30 July 2010

On evangelizing

I cannot believe I'm actually offering Christians advice on how to spread the Gospel more effectively. It's a far cry from my younger days, when anyone who professed faith earned my rolled eyes and closed ears, at a minimum.

I wasn't alone. Many of my fellow heathens and unbelievers can be particularly unkind to persons of faith. While not excusing this behavior, it is often a reaction to unkindness and intolerance on the part of certain believers who might wish to re-examine their actions. Dutchman6 elaborates at SSI:

First, the backstory(comments are worth reading, as well).

Then the first half of this post: "But the thing about Christians is that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard if we wish to be respected AS CHRISTIANS."

I agree. As one commenter in the backstory suggested, handing out water and quiet testimony will bring far more people to Christ than in-your-face, confrontational tactics. I mean, you do want to bring people to Christ, right? That was the point of the whole thing, wasn't it?

I'm still an atheist, but I've grown a lot more tolerant and understanding of my Christian brothers and sisters over the years. And I'll tell you this: said tolerance and understanding were not won by people waving signs, passing judgement and otherwise getting in my face. They came from watching true Christians, living their lives in quiet dignity and leading by example. They came from admiring people like Sarah Palin and Allen West, who don't just pay lip service to Christanity for the purposes of political expedience--they live their faith every moment of every day. And it shows.

It's all basically summed up in the wise words of a young man I once met: "Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words when necessary." In other words, let your actions speak not only for you, but for God. If your words and/or actions are driving people away from God...then who are you really working for?

Why the economy still sucks

Here we are in Obama's much-touted "Summer of Recovery," where those flying unicorns are going to be crapping Skittles on us any day now. They'd have been in the air sooner, but they were held up at the airport since the TSA didn't know how to remove horseshoes.

If you can call "not yet screaming into the abyss at Ludicrous Speed" a "recovery," then I'm forced to admit the term is technically correct. These are positive numbers, not negative, so I guess that's something.

2009 - Q3: 1.6%
2009 - Q4: 5.0%
2010 - Q1: 3.7%
2010 - Q2: 2.4%

(Anyone notice that we seem to have peaked in Q4 of '09?)
How do the first 4 quarters of economic growth during the Obama Recovery compare, for example, to the first four quarters of economic growth during the Reagan Recovery? The economy grew at 8.1%, 9.3%, 8.1%, and 8.5%, respectively. Why such a dramatic difference? Obama is hostile to business, Reagan supported business. Obama is taking over industries, Reagan deregulated them. Obama has huge tax increases planned, Reagan cut taxes.

None of this is complicated. Obama has no idea what he's doing and seems hell-bent on following the failed Keynesian policies that have worked so "well" in Greece.

RTWT at Conservatives 4 Palin.


This is the coolest--and most useful--Chinese puzzle EVAR.

It's a table sculpture! It's a puzzle! It's an emergency weapon system! And if you order now, we'll throw in the Ginsu Knife set, the Ronco Turnip Twaddler, and the TurboJuicer absolutely FREE!

Truly stunning. Many people can machine metal, but how many could design and build something like this?

29 July 2010

Blogroll Update, Part III

Larry Correia at Monster Hunter International takes on one of the Left's raving psychos with the Sunlight of Logic and the Holy Water of Reason.

For. The. Win. (Warning: very long.)

Don't forget to read the comments!

What happened to you, Mr. President?

A couple of commenters (where else? On HillBuzz) got me to thinking today.

Poster 1: One other thing – has he EVER displayed a pleasant face in his speeches? It is always this dour look, look of scorn, hatred. I keep thinking that this is some nightmare and that one day, I will wake up from it and be relieved that it was only a bad dream…

Poster 2: I was just going to concur with Chrissy’s general take on these specific speeches/facial expressions…I noticed it at the time and, as usual, didn’t think to “make a big deal of it” because “we’re supposed to be nice”….so I love what she did here. But then I read your comment, I realize, y’know what? YOU ARE RIGHT! This is the way he ALWAYS looks! Dour! Sour! Full of scorn and bitterness. I can’t imagine living with such sourness filling my insides. This is not a person who EVER has a private chuckle with the family dog, talks to God about how beautiful the sunset is, tells a flower it is really, really beautiful today, or enjoys the arms of small child around his neck. He is just plain, 100% unpleasant. Yuck. I do believe he is dog poop on the bottom of America’s shoe.

