23 December 2014

This one word: NO.

We The People run this country.  We need only realize it.

And if you didn't get the underlying message, he went on to say "I don't think it helped us with the general public. It doesn't help us with the public or the legislators." And, he added, "I'm not a fan of armed civil disobedience."
Coming from a guy who has never risked more than a paper cut opening fundraising envelopes . . . coming from a guy who was willing to trade away national background checks in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook . . . this was hardly surprising. He will do what he has always done when confronted with Bloomberg Rules. If he cannot sue it, if he cannot lobby a "compromise" that gives up a little more of other people's essential liberties and property, he will do . . . nothing.
Yet such "leaders" risk exposure and irrelevance in the new shifting paradigm. Legal challenges on all these Intolerable Acts are working their way through the courts. All have, up to now, failed. Elections have been fought and lost. Lobbying has been redoubled. Indeed, in the same interview Gottlieb asserted that the emergency was so grave that they had hired another lobbyist!
But the practitioners of armed civil disobedience, the resistance behind enemy lines in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Colorado and Washington state, have ALREADY NULLIFIED BLOOMBERG RULES. And Michael Bloomberg himself doesn't seem to know whether to defecate or go blind.
The failures of the "mainstream gun rights groups" to protect liberty and property from Bloomberg's assaults have forced the American people -- an eminently practical people -- to make their own arrangements. If this risks exposing the increasing irrelevance of such groups there is nothing we can do about it. (Although there is certainly something THEY can do about it -- thinking and acting outside the boxes of their own comfort zones would be a good start.) But the fact of the matter is that, as demonstrated now by almost two years of experiences THERE IS NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW THAT MIKE BLOOMBERG CAN BUY THAT WE CANNOT NULLIFY WITH ARMED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.


Ignore this at your dire peril.

17 December 2014

Dude...wait, WHAT?

Yes, the Evil, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Thisphobic, Thatphobic(good heavens, I'm just a whimpering mess of fears, aren't I?  It's a wonder I ever leave the house), and above all ISLAMOPHOBIC Wraith...is standing in the corner of...

...a Muslim.

Yes, it's true.  Because anybody who rolls like this, is all right by me.

Omar Mahmood is a student at the University of Michigan. He considers himself a political conservative and a Muslim. And until recently, he enjoyed writing for both of the campus's newspapers: the institutional, liberal paper, The Michigan Daily, and the conservative alternative paper, The Michigan Review.

After penning a satirical op-ed for The Review that mocked political correctness and trigger warnings, The Daily ordered him to apologize to an anonymous staffer who was offended and felt "threatened" by him. He refused and was fired.

Last week, he became the victim of what The College Fix has described as a "hate crime." The doorway of his apartment was vandalized in the middle of the night; the perpetrators pelted the door with eggs and scribbled notes like "shut the f*ck up" and "everyone hates you you violent prick." They left copies of the offending column and a print-out picture of Satan.

Mr. Mahmood, I salute you.  While I believe that your faith is misguided, you have the heart and attitude of a true American.  Keep on fighting, my brother!

We're waking up!

Finally, people across the nation are starting to accept the truth:

So, the question now arises: are the actions of Boehner’s Band of RINOs simply inconsistent with the American voter or is there something more subversive going on?

In January of 1963, a list of alleged communist goals was read into the Congressional Record by U.S. Congressman Albert S. Herlong, Jr. of Florida. Goal #15 reads: Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. The intention of the Communists to accomplish a well-hidden coup de’ tat was to infiltrate our two-party system and own both parties – all the while having the people believe they actually had a choice. Of course there are admirably some Republicans, such as my own representative from NJ, Scott Garrett, who have refused to fall into step with the Party’s betrayal of America. Unfortunately, legislators of this caliber are few and far between.

Whether the Republican Party has been taken over by the Commies, or if its leaders have been blackmailed, or if they are just out of touch with reality, the end results remain the same. The two-party system in America is just an illusion. And the old excuse for voting for the two lesser is necessary because if you don’t you are voting for the greater of two evils no longer applies. Either way the choice is the same – you are still getting evil.

Emphasis mine.  Can it be?  Is America getting wise to the false choice we've been presented with?

Our Father in Heaven, please let it be so.

14 December 2014

Welcome to the party, pal.

Perhaps the reason that two thirds of Americans don't vote, is that they just flat-out don't see the point. 

Things are going in the wrong direction.  You vote for candidates who are supposed to be against the policies that are driving us in the wrong direction, and then those candidates promptly roll over and collaborate with the people you put them in office to stop.

The game is rigged.  The Republic is dead.  I've been saying it for years, Ann's been saying it for years, and more and more people are starting to get it.

