04 August 2012

"...how to conduct these operations within American borders."

If you're counting on our military to uphold their Oath, you're pretty much SOL.

I won't quote the article, but I will quote from Sean Bastle in the comments:

A fine line is being walked right there.

Show me a brutal dictator who oppressed\killed their own people and I'll show you a regime that was simply trying to institute a societal transformative process.

How heavy a hand does a state have to use on its own people before is crosses the line from perceived to be illegitimate to illegitimate? If the people are in revolt against the political process, at what point is the solution not a change in the military\police\intelligence forces but instead a political change?

I'm a 43-year-old truck driver.  I'm in decent shape, but not great.  My back is screwed up, I'm half-blind without my glasses, and I chain-smoked for 25 years so my wind is shot.  And I have absolutely no military experience at all.  Therefore, I have no illusions about taking on trained operators and winning.  That'd just be Wraith's Last Stand, and I'd be an arrogant fool to believe otherwise. 

But there may, and likely will, come a point where that's the only option.  In that case, all I can hope and pray for is that my inevitable death ends up making a positive difference for humanity.

(HT Our Favorite Spitfire)


Be as ready as you are able at any given moment.

Remember, God laughs not only at the plans of "average" men, but also those of wannabe Tyrants who attend War Colleges.

Nothing has changed.

This isn't new, folks...it's just more blatant.  Which means they're very, very confident...and that may be their downfall.  'Pride goeth before a fall,' ya know.  Or we might get stomped like grapes, and liberty will be annihilated from the earth.  I don't know, and you don't either.

God bless us.  We're really going to need it.

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