26 August 2012

The 'new civility'

By way of Conservative Girl, we are introduced to a happy little Facebook page:  Kill Mitt Romney.


In so many words, it says

This is a page advocating for the murder of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney

It's been up for over two weeks.  How long do you think a similarly threatening page directed at any Leftist politician would remain?  And how fast would the creators be visited by everyone from the Secret Service to the FBI?

But we're supposed to be the dangerous ones.

MurderGate talking points

The Miller brings us all you really need to know about "Fast & Furious," condensed to ten simple points even a moonbat can understand.

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Fast and Furious

  1. The Obama administration illegally helped traffic over 2,000 guns to violent Mexican drug cartels.
  2. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by Mexican criminals with guns they received through Fast and Furious.
  3. The Obama administration used Fast and Furious to bolster its false claim that 90 percent of guns used in Mexican drug crimes come from the United States.
  4. Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) leaned on U.S. gun shops to sell guns to known buyers for Mexican drug cartels.
  5. Obama’s Assistant Attorney General, Lanny Breuer, lied to Congress when he claimed that BATFE never knowingly allowed the sale of guns to known buyers for Mexican drug cartels.
  6. The Obama administration armed violent Mexican drug cartels and endangered American lives to push a gun control agenda.
  7. The Obama administration deliberately used guns trafficked through Fast and Furious to make the case for implementing an illegal gun registration scheme in four U.S. border states.
  8. Despite congressional subpoenas, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to turn over more than 90 percent of the vital documents that pertain to this scandal.
  9. Obama invoked “executive privilege” to help Eric Holder conceal Fast and Furious documents from congressional investigators and the American public.
  10. On June 28, 2012, a bipartisan majority in the U.S. House voted to hold Eric Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress. Eric Holder is the first U.S. Attorney General ever to be held in contempt of Congress
Yep, that's it.  Just one of many atrocities of the Thug Regime.

25 August 2012


I went to a funeral this morning.

A funny, vibrant, talented, intelligent young man of 25 let his lust for life lead him down the wrong path.  Apparently, motocross racing, cliff diving and other adrenaline-filled pursuits weren't enough...he was seduced by the White Lady, and ended up paying the ultimate price for it.

We've all heard the old saying, "It's better to burn out than to fade away."  Maybe so.  But when you burn out, remember that those who love you are the ones who have to clean up the ashes.

20 August 2012

Why I'm glad to be a dumb truck driver

My mother was absolutely adamant that I go to college.  I didn't listen, and I'm damn grateful I didn't.  I make good money, I do something productive and useful, and I don't have a boatload of student loan debt.

Apparently, I was ahead of the curve...

Yeah.  I could have told you that years ago.

(HT Bob)

15 August 2012

Gun rights fisking 3-fer

Kevin Baker eviscerates an article in The Economist(maybe they should spend less time talking about guns and more on how the global economy is spiralling down the crapper).

3 Boxes of BS lays an intellectual smackdown on some buckethead on Huff&Blow(given the level of brainpower and independent thought required to be published there, the words "fish" and "barrel" come to mind).

And Joe Huffman, in his usual style, lays it out short, sweet and to the point.

This post brought to you by The National Coalition of Americans Who Don't Give A Damn About Your Crybaby, Whiny-Ass Opinions Concerning Our God-Given Rights.

That's how a REAL Governor rolls!

Jan Brewer, the Most Excellent and Badass Governor of the Sovereign State of Arizona, has just flipped Obummer the double bird.  With a twist.

Jan Brewer has signed an executive order directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration program.

After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

Brewer’s Wednesday order says she’s reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

Hey, how about you folks "Dream" your way into the American Consulate, apply for a visa, and come here legally, just like three of my four parents did?  Or would that be too much trouble?

God bless you, Governor Brewer--keep up the fight.  We've got your back.

12 August 2012

If Justice won't come to Holder...

Rep. Issa will bring Holder to Justice!  One way or the other....!

As expected, the Justice department refused to file charges against their boss, Attorney General Holder, so tomorrow House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa will sue AG Holder in civil court for refusing to provide documents related to the “Fast and Furious” gun-smuggling operation.

Emphasis mine.  Go get 'em, Darrell!!

Historical perspective

Taking a fresh look at the history of our 'evil, racist, oppressive, blah blah blah' country:

The list goes on, but the pattern is clear. Virtually every nation or people of note in history did terrible (by modern standards) things to others that were not considered part of their tribe, clan, religion, or group. But most of them did it without accomplishing much of particular significance, furthering scientific advancement, making the average person better off, broadening human rights, broadening educational opportunities, helping other nations succeed, or otherwise improving the lot of their citizenry other than at the expense of the oppressed. The exceptions, like the Roman Empire, are notable because they are so unusual, but even they generally refused to acknowledge their flaws.

