29 June 2018

I don't think I'd be opposed.

"Just try this on for size, His Majesty, Donald of House Trump, the First of his name, builder of walls, defender of borders, expeller of invaders. Has a nice ring to it I think."

From the comments on this post at Vox Popoli, which references this article:

Trump has, from the start of his presidency, surrounded himself by generals and high ranking military personnel.  He has given in to their demands even when in strict opposition to his voter base’s opinion. His spending budget was riddled with Democrat concessions in favor of remarkable military spending. In nearly all of his speeches he’s praised his soldiers and even suggested an American military parade.   This is likely why Q believes Trump is completely untouchable by Mueller’s highly biased quest to ignite a Trump impeachment, as indicated in many of his posts.

It is without question that America’s deep state will go full throttle to attempt to sabotage the Trump presidency before their crimes are unearthed and prosecuted.  We now know that Obama had spies inside Trump’s campaign, had FBI agents offering his colleagues damaging information on Hillary on behalf of Russia, and had baited a “Russian Collusion” setup in the strange event that he would win.  Whether or not Trump actually committed any crimes during his campaign is insignificant: Mueller is going to attempt to set the stage for an impeachment vote, and the media will throw everything they have at the public to get them to consider.  If this fails, they will use all of the media weapons at their disposal to grow a public uprising to try to force Trump out of power while rogue intelligence agents (now removed) will try to sabotage any investigations that may deter this.

But through this gamble, they have inadvertently cleared the path for Trump to garner the public support he needs to overthrow the constitution and seize full authoritarian control of America.  He has already successfully (and thankfully) dismantled the public’s trust of the mainstream media by proving their complete corruption.  This is step two of overthrowing any democracy, with step one being garnering control of the military (which Trump appears to already have done).  To complete the transition, he needs to either attain control of or dismantle the judicial branch.  With the unprecedented Democrat stonewalling on all of his judicial appointees, the former may not be possible. But with the massive failures of all intelligence agencies and the years of DOJ failures to prosecute criminal swamp creatures, there is a growing consensus that our judicial system is broken beyond repair.  Should evidence arrive that the DOJ was compromised; the stage will be set for Trump to conquer.

Honestly, I do believe that President Trump does intend to return America to its roots:  The Constitution as written, the rule of law restored, the ideals of the Founders made manifest.  But let's say he doesn't.  Let's say that he does intend to install himself as Emperor Trump I.

So what?  Someone was going to step into that spot.  The way things have been going in this country, it was inevitable.

Let's imagine the Emperor's Mansion.  Previous administrations all the way back to Lincoln have been surveying the property, clearing the land and building an access road.  Reagan called a halt to the plan, requiring permits and deeds, but then construction started again.  Bush I laid the foundation.  Clinton ran the plumbing and electrical.  Bush II, after 9/11, put up the framing and trusses.  Under Obama, it was 24/7 overtime.  By the time 2016 came around, the drywall was hung, the flooring was laid, the walls were painted and the place was ready for occupancy.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the realtor's office.  Some real estate baron from New York bought the place right out from under those who thought they had it locked in.

If he chooses to leave it vacant, he'll keep out trespassers and squatters.  If he moves in, I can think of far worse neighbors.   At least we know he'll take care of the property.

If President Trump becomes Emperor Trump I, well, so be it.  If we had stuck to our Founders' principles, enforced the rule of law and followed the Constitution, it never would have come to that point.  But we haven't, which means our Great Experiment will either be saved by one man, or proven to be an abject failure by that same man.  Either way, I'm not really seeing a downside--at least the truth will out and things will be solved once and for all.