28 February 2013

Sikhs != Muslims

Not everyone wearing cloth headgear is to be feared.  BNI explains the differences here.

turban_sikhSIKH MEN commonly wear a peaked turban that serves partly to cover their long hair, which is never cut out of respect for God’s creation. Devout Sikhs also do not cut their beards, so many Sikh men comb out their facial hair and then twist and tuck it up into their turbans along with the hair from their heads. Sikhism originated in northern India and Pakistan in the 15th century and is one of the youngest of the world’s monotheistic religions. There are an estimated 18 million Sikhs in the world, with some 2 million spread throughout North America, Western Europe and the former British colonies.

Sikhs are brave, decent, honorable, hardworking people, and they were fighting Islamic terrorism since before we knew what it was.  These are folks I'd be glad to have in my corner any day.

Don't be ignorant--that's the domain of Proglodytes.  Learn the difference!

Speaking of truth...

Yes, it's some more from our favorite spitfire...and if you read no other entry in this category, read this one.

The Big Pulchra Vera Essay
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - February 28, AD 2013 8:24 AM MST

If you scroll down, I made a post in January titled "Pulchra Vera", which I intend to be a periodic feature - just a catchall post for any little bit of beauty that I stumble across, be it music, art, poetry, prose, pictures of beautiful things in outer space, whatever. You will recall that "pulchra" means beauty and "vera" means true, or genuine. So Pulchra Vera in this sense means "genuine beauty".

In this essay, however, I am going to play on those words a bit and address the beauty of Truth Itself. Truth and beauty are both constitutive qualities of God. Things that are true are true BECAUSE they are congruent with or of God. One plus one equals two not because your teachers said so, or because centuries ago a bunch of really smart Greek guys took a vote and decided that was how it was going to be. No. One plus one equals two because mathematical truth, as a subset of all truth, is contained in God Himself, and it is thus extant within His creation, and beyond that is a way for us to see and know Him. "The heavens shew forth the glory of God, and the firmament declareth the work of His hands."

But what happens when the truth is actually ugly? Does it lose its beauty? Should ugly truths be suppressed? Should painful truths be hidden, or even denied?


Goodness gracious this is so important. Please pay good attention to this.

When the truth is ugly, it must STILL be declared. Boldly. Loudly. Persistently. Failure to declare ugly truths is itself an act of dishonesty, a bearing of false witness, and it makes impossible any attempt to push through the superficial ugliness and get to the pure, holy beauty beyond. If you refuse to declare ugly truths, then progress (in the good sense of the word) is halted. Everything stops and the only direction that has any freedom for movement is BACKWARD, away from truth, and thus away from God Himself.

Guys, this dynamic is EVERYWHERE around us today, and it is why civilization is going to implode any day now. No one will declare any ugly truths, and thus we have hit the wall as a civilization.


The Catholic church has been massively infiltrated by a cabal of Marxist-homosexualists who hate God and are actively trying to destroy His Church from the inside out. In excess of 90% of ethnic Catholics in the west have stopped attending Mass in the last 50 years since the Marxist-homosexualists destroyed the Mass and began preaching Marxism, tolerance of infanticide and sexual deviancy. Anyone who says otherwise is simply a liar. They are bearing false witness, no matter what their motivation.

The entire global economy and financial system are massive, mathematically impossible Ponzi scheme and debt bubble that can never, ever be repaid with "money". The economy WILL collapse, there will be war, and there will be a settlement of debt via landmass reallocation and blood. At the top of this list of mathematically impossible and unfixable Ponziconomies is the former United States of America. FORMER.

Democracy or representative democracy beyond the local level simply does not work. Stupid people should have say over their own lives and households, but stupid people should NOT have a say or vote over any system that affects other people. The ugly truth here is that there are within the human population spectrums of intelligence, practical ability, management skill, psychological fitness and moral fitness. The higher the level of governance, the more of these qualities leaders must possess, and a leader or leaders at the highest level should possess ALL of these qualities in abundance. Today, the world is literally being run by people who are mentally and functionally retarded, with many of them being sociopaths, psychopaths or at the very least malignant narcissists. The current political order will never, ever, ever fix any of this. Anyone who promulgates hope in "elections" is bearing false witness, no matter what their motivation.

Islam is an evil totalitarian political system from the deepest, blackest pit of hell, masquerading as a faux-religion. It was consciously set up that way, and must be exterminated from the face of the earth without remorse in order to save the souls trapped inside of it and to prevent any more people from being victimized and destroyed by it. Period. Anyone who says anything else is bearing false witness, no mater what their motivation.

These are just four macro examples. I could go on and on and on. Now, an interesting question for YOU. Why are you here? Why do you read me? Why are you all so attracted to my jeremiads? My stock and trade rhetorically is basically talking about horrific, ugly truths that no one else will talk about. Why are you attracted to that? Why do I get all of these emails and hand-written letters describing me as "a breath of fresh air" and the JOY people experience from reading my essays and watching my videos about horrifically ugly truths?