America admits the flaws, and tries to learn from them, and get better. But to do so without also acknowledging the truly great and unusual things the nation has done is to do our nation and her people a great disservice, sort of like only looking at the murders done with guns but not also seeing the cases of guns used for self-defense. It’s a “cost-benefit” analysis that only looks at the costs, which gives an entirely incorrect picture of reality.

That is why I think that history should be second only to language as a field of study in public school. It is full of exciting stories that anyone and everyone can relate to and learn from, it’s not always technical, it’s got fascinating bits and pieces as well as sweeping, epic tales, interesting people, great inventions and close-fought battles, and it can be made exciting and relevant to all age groups. To quote George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". We really, really need to not repeat some of the missteps of the 20th Century; to do that, we need to be aware of them. To look at only the warts on our republic’s history and demand radical changes is the same as admitting that you are unaware of the worse warts shown to be on all other competing systems of governance. We are not perfect; but neither are we as evil as some make us out to be.

RTWT.  If you're looking for perfection, you'll be waiting a long time.

11 August 2012

All that needs be said about the CFA fiasco

Via Borepatch, we find this smackdown at Le Gygne Gris, slamming both sides(and deservedly so):

Furthermore, gay marriage isn’t even ruining marriage. Feminism, coupled with no-fault divorce and a misandrist family court system have done more damage to the social institution of marriage than Adam and Steve ever could.

Finally, note that the legal institution of marriage is not the same as the religious institution of marriage. The government can use as much ink on as many sheets of paper as it so desires, yet God will never be bound to recognize that Adam and Steve are husband and husband. God is not bound by the laws of man; quit acting like he is.

On a side note, the religious institution of marriage has been radically undermined by its main nominal proponents (religious conservatives) by decades of false teaching, most notably the teaching that conflates moral laws with legal laws. There has also been quite an absence of proper teaching on theology of marriage, on the theology of divorce (hint: God hates it, Mal. 2:14-17), and the role of husband and wife (leader and helpmeet). This has done more to undermine marriage than to two lesbians kissing in front of a fast food joint.
The majority of the people that hate you do not hate you because you are gay. They hate you because you are assholes. Most straight couples have the common courtesy to not kiss in public, or make awkward public displays of affection. This is because most straight people are well-adjusted, and not delusionally narcissistic.

Get over your martyr complex. Your inability to not get a couple of extra tax deductions (and the attendant risk for alimony, should things go south) is not comparable to blacks being deprived of their natural rights. And seeing as how you don’t have a couple hundred years’ worth of slavery in your history, the comparison is even more ludicrous.

Also, the constant need to publicly remind everyone of your homosexuality is annoying, just as it would be if straights went around reminding everyone of their heterosexuality. Constantly reminding everyone that you’re here and you’re queer is getting old. Right now, it just sounds a little try-hard, like you have an inferiority complex, and so you constantly have to have validation from other people.

Yeah, that about sums it up.  Please welcome Le Cygne Gris to TIPB.

07 August 2012

More Tea Party racism!!

at a most excellent blog, Essex & Orange.

See?  Whiter than a polar bear in a blizzard!  Can't find a single non-Caucasian in the whole crowd!

(Sadly, even upon viewing the photo, there are some who won't get the joke.  Demented, I tell ya.)

R.I.P., Satwant Singh Kaleka

Drop by LawDog's place for a story that deserves to be told.

Satwant Singh Kaleka was a deeply religious man, who came to the United States from India in search of the American Dream.

He found it. Through his own hard work, he pulled himself from poverty to becoming the owner of several gas stations. He then turned the money he made to his community, helping to build the temple, where he became the president.

He was present, at his duties, when Evil slimed its way through the front doors of his temple.

May God bless and keep your soul, honored sir.

How do you describe...

...an adult who doesn't know left from right?

A “Far-Right” connection, or ideology, would be movement toward less government, or, in the extreme, the complete absence of government – ie. Anarchy. The total opposite of Nazi beliefs. (Ron Paul supporters are the furthest right on most aspects)

This is strategic mental control, and manipulation by the Progressive usurpers, of verbiage, must be countered with Truth. A well-known close correlation, as an example of how the left uses Left-Wing behavior to label right-minded Groups, is the Chinese Student Uprising at Tiananmen Square circa 1989.

In the Tiananmen Square example the crackdown was labeled a shift to the “hard-right”. Labeled as such by the elites, the media, the punditry et al. However, again, a crackdown to control with oppressive government is a move to the “left”, not “right”.
I'd call 'em stupid, myself.

06 August 2012

More on "Homeland Ops"

The good people at Sipsey Street have a bunch more research and commentary that you really ought to take a look at.