It's true. Like all Leftists, Barack Obama is a very angry and bitter man. And I know about anger and bitterness. I carried a ton of it around for many years, and still struggle to get rid of it. And I know most, if not all of the reasons why. Coming to terms with those reasons is part of the healing process.

And now I ask: What evils have befallen you, Mr. Obama? At whose hands have you suffered so much, and so cruelly, that you would destroy the greatest nation on Earth in an act of revenge on life in general? Have you even one iota of your soul left untouched by cynicism and sullen hatred, or have you simply given up on the entire idea of redemption?

Likely, our President wouldn't read this even if I sneaked it onto a teleprompter. Introspection is scary. And the more damage your anger has caused, the more frightening it is to analyze your actions and take responsibility for them. I'm not putting much hope in a sudden epiphany occurring at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, or, for that matter, anywhere on Capitol Hill. But, today, the epiphany was mine. I realized something.

I do not hate Barack Obama.

I hate his policies. I despise his continued efforts to undermine our traditions, our economy, our national security...efforts, indeed, to unravel the very fabric of our great Republic. I loathe his offhand dismissal of the will of the American people. I can't wait until noon on 1/20/13--it can't get here fast enough.

But I do not hate Barack Obama.

I pity him.

Have I mentioned...

...my utmost admiration for the LawDog recently?


There is not one single, gods-be-damned thing "culturally sensitive" about war. It's war. It's killing the other guy, and breaking his stuff, in job lots, until his side gives up.

Period. Full stop.

It doesn't get any better than a full-on, take-no-prisoners, Shakespeare-meets-R. Lee Ermey-style LawDog rant.

28 July 2010

HillBuzz gives us a lesson in honor

HillBuzz has been covering a nasty scandal in the IL GOP for the past couple of weeks. It's at the point where even the Leftist blogs are picking up the story. They story itself has been well-covered already, and that's not where I'm going with this.

In this piece, the Boyz wax eloquent about Pat Brady, the IL GOP State Chair. Mr. Brady and his wife reached out to the Boyz on the eve of HRC's destruction and was instrumental in forging the independent, all-inclusive alliance of Americans we now know as HillBuzz. He is very, very dear to the Boyz, but...

While we’ll never be Republicans, because the corruption in the Cook County GOP is just as bad as in the Democrat ranks, so we feel more comfortable being independents at this point, HillBuzz has evolved into what it is today, with all of you as daily readers, because of the overtures the Bradys made to us way back in the spring of 2008.

We’d give kidneys to these people if they needed them. We love them, and are so grateful to them, and are so inspired by them.

BUT, Pat Brady needs to do the right thing regarding Lee Roupas...Pat Brady needs to fire Lee Roupas.

If he won’t, then we need to cross the uncrossable bridge and start advocating for someone to fire Pat Brady and replace him with someone who WILL clean house in Cook County, get rid of Roupas and the other “Romney Guys” frat boys stinking up the place, and prove to the voters of Illinois that there really is a choice to be made in this state: either vote for the corrupt, revolting Democrat party or vote for a party that’s about cleaning up the mess in Illinois and doing the right thing.

If Pat Brady fails to act by the end of this week, then we know he’s not serious about giving voters that choice.

It will break our hearts, and highly disillusion us, but we’ll have to start calling for Brady’s removal at that point.

That, my friends, is TRUE HONOR. When politics and personal feelings are overruled by the concepts of right and wrong. It's something we've lost as a nation, and need to regain post haste if America is going to survive. HillBuzz, as I mentioned in one of my first posts, shook up my world, turned me around, and made me become a true American again.

This is one of the reasons why.

Black Death, Day 100

Conservative New Media provides a "just the facts" review of the whole debacle.


This was a 24-karat-gold-plated, 600-horsepower, three-cornered cluster bungle from the start. Perhaps, once we get the adults back in charge of this country, we'll be able to learn from the disaster and never see anything like this again.