Because ladies and gentlemen, TRUTH is BEAUTIFUL. Even when it reveals something so ugly that you can barely stand to look at it.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the ultimate manifestation of this is Christ Crucified. This is why we have crucifixes - not just crosses but crucifixes with Christ nailed to the Cross. The crucifix is the most beautiful image in the world, because it reveals the most beautiful truth in the world by first making us push through horrific ugliness. The horrific ugliness is God Incarnate, perfect and sinless, whipped until He is skinned and nailed naked to a tree … BECAUSE WE PUT HIM THERE BY OUR SINS. How can this possibly be beautiful? Because it is the complete expression and manifestation of God's love for man. When man asks, "Is there a God and does He care about me?" the only way to fully answer that question is by showing him an image that is so horrific that it makes us wince and look away. But then we look back. And look. And look. And look. Because what we are looking at is TRUTH, and truth is beautiful, but only so long as we don't try to "clean it up" or make it "easier to swallow". When you try to make ugly truths either more palatable, or even try to obscure them all together, you are embracing a lie. God died a horrific death for your sins and thus you sins CAN be forgiven because first you ARE a sinner, and your sins are HORRIFIC - but you have to have the antecedent before the corollary: you have to have the CROSS before you can get to the Resurrection. The Catholic church HAS been massively infiltrated and suffered a massive destructive catastrophe in the last 50 years at the hands of Marxist-sodomites. Until this is acknowledged and acted upon with holy intransigence, there will be nothing but continued erosion and destruction. The global economy is going to collapse. The United States of America no longer exists. Beating dead horses is insane. Nothing will happen until civilization seeks a new horse. A major war is going to have to be fought to purge the earth of islam and save the people of good will trapped within it. Islam is a cancer, and cancers must either be cut out, or they will kill you.

Denial of ugly truths only leads to more and more ugliness. Denial of ugly truths is exactly what satan wants. Satan wants humanity to believe that there is no sin, there is no hell, everything is just fine in the Church and there is no problem - especially with sodomite priests and lesbian nuns, one plus one equals seven or thirty-four or whatever you want it to equal, government can solve all of our problems - not that there is anything wrong to begin with, infinite amounts of free stuff can be distributed and theft can be executed by oligarchs ad infinitum with zero consequences, and if we will all just hold hands and have a group hug we can all get along and coexist.

And so I now link to the very ugly and very serious report by the priest in Poland that has blown open the story on the horrific sodomite infiltration of the Catholic Church, and all I can say is YEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAWW!! YAY! YAY! YAY! FINALLY! THANKS BE TO GOD! WOOHOO! Because the Truth is a beautiful thing, no matter how ugly it appears on the surface, it must first be shouted from the mountaintops in order to have ANY HOPE of pushing through to the other side, which is nothing less than God Himself. PULCHRA VERA.

Click here for the report.

27 February 2013

Truth, bitches.

Rubber, meet road.

“If they come for my guns I will tell them about the boating accident I had”……This makes me want to freakin’ box! If you have to hide your guns it is time to be using them. Don’t tell me “not one more inch” or “from my cold dead hands” when you are gonna hide your God given rights away in a hole. Damnit people if it comes to that point start shooting.


The one that makes my head about spin off into orbit is the talk of how the GOP will find the right candidate next time and get him elected and fix this mess. I hear this all the time. I heard a man say “it’s good Obama was elected again because next cycle we will have a slam dunk getting a republican in office” …… I almost sharted from shear disgust. First, if you think for one second that ANYONE can fix this corrupt and FUBAR’d country then you are at best delusional. Second, if it were possible and you think a Republican could do it you are an ignorant tool.


There is no left and right. No Republicans or Democrats. There are only collectivists and individualists. The illusion that the Republicans are for something different than the Democrats is nothing more than a show…WWE Monday Night Raw, put on for us to root for our team. All the while they are both destroying your freedom. Hiding and tearing away your Liberty.

RTWT.  Remove your head from your ass, decide whether you're down for liberty or not, and put your money where your mouth is, or STFU.

25 February 2013


It has begun.

Tickercon 1: Locked-and-cocked. Preparations should be complete. Evidence exists suggesting that a financial, geopolitical or similar event is likely within the next several weeks. Wide-spread economic, geopolitical or social distress has a reasonable probability (better than one in five) of occurring during the above time period. This status will not be maintained for more than thirty days as extraordinary vigilance is required to do so.

Government in one lesson.

You'll learn more in ten and a half minutes than you probably learned in every civics class you ever took.

24 February 2013

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

May Rep. Hunt become an object lesson to State governments everywhere.

My husband and I moved to Wyoming not too long ago. We believed it was a good place to raise children. With the recent and reactive expansion of gun laws and the profoundly serious dangers of fracking, we find we are seriously reconsidering our decision, which is wrenching to all of us.
However, the safety of our family must come first. We are waiting to see what the legislature does this session. I know of other new-to-Wyoming families in similar contemplation. Your choices matter. It would be sad to see an exodus of educated, childrearing age adults from Wyoming as a result of poor lawmaking.
Rev. Audette Fulbright
Rev. Fulbright,
I’ll be blunt. If you don’t like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave. We, who have been here a very long time (I am proudly 4th generation) are quite proud of our independent heritage. I don’t expect a “mass exodus” from our state just because we’re standing up for our rights. As to your comments on fracking, I would point out that you’re basing your statement on “dangers” that have not been scientifically founded or proved as of yet.
It offends me to no end when liberal out-of-staters such as yourself move into Wyoming, trying to get away from where they came from, and then pompously demand that Wyoming conform to their way of thinking. We are, and will continue to be, a state which stands a head above the rest in terms of economic security. Our ability to do that is, in large part, to our “live and let live” mentality when it comes to allowing economic development, and limiting government oversight. So, to conclude, if you’re so worried about what our legislature is working on, then go back home.
Attention, Free States:  You have now been issued your official ration of Go Fuck Yourself, and been sufficiently trained in its use.  Get with the using of it, and give these Leftoids' opinions as much consideration as they deserve.*

Seriously, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at these Leftist douchebags.  Take your ball and go home, Rev. Fulbright.  Or don't.  Despite your self-absorbed, ignorant and arrogant excuse for an opinion, no one of any consequence really gives a damn either way.  Welcome to reality.

