17 February 2021

11 February 2021

Messiest Suicide Ever.

Yep, totally and utterly self-inflicted.

Nothing hinky going on here.

Terrance Yeakey was discovered dead in a field near his hometown, El Reno, a mile and a half (2.4 km) away from his abandoned, blood-soaked car parked on the country road.

Yeakey was mutilated and shot to death: slit at his wrists, arms, elbows, stabbed in both sides of his neck near the jugular vein and shot in the side of the head at a 45-degree angle with a small caliber revolver.[6] Signs of hauling, such as rope burns on the neck, handcuff bruises to the wrists, muddy grass embedded in the wounds were observed on the body.[5] No evidence of alcohol was found in Yeakey's body.[4]

According to anonymous officers, no weapon was found at the scene despite the in-depth official investigation, until an FBI helicopter arrived.[5]


31 January 2021

Make them prove it.

So much of the 'silver' and 'gold' sold in this world doesn't actually exist.

Did you know that?

If you can't touch it, it isn't real.  If you can't stand in front of it and defend it, you don't own it.  

Looks like the common people are realizing this.

Silver Bullion Market is one of the most manipulated on earth. Any short squeeze in silver paper shorts would be EPIC. We know billion banks are manipulating gold and silver to cover real inflation.

Both the industrial case and monetary case, debt printing has never been more favorable for the No. 1 inflation hedge Silver.

Inflation adjusted Silver should be at 1000$ instead of 25$. Link to post removed by mods.

Why not squeeze $SLV to real physical price.

Think about the Gainz. If you don't care about the gains, think about the banks like JP MORGAN you'd be destroying along the way. 

Disclaimer: This is not Financial advice. I am not a financial services professional. This is my personal opinion and speculation as an uneducated and uninformed person.

Grab some popcorn and watch the oligarchs squalling like babies when they're called on their BS.

29 January 2021

I have no trouble believing this.

 And if you do, you really need to pay more attention.

Our Favorite Spitfire, aka Ann Barnhardt, passes on a letter detailing the consequences of The Totally Safe And Absolutely Necessary For The Survival Of The Human Race Poison Vaccine:

I don’t want to speculate or put out wild conspiracy theories, but yesterday I received an email from my employer that went out to all patient care providers in our health system. The email detailed an entire set of guidelines and protocols that have been developed to rapidly identify, triage, and treat people who may be suffering an allergic reaction to either of the COVID vaccines. If reactions are as rare as we are being told, then why is this necessary? If the allergic reactions are typical of other medication allergic reactions, why does a different set of standards exist? All things to make you wonder.

Yeah.  Totally safe.  Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government all agree.  What could possibly go wrong?

26 January 2021


From the sidebar at Ace of Spades:

Health Tip!

Conservative, Inc. is going to be flooding your mailboxes with urgent demands that you send them money so that they can "protect you" and "fight the liberal machine" and to "send a message to Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer."

Since I know you're all going to be sending money to completely-successful and fully conservative institutions like Heritage and National Review, I wanted to remind all of you to take a ten minute break every hour of check-writing. Also, give each of your fingers a gentle, sustained stretch, so that they don't cramp up when you are furiously scribbling out checks to people who really, really have your interests, and not their own material comfort and future opportunities to work for leftwing media organizations, at heart.

I must remember to order more checks...

13 December 2020

The Nature(s) of Evil

 The Devil, since he can create nothing himself, always tries to copy God.  The triad of evil apes the Holy Trinity, inversely.

The reason is that the 'need' for societal destruction cannot be explained in materialistic terms - which are the only terms possible in public discourse; and among those who deny the reality of God and creation. 

The true reason for societal destruction is that human society is Good and therefore needs to be destroyed. Society between Men is indeed one of the great and essential Goods of this mortal world; as Men at all times, everywhere, have acknowledged and acted-upon - quite naturally and spontaneously. 

The idea that this can and should be dispensed with is monstrous, outrageous and ridiculous... for anyone who is Not deep into the servitude of Satan. But then, that is precisely what we are dealing-with.

RTWT for a chilling analysis of where evil eventually ends up.

12 December 2020

Our patience is at an end.

We've tried to be civilized.  We've tried to be patient, understanding and merciful.  They continue to perceive these qualities as weakness.

So be it.  Let them find out different, the hard way.

F*ck these people. All of them. They thirst for death, and at this rate, they'll get it. And they'll deserve it. Stop taking their sh*t. Stop being nice. The proper response to these evil bastards is the report of a rifle. They were warned and warned and warned and warned and warned and they walked up to our line - a line we drew with pleading eyes - and pissed on it.

Everything that happens from this point forward is on them.


Yep, it's just like that.  Jesus told us to love our neighbor.  He never said we wouldn't have to kill them anyway.

11 December 2020

They Keep Using That Word...

 Folks, if you want to know when the Mushroom Media are lying(well, besides the fact that their lips are moving), listen for these obvious tells:

"Conspiracy Theory."

"Without Evidence."

And above all, "Debunked."  I kid not at all, whenever a 'journalist' or a Leftist (but I repeat myself) says something has been 'debunked,' you may rest assured that it most certainly has not, and can never be, because it's true.

No one's explained why a USPS truck driver was trucking 20-30 pallet-sized cartons of already-completed PA ballots into PA from NYFS.

No one's explained why all poll watchers and press were lied out of the Atlanta counting room.

No one's explained why after that happened, multiple cartons of ballots were pulled out of hiding and counted, God alone knows how many times.

Because there is no explanation, except to acknowledge that election fraud and stealing, not on an Industrial Age scale, but on an Information Age scale, took place in plain sight on Election Night, and for days afterwards, cheered on and abetted by an anti-Trump and pro-communist media, exactly as described by the president, and just as anyone with two brain cells has seen with their own lying eyes.

People were willing to shoot federal agents over one old thieving geezer's range land grazing fee thefts in Nevada. They were one wonky trigger spring from opening the ball, and that was years ago.

Everybody that thinks 70M people now - who know in their bones they've been cheated of a landslide election victory - are going to roll over for wholesale presidential election theft, and do nothing, signify that by standing on your head.


But remember, it's all been "debunked."  And if you believe that, I've got a sweet deal on some beachfront property in Nebraska.