there is a point at which they will not advance.” We’re going to war. See you on the battlefield, GOP.

RTWT.  The logic is strong with this one.


03 February 2011

Are you hungry?

Are you, or will you be, in the area of Palmyra, PA?

Then you should grab a meal at this little place.

Why?  Because it'll piss off a Leftist or two.

Bon appetit!

You still don't know what you're dealing with.

The Vast Right Wing Blogosphere is all atwitter about the recent court decision declaring Obamacare unConstitutional.  While it's nice that we've finally found a Federal Justice with some sort of comprehension of that founding document, it means not one damn thing when you're dealing with the mentality of this administration.  Pass all the laws, render all the decisions, submit all the complaints you want--they don't care.


They.  Don't.  Care.

This administration literally has the collective mentality of the street thug:  They're going to do whatever they want, regardless of legality or morality, until they are physically stopped.  No, I'm not suggesting anyone do anything violent.  I'm saying that until Obama and his associates are clapped in handcuffs and marched off to jail, they will simply ignore any and all rulings, orders, laws, protests, etc. as regards their actions.  They think they're above the law.  The will of the American people and the limits of the Constitution are irrelevant in their eyes.

That's the mentality we're dealing with, and I honestly think that the only peaceful way to return us to the rule of law will be some serious impeachment proceedings.  Not a slap on the wrist, but real charges.  We threw Nixon out on his ass for far, far less than what these people are doing to us.  Why are we permitting this blatant contempt to continue?

We either stand up to this administration's attempted coup and return to the rule of law, or just admit that America is dead.  When the President can de facto declare himself a king, without resistance, then liberty is no more. 

What say you?

More from the 'peaceful' and 'tolerant' Left

Wow.  Thank heavens these folks are around to show us nasty Conservatives how to behave.  Moe Lane at RedState gives us a chilling dissection.

02 February 2011

"Why do you call her that?"

I've been asked that question regarding Hottie With An Evil Pink Rifle.  Well...it's because she is.

Come on, y'all:  redheads are hot, chicks with guns are way hot, and chicks with brains and balls are really super-spectacular hot.  And her Evil Pink Rifle is totally badass and I want one.

Yes, I'm a dude, and I want a pink and white rifle with hearts on the magazine.  Think of the psyops value of a scruffy, bald, goateed guy carrying the Hello Kitty Edition AR-15.  The enemy will either think I'm that special variety of Rambo/Mad Max/Incredible Hulk insane, or that I'm so confident in my masculinity that they may as well surrender before I beat them into submission with my enormous junk.  In other words, "Man walks down the street with that rifle, people know he's not afraid of anything."

Oh, you wanted to see that rifle?  Here it is.  There's a super-secret special message encoded in the picture, which 'moderate Muslims' won't understand, but which Jihadists will.

BTW, go visit her blog and scroll down to today's post, which will be the usual learning experience.

There he goes...

...with all that politically-incorrect truth and stuff!  Damned atheists...!

(HT NoOneOfAnyImport)

An anniversary!

Yes, it's the 163rd anniversary of  "We Kicked Your Pinche Asses And Paid You On Top Of It" day.

More analysis of Leftist evil

...by Robin of Berkeley at American Thinker.

Thus, when a young white couple were beaten unconscious after leaving a GOP fundraiser, the mainstream media did not find their plight worthy of reportage. Similarly, when a conservative had his finger bitten off, or when a frail, diabetic conservative was beaten, the silence was deafening. Sarah Palin's church being torched with children in it didn't deserve even a blip on the evening news.

When thirteen U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood, including a pregnant woman, were mowed down (and thirty more wounded) in cold blood, President Obama didn't interrupt a Native American shout-out to renounce the horror. When Obama finally did speak, he urged us not to jump to conclusions. Since then, next to nothing has been said about the slaughter. The fact that the murderer was a Muslim automatically disqualifies the soldiers from being "good victims."