Like this guy:

It was evident what the citizens intended. At least we, the citizens, knew and understood what we wanted and intended to have happen. We wanted things to change from what was being done. We wanted that change immediately if not sooner. We made it abundantly clear in no uncertain terms. We want the insanity of big government intrusion into our lives stopped and we expected the republicans to listen and obey the voices of we the people that elected them.

Now here we are immediately after the very first test of these newly elected representatives. Heck, they haven't even been officially sworn in yet and what do we have?


Given the results of the 2010 Epic Republican Landslide, did you really expect anything different this time around? 

13 December 2014

This man knows.

Is your life in disarray?  Can't figure out why everything keeps turning to crap?  Convinced that life in general sits up nights conspiring to knock your dick in the dirt?

Been There, Done That.  And so has Marc MacYoung.  If you're not ready to come to God, then at least read this post.  Profanity abounds, but if your life is that messed up, that'll be the least of your worries.

Most of our internal pain is self-generating. That is to say how we think, what we assume, our habits, behaviors and beliefs create ways of thinking that cause us pain, strife and fear.

That's not say that the external world isn't f*cked up, it can be. But the belief that the world is ALWAYS f*cked up sets us on a course to prove it ourselves. What goes on inside of our head can make us look at an okay situation and overemphasize the bad so much that it makes it look like it's f*cked up. Worse is when a situation is good, we'll go out of our way to f*ck it up -- again reconfirming or belief that the world is f*cked up.
Now this is not to say the pain isn't real. It is. Just most of it is self-generated. Does bad shit that we didn't create happen? Yes. But again, most of our pain comes from inside ourselves -- especially when we take a bad event and run with it, make it the basis of our life's story and demand the world accommodate what has become our self-generating pain.

This is made more complicated because when you're hurting in this manner, you'll seek out ways to make it temporarily stop. This through booze, drugs, adrenaline (getting punched) and anger. It is at these times we feel both alive and pain free. All that other shit falls away and we are temporarily freed from what we're doing to ourselves from inside our own heads.

Yes, it's exactly like that.  I know--I lived that way for a good long time.  It can get better...if you take an honest, objective look at yourself and kick that ugly part of you out of the driver's seat.  Whether you think it's psychology or Satan, if you want to change your life, that guy has to go.

A long-forgotten quote

It's been decades since I read this book.  I should read it again.

(Thanks to insanitybytes, who is made of awesome.)

When the revolution came

 The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mother Janey Lou, a political reactionary, took one look and began screaming. “Goddamit! Goddamit! I’m not going to take it anymore!”


The uprising, which had started locally with Janey Lou’s shotgun, began to spread both geographically and in its content. Apparently people were fed up with a lot of things. Nobody in government had noticed.


“My kid is fifteen, can’t read, and doesn’t know who Thomas Jefferson was but he’s had three different classes on safe anal sex. I didn’t raise him to be an analphabetic butt-plug. Excuse me. I need to find a professor.” She left, brandishing her ball-bat.


The rest is well known. Congress in its entirely was slaughtered, and hung upside-down from lamp posts though, unlike Mussolini, they were not emasculated. It was pretty much agreed that they had taken care of this themselves long ago.

Fred Reed has outdone himself on this one--click anywhere to RTWT.  May the Good Lord return us to a time when common sense was...common.

08 December 2014

Apparently, "Jesus" == 'hate speech.'

I'm still trying to figure out where the 'hate' is in Rev. Dean's prayer.  Can someone clue me in?

Right after I was done praying, one “Christian” chaplain came up to me and did his best to reprove me for using the “J” word (Jesus) in the House chamber, as if to suggest that I check my faith at the door before calling upon the God who gave us government in the first place (Exodus 18:21).

Apparently, he had been around enough whores and hirelings to believe that I was to follow in close pursuit. What a fool. I will never, by the grace of God, ask for permission from corrupt man to obey a just and holy God (Acts 5:29, Matthew 10:33).

Also, keep in mind that after this prayer was over, there were over 2,000 outlets that reported on it within 10 minutes.

First, I was labeled the “anti-gay preacher.” Then I was called the “bigot.” And then when the people figured out that I said nothing about homosexuality, they then tried to figure out why there was such an uproar over my prayer.

This worked out well because it exposed the state-controlled media for who they are and how they operate (Proverbs 26:27, Psalm 7:15).

Yet another reason I got the hell out of there.  It's a Godforsaken arctic wasteland in more than one sense of the expression.

It's the details, people.

Christopher Cantwell isn't a guy I agree with 100% of the time, but when he's right, he's right.  Consider these three Black folks killed by the cops this year, and where the similarities in their cases end:

Michael Brown was a violent criminal. He committed a strong armed robbery, and when he feared being apprehended, he attacked a police officer. He got shot. If he was white, nobody would care. He is a non-story outside of liberal race hysteria. I am not going to care about Michael Brown just because he’s black, and if you do, then you’re a racist. Case closed.