*  Which equates to as much consideration as the right of a scorpion to share your bed.

Hmm. Sounds familiar...

At Cornered Cat:

There’s an old petition I stumbled across the other day. It was written in an old-fashioned kind of legalese, so I updated it a little to make it more modern. This is the gist of what it said.
Some truths are just obvious, so obvious that they do not require an elaborate proof, and so obvious that it is ridiculous to attempt one. Among these is the obvious truth that all human beings are equally responsible for their own consciences, behaviors, and actions. This means that all human beings have a right to live their own lives, to do whatever pleases them as long as it doesn’t interfere with the basic rights of others, and to be free to make their own decisions about their own lives.
The only real reason people agree to submit themselves to a government is to protect these basic human rights.
Thus, government comes out of the free, voluntary, and willing consent of ordinary people. The power of a government comes from the ordinary people who agree to be bound by its laws.
Because that’s where the government’s power comes from, and because the purpose of government is to protect basic human rights, it follows that whenever a government no longer protects these rights, or whenever a government begins to destroy these rights, then it is the responsibility of a good citizen to either change that government or to destroy it.
If the government does not or cannot protect basic human rights, the only moral course that a person can take is to participate in changing or abolishing the existing government.
Of course, as a practical matter, a long-standing government can’t be changed easily – and anyway, it shouldn’t be changed for minor or temporary problems. That’s simple human nature, because most people will put up with an awful lot of bad stuff before we’ll get off our rear ends and do anything about it! Especially if changing things means that … well, that things have changed. We like the familiar.
But when there’s a long and ongoing pattern of human rights abuses, and flagrant abuses of power including some people getting into office who aren’t legally qualified to do so or who cheated to get there, and there have been so many repeated offenses of this nature that it almost looks like there’s a plan to take all power away from the people and put it in the hands of bureaucrats – well, that’s when people have the right and duty to abolish the existing government. That’s when it is time to start a new government that will be more responsive to their needs and more likely to respect their rights.
Would you sign the above petition? Do you agree with it?

Why, yes.  Yes I would, and yes I do.  How about you?

Listen to this man.

I've been telling you people for years that we're not going to vote, talk, debate or reason our way out of this mess.  This is why.

So Republicans and conservatives, I'd say the same thing to you that I'd say to a Rabbi rejected by the Hitler Youth: if you think that the Democrats heard, digested and rejected your arguments in the last election, you're deluded. Your brand is so soiled that you will not be heard by this generation...short of a calamity on the order of the one that befell the Nazis. Your misreading of the times and the situation is startling. You look like bewildered youngsters trying to please a psychotic mother, looking for cues in an electorate and media that derides and, in many cases, despises you. In terms of convincing the electorate of the good sense of your positions, there may not be workable solutions: but take a first step by facing the truth: you have allowed the culture to drift for decades, and one feature of the drift is the acceptability of determined mindlessness...including the mindless rejection of you and whatever it is that you proclaim. You still have a substantial choir to whom you preach...but probably a larger counter-choir that not only doesn't hear you but aggressively covers its ears when you speak.

Republicans and conservatives: you are playthings of the mainstream media and they can totally have their way with you, no matter your observations or objections. And the most interesting part of living in such a one-sided media environment for so long is that the vast majority of Republicans (and many conservatives) will, like obedient puppies, follow the media lead. The bottom line: you Republicans and conservatives are powerless in defining or moving the debate: the mainstream media along with the liberals and Democrats essentially totally define the issues, the responses to the issues, which events to focus on or ignore, etc. And their chosen topics and slants can be very bizarre indeed. But you have nothing to do with it! You're powerless! Impotent! The sooner you face this fact, the sooner you might find a productive path ahead.


Another technique is the investigation and censure of politicians and groups who don't fit the media or left wing paradigm, while ignoring or manipulating scandalous information on political allies. When potentially damaging information about left wing allies is ignored by the mainstream media, it simply "doesn't exist" to growing numbers of otherwise well-informed acolytes. This is why Sarah Palin is regarded as perhaps the most heinous and hated American politician today to a large portion of the population, while Bill Clinton is lionized and his wife may be the brightest woman in the western world. With enough investigation and diligence, anyone can be destroyed and almost anyone can be elevated. Again, who is destroyed and who idealized is totally within the control of the mainstream media and the left wing: conservatives and Republicans cannot substantially affect these processes because of the nullification of their brand advanced through the press, the entertainment media and educational institutions.

RTWT.  How are you going to have a 'discussion' with people who deliberately refuse to hear?

20 February 2013

Arizona rape whistle

It's REALLY loud.

Strange bedfellows, explained.

From Capitalism Magazine:

I think Greenfield gives the Left too much credit for being clueless. I think his is a misplaced generosity. I am convinced that the Left’s ignorance of the true nature of Islam is a front refined and tailored over recent decades, ever since Islam and jihad began making headlines, disguising something much more insidious. Down deep, in the remotest, darkest corner of the soul of every Leftist, collectivist, statist, and community organizer, is a seething glop of malice for freedom which he wishes to exterminate, come what may, never mind how, and don’t ask him about it if you don’t want to see him froth at the mouth and threaten you with physical violence. If the extermination is performed by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, or Cass Sunstein, or any other exponent of totalitarianism, it won’t matter to him, just as long as the murder is committed.

And if it’s performed by Islam, so be it. He will be content, even if it means he will need to buy himself a prayer rug or pay jizya from his paltry income and show up at Islamic rallies as a loyal infidel. All else – the protests, the books, the lectures, the posters – is guff and practiced posturing to him. He works to create the image of a champion of the underdogs, whoever and wherever they might be, when, in truth, he would just rather shoot the mangy mutts.