Yet Benson seems to think that individual troop morale is his only problem. He ought to be wondering whether his orders will be obeyed at all, or, more to the point, which way the military's weapons will be aimed.
As ridiculous and faulty-premised as Benson's article is, we must take it seriously. At least some Pentagon planners are considering how to wage "anti-insurrectionary" operations against that class of folks that Obama sneeringly referred to as "the bitter clingers." That such military tyranny would be both a violation of their Constitutional oaths and treason seems not bother Benson and his ilk a whit. Thus, if the Pentagon is going to consider us potential enemies, we must give some thought to the application of Fourth Generation Warfare techniques in righteous self-defense against tyranny.
Now there's a nugget around which Benson can build his next article.
What scares me is the notion that too many soldiers will simply follow orders.  If their officers don't understand the concept of treason, will the average grunt even think twice about it?  Unfortunately, we may well have to heed the advice of this commenter:

Mark Matis said...
Let me put this succinctly:

If this country's "Leadership" gives these orders
And if the designated military units form up per these orders
And if EVERY OTHER "Law Enforcement" officer and military member do NOT immediately rise up, force these units to stand down, and arrest and execute the "Leadership" - both civilian and military - who gave these orders then

Every "Law Enforcement" officer
Every "Law Enforcement" officer's family
Every military member
Every military member's family
are the enemy, and must be dealt with under the VERY SAME Rules of Engagement they will be using against Mere Citizens.

Anywhere. At any time.
August 6, 2012 9:05 AM

Please, God...don't let it come to that.

05 August 2012

All you need to know about Islam.

Right here.

But whatever.  It's just a cultural difference.  There are no 'good' and 'bad' cultures...right?

04 August 2012

"...how to conduct these operations within American borders."

If you're counting on our military to uphold their Oath, you're pretty much SOL.

I won't quote the article, but I will quote from Sean Bastle in the comments:

A fine line is being walked right there.

Show me a brutal dictator who oppressed\killed their own people and I'll show you a regime that was simply trying to institute a societal transformative process.

How heavy a hand does a state have to use on its own people before is crosses the line from perceived to be illegitimate to illegitimate? If the people are in revolt against the political process, at what point is the solution not a change in the military\police\intelligence forces but instead a political change?

I'm a 43-year-old truck driver.  I'm in decent shape, but not great.  My back is screwed up, I'm half-blind without my glasses, and I chain-smoked for 25 years so my wind is shot.  And I have absolutely no military experience at all.  Therefore, I have no illusions about taking on trained operators and winning.  That'd just be Wraith's Last Stand, and I'd be an arrogant fool to believe otherwise. 

But there may, and likely will, come a point where that's the only option.  In that case, all I can hope and pray for is that my inevitable death ends up making a positive difference for humanity.

(HT Our Favorite Spitfire)


Be as ready as you are able at any given moment.

Remember, God laughs not only at the plans of "average" men, but also those of wannabe Tyrants who attend War Colleges.

Nothing has changed.

This isn't new, folks...it's just more blatant.  Which means they're very, very confident...and that may be their downfall.  'Pride goeth before a fall,' ya know.  Or we might get stomped like grapes, and liberty will be annihilated from the earth.  I don't know, and you don't either.

God bless us.  We're really going to need it.

03 August 2012


"They keep using that word...I do not think it means what they think it means."

As a people, good and decent Americans simply cannot remain silent any longer. We must stand up. We must defeat these people. We must remove every single democrat from elected office nationwide.

Of course just defeating the democrats isn’t enough. Too many in the Republican party are too timid [or too corrupt] to join the fight. They too must be defeated and replaced by men and women of strong character and resolve. This is going to be a long, hard fight. It will sap the will of lesser men and women.

As trying as it will be, American didn’t get to this point overnight. It took generation for the forces of evil to become entrenched in our society. It took the radical Marxists, violent fascists, and burned out 60s radicals, nearly 100 years to take over the democrat party. It may take us a generation, or more, to remove them from power. But it’s a battle that must be fought.

Anyone who still thinks we can reason with these maniacs, seriously needs to take a drug test.

02 August 2012

The "chomp" heard 'round the world?

Cold Fury puts the Chick-Fil-A debacle into greater perspective:

One more time: this ain’t about chicken. It isn’t even about gay marriage. It’s about straws, and camels’ backs, and being absolutely fed to the gills with being lectured, hectored, harassed, shouted down, mocked, and ignored. It’s about being used as an unwilling national ATM by people doing things we do not in any way approve of, indeed are strongly opposed to and offended by. It’s about being disrespected, taken for granted, and coerced.

It’s about the ongoing attempt to remake us into a more docile, dependent people, very much against our will. It’s about being lied to so obviously even a small child wouldn’t be fooled by it. It’s about being condescended to by people who aren’t even smart enough to see that their way of doing things has been a miserable, oppressive failure every single time it’s been tried, and are so deluded they can’t see that it’s failing yet again all around them, before their very eyes.