In contrast, during the recent, also horrific Tucson massacre, twenty people were injured and six killed by an apparently psychotic 22-year-old. Given that the Fort Hood murders involved an internal jihad, doesn't this incident pose a greater safety risk to this country than a lunatic in Tucson? Consequently, shouldn't Fort Hood have been dissected and analyzed for months on end?


But there's an even more disturbing reason why so many hardcore leftists divide the world into good and bad victims. It is because many of them don't care about human beings.

Think I'm exaggerating? Then why haven't progressives spoken out against the death threats received by Sarah Palin and her family? People on the left relish telling Palin rape jokes -- or laughing at them. Several leftists fantasized publicly about conservatives dying painful deaths. Comedian Wanda Sykes thought it would be a hoot if Rush perished from a kidney disease.

And we're not talking here solely about contempt towards conservatives. Many progressives don't appear to be fans of the human race.

Go forth and RTWT.

Leftists, be honest with yourselves for once--you really don't like anyone very much, do you? Especially yourselves. I know how it is. I've been there. But it doesn't have to be this way.

No, I'm not going to tell you to come to God. You will or you won't; that's between you and Him. I'm simply asking you to bite the bullet and admit that you really are miserable. The first step, after all, is to admit that you have a problem. Once you've done that, the way to fix it is to accept the world and human nature as they are, and learn to work with them on their own terms. Understand that reality will not change one iota simply because you think it should. Above all, please realize that your hate is destroying you more than anyone else. As the Wiccans say, "when you point your finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you." (Is that where the Threefold Law came from?)

Just accept reality. Not what you've been told is reality. Not what you think reality should be. Unadulterated, pure reality. Once you cast the veil from your eyes, see things as they are, and live your life within that context, you will be well on your way to finding true inner peace and happiness. Not based on drugs or mythology, but based on truth.

Most of the Leftists reading this blog will, unfortunately, not get this post at all. But I hope at least one will.

HoneyTrail II: The Last Refuge

I had faith that my bretheren would get me the 411 in short order.  Now I just have to change all the HoneyTrail labels to The Last Refuge.

"Fleeing the Leftist tyranny, the last refuge, Conservative Treehouse, leads a ragtag group of troublemakers on a lonely quest--a shining beacon of freedom known as 'America.'"*

* (If you didn't get that reference, you're probably a lot younger than me.  Or your geek quotient is nil.)

01 February 2011

Palinista goodness...

...where?  At C4P, of course.

Governor Palin, for her part, has been hung in effigy, had her church firebombed, called the “c” word, had her private emails hacked, and has been told by her so-called betters to “leave the room.”  Not to mention the death threats.

Some will remind us that President Obama broke the color barrier in his successful White House run.

True, but he never had to break the contempt barrier.

He was never treated as inferior. He immediately belonged to the elite club, even if his liberal ideas and paper-thin resume suggested he was in over his head.
(Emphasis mine.  What was that left-wingnut spouting a couple of posts back?  Something about 'intolerance?')

RTWT--lots of interesting stuff there, including things you likely didn't know about the teachings of Christ.


WTF just happened?

Can you guess who said this?

ATF's leadership could care less about Senator Grassley, Congressional inqueries, the No Fear Act, Victim-Witness laws, truth, honesty, integrity or anything that gets in their way of intimidating their workforce. I appologize for the harshness of my tone but your small exposure to ATF retaliations is a way of life for us.

If you expect ATF to now "find and disclose the truth" based on your censure, it is simply not in the character of the individuals involved, ATF leadership as a whole and most definitely not anything close to a priority for ATF's attorneys. THEY DO NOT CARE!
Another one of those paranoid bitter clingers?  Hardly.  First, read about how Eric Holder once again gives the bird to the rule of law at Sipsey Street.  Then, cruise on over here and get acquainted with the author of the quoted paragraphs...ATF Agent "Jumper."

Can you imagine a corporation or other group of private citizens having this kind of contemptuous attitude?  How well do you think it'd be received by AG Holder?