And what is the root of that seething glop of malice? An unquenchable, malevolent envy of every individual who has ever achieved independence and happiness without the Leftist’s assistance or advice or guidance, an envy of the incalculable wealth produced by what little capitalism has been permitted to exist in any given nation’s mixed economy or welfare state. This envy is coupled with an intimate but repressed knowledge and certitude that the kind of ideal communist or socialist state envisioned by him can produce nothing but poverty, misery, a state of stagnation sustained by force and deception and lies, and the suffocation of the able and the brightest.

I'd be calling them "those poor, deluded bastards," but it's hard to find sympathy for those who want you dead.

That's what it's about.  That's what drives a Leftist.  Envy.

I quote Dr. Carson's speech at the Prayer Breakfast:  "Some people say, they say, ‘Well, that’s not fair because it doesn’t hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10,’” Carson said. “[But] where does it say you have to hurt the guy? He just put a billion dollars in the pot!"

They have to hurt him, Doctor.  They have to hurt anyone who has more, or has done more, than they have.  They have to hurt anyone that shows their diseased ideology up for the infantile temper tantrum that it's always been.  They have to destroy anyone who shows them up, because it exposes their position that the individual is helpless, as a bold-faced lie of the blackest variety.

They'll hurt you, "by any means necessary."  And if that means allying themselves with those who would eventually murder them, then that's what they'll do.  Because they're always looking for the path of least resistance...and it's easier to destroy than create.


Reposted in full from WRSA.

Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom
Democide is the elimination of a despised group by a government. It includes genocide, politicide, and other forms of state-sponsored mass murder. The hated minority headed for extermination may be defined by religious, racial, political, class, cultural or other attributes. Between 200 and 260 million people were the victims of democide in the 20th century, several times more than were killed in international wars during that period.

The first widely studied modern democide occurred in Turkey between 1915 and 1923, when the Turkish government decided to eliminate the country’s Christian minority, primarily ethnic Armenians and Greeks who had Turkish roots extending back to before the Islamic conquest. Two million Christians were murdered on forced marches into deserts without water or food. This democide occurred in view of Western reporters, who took photographs and posted contemporary wire reports. The fact that the democide was known outside Turkey did not deter the Turkish leaders.

The Armenian Genocide, as it has become known, was also widely known inside Turkey, where the majority Muslim population either supported or at least passively tolerated the democide. It was impossible to miss the sight of thousands of Christians at a time being rounded up and force-marched through towns and into the burning deserts on one-way trips.

Stalin and Hitler both noticed the lack of world reaction to the democide of Turkish Christians and planned accordingly. In the Soviet Union, Stalin’s henchmen purged millions of “kulaks” (farmers deemed to have too much wealth), intellectuals, businessmen, and anyone who had ever traveled outside the USSR or even had had contact with foreigners.

In Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe, Hitler proceeded with his own “final solution to the Jewish problem.” Where the German national socialists simply eliminated Jews as quickly as possible in mass graves and gas chambers, Stalin’s international socialists deported their “class enemies” to Siberia, where they were put to work in Gulag slave-labor camps, with years of torture through cold, malnutrition and brutal working conditions preceding the release of eventual death.

Stalin also devised another means of democide when he ordered the forced starvation of the Ukrainians, and five million more innocent victims were added to his totals. In Communist China seventy million people were the victims of democide, murdered by overwork in slave-labor camps, by direct execution, and by regional forced starvation. Millions more were victims of democide in Pakistan, Cambodia, Rwanda, North Korea, and many other countries.

Democide, as the name implies, does not happen in the dark of night without any awareness of it in the country where it occurs. The Turks knew the Christians were being mass murdered. Average Germans were fully aware of what was happening to the Jews between 1938 and 1945, and a large majority either actively supported or at least tolerated it. (I strongly recommend reading Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, by Daniel Goldhagen, to fully appreciate the wholehearted German support for the Jewish democide.)

Today, we sometimes hear that the Second Amendment has outlived its usefulness, that it is a relic of our barbaric past and is no longer needed in the modern era. Horrific mass shootings by deranged individuals are cited as the primary reason for Americans to surrender their most effective firearms and rely solely on a state monopoly of force for their protection. This government-dependent attitude is shortsighted, historically ignorant, and extremely dangerous.

In each of the cases cited above, a necessary preliminary step on the road to democide was the confiscation of privately owned firearms. In Turkey, “reasonable” gun control laws enacted in 1911 permitted the democide of two million Turkish Christians a few years later. In Germany, the “commonsense” 1928 gun control laws of the Weimar Republic preceded Hitler’s Holocaust by a decade.

The Weimar politicians did not intend for their gun control laws to lead to the slaughter of millions of people, but it is an historical fact that those gun control laws permitted the Nazis to carry out their Holocaust. How? By making it economically and militarily feasible to round up and mass murder entire towns without any significant resistance.

In fact, the Nazis quickly learned that they needed only a hundred ordinary military policemen to exterminate towns of a thousand Polish Jews in a single day. Contrast that fact with the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. If the Jews had not first been disarmed, using previous gun registration lists as a map for confiscation, the Holocaust would not have been possible.

Likewise in the Soviet Union and in every other case, democide was preceded by “reasonable and commonsense” firearms registration, followed eventually by gun confiscation and then by the extermination of a despised minority population.

During the past two centuries, while America has avoided tyranny, Turkey, Germany, Russia and the other nations mentioned above have spasmodically lurched between monarchs, democratically elected leaders, and often quite popular dictators, allowing them frequent opportunities to commit democide against their unwanted minorities.