Tamir Rice was shot for having what police believed was a gun. If he was white, liberals would not care, but I would. Whether the gun was real or fake is a non-issue. I live in New Hampshire, I openly carry a .38 revolver. People see my gun all the time. By the standards of the Cleveland PD, I should be gunned down in the street for this. Thus, if you care about the death of Tamir Rice, you should be complaining about gun control.

Eric Garner was seized upon by police for selling untaxed cigarettes. If he was white, liberals would not care, but I would. Executing people in the street for tax evasion is something people are rightfully upset about, but it’s not all that far off from what happens in tax courts every single day. I would not personally feel any better about this case, had Eric Garner been taken into custody without incident, locked in a cage, and stripped of his property. I don’t feel any better about it when hard working people try to keep their own money and are seized upon by the IRS and locked in cages and stripped of their property. Thus, if you care about the death of Eric Garner, you should be complaining about taxation.

Exactly.  If you're simply focusing on 'Black' and 'killed by cops,' you're too damn ignorant for me to take anything you say seriously.  And if you're looting and burning your own neighborhood, harming innocent people, you suck as a human being.

07 December 2014

"...it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

Via the illustrious Tam, we have a boilerplate example of how the Left thinks of us.  Seriously, dude appears to be the perfect stereotype of the angry, snarky, frightened Proglodyte, projecting his inadequacies all over people who can actually cope with reality.  Here's his bigoted screed, in italics, which I will answer below.

You’re a scared white person, almost certainly male.

White and male, correct.  Scared?  Nope.  I can deal with whatever life throws at me.  Except running out of beer.  That's terrifying.

You do not live in a major city, or near a university or intellectual hub of any note, nor have you ever traveled very far from your home town, much less out of state or anywhere further than, say, Mexico. Once. And that was enough.

I do not currently live in a major city, because I grew up in them and decided that the crime, traffic and constant light and noise weren't really anything I wanted to deal with.  Oh, and the two metro areas I grew up in were about as liberal as you can possibly get.  I've been to more than one foreign country, and been all over North America.

You do not read complicated books.

My house has a library, and we're running out of room in it.  I've been reading since I was younger than three, and my SAT's are in the 98th percentile.

You do not like new or weird things.

You have no idea how incorrect you are.

You watch lots of TV, mostly Fox News, which rejoices in showing you endless images of angry foreigners and minorities in pain: tear gas explosions, fights in the streets, looting, this time involving sad, small-town black people in Ferguson, all of them protesting the acquittal of that murderous white cop.

There are a handful of shows I watch, but I'm not stupid enough to get my 'news' from any mainstream media outlet.  My TV viewing is likely about 2-3 hours a week.  And, while there are many instances of genuine police misconduct in this country, you've picked one which was actually a clean shoot.  I have no idea why you people support thugs above innocent victims.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  Now, let's see if I can peg you, Mr. Morford.  Just a fun little mental exercise...

You’re a scared white male.  You wouldn't dream of living anywhere outside of a major city, and think that living near a university somehow makes you smart.  You might even have a college degree in something completely irrelevant like Sociology or Gender Studies.  You might have travelled outside America, to all those exciting places in Europe and Asia, but you wouldn't dream of going to such a gauche and uncivilized place like Africa.  Of course, you have completely failed to learn anything of use from your travels.  You did bring back a lot of souvenir knickknacks, though, so all your friends will know how well-travelled and worldly you are.

You read all the books that the cool kids do, like Das Kapital, The Bell Jar, Catcher In The Rye, etc., and can pontificate endlessly about them without actually forming an original thought.

You make it a point to be into whatever the newest, weirdest thing is, just for the sake of it.  You support the rights of women and gays, and simultaneously support Islam.  You're for freedom of religion for everyone but Christians, and you defend free speech for everyone but conservatives.

You get most of your news from NPR and any left-leaning site on the internet, but you'd never dream of reading one thing on the Blaze, Breitbart or any site that doesn't completely support every single Leftist talking point.  On the rare occasion you do encounter a differing point of view, you totally lose your shit and start hurling insults and character assassination instead of arguing the facts.

How'd I do?  ;)

04 December 2014

Angels in disguise?

Maybe.  God bless these kids.

A simple hug between two people, who are just trying to get along, gives us all a little more hope.


03 December 2014

She's not a REAL teenager...

...you know, just like Mia Love and Tim Scott aren't REALLY Black.

She's pro-Second Amendment. She's pro-life. She's a fiscal conservative. And she's 18.

College student Saira Blair will become the youngest state lawmaker in the country after winning election on Tuesday to the West Virginia House of Delegates. 
The young Republican told Fox News on Thursday that she hopes her candidacy helps encourage her conservative contemporaries to get more involved.

Oh yeah--I guess she's not really female, either, at least according to the Left.