One can hope.

Allen West on Geert Wilders

Sorry about the lack of verbosity lately. I kept staring at the "99 posts" and wanted to come up with a milestone. Why are we intimidated by arbitrary numbers?

Anyway, this is as much of a milestone as any I could come up with. Allen West, a truly great American, speaks out concerning Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders' censure for "hate speech." I guess the truth is considered 'hateful' to cowards the world over.

All who read this post, never forget a simple maxim which I live by: "When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide."

LtC West is a frighteningly intelligent man. He has made himself intimately familiar with Islam, its history, and its eventual goal--the domination of the Earth by a global Caliphate. Those who doubt this live in ignorance of history, both ancient and recent.

Read the whole thing. Then go forth and make it viral.

22 July 2010


Just as I finished the last post, I hopped over to C4P, only to find this:

My point exactly.

The peaceful and tolerant Left

I happened upon this story today, concerning a strange phenomenon taking place in Brazil--hundreds of dead penguins, their stomachs empty, have washed up on the beach. I'm greatly saddened, because I love penguins. Hopefully, the cause of their demise will be found soon.

Browsing through the comments, I encountered the usual expressions of dismay, smartassery and the all-too-predictable "ITS GLOBAL WARMING WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!one11one!" Then I found one that puts the Leftist mindset into perfect perspective:

"Having worked with the general public for about 12 years now I have come to a simple conclusion. I am fine with some kind of mass extinction event in the near future. I dont mind dying as long as most of you zombies die too. Drill Baby Drill, I heard there's oil in the center of the earth let's drill baby. If I was to ever run into Palin, alone, there would be no more Palin."

First off, "Pablo" might wish to be a little more circumspect about threatening a public figure, lest some guys in black suits show up on his doorstep for a little chat. (And I believe Sarah would end up kicking his tough-talking ass up and down the block...then she'd pray for him.) But take a look at the rest of the comment. This guy hates humanity. He welcomes mass extinctions of human beings, which he terms 'zombies,' and is even willing to sacrifice his own life if lots and lots of other people die in the process.

Now, granted, one comment by one dickhead does not a movement make. But when you examine the Left--particularly the environazis--closely, in the light of this person's statements, it's pretty obvious he's far from alone.

The Left, as I've been slowly realizing for years now, is based on hate. They hate people in general. They hate themselves for existing. They really hate those of us who strive to better ourselves, who achieve great things, who believe in the exceptionalism and heroic potential of all mankind. For all their propaganda about how much they 'care,' they're consumed with rage, bitterness and self-loathing. How else do you explain their hysterical, rabid attacks against anyone who advocates freedom and liberty? Their alliance with an intolerant, murderous sociopolitical system disguised as a religion? Their elevation of the 'rights' of everything from animals to plants to dirt above the welfare of humankind?

Evil rarely announces itself openly. It wraps itself in platitudes of 'justice,' 'tolerance,' 'peace' and other feel-good terms, else it would be rejected before it could spread. But good intentions mean nothing when the end result is destruction. I will close with a quote from Ayn Rand which sums up the entire mentality of the Left in three lines.

"They do not want to have your fortune--they want you to lose it. They do not wish to succeed--they want you to fail. They do not want to live--they want you to die."

In Michigan? MICHIGAN???

One of the bluest states in the country seems to be hosting a currency revolt.

These articles bring a smile to my face. We haven't lost the real America yet, folks, no matter what the Lame Duck Media says.

21 July 2010

Shut up, Eeyore.

I had occasion to listen to the Rusty Humphries show the other night. Like most Talk Radio hosts, I agree with much of what he says and disagree with a few points.

A caller from Arizona opined that Jim Deakin really made an impression on him during the debates for the GOP primary. Mr. Humphries responded, "I've never even heard of this guy. If you vote for him, you might as well just give the nomination to John McCain."

On HillBuzz, this is known as the Eeyore Mentality. "Don't bother voting for anyone who actually stands for something. They can't win. You're throwing your vote away. You'll just be getting the Other Guy elected."