The situation is fundamentally different in America, because we have a centuries-old tradition of private firearms ownership guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The Second Amendment does not “grant” us this right; it puts into writing our God-given natural right to effective self-defense, including armed defense against tyranny.

“Pure democracy” has been described as two wolves and a sheep voting on their dinner plans. The two wolves might see this election as an expression of their highest democratic values, but for the outnumbered sheep, pure democracy is highly problematic. On the other hand, a republic has been described as two wolves and a well-armed sheep voting on dinner plans. The well-armed sheep can veto the outcome of the dinner election simply by brandishing its firearm. The sheep has inherent rights as a sovereign individual, including the right to self-defense, a right that cannot be stripped away by a simple majority vote.

So, when a democratically elected American president speaks of “fundamentally transforming” his country, and of his need to act outside the constitutional framework, the population should be on guard. When that leader begins to push for strict new “commonsense and reasonable” gun control laws, including national firearms registration in the name of “public safety,” the citizenry should be on high alert.

Can any glib politician, pundit or ivory tower academic give us an ironclad guarantee that tyranny will never arise in the United States? Not even a popular tyranny, like those of Ataturk, Stalin, Hitler or Mao? Can anyone assure us that today’s “commonsense” gun registration lists will not be used for future gun confiscation? Of course not.

The future may be unknowable, but history is well understood, and American gun owners know and understand the history of democide in the 20th century. That is why they will never accede to what is currently portrayed in the predominantly left-wing mainstream media as “commonsense and reasonable” new gun control laws.

While American gun owners lament and regret the inescapable fact that deranged individuals in a free country may on rare occasions murder a dozen or a score of unarmed victims, they also understand that government democide murders by the million. And in every case, tyrants can conduct these democides only after disarming their unwanted minorities, rendering them helpless to resist murderous government pogroms.

American gun owners will never permit this historical pattern to be repeated in their country, because they understand that the government’s heavy hand will be kept in check only as long as they are armed. Ask yourself: Were the Armenians, the Jews or the kulaks treated better, or worse, after they were disarmed and rendered helpless by their oppressors, who thereafter held an absolute government monopoly on armed violence? The answer is too obvious to require elaboration.

Naive utopians and other “low-information voters” might not understand the historical pattern, and we don’t expect them to bother to learn it. Cynical and dishonest “progressives” who do understand the historical pattern cannot yet reveal their ultimate goal of creating a disarmed and helpless American citizenry. Nevertheless, millions of Americans understand their hidden aim with crystal clarity, seeing through the false sincerity of power-hungry leftist politicians who are actually Marxist wolves dressed in Democrat sheep’s clothing—for now.

But unless and until these secret Stalinists and sundry other “progressives” can figure out a way to disarm Americans, they cannot execute their historically standard final solution to the “reactionaries-standing-in-the-way-of-utopia” problem. And this is a thorny problem for them, because tens of millions of Americans, disbelieving their deceitful bromides, will stick to their guns no matter what.

Unlike the Armenians, Jews, kulaks and other exterminated peoples, Americans who support the Second Amendment will never be disarmed quietly by government edict prior to meekly boarding a train to a socialist “reeducation” camp. They will not be taken at government gunpoint on a one-way forced march into a desert or a Zyklon-B “delousing shower,” simply because they foolishly agreed to be disarmed by their future oppressors in the dubious name of “public safety.”

If American “progressives” truly intend to disarm the American people, they will have to do it the hard way, by taking their bullets first, one at a time. As the 300 Spartans announced to the vastly larger Persian army at Thermopylae, “Molon Labe!”

You want our guns? Then come and take them!

No registration—no confiscation—no extermination!

Freedom now, freedom forever!

How blatant do they have to be?

18 February 2013

Volunteering to man the roadblock

Attention, Kalifornians:  PISS OFF.  WE'RE FULL.

The Scatmans, Petersons, and thousands of other residents fleeing California may not agree on everything, such as what amount of fine one should face if they do not recycle their glass, plastic, and paper goods ($200 vs. $300 per infraction), or what state income tax rate is suitable for a “family” of two or more making $60,000 or above (52% vs. 59%). However they do agree on one thing: the California they helped ruin must be brought to other states, the “redder” the better, and that they must seek refuge from the dystopia they helped create and thus will no doubt leave their decedents clamoring to escape from again.

“We’re thinking Florida,” said Joseph Peterson. “We hear they don’t charge 10-cents per plastic shopping bag there to prevent dolphins from choking to death. How insensitive! We should move there and help completely fuck up their lives, too.”

Added Peterson, “We have no choice –we must move to other locations and also make them ‘blue,’ so years from now people will have to flee from them, too. That’s what enlightened people like us do.”
Yep, that's exactly it.

The price of "Gun Control"

If you can watch this video and still support "gun control," you are at best an idiot, and at worst, a soulless monster. 

"Gun control" murdered this woman's parents. 

I don't give one thin damn about your "feelings" or your "intentions."   I don't care why you want "gun control."

It.  Doesn't.  Work.  It empowers criminals and maniacs, and renders the rest of us defenseless.  Period.  Full stop.  Blanket statement.

The blood is on your hands.  Not ours.

It's Presidents' Day.

Makes me wish we had one.

16 February 2013

Religious freedom?

Not if you're a Christian.  Not in Obummer's Amerika.

Their only hope was to seek political asylum in a country that allowed Christians to homeschool, so they applied to the US for asylum. A US immigration judge ruled in 2010 that the family did face persecution from the German government and granted the Romeike family political asylum. The family moved and settled in Tennessee.


US Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Homeland Security are fighting the political asylum status. Holder claims that the family’s fundamental rights have not been violated by Germany’s law forbidding families from homeschooling. They have asked the courts to withdraw the family’s political asylum and have them deported back to Germany.

RTWT...the sad thing is that they face persecution in a supposedly civilized, first-world country.  That End Times thing is becoming more plausible by the day.

14 February 2013

The alleged Leftist mind

I've had the germ of this brewing in my head for a while now, but Captain Capitalism nailed it.

Your average leftist isn't curing cancer, building empires, starting an accounting career, or developing a trade. They're "raising awareness" or "engaging communities" or "helping the children" or leading some bullshit crusade. Whatever euphemistic titles and jargon they use to describe their "careers," in the end they're just masking the fact they're literally doing nothing with their lives. ie-their lives are worthless and thus they are worthless people.

Since deep down inside they know they are worthless and their lives have no meaning, they put "leftism/socialism/communism" at the core of their being. As Rush Limbaugh says, "being a liberal is the easiest thing" in that you just have to "claim" you care and vote to use OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY to finance your compassion. Ergo, if you ever GENUINELY, INTELLIGENTLY, LOGICALLY and DISPASSIONATELY constructively criticize of question a liberal's ideology they get emotional, enraged and angry (I remember the only people who cried on my radio show were liberals). This isn't because they really care about the poor children in Africa. It's because you are shining light on the fact they are a worthless person who does nothing, has done nothing, will continue to do nothing, and thus waste their lives.

The final result of such thorough brainwashing, insecurity, laziness, and a predisposition to naivety, results in a veritable zombie impervious to reason, logic and rationale. No matter the preponderance of evidence, they simply ignore reality and retreat to their circularly referenced and supported ideology, blame the rich, blame conspiracies and (presumably to their deaths) blame "Bush." You no doubt have ran into this where you can cite data on the internet from a reputable source, PROVING a leftist is wrong, but they (like the dismembered knight in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail) will never admit defeat and continue to subscribe to their now-false beliefs.

I hadn't gotten around to thinking about it in this measure of detail, but I find no fault in his logic.  RTWT.

12 February 2013

The bitch-slap of logic, squared

Nicki eviscerates the whinging of some overly-emotional basketcase who apparently thinks that a piece of sheepskin on her wall makes her an authority on things she doesn't understand...

First of all, you need to revise your language, Dr. McCarthy. What do you mean by “assault weapon?” The people who committed murders in Newtown and Aurora used these firearms – firearms that fire ONE round with ONE pull of the trigger. These are semi-automatic firearms, no more deadly than the .45 caliber M1911 I carry on my hip. I would venture to say that my .45 caliber round will make a bigger hole than the .223 varmint round used by the AR-15. These are not automatic weapons. They are rifles. They get better distance, but they are no more deadly than your average revolver that also fires ONE round with ONE pull of the trigger. These firearms DID NOT KILL ANYONE. I realize how tempting it is to personify these firearms and ascribe to them some sort of evil intent, but fact of the matter is that MEN committed these crimes, and they would have committed these crimes just as easily and likely with the same amount of damage as with a regular handgun.

As for having a good reason to have them available…

Ask the Korean shopkeepers during the Los Angeles riots in 1992 how effective these firearms were at keeping them and their property safe.

...and then, commenter Svigor REALLY lets the good Dr. have it!

There needs to be a really good reason to keep them available–can someone please tell me what that reason is?

Wrong. There needs to be a really good reason to ban them. This is western civilization, where all that is not forbidden is permitted, and where one must justify removing freedom, not granting it. If you want to live where that is reversed, where all that is not permitted is forbidden, and where one must justify granting freedom, not removing it, try the Muslim World. That’s how they do things over there, so you might find living there more suitable to your temperament.

You have to explain why 20-odd deaths, even of children, justifies taking away the rights of 300+ million Americans.

Would you curtail free speech of 300+ million Americans if 20-odd kids died because the Globe printed something untrue?

(Unfortunately, this guy seems to be an Aryan Supremacist type, upon examination of his blog.  Not something I'm down with at all, and I pray that his eyes shall be opened.  But if Hitler, Stalin, Soros or Obama say that things fall down when you drop them, it doesn't make gravity evil.  Truth is truth, no matter where you find it.)

11 February 2013

Denninger on Dorner


It is exactly this rabbit hole that I have repeatedly warned of -- when the so-called "law enforcers" are free to break the law without punishment, whether it be through "gun-walking", money laundering or blatantly assaulting and killing innocent people (as, you remember, occurred in Detroit) there comes a point where the people will not only refuse to assist but will turn on the government and its visible agents and edifices along with the infrastructure that it, and we all, depend.

Heads up folks -- one guy provoked this "response" among the so-called "public servants" that believe they're entitled not only to fraudulently-promised and extorted pensions but that they're also entitled to shoot citizens without consequence.

This is a loud, clear warning that exactly the nightmare scenario that I have repeatedly cautioned against and urged the people and our government to stand up and put a stop to has become uncomfortably close to realization.


10 February 2013

The bare facts

Gunslinger has just made TIPB.  Because this:

And there will always be some troublesome people who are just ruining it for everybody else. Who just won't go along. Who are dissenters and disrupters. Enemies of the peace. Enemies of the people. Enemies of the collective and their dreams of Utopia.

And for the dream to survive and come to fruition, such people must be eliminated.

It's the law of the nature of Progressives.

RTWT.  Seriously, read the most succinct and insightful analysis of the Lib/ Prog/ Socialist/ Communist/ Fascist/ Whatever-They-Are-This-Week mindset it has ever been my privilege to read.  If you can read this and still not understand what we're facing, I don't know how else to get it through.