It’s about having a bellyful of being misled and misruled by the patently misguided. It’s about not sitting back and quietly taking it anymore.

Yep, it's like that.  In the immortal words of Popeye,  "We's had all we can stands, we can't stands no more!"  This fracas over a few words from the CEO of a fast food chain, may well be remembered as a modern-day "shot heard 'round the world."  The concept seems laughable now, but who knew that some Bosnian busting a cap in the ass of a minor Austrian nobility would kick off The War To End All Wars?  Stranger things have happened.  Remember, it only seems crazy until it becomes history.

The signs of the coming tsunami are obvious to any thinking person, but all the Left knows is that the water went away and they can go out and collect lots of pretty shells. 

Poor bastards.

On a related note, Rachel at a Tuscon C-F-A demonstrates the concept of 'grace under pressure' in the face of the 'peaceful,' 'tolerant' Left.  Well done, young lady...you just defined 'class' and 'professionalism' for a generation that needs to understand these concepts more than ever.  May the Lord bless and keep you, and may you be showered with raises and promotions.

01 August 2012

How it's done...

There's only one way to deal with enemies of liberty:  SCORCHED EARTH.

In a weaselly attempt to get business back from online ammunition dealers like Brownells or LuckyGunner, Texas gun store owner Jeremy Alcede goes on the radio supporting a ban on online ammunition sales.

Dear Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms, Katy, TX: I hope you freeze in the dark, you gutless quisling punk.

When your children are crying "Daddy, why are we on food stamps?" you can tell them "It's because your Daddy was a selfish, pusillanimous sellout who put his personal bottom line ahead of the Bill of Rights, kids, and so nobody would buy anything from his store ever again."
There is no known equal to Tam's mastery of Snark-Fu.  I see a guy in Texas looking for a new business to run soon...

(Yes, the "Conservative Hotties" label applies.  No, I don't have any idea what Tam looks like.  I don't have to--her blog tells me enough.)

Going Road Warrior

An absolutely brilliant and detailed article on California's collapse can be found here.  Mr. Hanson alludes heavily to The Road Warrior, one of the best post-apocalypse movies like EVAR.

I quit not just riding a bike on the rural avenues where I grew up, but walking upon them as well. Why? There is a good chance (twice now) of being bitten not just by a loose dog without vaccination, but by one whose owner is either unable to communicate or vanishes when hunted down. And then there are the official agencies whose de facto policy is that our ancestors did such a good job eradicating rabies that we can more or less coast on their fumes.

Forty years ago I assumed rightly that cars parked along the side of the road were out of gas or needed repair. Now? I expect that the cars are much more reliable, but the owner of any car parked outside my house is either stealing fruit, casing the joint, using drugs, or inebriated. Last week I explained to a passer-by why he could not steal the peaches from my trees; he honestly thought not only that he could, but that he almost was obligated to.

What makes The Road Warrior so chilling a metaphor is the combination of the premodern and postmodern. While utter chaos reigns in rural California, utter absurdity reigns inside the barricades, so to speak, on the coast. So, for example, San Franciscans will vote on whether to blow up the brilliantly engineered Hetch Hetchy water project (I bet they won’t vote yes), more or less the sole source of water for the San Francisco Bay Area. The National Park Service debates blowing up historic stone bridges over the Merced River in Yosemite Valley — as hyper-environmentalists assume that they have so much readily available power and water from prior generations at their fingertips that they have the luxury of dreaming of returning to a preindustrial California. Of course, they have no clue that their romance is already reified outside Madera, Fresno, or Bakersfield.

I lived more than a touch of that life in my younger days...and there's a rebellious part of me that really wishes I could go back to it.  To the simplicity of pure survival.  To not having concerns about laws and consequences impeding my actions.  To doing what had to be done, and being accountable only to myself.  Things were a hell of a lot more cut and dried back then.

But noooooo--I had to get all civilized and responsible and start getting caught up in moral dilemmas and stuff.  And I'm afraid that our morality, though it may be the number-one ingredient required for us to be able to call ourselves human, might well lead to a paralysis that allows human civilization to be destroyed.  Destroyed by savages, who do not, and never have, concerned themselves with all that 'morality' crap.  We hesitiate in our actions, to make sure that what we're doing is right.  By the time we've worked it out, the savages have already beaten our brains in, and are stealing our wallets and raping our corpse.

I don't wish to become a savage--I just want a straight fight.  No ambiguity, no dithering, no uncertainty.  As in, "Let's just throw down and get this over with once and for all."

Perhaps I'm just impatient.  Perhaps I'm just fried right now, since I left for work at 0700 and got back at midnight.  Perhaps I simply lack enough faith.

All I know is that I'm very, very tired, in body, mind and soul.

God help me.