ENOUGH!!! This is exactly the mentality that gives us DeceptiCons like Hayworth and McCain time and time again, and I, for one, am not going to fall for it any more.

First off, Mr. Humphries...you live in the People's Socialist Republic of Kalifornia. Since you're not eligible to vote in Arizona, I don't really give a damn whether or not you've 'heard of' Jim Deakin.

Secondly, although I will give the nod to your experience in political analysis, this is far from a typical situation. In November of 2010, all bets are off. The electorate is awake, aware and informed like never before in the history of this great nation. This is the year of upsets, dark-horse candidates and substance over spin. About the only thing you can take for granted this year is that the Democrats will be stomped like a Klansman in Compton.

My fellow Arizonans, it's very simple. If you want another DeceptiCon practicing politics as usual, just flip a coin for McCain or Hayworth. If you want a real live Constitutional Conservative to represent the Great State of Arizona, then tell the Eeyores where to stuff it.

20 July 2010

God to racists: "F.U."

This case has genetic experts pulling their hair out and reaching for a stiff drink: A Nigerian couple has a blue-eyed, blond-haired White baby!

This seems to contravene everything we know about genetics. Both the girl's mother and father are 100% Black, and there seems to be no evidence that anyone in their ancestry ever mixed with White people. Yet, here is little Nmachi, who is definitely not an albino--just a healthy baby girl who appears normal in every way, except for the puzzling circumstances of her birth.

Everyone should take some time out of their lives to contemplate this, and decide whether 'racial identity' is really so damned important. We're all human, folks, and if this doesn't inspire you to live up to the dream of Dr. King, I'm afraid there's no hope for you.

Happy birthday, Nmachi.

(For His next trick, God sends a Black baby to a Klanswoman in West Virginia. Hilarity ensues.)

So, what are these 'rights' things anyway?

Kent McManigal, at the ABQ Libertarian Examiner, puts the whole concept into clear, concise, simple terms. Go read now.

15 July 2010

The gauntlet is thrown

VERY powerful piece from The Post & Email calling out Obama and the Supreme Court.

Based on my daily monitoring of events to insure the safety of the Constitution, I can only imagine you might have noticed that our government has been seized by Communists and other progressives, the Constitution has been totally ignored, Congress and everyone in the regime are violating their oaths of office, and, from what I can tell, bouncing off the walls with bribes and illegal deals that are being funded by “we” the taxpayers. It would seem that conflicts of interest abound and are the rule as opposed to the exception.

This rogue “administration” is being run by what I believe is an Islamic fundamentalist…you know, we used to call those guys “terrorists,” that is, until the main terrorist himself, “with the help of his friends,” seized control and dumbed up the terms used to describe our enemies.

Read the whole thing, including the official Criminal Complaint of Treason at the bottom.

Make this viral.

'Nuff said.


When I used to smoke, I thought it was pretty cool when I learned to blow smoke rings.

Now I've been shown up by a bunch of dolphins.

Seriously, how do they do that??

Blogroll Update, Part II

Motivationtruth gives the race-baiting Left a well-deserved bitch slap.

Ms. Ross, it is truly an honor to read your words of wisdom.

14 July 2010

The tsunami continues to rise...

The Warrior of the Midnight Sun posts her take on the NAACP's resolution. Insightful and articulate as always, and including a hearty endorsement of Tim Scott, South Carolina's 1st District Congressional candidate. How can you not love this woman?

Well, if you're a bitter, hate-corroded Oppressive Progressive, you probably don't like her too much. She reminds you of all the things you could have been, done and accomplished had you spent your life building yourself up instead of tearing others down. She gets things done, you make excuses. And every time you swing at her, she comes back stronger.

Perhaps, instead of your continued attacks(which are about as effective as attempting to dig to Australia with a teaspoon), you might wish to let go of your hate and follow the example Sarah sets--one of strength, humility, positivity and tenaciousness. It's never too late to change your life.

13 July 2010

A growing tsunami of condemnation

Man, the 'National Association for the Assault of Cracker People' has really stepped in it this time.

We may (finally!) be seeing the beginning of the end for the entire race industry, as people of all colors become increasingly disgusted at their bitter, played-out, occasionally violent rhetoric. Grab some popcorn and watch the fun.