Hearts and minds, people.

Far too many keyboard commandos are making noises about targeting the families of those who are out to crush us.  This is a Very Bad Idea, not only from a moral standpoint, but a strategic one.  American Mercenary elaborates:

Do you want to know how to make a fanatic? Someone who will devote their life utterly to the cause of destroying you? Take something irreplacable from them, like their wife or children. But it is a second/third order effect.

Cause 1: Wife and kids assassinated.
Effect 1: Jack Booted Thug very angry.
Cause 2: Jack Booted Thug very angry.
Effect 2: Jack Booted Thug works harder to punish those he feels responsible.
Cause 3: Jack Booted thug works harder to punish those he feels responsible.
Effect 3: Less freedom of movement and maneuver for insurgent forces.

When you are trying to figure out second and third order effects, the primary effect becomes the secondary cause, which causes a secondary effect, which becomes a third order cause. You could follow this down the rabbit hole as deeply as you want to go, but generally the third order is as far as anyone wants to look into the foggy crystal ball.

RTWT.  Defense--of our lives, liberty and property--is one thing, murder is another.  Let's all remember the words of Nietzsche and keep our moral center.  Else, in the end, we shall become the very thing we oppose.

07 February 2013



As we mentioned before, inflation is insidious, deceitful, corrosive to societies and life. It will destroy what the common citizen has worked for all their life. Forget about government and pension checks not being sent out… we believe they will continue to be dispersed until the ‘cows come home.’ But when these checks won’t buy the basic necessities of life… the check may as well not be issued.

The time is approaching that our American Dollar will become confetti. As we explain in “A Failure of Civility” …the BRICS nations, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)… the top Gross National Product generating countries of the world, excluding Europe, Japan and America… have already jumped ship on the American dollar.

In May of 2012… FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 110 YEARS… they are trading between themselves with their own currencies pegged to a gold index. They are divesting themselves of American dollars and U.S. Treasury Bonds. They know that the American dollar… known for more than a century as the safest currency in the world… is headed for failure.

Lots and lots of RTWT here.

05 February 2013

The absolute last word on 'racist America'

Warning:  Profanity as only a veteran can come up with.

And all this African American achievement came only several decades after Jim Crow… after discrimination… and a relatively short time after slavery ended.

We have made tremendous progress in a relatively short time. We serve alongside one another in the armed forces and work side-by-side in the civilian world.

And yet, this pathetic drama queen had the nerve to belittle this progress… to minimize our achievements… to disparage this country as racist and evil in order to promote African American victimhood!

My only complaint is with the whole term "African American."  Are you from Africa?  Are your parents from Africa?  No?  Then you're an American.  Whether you're Black, Brown Yellow, Red or White is irrelevant.  And if you don't want to be an American, feel free to piss off.

Otherwise, Nicki has it dead on.  RTWT.

An interesting concept...

...and one that should be spread around.

The idea was to run a series of high profile training events. Somewhat similar to gun shows, but on some land that an owner could provide use of. The idea would be to get hundreds to turn up, run some seminars, training and perhaps a little bit of live firing, depending on facilities, numbers and safety requirements. There would be some sort of notional entrance fee, like at a gun show. I use the example of the running event 'tough mudder' where throughout the year they run events on land in different States. The land we use does not even have to be a range- for practical purposes it may be easier to run most training dry, to teach people principles and small unit tactics. That would also help with ammunition shortages and even peoples travel if they did not need to bring firearms.

Now, I realize that there would be limited actual utility to such training, because there would be large numbers and perhaps a limited amount of trainers. There would need to be a coordination training conference to establish SOPs and TTPs for how people would be taught It would be production line training with limited utility, not bespoke personal tuition. Perhaps there could be some paintball areas set up, or similar? These are just outline ideas. It could be termed a 'tactical fair!'

However, the point would be to make a showing, establish relationships, get a basic level of training. Those that have experience or a greater skill level could be part of a 'train the trainer' program and once standards are established people could be given a baseline level of training. At least it would iron out any misguided notions.

Now, I am fully aware, as are some of MV's commenters, that some people--in particular, the media--will go absolutely screaming pink apeshit and start squalling about Nazis and White Supremacists and the usual catalog of lies and invective hurled at Patriots whenever more than two of us gather to do anything more active than have a couple of beers and watch a sporting event.  However, you have to realize that it simply does not matter.

Are we prone to violence?  No.  Are we racists?  No.  Are we intolerant?  No.  Do we have small penises?  Not being in the habit of looking in my friends' shorts, I can't say, but I will stand by my assertion that my wife has more balls than a whole coffeehouse full of Progressives.

None of this has ever, or will ever stop the Left from calling us a bunch of racist, violent, intolerant maniacs with little ding-dongs.  Do you get it?  They're going to hate us, they're going to fear us, and they're going to slander us no matter what we do or don't do.  It's all the defense they have.  It's all they know how to do.

The facts do not matter to these people.  Stop acting like they do.  Stop wringing your hands about what they'll say about us.  Stop walking on eggshells in a vain attempt to make them be reasonable or treat us with the slightest amount of courtesy, respect or fairness.

In short, stop acting like a bunch of damn Republicans and get to work.

04 February 2013

Great point...

Why are the gun-grabbers losing?

Irrationality, plain and simple.

We know this kind of stupidity in schools is nothing new. Zero tolerance has been possibly the dumbest application of Social Engineering since 1994 and it gives a shinning example of why the Gun Grabbing community will always lose the battle for Gun Control among the Regular Folk. If you cannot differentiate between a picture from a real thing, maybe you are not the best person to tell anybody what might be good for them.