Meanwhile, back in Bizarro World...

...we have the NAACP being (rightly) called out as racists.

Surviving the upcoming years with our sanity intact, will require a finely honed appreciation for the absurd.

09 July 2010

Racist? Well, actually...


I'm proud to be part of the Resistance Against Communist Indoctrination, Socialism and Tyranny.

Wouldn't you like to be a R.A.C.I.S.T. too? ;>

(H/T to HillBuzz commenters--let's make this viral!)


Many people in this country call themselves "Christians." But when you look at their actions, it's pretty obvious that no few of them skipped over those parts of the Bible concerned with forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and all that stuff.

Then there are those who clearly read the whole thing.
We must realize that if we divide over these issues and treat our brothers and sisters in Christ poorly, the world looks upon us and wants nothing to do with Christ. Thus we stain the holy name of God.

All you "Christians" who align yourself more with the Westboro Baptist Church than the Marin Foundation might want to consider the completely opposite tactics of these organizations. Now, if your goal is to spread the Gospel, which do you think is the more effective way to bring people to Christ?

In the spirit of solidarity with peaceful people, I'd also like to say "I'm sorry." In my younger days, I had no respect for faith or those who followed it, and I said some very vile and hurtful things to folks who didn't deserve them.

Thankfully, I've since discovered that there's a significant difference between "Atheist" and "Asshole."

08 July 2010


...that I, and I suspect many of my fellow Americans, would like some answers to.

As in NOW, Mayor Bloomberg.

As in NOW, LameStream Media.

I know the old saying about not ascribing to malice what can be reasonably explained by incompetence...but I don't see how this can reasonably be explained by anything other than evil intent on someone's part.

Why is the NYC political machine determined to ram this project through at warp speed?

Why is the LSM doing its best Officer Barbrady impression?

Explain yourselves.


The horrors of the Nazi (National Socialist German Workers' Party) regime have become indelibly printed upon our cultural memory, as well they should.

But the atrocities of Socialism did not begin and end with the Third Reich, as Laylow has taken pains to remind us.

It isn't Naziism, Jihadism, Communism, Socialism or Marxism by name that we must fear. These are all simply names for the ultimate evil: Collectivism.

Collectivism is just as its name implies: the celebration of the collective over the individual. Ruminate very carefully over the certain consequences of this philosophy. When the group is all, you are nothing. And if you're one of the eggs that needs to be broken in order to make the Utopian Omelette--oh, well.

What's that? You believe in The Cause? You work tirelessly for the Socialist Ideal, and they'd never do that to you?

There's a lot of ghosts out there who are beating their heads against the veil between the worlds, frantically trying to warn you of your eventual fate. If you study history with an open mind, you may hear their screams. If you do, perhaps they will not have died in vain.

07 July 2010


It's not what you might think.
All of those black-clad, spikey-haired teenagers you see on the news throwing rocks through shop windows at the G20 summit, those kids are not anarchists. They are thugs and criminals. Anarchists don’t believe in force, violence, theft, or coercion. And yet what do you see them doing? Breaking windows and looting private businesses. So the next time you think of Anarchists, don’t think of them. They’re a disgrace to the entire human race. A real Anarchist would try to change hearts and minds, not loot jewelry and cell phones.

Read the whole thing at Don't Tread On Mike.

01 July 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Care II

I've discovered a new site: Conservative New Media. A gentleman called Mark Ciavola has laid out the so-called 'repeal' of DADT in simple terms that even a Leftist can understand...


Anyone who's willing to fight and die for America should be allowed to serve. Yet, we toss out queers, not for any misconduct, but simply for being who they are...while allowing Jihadists to attain high rank, dispense pychiatric advice and murder soldiers on our own military bases.

There's something extremely wrong with that.

The Scarlet "A"

No, not that one. Today, I'm going to speak of the single most divisive subject in America. It cuts across party lines, faith, gender, preference--every category of people. This post will likely make people on both sides fire up their flamethrowers. Well, I've got my Nomex undies on, so here goes.

Today's subject, friends...is abortion.