--Miguel at Gun Free Zone

Emphasis mine.  I couldn't agree more.  These people are completely insane.  The fact that America has devolved so far as to even produce cowardly morons like this, let alone entrust them with our children, is sickening to the extreme.

Only problem is, the whole 'logic and reason' thing doesn't enter into it as far as they're concerned.  It's all about feeling safe.  And history has proven, time and again, that an ignorant, irrational, easily-frightened populace will do some very ugly things in the pursuit of imaginary security.

03 February 2013

Sandy Hook father speaks out...

...and, given that it's posted here, can you guess his stance on victim disarmament gun control?

God bless you, Mr. Stevens.

(HT FreeNC)

Six minutes of truth


What could possibly go wrong?

Well, this'll sure breathe new life into the GOP...right?

The ruling class elitist Republicans in Washington are splintering and falling apart and the future of the party looks bleak. These elitists are very concerned and fearful of losing their power–because that is all they give a damn about, they don’t care about the people–and have begun to try to pull the party back together.

Unfortunately people like John Boehner, in Nancy Pelosi-like style, is attempting to do this by force by removing conservatives from committee seats as a warning to others in the party who would go against his leadership while threatening others with a worse fate if this didn’t teach them a lesson.

Now a new group backed by Karl Rove called the Conservative Victory Project is on the scene. The name of this group sounds great but don’t be fooled because it isn’t what it seems to be.

This group is about as 'conservative' as an Occupy Whatever protest.  But what can we expect when a mole like Rove is involved?  Still think there's any difference between the GOP and the DNC?  Still think we're going to vote our way out of this?

They're two sides of the same tarnished coin.  Whatever letter's in front of their name, they only care about one thing:  CONTROL.  And those who have power are not known for surrendering that power voluntarily.

02 February 2013


...that's what victim disarmament gun control means to me.

Robb lays down the logic:

This is akin to saying “I believe in tolerance and unity and that every man and woman should be treated as equals. However, since the number of crimes committed by blacks are higher than any other race, I believe Congress has a responsibility to balance the rights of African Americans with the concern for public safety.”

It’s horseshit, and we need to call these tyrants out on it.


01 February 2013

Words mean stuff.

The illustrious and badass Jennifer points us to the core of the upcoming AWB, by way of The Weapon Blog.

According to the bill, any semiautomatic firearm that uses a magazine — handgun, rifle or shotgun — equipped with a “pistol grip,” would be banned. That sounds like a limitation, but it is not.

A pistol grip (on page 2) is defined (on page 13) as “a grip, a thumb-hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip.” In other words, the gun list does not matter. It is a smokescreen designed to distract people from the true meaning of the bill. And it has done a magnificent job. It worked!

Any semi-automatic firearm that exists, with anything on it you can grip, is banned. (There is a grandfather clause for old stuff.)

The list is meaningless tripe. It is camouflage for the real purpose of the bill. When the president said he is not going to take away your guns, well, Feinstein’s bill puts the lie to that.

Magazine size does not matter. Brand name does not matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s black. If you can grip it, it’s banned under this bill.

Emphases are mine.

Are you paying attention, you Fudds out there?  This bill is on the level of "not banning cars...just cars with a steering wheel, gearshift and pedals."    YES, IT BANS YOUR DEER GUN ARMOR PIERCING LONG RANGE SNIPER RIFLE, at least if it's semi-auto.  Or could be defined as semi-auto in a later bill.  Or could be defined as a child-killing instrument of destruction by any whim of the Political Class and/or the LSM.

These people want ALL our guns.  All.  Of.  Them.  Yes, yours too.  Consider the skullduggery that had to be employed for this exercise in deception, then ask why they'd do such a thing if they weren't aiming for a larger goal somewhere down the line.

Wake.  Your.  Ass.  Up.

Public Service Announcement

This brilliant piece of satire brought to you by the awesome webcomic Failure to Fire.  Amazingly enough, it's created by a self-described liberal.  Really.

I'll try not to hold it against 'em, though...  ;)

A noteworthy comment


The Constitution is just 6 pages.

You dont become a “Constitutional Scholar” investing so much time at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, unless you’re looking for ways AROUND IT.

And their roadblock has always been three words.

Forbidden words to yet pass willfully through their mouths, OR admit require erasure, for any of their theories to stand.

“shall not be”

They can be adhered to, or ignored.

Followed or violated.

But there is no possible COMPROMISE, that can allow them to still “be”.

And they know this.

What they seek then, is to ignore and violate without CONSEQUENCE.

And to do so, they depend on others buying into their supposed “honest ignorance”, as the means to achieve it BLAMELESLY, for the sake of their Ego.

--Root '83

(HT Joe)

Listen up, children.

An honorable Peace Officer has a lesson for you.  Pay attention.

Not only were the police minutes away, they were seconds away. Just outside the courtroom door, if I don't miss my guess.

What's the count, Gentle Readers? One grandmother hammered into a wall and five? Six? Eight good punches on the ex-girlfriend?

And that's in the middle of a courthouse full of cops.

RTWT.  That's how your Gun Free Zones really work.  Even with the odds stacked entirely in favor of your side of the argument, you still end up proven horribly wrong.  They offer no protection for the innocent.  They do nothing but empower those who are prepared to be ruthless.   They.  Are.  Evil.  And if you lobby in any way for the disarmament of the law-abiding, so are you.

"How you wish things to be" and "how things are" are two entirely different concepts, separated now and forever by an impenetrable wall of Reality.  Get that through your head.